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Set of smile emoticons isolated on white background. Line icons emoticons. Happy and unhappy smileys. Emoji set. Green and red color. Vector illustration
Set of rating emotion faces
Sad, Neutral and Happy Paper Cut Faces on Blue Background - Vector Feedback Icons
Happy and sad emoji faces line art vector icon for apps and websites
Set of Emoji Colored Flat Icons. Vector Set of Emoticons. Sad and Happy Mood Icons. Vote Scale Symbol Set.
Twin girls in different moods
Close up customer hand choose smiley face and sad face icon on wood cube, Service rating, satisfaction concept, copy space.
Mood swings in a girl
Set of face icons with negative, neutral and positive opinion vector illustration
social media emojis with different emotions collection set
woman have a choice
Rating concept. Woman choosing happy smile face emotion on blue background, panorama, copy space
Sad woman becomes happy and free. People letting go of fears, sadness, grief and pain concept.
Two emotionally opposite female portraits. The first sad and serious face. The second portrait is joyful and cheerful. Woman standing on white background.
Emotional assessment icon set customer evaluation the service
happy or sad. what mood i have today
Sun is happy rain sad illustration. Character is sad when it rains and depressive weather rejoices when sun shines brightly two bipolar flat opposites psychological vector mood swings.
Hand drawn emojis faces. Doddle emoticons sketch, thin line icons of happy sad face, vector illustration
Smiley faces icons. Vector illustration.
Collage of emotions, young man with four different emotions - shock, anger, sadness and happiness
young man don't showing his emotions
collage with different emotions in one young woman
Portrait of two baby girls sitting on the bed
young woman hiding her emotions
Portrait Of A Young Businesswoman Showing Sad And Happy Emotions
Different expressions
Happy and angry man. flat style modern vector illustration
Iconic illustration of satisfaction level. Range to assess the emotions of your content. Feedback in form of emotions. User experience. Customer feedback. Excellent, good, normal, bad, awful.
Changing mood
Close up customer hand choose smiley face and blurred sad face icon on wood cube, Service rating, satisfaction concept.
Vector creative cartoon style smiles with different emotions.
Businessman holds man sad and one happy
Dissatisfied young woman keeps arms folded, offended after quarrel with boyfriend, ignores live communication, listens music in headphones, happy guy laughs at something funny, dressed casually
Customer feedback and satisfaction conceptual image - male hand drawing happy, sad and neutral faces over yellow background.
Happy and sad face, emoticons on the green back ground
Different emotions collage. Set of beautiful african-american girl emotional portraits. Positive and negative female feelings. Young woman grimacing on camera
female face, before and after cosmetic nose surgery
Contrast. Full length of sad lady standing on blue background and her happy friend on pink one
Portrait of a woman changing her mood
Customer service evaluation and satisfaction survey concepts. The client's hand picked the happy face smile face icon symbol on wooden cube on blue paper background.
Half happy and half sad face theatre mask. Bipolar or borderline personality disorder. Psychology and mental illness concept vector illustration.
Angry and positive businessmen. Funny vector characters with mood icons on background.
Happy and angry man. Vector flat illustration
different expressions of a same woman on white background
Happy and sad faces. Yellow and black balloons. Positive mood concept. Lifestyle. Vector illustration
Rank, level of satisfaction rating. Face icons, Feedback in form of emotions. User experience. Review of consumer. Scale with colored segments. Vector Isolated illustration
Successful and overworked worker sitting beside desk
Businessman in different emotions and expressions. Businessperson in casual office look.
young happy woman holding her sad picture
Person covering emotions, searching identity. Woman trying on carnival masks with happy or sad expressions. Vector illustration for psychology, mood changes, personality concept
Happy and sad twins
Composite of multiple portraits of the same man in different expressions

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Smile face and cart icon on wood cube. Optimistic person or people feeling inside and service rating when shopping, satisfaction concept in business.
smile and sorrow, the emotions of joy and disappointment, vector icons, emotions of happiness and sadness
Vector emotion feedback scale on white background. Angry, sad, neutral and happy emoticon set. Glossy red, orange, yellow and green funny cartoon Emoji icon. 3D illustration
Conceptual image of a man changing his mood from bad to good
Set of smile emoticons. Line icons emoticons. Happy and unhappy smileys. Emoji set. Vector illustration
Conceptual illustration depicting young man in profile seen in two opposite moods, happy and sad, isolated on backgrounds in pastel colors
Girl holds and changes her face portraits with different emotions
Before and after, unhappy man becomes very happy man
Customer showing rating with happy icon on pink background, Customer satisfaction survey concept, copy space.
Choice - Happy Smileys or Unhappy
Various emotions in portrait collection of beautiful teenage girl
Happy, sad and neutral emoticons on instant print transfer photographs hanging on a clothesline
Cartoon businesswoman expressing different emotions for design.
Set of emoticons
Happy and satisfied young man surrounded by depressed, unhappy, sad and angry people. Smiling person in crowd. Funny cheerful guy and society. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
A businessman or manager holds a plate with painted emotions. Smile and sadness. A man in a business suit. The man in cartoon style isolated on white background.
Thumbs up and down
Emoji icon set of satisfaction level. Simple feedback in form of emotions in flat style. Customer feedback. Range to assess the emotions Excellent, good, normal, bad, awful symbols Vector illustration
Emoji atmosphere. Waist up of smiling girl and her crying female friend posing on blue and pink background
Set of happy and unhappy female office workers and vital power or battery charge indicator. Energetic and tired or exhausted girls and life energy indicaion. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.
Circle buttons. Speech bubble smile face icons. Happy, sad, cry signs. Happy smiley chat symbol. Sadness depression and crying signs. Seamless squares texture. Vector
Set faces scale feedback - isolated vector illustration
Happy and sad woman face
young man choosing his mood
Multiple collage of a beautiful young woman with different expressions
Feelings vector illustration. Flat tiny behavior expression persons concept. Various emotions and mood changes. Abstract simple gesture collection set with positive and negative elements. PMS symptoms
Change his mood
Set of woman's emotions. Facial expression. Girl Avatar. Vector illustration of a flat design
young man face expressions composite isolated on white background
Emoticons mood scale
Rating scale in the form of humor emoticons. Vector illustration EPS 10
male hand drawing unhappy and happy smileys faces on chalkboard
Emotion feedback scale. Includes such emoticon as angry, neutral and happy expression. Customer's service and evaluation review sign. Editable stroke. Vector illustration.
Woman hiding under the happy mask.  Hypocritical,  insincere, two-faced female
Vector Smile Icon Set
Customers choosing angry, happy, sad emoji to share their feedback, flat vector illustration. People with smiles. User feedback emoticons. Customer satisfaction rating.
Set of Cute Emoticons on White Background. Isolated Vector Illustration
Emoticon face. Good and bad icons for measuring customer satisfaction
Set of male facial emotions. Bearded man emoji character with different expressions. Vector illustration in cartoon style
One woman presenting two personality
Man changing mood
Set of different emotions young beautiful woman. Facial expression with various gestures isolated vector illustration
Young woman with sad expression holding a mask expressing cheerfulness
Consumer appraisal - emoji icons colored set. Reaction scale. Vector illustration
vector illustration set of hand drawn emojis faces. Doodle emoticons, ink brush icon on a white background.
Rating concept. Woman hand choosing happy smile face emotion
portrait of girl with two faces
Young woman expressing different emotions.
Theater masks, drama and comedy on a dark background / 3D Rendering
Making Facial Expressions
Girl changing her mood
young woman with many faces
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