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Drugs addiction and withdrawal symptoms concept. Depressed and hopeless teenage girl sitting alone after using drugs and drunk alcohol at abandoned house. International Day against Drug Abuse.
Young man standing alone on edge of footbridge and staring at lake. Mist over water. Foggy air. Early chilly morning in autumn. Beautiful freedom moment and peaceful atmosphere in nature. Back view.
Christian Asian woman is sitting against a wall, feeling sad, holding a cross and praying to God.
Adult Woman Sitting Look Worried on The Stairway
senior man covering his face with his hands. Depression and anxiety Copy space.
Cloudy lonely man in water with black cloudy sky, depression, loneliness, emotion, failure, hopeless, imagination, fantasy painting, surreal illustration
Sad hopeless young black woman sit alone at home feeling desperate depressed, upset stressed african girl suffer from alcohol abuse drug addiction, dependency, grief or guilt troubled with problems
Tired depressed bored african businessman frustrated by business failure bankruptcy looking at laptop feel exhausted having headache, upset stressed black office worker worried about problem at work
Hopeless and upset couple in therapy. Counseling or meeting with marriage counselor or adoption psychologist. Argument and dispute about divorce, alimony, prenup, cheating, betrayal or custody battle.
Sixty years old mature man sitting alone on couch at home thinking lost on sad thoughts, pondering about personal or health problems and midlife crisis, senior widower male feels lonely concept image
Emotional moment: man sitting holding head in hands, stressed sad young male having mental problems, feeling bad, depressed, disappointed, hopeless. Desperate man in dark corner needing care and help.
Devastated millennial man crying sad feeling hurt and hopeless suffering Depression. Depressed teenager victim of bullying or abuse sitting on bed alone in despair at night. In teenage Mental health.
beauty girl cry on black background
Woman feels depressed hopeless crying sit on sofa, upset female victim in trouble being offended abused, unplanned pregnancy and heavy decision about abortion, alcohol addiction need rehab aid concept
Unhappy depressed caucasian male sitting and lying in living room couch feeling desperate a lonely suffering from depression. In stressed from work, anxiety, heartbroken and men Health care concept.
Sad business man feeling bad, hopeless, depressed, frustrated and repressed, Man hit the wall. Wall crack.
depressed and hopeless man alone.
Close up desperate woman sitting on chair crying at home. Depressed frustrated millennial female having emotional problems, fears, worried and hopeless. Psychological therapy, no energy, lack of sleep
Top view sleepless mature senior woman lying on bed at home, depressed hopeless middle aged female covering head with pillow, suffering from insomnia, lack of sleep, psychological problem
Drugs addiction and withdrawal symptoms concept. Depressed and hopeless teenage girl sitting alone after using drugs or drunk alcohol over grunge concrete wall. International Day against Drug Abuse.
Homeless Woman Sitting on The Street Side Hopeless
Silhouette dead tree on dark dramatic sky background for scary or death. Halloween night. Hopeless, despair,sad and lament concept. Scary forest. Dramatic horror night on Halloween day background.
Hope for the Hopeless Puzzle Piece 3d Illustration
Face portrait of gloomy experienced grey-haired old-aged man with skin lined with wrinkles, dressed in warm shabby clothing as a tramp, looking seriously at camera with hopeless humble expression.
Young hopeless woman suffering from depression having nervous breakdown holding her head on isolated background, copy space
Illustration of a refugee boat on the sea. Hopeless people. Dark colour and mysterious atmosphere. 3D Render.
Thoughtful older man sitting on couch at home alone, holding cup of tea or coffee, feeling lonely and sad, unhappy depressed mature male looking into distance, thinking about problems
Sunlight and shadow on surface of hopeless man sitting alone with hugging his knees on the floor in empty dark room in black and white style
Top view depressed woman covering face with pillow, lying on bed at home alone, frustrated unhappy young female suffering from insomnia, mental or relationship problems, break up or divorce
Young hopeless woman suffering from depression having nervous breakdown holding head on isolated background, copy space. Woman suffering from stress or a headache grimacing in pain
hand of depressed and hopeless man alone in the dark, white tone
depressed and hopeless man alone in the dark  in white tone
Frustrated older mature retired man feeling upset desperate talking on the phone having problems debt, stressed sad middle aged male depressed by hearing bad news during mobile conversation at home
Depressed and hopeless asian man sitting alone after using drugs sitting on the floor. Drugs addiction and withdrawal symptoms concept.
Dramatic religious background - hell realm, bright lightnings in dark red apocalyptic sky, judgement day, end of world, eternal damnation, dark scary silhouettes
Portrait of unfortunate stray kid lying on the board in the dirty alley, shallow depth of field.
Depressed sad man in trouble sitting on couch holding head in hands feeling pain lonely heartbroken upset worried hopeless, stressed desperate guy loser having problems, grieving, regrets of mistake
A young woman with flying hair is tied with a rope. Concepts of restrictions on the ability of women in society. Human character illustration
Close up young woman taking off wedding ring, divorce concept, female hands holding engagement ring, cheated girl break up with boyfriend or husband, family split, bad relationship
Young adult felling shame depressed and hopeless sitting alone on subway city ground in Depression Loneliness Mental health Emotional pain Social violence Abusive relationship and Harassment concept.
Homeless concept And the depression,Drugs addiction and withdrawal symptoms concept. Depressed and hopeless teenage sitting alone after using drugs. International Day against Drug Abuse.
Burnout syndrome business vector abstract concept. Lonely and depressed businessman in minimalist artistic style. Sadness, hopeless situation. Eps10 vector illustration.
Sad tired young woman touching forehead having headache migraine or depression, upset frustrated girl troubled with problem feel stressed cover crying face with hand suffer from grief sorrow concept
offend the child. children's tears, moods. resentment. comfort, feel sorry for the baby.  crying, hopelessness, despair, sobbing. grandmother pities little girl. human emotions. soft focus
Asian woman sitting on wood floor beside window light in a dark room. Hold and bend head to look at mobile phone screen to check message, chat bad news or wait for a reply by feeling sad or hopeless
Silhouette of depressed and sad boy with his head down, black and white
Sad depressed young teenage girl sitting by wall hiding face. School, adolescence, home violence, unwanted love problems.
New York City, New York / USA - April 1 2020:
homeless person reading news paper, eating outside food, walking around empty city during quarantine coronavirus outbreak in new York city.
Young adult felling shame depressed and hopeless sitting alone in city urban street in Depression Loneliness Mental health Emotional pain Social violence Abusive relationship and Harassment concept.
desperate man holding head with hands
Two fingers are decorated as three person. The parents are worried about their child. The child has no mood to study.
Tied noose symbol, brown rope loop knot, object isolated, white background, cut out. Suicide, death sentence symbolic, gallows, suicidal thoughts bad hopeless mental state abstract concept, nobody
Feeling hopeless. Depressed young bearded man keeping eyes closed and touching his face while standing near the window
Businessman sitting hopelessly on the floor with suitcase and briefcase.  Unemployment, dept, bankrupt, failure concept.
Upset young man drinker alcoholic sitting at bar counter with glass drinking whiskey alone, sad depressed addicted drunk guy having problem suffer from alcohol addiction abuse, alcoholism concept

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Sisyphus metaphor. Man rolling huge concrete ball up hill. Sisyphean work, task.
Teenage girl depression - lost love
Sad depressed young teenager girl victim of cyberbullying by mobile smart phone siting on stairs feeling lonely, unhappy, hopeless and abused. Bullied by text message on social media app. Dark light
Young adult felling shame depressed and hopeless sitting alone on subway city ground in Depression Loneliness Mental health Emotional pain Social violence Abusive relationship and Harassment concept.
3D Illustration of a refugee boat on a stormy sea. Hopeless people. Dark colour and mysterious atmosphere. 3D Render.
Black and white image of a hand scratching a wall. The concept of despair, hopelessness, pain, violence.
Depressed teenager sitting holding head in hands, stressed sad young woman having mental problems, feeling bad, need psychological help, addicted heartbroken girl experiencing adolescence crisis
Hopelessness.  young woman crying, Woman victim of domestic violence and abuse.
Exhausted depressed businesswoman leaning on a wall covered with financial charts and feeling hopeless, business failure concept
Frustrated sad woman feeling tired worried about problem sitting on sofa with laptop, stressed depressed girl troubled with reading bad news online, email notification about debt or negative message
Unhappy woman touching hair, sitting on floor at home, thinking about problems, upset girl feeling lonely and sad, psychological and mental troubles, suffering from bad relationship or break up
Vector silhouette of depressed girl in lonely mood, depression with hand drawn cloud and shadow. concept of stressful, metaphor, hopeless. sketch style trend modern logo design vector illustration
Worried young indian Arabic woman sit on couch at home look in distance thinking pondering, anxious unhappy arab mixed race female suffer from mental psychological personal problems, mourn or yearn
Hopelessness word concepts banner. Chronic stress, depression. Feeling helpless. Infographics with linear icons on blue background. Isolated typography. Vector outline RGB color illustration
Sad woman falling in space, surreal painting, fantasy illustration, emotion, depressed, loneliness, sadness, broken heart, hopeless concept art
Sleepless mature woman suffering from insomnia close up, lying in bed, older female covering eyes with hands, trying to sleep, nightmares or depression, feeling headache or migraine
Sad hopeless man sit alone feeling desperate depressed
Poor woman is trafficking, kidnap or abduct. Detainees was tied rope at arms, legs. She get hopeless, depressed. Detainee was detain and hidden by human traffickers, sunlight through window copy space
Sad Man Looking Depressed and Hopeless; Face Cupped in Hands, Crying with Back to Camera; Scenic Lake in Background (Blue Tones, Copy Space)
Drunk homeless unhappy man covered his face with his hands and sits on the stairs in the underpass, black and white photo.
Asian Business man hopeless, hopeless, distraught, sad and discouraged in life. failing businesses Concept
Sad woman sitting alone against brick wall.
Depressed woman
Sad depressed woman covers his eyes with his hands surrounded by people walking in crowded street. Panic attack in public place.
World environment day concept: Father and child standing between climate worsened with good atmosphere
beauty girl cry on black background
Front view of a single sad teen sitting on the floor in the living room at home with a dark background
Close up young blonde woman feeling upset, sad, unhappy or disappoint crying lonely in bedroom. Emotional shock and life problems
African American woman is sitting and contemplating something
Sad african wife holding head in hands feeling desperate after fight with husband, upset frustrated black woman victim cry offended tired of quarreling, problems in bad couple relationships concept
Silhouette dead tree and branch on grey sky background. Black branches of tree. Nature texture background. Art background for sad, dead, lonely, hopeless, and despair. Halloween day background.
Horizontal view of depressed young woman crying
Upset woman frustrated by problem with work or relationships, sitting on couch, embracing knees, covered face in hand, feeling despair and anxiety, loneliness, having psychological trouble
young man looking stressed, tired and frustrated, drying sweat off forehead, feeling hopeless and exhausted. coronavirus concept
Depressed, frustrated,  overwhelm Asian teenage boy stand alone and lean his head against wall with casting shadow, feeling worthless, stressed, and having suicidal thought. Stop asian hate, Anti-AAPI
Sad stressed old middle aged woman widow mourning crying alone sit on couch at home, upset desperate senior mature elder grandma grieving weeping suffering from anxiety grief sorrow disease concept
The concept of drug addiction and withdrawal syndrome. A depressed and hopeless woman holds a gun in her hand
Underwater Light Rays In Dark Stormy Ocean Sea River Abyss Background Darkness Exploration Unknown Fear Hope Hopelessness Deep Arctic Ocean Environment Protection Cold Clean Water
Psychiatry and psychology, helpless mind and hopeless mental state, consciousness and depression conceptual idea with a human brain in a dark cage isolated on white background
Fear girl
depress and hopeless girl sitting on chair on black (abuse concept)
young woman sitting on floor in dark bedroom and depressed atmosphere, hopelessness and problems beset with no solution.She feeling sad and hopeless Suffer from depression, mental health concept.
Vector cartoon illustration of despaired man hug his knee and cry when sitting alone on the floor. Isolated characters on white background.
businessman failing and serious walking in to darkness.
Unemployed Asian man, hopeless businessman sitting hopelessly on the stairs in the central business district due to unemployment due to COVID 19, hopeless grief virus
Silhouette dead tree  on dark dramatic grey sky and clouds background for  scary, death, and peace concept. Halloween day background. Art and dramatic on black and white. Despair and hopeless concept.
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