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One kinds of potted plants in jute pots in a bright room Copy space Kinfolk style decoration
ornamental yellow palm(Dypsis lutescens) plants isolated in pots. heliconia psittacorum, Aglaonema, caladium humboldtii mini, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis
Fern growing on windowsill in room. Home gardening of polystichum.
Houseplants in different designed flowerpots
woman is taking care of houseplants. urban jungle interior. watering and spraing with water.
Stylish interior of bedroom with green houseplants
cozy bed with light linens and knitted blankets. Bright bedroom with lots of indoor plants and home decor.The concept of home comfort and recreation.
Houseplants in different designed flowerpots on a cabinet
Peace Lilies, Monstera, Calathea, Golden Pothos houseplants in gray and white ceramic flowerpots on wooden shelves hanging on a white wall. Houseplants for healthy indoor climate and interior design.
Houseplants in white pots and a green background.
Several houseplants inside a rustic wooden box, on top of a wooden table. Plants such as ZZ plant (Zamioculcas), peperomia, maranta, cactus, succulents, fittonia and snake plant. Flat lay design. Warm
Green home houseplants on windowsill in real room interior, plants and succulents
Young smiling woman gardener in glasses wearing overalls, taking care for orchid in old red milk can standing on orange vintage ladder. Home gardening, love of houseplants, freelance.
Green houseplants near white wall in room
Six jute twine macrame plant hangers are hanging from a driftwood branch. Some of them have wooden rings used as decor to add character to the crafts. A nice variety of plants and pots are used.
Art collage houseplant leaves in a minimal trendy style. Silhouette of sansevieria, Spathiphyllum and ficus plants in a contemporary simple abstract style on a pink background. Vector illustration
Different indoor plants in living room with decorations on the table Stylish composition of home garden green industrial interior. Urban jungle interior with houseplants. green concept for magazine.
Tropical 'Philodendron Hederaceum Micans' houseplant with heart shaped leaves with velvet texture in gray flower pot on coffee table
Crazy plant lady at greenhouse or home garden. Cute funny young woman with watering can taking care of houseplants growing in pots or planters. Modern vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
Comfortable workplace with modern laptop and green houseplants
girl holds a houseplant in her hands. hobby houseplants. self-isolation leisure. Comfort in home
Home plants in colored different pots on green cabinet against pastel green colored wall. Home decor, home design, home decoration, plants banner.Stylish and modern Scandinavian room interior
Luxury gold and nature green background vector. Floral pattern, Golden split-leaf Philodendron plant with monstera plant line arts, Vector illustration.
Green home houseplants on windowsill in real room interior, plants and succulents
Set of green houseplants isolated on white background
Large houseplants on the near white wall
A sansevieria trifasciata snake plant in the window of a modern home or apartment interior.
Collection of decorative houseplants isolated on white background. Bundle of trendy plants growing in pots or planters. Set of beautiful natural home decorations. Flat colorful vector illustration.
Shelves with green houseplants near color wall
green houseplants cactus succulent aloe vera, gasteria duval, pilea depressa, parodia warasii, ficus
horizontal image of a bright living room with a large tropical houseplant, giant white bird of paradise, strelitzia nicolai, copy space
Cozy rope swing in living room with green houseplants in flower pot and black vintage chest of drawers. Comfort room with furniture in house with modern interior design
Unrecognizable woman transplanting ficus houseplants sitting on wooden floor. Woman's hands transplanting plant a into a new pot. Home gardening relocating house plant
Young businesswoman sprays plants in flowerpots. Woman caring for house plant. Woman taking care of plants at her home, spraying a plant with pure water from a spray bottle
Houseplants on the floor and table standing next to a metal shelf with decorations in living room interior
Indoor plants display. House plants
Decorative green houseplant in pot standing on metal table
Close up of woman florist spraying houseplant by vintage steel water sprayer at garden home/greenhouse, taking care of plants, daylight. Home gardening, love of houseplants, freelance
Disease houseplant. Wilting home flower Spathiphyllum in white pot against a light wall. Home green plant. Concept of home plant diseases. Abandoned home flower
Close-up on the dainty patterned leaves of "string of turtles" (peperomia prostrata) trailing houseplant in a modern apartment. Trendy houseplant detail against white backdrop.
Plant in pot vector illustration set. Cartoon flat different indoor potted decorative houseplants for interior home or office decoration, green garden floral collection icons isolated on white
Cute Akita Inu dog on rocking chair in room with houseplants
Joyful young woman gardener in orange overalls standing on a stepladder, embracing lush asparagus fern houseplant in her flower store. Greenery at home. Love of plants. Indoor cozy garden.
Flowers replanting flat vector top view illustration. Houseplant nursery and care. Indoor succulent, pilea cultivating. Floristry and gardening. Woman putting sprout in ceramic flowerpot with soil.
Big set of houseplants isolated on white background. Collection for home garden. Vector illustration.
gardening, planting at home. man relocating ficus houseplant
Repotting plants at home. Ficus Lyrata tree and zamioculcas plant on floor with roots, ground and gardening tools. Potting or transplanting plants. Houseplant. Plants in modern interior room
Chlorophytum comosum, Spider plant  in white hanging pot / basket, Air purifying plants for home, Indoor houseplant, Hanging plant, Vertical wall garden, Houseplants With Health Benefits concept
Stylish room interior with different home plants
Artificial plant, Closed up of Fiddle leaf fig tree and monstera planted in black pot, Indoor tropical houseplant for home and living room interior.
Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It's also known as Zanzibar gem, ZZ plant, Zuzu plant, aroid palm, eternity plant or emerald palm. It's tropical plant also used as a houseplant.
Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant in white flower pot stand on wooden stool on a light background. Modern houseplants with Zamioculcas plant, minimal creative home decor concept, garden room
people, housekeeping and plants care concept - asian woman spraying houseplant with water sprayer at home
Leaves of decorative houseplant Watermelon Peperomia
Houseplant set isolated on the white background, tropical plants in pot, modern interior, vector illustration
Colorful set of various potted tropical houseplants. Succulents, evergreen plants in planters. Flat style stock vector illustration

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Houseplants in different designed flowerpots
Set of houseplants: Aloe, Peperomia in hanging pots and Ficus. Home decor, hobby, taking care, growing plants at home concepts. Scandinavian style. Flat cartoon. Vector stock illustration.
Plants in hanging pots. Set of plant hang on rope, houseplant garden, flowerpot grow, vector illustration
Exotic houseplants with beautiful leaves on chest of drawers at home
House plants display. Indoor plants in window
Urban jungle concept,potted tropical plants against summer sunshine textured wall, front view on a small secret home garden
Stylish modern room interior with exotic houseplants
Selective Focus of Pink and Green Echeveria Sedum Succulent Flowering Houseplant Pots Mini Garden Background
Set of decorative houseplants to decorate the interior of a house or apartment. Collection of various plants in pots on a white background. Vector illustration in cartoon style
Vector set of illustrations in simple flat style - decorative green houseplants in pots and planters, natural home decor and urban jungle
Interior of modern room with green houseplants
Modern industrial black and white study room with numerous green houseplants such as pancake plants and cacti creating an urban jungle feeling.
Watering Indoor Potted House Plants
Urban Jungle, repotting or potting houseplants - interior trend with potted plants
Close-up on trailing vine of satin pothos (scindapsus pictus) houseplant in a decorative white pot on a dark tray. Exotic trendy houseplant detail.
Unrecognizable woman replants houseplant in pot
Composition with peace lily, notebook and cup on table against color wall. Space for text
Monstera Monkey Mask after transplant.Beautiful Monstera flower in a white pot stands on a glass table on a white background.Houseplant, soil and transplanting tools: the concept of houseplant care
A red cat nibbles on a green plant in a pot. Cat's mouth with teeth. A pet, a houseplant.
Stylish interior of bathroom with green houseplants
Gardening tools, many different sort of houseplants on the table ready for replant. Houseplant growing
Stylish green plants in pots on wooden vintage stand on background of white rustic wall. Modern room decor. Peperomia, sansevieria, dracaena plants
Stylish interior of bathroom with green houseplants
Interior of modern room with green houseplants
green houseplants cactus succulent aloe vera, gasteria duval, pilea depressa, parodia warasii, ficus
Gardening tools, different sort of houseplants, white flower pots, black watering can on rumpled craft paper with copy space. Houseplant growing
Group of people or friends spending time at greenhouse or home garden with plants growing in pots. Young men and women caring for houseplants. Trendy vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
Ficus , Fiddle leaf fig tree, snake sansevieria plants in pots on sunny white background. Houseplants. Plants in modern interior room. Gardening at home
Hanging Green Philodendron Marble Leaf Houseplant Rope
Collection of houseplants in room
Set of macrame hangers for plants growing in pots. Flowerpot isolated objects, houseplant flower pot collection.
Floral seamless pattern. Leaves of Cordelia on a pink background.
Decorative monstera tree planted white ceramic pot isolated on white background.
Lifestyle home decoration with houseplants and blank wooden frame  on table in room
houseplant, Chlorophytum comosum in front of a light wall in a green pot, house plant, indoor plant, copy space
Indoor plants flat color illustrations set. Realistic houseplants in beige pot on metal stands. Exotic flowers with stems and leaves. Ficus, snake plant, sansevieria isolated botanical design element
Seamless set of different isolated icons of decorative exotic tropical green houseplants and flowers in colorful pots. Botanical home decor, herbal plantation. Completed flat vector illustration.
Group of houseplant  on table in room. Lifestyle home decoration
Stylish interior of room with beautiful houseplants
Lovely young woman or gardener taking care of home garden, watering houseplants growing in greenhouse.  Flat cartoon vector illustration.
Green leaves of fiddle-leaf fig tree (Ficus lyrata) the popular ornamental tree tropical houseplant isolated on white background, clipping path included.
Close-up on a small pepromia tetraphylla 'Hope' (Peperomia Rotundifolia) houseplant in white pot on a bright window sill. Modern trailing succulent houseplant detail.
girl gardener with a cat in her arms looking out the window against a background of indoor plants
Stylish interior with houseplants and a hammock.
Repotting plants at home. Ficus Lyrata tree and zamioculcas plant on floor with roots, ground and gardening tools. Potting or transplanting plants. Houseplant. Plants in modern interior room
Houseplants peperomia fittonia golden pothos cactus in white modern flowerpots
Modern houseplants on a terrazzo board on a pastel green background, minimal creative home decor concept, top view with copy space, Philodendron Hastatum
beagle dog and potted flowers
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