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Woman hands holding the sun at dawn. Freedom and spirituality concept.
A set of female hand logos in a minimal linear style. Vector logo design Templates with different hand gestures, moon, stars and Crystal. For cosmetics, beauty, tattoo, Spa, manicure, jewelry store
Close up Bare Hand of a Man Covering Small Flowers at the Garden with Sunlight Between Fingers.
Sending You High Resonance Healing Energy - female cupped hands emerging from a green gold swirling energy field background with shimmering sparkles and white light flowing outwards
Sending out beautiful golden healing energy - female hands with sparkling white light flowing outwards against a wide golden orange yellow flowing energy background with copy space
Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on heart chakra and left palm open in a receiving gesture. Self-Care Practice at Home
Using colour healing full spectrum energy background - female cupped hands with rainbow coloured light flowing out in all directions from central white orb light and copy space all around
side view of calm young woman receiving reiki healing therapy on head and chest
Collection of fine, hand drawn style logos and icons of hands. Fashion, skin care and wedding concept illustrations.
Mystic boho logo, design elements with moon, hands, star, eye. Vector magic symbols isolated on white background
Female hand reaches for the sun at sunset against the background of the sea.
Close-up Of A Woman's Hand Holding Light Against Colorful Background
human and love spirit powerful energy connect to the universe power abstract art watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn
Woman having reiki healing treatment , alternative medicine, holistic care concept.
Healing hands with bright sunburst on rainbow background
Collection of fine, hand drawn style logos and icons of hands. Fashion, skin care and wedding concept illustrations.
Attractive young woman having reiki treatment in health spa
Reiki Heal Energy In Psychic Hand And Spiritual Power Light
Love, ecology, environment icon. Health, medicine or oncology symbol
Beaming Reiki Healing Energy  -  Pair of female hands held parallel on a light background with white energy between palms
Hands care lotus. Hands holding a Lotus flower vector icon.
Two hands creating an energy sphere. Digital illustration.
Sending Chakra Healing Energy - Male parallel hands facing upwards against a multicoloured background of energy and the Seven Chakras floating between his hands
chakra color human lotus pose yoga in green tree forest tunnel, abstract world, universe inside your mind mental, watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn
Channeling Vortex healing energy  - female hands reaching up with white vortex energy formation and pink blue ethereal energy field  background
Professional Reiki healer doing Reiki treatment to young woman in health spa center. Healing and balancing heart and crown chakras.
Close up head shot  of Woman having curative facial massage. Therapist applying pressure with thumbs on forehead.
magic sparkles in hands
Mothers love. Woman's hands holding heart shaped gemstone. Healthy lifestyle concept - taking care of heart health. Healing crystals with powerful energy
cropped shot of peaceful young woman receiving reiki healing treatment on head and chest
Calm woman receiving reiki treatment on white background
Collection of fine, hand drawn style logos and icons of hands. Fashion, skin care and wedding concept illustrations.
Healer's hand outstretched into magical healing energy field with sparkles and rainbow colors on a black background
Bright colored rainbow crystal layout. Healing crystal of all colors, variety of stones. Colorful healing crystals, on wood background. Hand holding crystals, healing reiki chakra gemstones.
Hands holding Lotus flower vector icon. Business sign template for Alternative Medicine, Yoga Club, Beauty Industry, Med Spa, Natural Cosmetics, Natural Healing, Acupuncture, Massage and Recreation.
Leaf and Hand
Channeling Vortex healing energy  - female hands held parallel with a white spiralling vortex energy formation and pale pink blue grey misty ethereal energy field background with copy space
Charity Silhouette, Donation and Peace Icons
female fortune teller holding healing stones, concept esoteric and life coaching
Beaming healing energy - Outstretched female healing hands with white light between and a vibrant multicolored flowing energy field background
 The Sacred Lotus - female cupped hands with an illuminated lotus flower symbol floating above on a pink purple blue and white energy background
hand & leaf - nature conservation or spa concept vector. The graphic illustration also represents protecting natural resources, organic products, wellness industry, alternative health
Miracles Happen - pair of parallel female healer's hands with an intricate white light energy formation between on a wide muted gold background with plenty of copy space
hands holding green heart shaped tree / tree arranged in a heart shape / love nature / save the world / heal the world / environmental preservation
Hands holding a Lotus flower vector icon
Infinite Healing Words  -  Healer's open palms reaching up with a deep space background of planets, stars and cloud formations scattered with random high resonance healing words
heart care logo design template vector icon illustration
Healer's hands emerging from black background, cupped with seven chakra vortexes hovering above and misty burgundy colored energy formation
Healing Rainbow Sky Word Cloud - Blue sky and clouds with a man's hand palm up and the word 'healing' above as a rainbow arcs out of his palm with healing words floating across the rainbow

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Angelic Healing Energy -  Female hands outstretched sensing a beautiful pastel colored Angelic energy field with a ball of white light at the center and plenty of copy space around
Healer Offering Healing Word Cloud - female hands in open giving gesture beside a HEALER word cloud on a green and blue outwardly flowing bokeh background
Vector logo template for organic and natural products, healthy lifestyle
Clear water with glowing light in woman hand
Heals concept: Silhouette Jesus Christ open spiritual hands over blurred  autumn sunset background
Glowing Lights Flowing From An Open Hand Against Colorful Circle Backdrop
Channeling Golden Vortex healing energy  - female hands held open and palms upwards with a vortex energy formation above on a warm golden brown background
Outstretched female healing hands with white light between and vibrant energy field in background
Human hands protect the heart Sky background
Collection of fine, hand drawn style logos and icons of hands. Fashion, skin care and wedding concept illustrations.
Healing Word Written In Wooden Cube
Natural hand with leaf logo design vector illustration. Hand green nature icon. Usable for Business and Health Logos. Flat Vector Logo Design Template Element.
Vector Illustration Icon Set of Graphic Elements for Nonprofit Organizations and Donation Centre. Fundraising Symbols. Crowdfunding Project Label. Charity Logo
Black silhouette of human hand print with heart symbol in open palm isolated on white background. Vector monochrome illustration, icon, logo, clip art. White heart in black palm print.
High Resonance Healing Words Website Banner - Female Healer's outstretched open hand surrounded by random wise healing words on a rustic stone effect background
Close-up Of Mysterious Glowing Power In The Hands
Sending you beautiful healing energy vibes - female cupped hands with white energy formation flowing outwards, sparkles and colours moving in all directions with copy space
Woman's hands holding crystals.
Healing hands and blue energy website banner  -   Male Healing hands outstretched with soft white energy between on a blue energy background
Sensing Supernatural Energy - Parallel female hands with a swirling light burst between on a blue energy field background
Close up head portrait of young woman having facial massage in spa. Therapist doing head massage  against colorful background.
spa concept graphic with woman's hand & flower - vector icons. This also represents beauty business, rejuvenation & healing centers, luxury resorts, alternative therapy
Medical pharmacy cross logo design template Medic cross icon with cardiogram Vector identity Editable
Human Palm with Leaves Ecology Illustration. Layered vector EPS8 illustration in black color.
Into the Light - metaphorical representation of releasing or letting a soul go, into the light, using a butterfly, female hands and an ethereal background & white light
Vector set of emblems and logo design templates on bright gradient colors - alternative medicine and wellness centers - tree and herbal icons, yoga and hands concepts
Care and natural remedies in the healing process. Digital illustration.
chakra color human lotus pose yoga in green tree forest tunnel, abstract world, universe inside your mind mental, watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn
Midsection of therapist performing reiki treatment on woman at spa
Using Vortex Distant Healing to focus and send energy - open palm with a white spiral of vortex energy surrounded by dark multiple colours and copy space for message
A disabled man standing up from wheelchair at sunset. Positive concept of cure, recovery, medical miracle, hope, insurance etc.
hands of professional healer doing  treatment, bio-energy, reiki, channeling energy
Loving the Sunshine  -   Female hands forming a heart shape capturing the sunburst on a blue sky and fluffy cloud background
Vector hand and leaf for chiropractic logo
hands of god connect to another world illustration design watercolor painting hand drawn
Female hands open around magic star. New World Order. Hand-drawn alchemy, religion, spirituality, occultism. Vector illustration in hipster style isolated.
Receiving a Reiki Attunement - female cupped hands with burst of white energy above on a beautiful intricate feminine purple pink energy formation background with plenty of copy space
Health, donation, charity logo or label. Hand holding heart, symbol. Vector illustration
Vector template of acupunture theme
human walking in rainbow road abstract watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn
Hands holding a green earth
Healing Hands Tree. Vector Illustration
meditation hand with holy spiritual light, power of meditation, praying hand with bokeh light flare effect.
Close up portrait of attractive woman dressed in white sitting in meditating position on wooden log at blue lagoon. Young girl raising hands doing yoga.
A Person's Hand Into Magical Healing Energy Field With Multi Colored Glowing Lights
Collection of fine, hand drawn style logos and icons of hands. Fashion, skin care and wedding concept illustrations.
Angelic Energy Healer - Female energy worker with hands outstretched and open upwards sensing healing energy on ethereal rainbow colored  energy formation background
Golden Healing Resonance  - female cupped hands emerging from arc of shimmering sparkles on a glowing golden ethereal energy formation background with copy space
Cropped hands of therapist performing reiki on young woman at spa
Hands holding a Lotus flower vector icon
Ornament beautiful card with Vector yoga. Geometric element hand drawn. Perfect cards for any other kind of design, birthday and other holiday, kaleidoscope,  medallion, yoga, india, arabic
Logo for charity and care. Logo for the orphanage, baby care. Give love
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