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Depressed upset young woman feeling hurt sad stressed troubled with unwanted pregnancy, regret mistake abortion, having headache or drug addiction, suffer from grief dramatic bad problem concept
Cute little girl sitting on the ground after falling off her bike at summer park. Child getting hurt while riding a bicycle. Active family leisure with kids.
Sports Injury. Handsome PE teacher helping boy with knee trauma after playing basketball
Child sitting on the floor crying and holding knee hurt from a skateboard isolated on white background
Boy injury hurts from falling bike, hurt on his arms, pain ache from falling off the bicycle
Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Thin Line Icons -  stock illustration. an orthopedist, prescription medicine, rehabilitation, physical therapist, injured person with hurt knee, person falling,
Sad tired young woman touching forehead having headache migraine or depression, upset frustrated girl troubled with problem feel stressed cover crying face with hand suffer from grief sorrow concept
Boy injury hurts from falling bike, hurt on his arms, pain ache from workout concept
Sad Boy having bruises on his leg.child hurt his knee on the pavement.clumsy kid. abrasion
Beautiful young african american woman over isolated background touching mouth with hand with painful expression because of toothache or dental illness on teeth. Dentist concept
Upset young woman look in distance feel hurt offended and lonely at home suffer from mental drama, sad depressed millennial girl thinking pondering of life problem, have troubles, depression concept
Ankle twist sprain accident in sport exercise running jogging.sprain or cramp Overtrained injured person when training exercising or running outdoors.
Human body parts physical injury flat set with head contusion elbow bruise open cut wounds vector illustration
Sad young woman avoiding ignoring bad friends suffering from gossiping, bullying, unfair attitude or discrimination, frustrated millennial girl feeling upset, hurt and offended sitting alone in cafe
People in pain. Emotional and physical pain. Sadness, confused thoughts and cry. Backache, heart pain, headache, earache, bone fracture. Vector Solid Icons. Simple Pictogram
Kid girl crying in pain over hurt knee while sitting. Weeping child holding her injured scratched bleeding leg skin. Painful accident wound. Flat vector wounded cartoon character isolated illustration
Man holding sore neck while using notebook computer. He sitting at table. Sick worker concept
the girl fell and hurt her knee. Child broken knee. Crying and 
painful. vector illustration
Young handsome business man with beard wearing shirt standing over purple background Yawning tired covering half face, eye and mouth with hand. Face hurts in pain.
Man feeling his sore hand after having hurt himself while hammering. profession, carpentry, woodwork and people concept.
Elderly woman suffering from pain in knee. Tendon problems and Joint inflammation on dark background.
my shoulder hurts. health care. barber feel hurt. terrible ache in spine. problem with health. exercises for back. bearded man pain in back. barista tired and back pain after work. need body massage.
Pain red circle or localization mark, aching place sign, abstract symbol of pain, sore spot or hurt body part marker, design element for painkiller advertisement and medical information posters
Thoughtful girl sitting on sill embracing knees looking at window, sad depressed teenager spending time alone at home, young upset pensive woman feeling lonely or frustrated thinking about problems
Unhappy man sitting on sofa at home and touching hurt knee with grimace of pain and suffering. Young guy with rheumatism, arthritis or osteoarthritis feeling intense severe pain in knee joint
Tired red haired man take glasses off working too long at computer, exhausted millennial male suffer from headache or eye tension, young student massaging nose bridge feeling fatigue sitting in café
Young woman suffering from strong abdominal pain while sitting on sofa at home
Man with sensitive teeth touching his cheek
Tired woman massaging rubbing stiff sore neck tensed muscles fatigued from computer work in incorrect posture feeling hurt joint shoulder back pain ache, fibromyalgia concept, close up rear view
Side view young woman looking away at window sitting on couch at home. Frustrated confused female feels unhappy problem in personal life quarrel break up with boyfriend or unexpected pregnancy concept
Cropped image of beautiful female medical doctor listening to handsome patient with broken leg and making notes while working in her office
Asian man back pain and sit on bed in bedroom in the morning.color tone
Disconsolate hispanic toddler girl three years old crying while sit on the ground outdoor. Her ecuadorian mother try to calm down on the city street.
Depressed young woman crying, covering face with hands close up, suffering from break up with boyfriend or divorce with husband, bad relationship, mental psychological problem, feeling lonely and sad
People with injuries and aches flat vector illustration set. Men and women suffering from pain cartoon character collection. Patients with medical conditions. First aid. Emergency medicine.
Frustrated tired young woman feeling strong headache touching forehead, depressed upset girl suffering from migraine, stressed worried teenager experiencing sudden panic attack or anxiety at home
Sad depressed african american young woman hugging pillow lying in bed alone, upset frustrated black lady feeling lonely anxious suffer from insomnia trying to sleep thinking of problem in bedroom
male having ear pain touching his painful head isolated on gray background
Sport injury, Man with back pain
A Boy holding painful wounded leg knee scratch with blood drips. Child broken knee. Bleeding knee injury pain. Kid crying with scraped knee. vector illustration.
Knee painful - skeleton x-ray, 3D Illustration medical concept.
Overworked tired african female student worker holding glasses feel eye strain fatigue after computer work, mixed race woman suffer from pain in dry irritated eyes, bad blurry vision eyesight problem
Devastated millennial man crying sad feeling hurt and hopeless suffering Depression. Depressed teenager victim of bullying or abuse sitting on bed alone in despair at night. In teenage Mental health.
cat broke the leg
Old man suffering from knee pain sitting sofa
Woman have accident injury and hurt at arms while workout and weight training at gym, muscle pain concept
Pretty hurts typography slogan with girl and flower
Pain red circle or localization mark, aching place sign, abstract symbol of pain, sore spot or hurt body part marker, design element for painkiller advertisement and medical information posters
Girl Is Crying And Sitting Next To Her Bicycle, fell down from bike, got hurt
3d render illustration of a realistic green Cactus in a heart shape concept for Valentine'day, broken heart, love it's hurt, painful love, isolated on purple.
Quote:First it hurts, then it changes you.
Red boxing gloves hung on black cement wall in darkness with lighting. Adhesive plaster across each other on boxing gloves. Idea of hurt or combat losing business rivals. Fighting giving up boxing.

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Continuous line or one line art of Broken heart. Sadness. Feeling sorry for broken love. Vector illustration.
Handsome young man isolated. Portrait of shirtless muscular man is standing on grey background with razor in hand while shaving. Men care concept. Get hurt while shaving.
Unhappy African American female feels unwell, has stomach ache because of food poisoning, abdominal main, menstruation period cramp, nausea, painful diseases and diarrhea, grimaces from pain
Collection of unhappy people suffering pain or ache in different body parts - chest, neck, leg, back, arm. Set of ill people isolated on white background. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.
Injury from workout concept : The asian man use hands hold on his knee while running on road in the park. Shot in morning time, sunlight and warm effect with copy space for text or design
The woman's Elbow hurts. A damaged female hand hurts. Hands suffer from work, sports injury. Sore spot is highlighted in red. Isolated white background.
Young woman crying and covering her face useful to illustrate stress, depression or domestic violence
Open cut wounds knee elbow bruises foot injury treatments concept round flat icons bandage applications vector illustration
young woman has pain in the eye. this can use for poster,website and advertising about eye care or body treatment. Hand drawn style vector design illustrations.
Middle-aged woman suffering from pain in leg at home, closeup. Physical injury concept. Ankle pain, painful point.
Upset sad African American woman suffering from loneliness side view, sitting in bed alone, holding head in hands, upset girl has psychological troubles, trauma, thinking about problem in bedroom
Brunette hispanic girl touching mouth with hand with painful expression because of toothache or dental illness on teeth. Dentist concept.
Slippery floor road vector icon on white background. Fall falling danger accident eps vector sign.
Pain types of people with hurting body parts set vector. Headache and shoulder sore, throat and knee injury. Painful spine back and stomach belly
First aid and treatment in wrist injuries and disorders, Traumatologist is taking care of the patient, woman doctor bandaging a hand.
Wounds at the wrist,bandages a hand wound pain medicine
Collection Fracture Elements Vector Sign Icons Set Thin Line. Gypsum Foot And Hand Arm Crutch, Bones Fracture Linear Pictograms. Medicine Details And Character Monochrome Contour Illustrations
Parent helping her child perform first aid knee injury after she has been an accident
sad offended girl  cries
Adorable girl comforting her little sister after she fell off her bike at summer park. Child getting hurt while riding a bicycle. Active family leisure with kids.
Student Boy having bruises on his leg.Pupil looking at friend getting wound.Clumsy kid
People with home safety concept
A woman’s wrist hurts. A damaged female hand hurts. Hands suffer from work, sports injury. Sore spot is highlighted in red. Isolated white background. Black and white photo.
Tired fatigued business woman office worker feeling pain chronic discomfort injury hurt rubbing stiff tensed sore neck muscles suffer from fibromyalgia ache after sedentary work in incorrect posture
Young man holding his neck in pain. Medical concept.
Woman suffering from back ache on the bed, healthcare and problem concept
Pointing fingers of haters, aimed at a sad female character hugging her knees
Collection of fighting children. Conflicts between kids, violent behavior among teenagers, violence at school. Flat cartoon characters isolated on white background. Colorful vector illustration.
Upset young Caucasian woman in medical facial mask look in window feel lonely distressed sick with covid-19. Unhappy female in facemask suffer from coronavirus. Quarantine, corona pandemic concept.
Old man with finger pain
Body pain line icon set, organs ache symbols collection, vector sketches, logo illustrations, sickness signs linear pictograms package isolated on white background, eps 10.
Cool flat vector illustration on cheerful doctor comforts injured person on crutches with a plaster cast on his leg and a bondage on head in recovery
Young woman athlete touching her ankle after running on sportsground in summer. Injury during training. Pain in leg. Hurt knee
Young african man having heart ache, holding hand on chest. Heart attack or stroke, copy space
Close-up Of An Injured Male Soccer Player On Field
Unhealthy african woman touches belly isolated on gray wall stomach ache causes of menstruation period, gastric ulcer, appendicitis, food allergy or poisoning by unhealthy junk products eating concept
Young female in white t-shirt suffering from pain in hands and massaging her painful hands. Causes of hurt include carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, arthritis or trigger finger. Copy space.
A woman sitting alone and depressed. The depression woman sit on the floor, abuse and people concept
Young african american man wearing grey t-shirt with hand on stomach because nausea, painful disease feeling unwell. Ache concept.
Tired exhausted man feeling pain in back suffering from lower lumbar backache herniated disc after sedentary work, fatigued man rubbing spine muscles sitting in incorrect posture, backpain concept
Leg pain concept vector illustration on white background. Sport man feel hurt in leg. Muscle or bone problem.
African woman closed eyes reduces stress make breathing exercise inhaling exhaling touch temples having high blood pressure need remedy, self-control difficult situation concept, pose isolated on gray
Full length of an injured young woman experiencing severe pain caused by knee sprain or fracture after bicycle accident in the city
Sick upset middle aged lady hold belly suffer from abdomen ache concept, mature old adult woman feel morning pain hurt in stomach abdominal gastritis pancreatitis diarrhea problem symptom sit on bed
crying boy and Her Mom Comforting Upset.child hurt his knee on the pavement.
Offended millennial adult daughter and senior mother sit aside back to back avoid talking after fight, hurt stubborn two generations of women ignore each other after conflict, misunderstanding concept
Body Pain and Injury line icons set. Vector illustration for websites, magazines, brochures. Medicine signs
Elderly woman suffering from pain, numbness or weakness in hands. Causes of hurt include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, peripheral neuropathy, lupus or Raynaud’s phenomenon. Health care.
Black millennial man in white t-shirt on grey black background guy feels physical discomfort unhealthy tired closed his eyes for neck pain massaging tensed muscles relieve joint shoulder ache concept
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