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Vector of a businesswoman painting her own career path while businessman being supported by corporate culture
Business concept vector illustration of a businesswoman standing among businessmen. Living in a man's world concept
Silhouette of workers, a man climbs the career ladder instead of a woman. The concept of gender inequality and discrimination against women in their careers
Human inequality as global social issue. Stop discrimination on grounds of race, sex or religion as hand holding a paper sheet with injustice, unfairness symbol over crowded street background.
Business woman versus man corporate ladder career concept vector illustration. Gender inequality issue with different opportunities for males and females. Eps10 vector illustration.
Employee compensation economy concept. Woman working on laptop sitting next to young  man under money rain. Pay difference concept.
Business different inequal career opportunities between man woman. illustration Vecto
Gender gap and inequality in salary,
pay vector concept. Businessman and businesswoman on piles of coins.
discrimination, difference, injustice.
Vector illustration flat cartoon character design
Female and male paper signs on scales over pink background. Gender inequality concept.
Gender discrimination and sexism inequality as a female concept of a woman with the burden of climbing an obstacle and a man with easy stairs with 3D illustration elements for unfair gender bias.
Diverse male applicants looking at female rival among men waiting for at job interview, professional career inequality, employment sexism prejudice, unfair gender discrimination at work concept
Aggressive annoyed diverse men looking at confident woman, sitting in queue in row, candidates applicants waiting for job interview, professional inequality, gender discrimination concept
Two fists with a male and female face collide with each other on light background. Concept of confrontation, competition, family quarrel etc.
Employment Discrimination. Diverse Businessmen Staring At Lady Applicant Waiting For Job Interview Sitting On Chairs Indoor. Female Gender Prejudice At Work, Sexism And Career Inequality. Panorama
Gender. Business concept of discrimination in a flat style with businesswoman. Businesswoman drags a weight with an inscription gender. Raster illustration.
Sexism descrimination concept as a struggling woman with the burden of pulling a heavy female 3D illustration symbol falling behind a group of running businessmen or men as an unfair gender bias.
Gender symbols on earth background with a big crack, gender gap concept
Gender discrimination concept. A miniature man  and miniature woman standing on the coin.
Expressive notice of endangered human rights
Man and woman in business suits standing in front of different size staircases to door - gender discrimination, workplace sexism and unfair competition - isolated flat vector illustration
man versus woman on a road ready to run
Gender inequality word cloud
Group of multicultural women covering their mouth scared to speak out about abuse and domestic violence
Gender pay gap, male and female signs near different stacks of coins, man get bigger salary, panorama, free space
Isometric flat vector concept of gender discrimination, inequality of career and professional life.
3D illustration of male and female symbols with 2 piles of coins a small one for women and a larger one for men.
Symbol for gender equality. Hand turns a dice and changes a unequal sign to a equal sign between symbols of men and women.
Diversity - Violence Against Women - Global March for Equality - Different Women Together
Is there gender inequality? yes or no
Male and female symbols on piles of coins - Gender pay equality concept
Inequality concept vector illustration man versus woman in business. Difference and discrimination in professional work life, career promotion. Eps10 vector illustration.
Isolated old fashioned pan scale with man and woman on white background. Gender inequality. Female is heavier. Law issues. Colorful model. 3D rendering.
Social inequality concept. Human rights issues word cloud.
Gender pay equality concept. man and woman on a stack of coins.
Inequality to equality - word from wooden blocks with letters, economic social inequality concept,  top view on grey background
Gender Equality in Society, Equal Rights of People Vector Illustration
Business gender inequality vector concept with businessman and businesswoman on different stairs. Different career opportunities, obstacles for woman. Eps10 illustration.
The silhouette of a superior man over a woman who stands in a pit out of a gender symbol. The concept of gender inequality
two people walking on lgbt colored crosswalk in urban setting
Gender pay equality concept. man and woman on a stack of coins.
Cartoon businesswoman trapped in glass and a businessman sitting on top. Creative vector illustration for metaphor on glass ceiling problem for job advancement at workplace concept.
Wage gap and gender equality concept depicted with male and female figurines standing on top of coin piles and line graph
Symbol for gender equality. Turned a cube and changed a unequal sign to a equal sign between symbols of men and women. Beautiful grey background, copy space.
Illustration about Domestic Abuse Violence vulnerable communities Mother Children in time of Isolation with Coronavirus Covid 19 violence has increased of households. 
Male Female in Gender inequality
Working from home. Concentrated occupied woman talking on the phone while her husband cooking
Business woman standing in front of gap as a symbol of challenge for businesswoman in career in business. Eps10 vector illustration.
Flipping of unequal to equal sign between man and woman. Human and business right concept.
Business corporate inequality concept with businessman and businesswoman on scales. Gender male versus female unequal opportunities. Eps10 vector illustration.
The concept of gender inequality in promotion.
Woman with small child doing housekeeping while man sitting in couch
Equality and non-equality between men and women. Gender equality and tolerance
A 3D illustration of  a set of three simple scales weighing blue male and pink female icons in balanced and unbalanced poses representing gender inequality and imbalance. Isolated on white.

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Women emancipation, equality and feminism in business corporate culture vector concept. Symbol of confidence, teamwork, success and achievement. Eps10 illustration.
depiction of the gender equality made with some toy blocks: one with a female gender symbol, another one with an equals sign and another one with a male gender symbol, on a light brown background
Gender gap flat isometric concept. Man and woman are standing on the parts of the one coin. Mans part is bigger than womens one.
Businessman move forward on road and businesswoman on rope. Concept of gender inequality in business and obstacle in woman career path
Inequality concept vector illustration man versus woman in business. Difference and discrimination in professional work life, career promotion. Eps10 vector illustration.
Gender inequality word cloud
Gender equality. Male and female signs on the scales. Feminism. Human rights. Social problems. Flat editable vector illustration, clip art
Red heart mockup, gender symbols on white background. concept
Discrimination and enequal inequality based on sex and gender - man and male as superior to inferior womna and female. Issue of social handicap and disadvantage,. Vector illustration
Business people man riding on woman, attack, pop art retro comic drawing illustration. Gender inequality. Career men and women
Gender gap. Man and woman standing on different heights dollar bills stack, inequality in salary, different opportunities in company, injustice sexism and female discrimination vector flat concept
gender inequality icon on white. Creative element design from community icons collection. inequality icon for web design, apps, software, print usage.
Gender issues in business. Man versus woman inequality symbol with big wall separating them. Eps10 vector illustration.
Career growth concept, various business people on stairs and one happy businessman winner on top.Various male and female characters. Trendy style vector illustration
gender inequality line icon, vector illustration
A gold justice scale with the two different gender symbols on either side with the male symbol outweighing the female one
Business gender inequality concept with businessman and businesswoman symbol. Eps10 vector illustration.
gender inequality icon, Business icon vector
Business inequality, gender gap vector concept with man at advantage. Symbol of discrimination, different opportunity, unequal treatment. salary. Eps10 illustration.
Gender gap idea and sex equality or inequality concept as male and female sign shaped into stone cliff and man with woman looking at each other from different sides as a metaphor of social issue.
Workplace Gender Equality in a Business or Career
Business discrimination vector concept. Woman at disadvantage. Symbol of inequality. Minimal eps10 illustration.
Gender stereotypes color icon. Female and male domestic, work life. Woman, man human rights. Social inequality. Shared family responsibilities. Houswife, worker. Isolated vector illustration
Equal rights protests landing page vector templates set. Social movements against racial and gender inequality website interface with flat illustrations. Homepage layout, web banner, webpage concept
Woman standing in rain and thunderstorm at close door. Man coming by open door with festive confetti. Vector illustration for gender inequality, business discrimination, social issues concept
Gender discrimination concept. Male and female standing on balance.
Gender pay equality concept. man and woman on a stack of coins.
Man sitting on sofa with video game controller and woman with rolling pin in apron standing
Women making food and her daughter helping her in cooking and the male members are waiting for them for food which is a common scenario of a lower-middle-class family.
gender gap. Vector creative concept
Close up business people sitting in chairs in queue waiting job interview. Candidates for one position to company. Human resources, workplace inequality, discrimination based on person gender concept
3D illustration on the topic of gender inequality. Neon icons for men and women. Icon of inequality. The difference between a man and a woman. Domestic problems. 3D rendering and 3D illustration.
Sexual inequality onboarding mobile app page screen with concepts. Gender role stereotypes and pay gap walkthrough 4 steps graphic instructions. UI vector template with RGB color illustrations
Background text pattern concept wordcloud illustration of social inequality
Gender inequality concepts in social and economic activities.
compare women and men on scales icon, gender inequality, balance justice, thin line web symbol on white background - editable stroke vector illustration eps10
Man and woman, gender discrimination in business vector concept. Gender inequality, woman shouting at man. Eps10 illustration.
Gender gap and equality or inequality concept. Vector of a male and female sign shaped into stone cliff and businessman with businesswoman looking at each other from different sides
Icons men point finger at an icon of women over cliff. Concept of gender inequality
Gender pay gap. Wooden cubes with male and female gender signs on seesaw with different stacks of coins, men outweigh, copy space
The concept of gender discrimination between employed and paid in the workplace. A pile of coins and miniature people.
Gender stereotypes, role of man and woman in society. White card with 50/50 inscription on pink and blue background, male and female signs on opposite color
Gender discrimination at work, vector illustration
Symbol for equal rights. Cubes form the word "EQUAL" while gender symbols are forming the "Q".
Income inequality concept shown with male and female figurines and piles of coins
Gender equality typography word cloud with relevant buzzwords red
Gender equality barriers onboarding mobile app page screen with concepts. Workplace inequality walkthrough 4 steps graphic instructions. UI vector template with RGB color illustrations
Business people man riding on woman, attack, pop art retro comic drawing illustration. Gender inequality. Career men and women
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