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Church ruins in Galicia, Spain
Carmo Convent (Portuguese: Igreja de Carmo) is the ruin of 1755 Lisbon Earthquake in city of Lisbon, Portugal.
Dark scenery with old ruins and rose vines in a dark forest. 3D illustration.
Black silhouettes of gothic church, crypt and gate. Isolated drawing of cathedral build. Fantasy architecture. European medieval landmark. Design element. Vector illustration
Whitby Abbey also known as Dracula's Castle with Blue Sky
Old  abandoned ruined Sharovka Castle ( Sharivka Palace )  in neo-Gothic style, Kharkiv region. General front view . Ukraine.
Remains of an ancient gothic english abbey ruins with reflection in lake water
England, North Yorkshire, Whitby. Ruins of Benedictine monastery, Whitby Abbey. Inspiration for early English poet Caedmon, and for Bram Stoker's gothic tale Dracula.
Ruins of Church of San Domingos de Pontevedra
Rome at night, Italy. Fantasy view of old Roman Forum, landmark of Rome. Mysterious ancient ruins of gloomy Rome in full moon. Spooky dark scene of destroyed buildings for history and Halloween theme
Dark gothic ruins with thorns and red trees
Lisbon/Portugal 06/06/18
The Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
 is a former-Roman Catholic convent located in the civil parish of Santa Maria Maior
London / UK - July 30 2020: Gothic arch ruins in Gunnersbury Park, West London
London / UK - July 30 2020: Gunnersbury Park Gothic Ruins in West London
Grodziec Castle a late Gothic stronghold in Lower Silesia
Medieval ruined monastery in a public park in Greifswald, Germany.
Gloomy scenery with ancient ruins, forest and wolves
Gothic ruins of a stone temple in the forest. 3D illustration.
Fantasy full moon scene with old abandoned ruins. 3D illustration.
The columned, pointed arched vault and circular ornamental stone window of the ruined church of the Zámbék monastery. It was built around 1220 in the late Romanesque - early Gothic style.
Classic Gothic arch with a dark background behind, acrylic on paper.
Archway in an enchanted fairy garden landscape, can be used as background
Ruins of abandoned church Santa Eulalia in Palenzuela, Palencia province, Spain.
The Rosa Coeli monastery. Ancient catholic ruin of women monastery near Dolni Kounice city. Religion gothic place with spiritual history builded from stone. Medieval and historical heritage.
Fantasy gateway ruin in a mountain and landscape with fog
Arches in then ruins of Margam Abbey.
An old and beautiful religious building in ruins lost in nature.
Ancient gothic stone wall with arches and columns, ruins Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
St John Byzantine Church Ruins, Famagusta, Cyprus
Jumieges Abbey, France, France - OCTOBER 20, 2016.  A skeleton of a gothic cathedral. The remains of the portal and ruined walls
Jumieges Abbey, France - OCTOBER 20, 2016.  View of the tower through the window in the ruined wall of the ancient Benedictine medieval monastery
Ruins on the Hill
The ancient ruin of Talley Abbey, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK dates back to the late 12th Century, where it was first founded as a monastery by the Premonstratensians (White Canons)
Gothic ruins with green vines and leaves
Beautiful gothic scenery with a ruined window and stone bench
Ruins of Caen Abbey in Caen France
Scenic view of the ruined cloister of an abandoned monastery. HDR picture.
Abandoned Gothic Church In Detroit
Whitby, UK.  July 25, 2019.    Abbey standing against the sky.  There is grass in the foreground and beyond is the sea and a headland.  A blue sky is above
Full moon over the ruins of the temple
Night scenery with gothic ruins and a skeleton
ruins of gothic church and tower in french  at Abbey of St-Jean-des Vignes in Soissons (Picardy, France)
Cloister ruins with blue vines and leaves
Panoramic view of ruins of an Hore Abbey in Cashel, Ireland. It is a ruined Cistercian monastery and famous landmark in Tipperary
vector Illustration showing a monk entering the ruins of an old gothic abbey at night
Guimaraes Portugal - 12 09 2020 : View at the exterior plaza with a gothic ruin, a iconic monument on Guimaraes downtown, young couple walking
Dark Graveyard Background
Interior of old ruined chapel. 3D illustration
Sun Star on Whitby Abbey / The Gothic ruins of Whitby Abbey with the suns rays producing a star.  Sea mist held back by the cliffs at Sandsend in the background
Autumnal scenery with gothic ruins and a dove
Gloomy scenery with huge tree in the middle of the street. 3D illustration.
Fireplace at old ruins with magic light through windows
Romantic Park in Arkadia - Poland
LISBON, PORTUGAL - December 20, 2011: Tourists visiting the interior view of the Gothic church of Carmo, destroyed by the earthquake of 1755 (Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel),  Lisbon, Portugal
Gothic ruins with fog and red vines
Gothic ruins with red autumnal vines
Classic Gothic arch with a tree alley behind, acrylic on paper and editing.
Old haunted abandoned house
Ruins of Tartu Cathedral, also known as Dorpat Cathedral, Estonia. The cathedral was built from the 13th to 15th century and was abandoned and began to ruined from the second half of the 16th century.
Ruins of an old Abbey - UK
An old and beautiful religious building in ruins lost in nature.

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An old and beautiful religious building in ruins lost in nature.
An old and beautiful religious building in ruins lost in nature.
An old and beautiful religious building in ruins lost in nature.
An old and beautiful religious building in ruins lost in nature.
Gothic ruins with vines and a dove
Ruins of St Andrews Cathedral, Scotland
The old castle ruins of Ogrodzieniec fortifications, Poland.
fantasy castle ruins
Old scary ruin in the deep forest
England, North Yorkshire, Rievaulx. Ruins of 13th century Rievaulx Abbey. Former Cistercian monastery.
Gothic fantasy
HDR image from ruins of the abbey of beauport in france
England, North Yorkshire, Rievaulx. Ruins of 13th century Rievaulx Abbey. Former Cistercian monastery.
Ruins of a gothic church isolated on white background
Ancient fortress ruins view. Medieval fortress ruins
Dilapidated fortress. Made by tempera on paper.
Old ruined crypt with a lot of skulls and bones
Stairs to the ruined temple
Gothic fantasy
Dark medieval dungeon. 3D illustration
the girl looks through the broken glass
Ruin of the Igreja do Carmo church in Lisbon, Portugal
Dark and grim scene with a ruined altar
Ruins of Tynemouth Priory (Uk) isolated on white background
Hazmburk gothic castle on rocky mountain in Ceske Stredohori, Czech republic.
Old abandoned ruined mansion in Gothic style
Velhartice czech castle ruins, medieval stone bridge from the castle to the tower
historic architecture of the building on a bright sunny day
Old ruined window with candles and colorful vines
An abandoned haunted house at night, with crowns, skulls, bones, and magical symbols. 3D Illustration.
snow-covered ruined buildings leads into a mysterious castle,illustration painting
Church ruins Gothic window detail with grey sky in the background
Dark gothic ruins with fullmoon
Gothic scenery with old stone wall and ruined tower. 3D illustration
Gothic fantasy
Sunny afternoon outside the ruins of Ardo Castle County Cork, Ireland
medieval gothic tracery windows on the ruins of the Wernerkapelle in Bacharach am Rhein
Athens at night, Greece. Mystic view of old mysterious Parthenon temple, top landmark of Athens. Ancient Greek ruins in full moon. Dark scene with haunted place for Halloween theme and history concept
WALES, UK - 26 JULY 2014: Tintern abbey cathedral ruins. Abbey was established at 1131. Destroyed by Henry VIII. Famous as Welsh ruins from 17the century.
Stone gothic ruins of old rock medieval castle Valecov in sunny winter day before Christmas, ancient fortress on the top of the hill, Bohemian Paradise, Bosen, Czech Republic, December 05, 2020
Ancient gates with ruins of castle, plants, arches, pillars, sky on white isolated background. Hand drawn fantasy architecture. For coloring book pages.
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