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Multiracial group during aerobics class
Multi-ethnic group stretching in a gym before their exercise class
Group of diverse people in a receding line doing pilates in a gym balancing over the gym balls with their hands laocked behind their necks toning their muscles
Active people in protective masks having running elliptical trainer class in health club
Sportive and smiley. Group of athletic young women in sportswear doing physical exercises  with male coach in green summer park.  Sport outdoors
Group of athletic adult men and women performing sit up exercises to strengthen their core abdominal muscles at fitness training
Muscular guy doing sit ups at gym with other people in background. Young athlete doing stomach workout in modern gym. Handsome fit man doing crunches at gym.
Portrait of group of two sportswomen which practice yoga on mats in modern classroom for yoga.
Group Of Mature Female Friends On Outdoor Yoga Retreat Walking Along Path Through Campsite
Elderly people exercising in a group in fitness club
Diligent friendly smiling teenagers learn dance movements in dance class
Smiling group of friends in sportswear laughing together while standing arm in arm in a gym after a workout
Young smiling woman practicing vigorous lindy hop movements in dance class
fitness, sport, yoga and healthy lifestyle concept - group of people meditating in lotus pose at summer park
Friends in sportswear talking and laughing together while sitting on the floor of a gym after a workout
Diversity People Exercise Class Relax Concept
Group Of Runners On Suburban Street
Group of young sportive people standing in a circle, laughing, hugging indoors, having fun, hands
Group of unidentified marathon racers running, detail on legs

Pretty fitness trainer show aerobic exercises to fitness group
Group of young sporting adults training on athletic field against barred window.
Group of young athletes in start position. Fit young people preparing for race along sea.
Group of sportive people in a gym training - Multiracial group of athletes stretching before starting a workout session
Group of young sporty people standing at wall. Students taking a rest from fitness activity, time to recover strength, waiting for a lesson to start in loft studio, close up. Healthy lifestyle concept
Diversity People Exercise Class Relax Concept
Group of athlete workout with Kettle bells
Group of six attractive young male and female adults doing pull ups on bar in cross fit training gym with brick walls and black mats
Young people talking and smiling while working out on bike at gym. Friends in a conversation while cycling on stationary bike in fitness centre. Group of happy people working out at spinning class.
Portrait of happy men and women on fitness balls exercising with resistance bands in gym class
Elderly couple doing pilates class at the gym with a group of diverse younger people balancing on the gym ball with raised arms to tone their muscles in an active retirement concept
Portrait of young runners on the sea front path along the shoreline. Group running along a seaside promenade.
Group of active people exercising together. Scene with men and women standing in asana during yoga fitness class with coach or teacher. Colored flat vector illustration isolated on white background
fitness, sport, yoga and healthy lifestyle concept - group of people making warrior pose on beach
marathon athletes competing in fitness and healthy active lifestyle feet on road
step workout. Women group fitness.
African American woman lifting weights.
Happy African American athletic woman wearing protective face mask while jogging with friends in the city.
Group of fit people holding kettle bell during squatting exercise at gym. Fitness girl and men lifting kettlebell during strength training exercising. Young people doing squat with heavy kettlebells.
Senior Group Friends Exercise Relax Concept
Happy fitness class giving high-five after completing exercise session. Group of sporty people giving high five and looking at camera. Smiling friends celebrate their success.
Group of friends putting their hands together in the park
Group of senior people doing yoga exercise in community center club.
Senior Group Friends Exercise Relax Concept
Aerobic class at gym room with instructor. Beginner learning aerobic at home by watching TV and Internet video. Aqua aerobic exercise at swimming pool. Illustrations in stick figures pictogram.
Multiracial group after aerobics class
Side view of a group of fitness people doing push ups in the park
fitness, sport, friendship and healthy lifestyle concept - group of happy teenage friends exercising at boot camp
Healthy young athletes doing exercises with kettlebells, at fitness studio.
Attractive young Asian woman group exercising and sitting in yoga lotus position in yoga classes
Male with group of like-minded people sit on mats do intense back stretch Seated Forward Bend pose. Comfy sportswear, spacious light room, routine together with associates, wellness and hobby concept
Group of young people doing exercises in gym
Group of sportive people training in a gym - Multi-ethnic group of athletes doing fitness
fitness, sport, training, gym and lifestyle concept - group of smiling people with trainer exercising and stretching in gym
Outdoor portrait of group of friends running in the city.
Fit young people focused on planking in a circle in a gym

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Group of people exercising together, lifting weight using skipping rope and medicine ball
Multi-ethnic group of runners standing together after exercising session outdoors and smiling. Group of men and women in sportswear standing together and laughing after workout training.
Multi-ethnic group of women together against grey background and smiling. Diverse group females in sportswear after workout.
Cute funny people practicing yoga together. Group of smiling active men and women performing gymnastic exercise. Aerobics class, training, sports activity. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.
Group of mature happy people using dumbbells for workout session. Multiethnic group of smiling women and senior men exercising with dumbbells outdoor. Seniors doing workout and looking at camera.
Group of adults doing push up exercises at indoor physical fitness cross-training exercise facility with bright light flare over them

Fitness group doing exercises for shaping breech on fitness class
Eight people jogging in the park on a beautiful day
Smiling group of women exercising on floor in fitness studio
Detailed vector illustration silhouettes  strong rolling people set girl and man sport fitness gym body-building workout powerlifting health training dumbbells barbell. Healthy lifestyle.
Fitness group, aerobics flat line illustration, concept vector isolated icon on white background
Team competing in tug of war
fitness, sport, training, gym and lifestyle concept - group of smiling people exercising in the gym
Portrait of smiling people doing power fitness exercise at yoga class in fitness studio
Diversity People Exercise Class Relax Concept
fitness, sport and healthy lifestyle concept - group of people exercising in gym
Happy young curvy women jogging together on city bridge. Healthy girls friends running on the city street to lose weight. Group of multiethnic oversize women running with building in the background.
Exercises conceptual design. Set of Exercises hands. Vector Illustrations.
Jogging people. Runners group in motion. Running men and women sports background. People runner race, training to marathon, jogging and running illustration
Young sporty people wearing sportswear practicing yoga at group lesson, standing in uttanasana pose on mats close up, doing forward bend, head to knees exercise, stretching in modern yoga studio
group of young sport people training with barbell at a gym for better fitness
Group of people exercising at the gym and stretching
Sporty people practicing stretching before dance training in modern class
Exercise International Group Relaxation Fitness Concept
Group of mature adults working out in fitness class
Healthy group of people jogging on track in park. Happy couple enjoying friend time at jogging park while running. Mature friends running together outdoor.
Group of young people training in park
Group of cheerful diverse friends in the park
Group of people is engaged in aerobics in the gym. Fitness and weight loss. Healthy lifestyle. Vector illustration
Happy athletic group training on a sunny day
Fit sporty active young woman learning warrior yoga pose watching live streaming online workout exercise training weightloss class sport tv at home in living room. Fitness tutorial  livestream concept
Cheerful people holding exercise equipment on white background
Young smiling woman practicing vigorous lindy hop movements in dance class
Group of runners in the park in the morning.
Group of eight happy muscular female and male adults standing together as good friends in gym with large speaker in background after a difficult workout session
Multi-ethnic group stretching in a gym before their exercise class
Low angle view of fit people stacking hands at health club
Seniors doing strength building fitness exercises with dumbbells, holding their left hand over their heads
Children doing plank exercise with step platforms
Group of people at the gym stretching to warmup
Group of seniors having fun together at the fitness class in the gym and waving to the camera
Portrait of group of women posing together in sportswear against a gray background. Multiracial females with different size standing together looking at camera and smiling.
Fit young people lifting barbells looking focused, working out in a gym
fitness, sport, training, gym and lifestyle concept - group of smiling women exercising in the gym
Smiling group of friends in sportswear laughing while standing arm in arm together in a gym after a workout
Group of sports people are training outdoors with TRX. Total Body Resistance Exercises. Two attractive young women and handsome man are working out in gym.
Male and female athletes doing box jumps at gym
Group of People doing flexibility exercises
Fit healthy woman lifting a weight barbell from floor, exercising with group of people outside urban setting
Group of people doing a outdoor workout in the park
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