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Great Depression Hooverville in lower Manhattan. 1932.
Squatter's shacks in Central Park with the landmark Dakota Apartment building in the background. The Hooverville grew up at a construction site where work was suspended.
Shack colony at West and Charleton Streets New York City February 16
Great Depression. An unemployed homeless man stands in the doorway of his rough, but orderly, dwelling in New York's Central Park in 1933. The Central Park Hooverville residents were evicted in 1933.
Los Angeles 'Hooverville' Shanties at Alameda and 85th street house over 100 men women and children.
Great Depression Riverfront Shantytown (35th Street & East River) New York City
Hooverville at East 12th Street, New York City. Unemployed workers sit on crates by a shack with Christmas tree. January 1938 photo by Russell Lee.
During the Great Depression foreclosed farmers moved to nearby towns Hoovervilles. Photo shows former farmer William Swift in his squatter shack in Circleville, Ohio. 1938 photo by Ben Shahn.
Great Depression Shantytown at West Houston Street New York City
An unemployed a man standing near his hut in a New York City shanty town during the Great Depression. In the background are Upper West Side landmarks, Grant's Tomb and Riverside Church. 1933.
Bachelor shacks in outskirts of Paterson, N.J., 1936. Homes of about 25 men, some of them unemployed silk mill workers. The man in the photo is on relief and worked in the mills until 5 years ago
A homeless African American man searches through garbage in a squatter neighborhood along the riverfront in St. Louis, Missouri. 1935 photo by Arthur Rothstein.
Hoover dam( Boulder Dam)
Hoover dam( Boulder Dam)
A robot vacuum cleaner and a dog. hoover and Husky. Smart House
Render illustration of POVERTY CYCLE script on cork board. Social concept.
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