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Waste collection, segregation and recycling infographic: garbage separated into different types and collected into  waste containers, each bin holds a different material
wastage of food, mostly seeing in hotels and party events
Hand Putting Lid On Garbage Can Full Of Waste Food
man hand throws garbage into a organic container. Vector illustration in flat style
Hand Putting Lid On Garbage Can Full Of Waste Food
Mesh textile bag full of red apples. .Zero waste food shopping. Eco natural bags on white background. Eco friendly concept.Plastic free minimalist life style.Reuse, reduce, recycle. Say no to plastic
Sustainable world concept. 3D computer generated image.
Waste sorting garbage in circle. Recycling trash. Waste management. Sorting garbage. Organic, metal, plastic, paper, glass, e-waste. Hand drawn vector illustration.
Composting questions as a compost pile of rotting kitchen fruits egg shells and vegetable food scraps shaped as a question mark as organic waste for recycling as an environmentally responsible icon.
Food in the garbage container
Female hand holding reusable eco bag with organic vegetables. Zero waste concept
Eco packs. Eco bag with apples on white background. Purchase without harm to nature in anti-plastic bags. Zero Waste. Copy space for text
Stop wasting food color vector illustration. Love food and hate waste.
Close-up Of A Human Hand Throwing Cake In Trash Bin
Zero waste vector illustration. Flat tiny reduce packaging persons concept. Using reusable jars and bags to save earth environment and resource pollution. Organic ecological lifestyle without garbage.
World food day. Poster design. Don't waste food. Vector illustration
Zero waste shopping concept - groceries in textile bags and glass jars, top view
Waste garbage sorting and recycling set of vector illustration. Ecology, materials and factory. Waste management and recycle concept. Separation of waste into garbage bins. Colored garbage cans, bins.
Eco illustration for web. People sorting waste and use eco bag and reusable cup. Eco-friendly characters. Save the planet. Vector template, flat design, white isolated.
Fresh Food In Garbage Can To Illustrate Waste
Eco craft paper tableware. Paper cups, dishes, bag, fast food containers and  wooden cutlery on wooden background. Zero waste. Recycling concept. Copy space
Stop wasting food. Leftover lunch and cutlery on a plate on a wooden background. Food waste concept
Fresh Food In Garbage Can To Illustrate Waste
Green lifestyle flat vector illustrations set. Young men and women holding natural products cartoon characters pack. Zero waste, vegetarianism, environment preservation, ecology protection concept.
Eco bag with products on color background
Little girl in a bathing suit screams on the edge of a pool full of plastic bottles. Concept of pollution and dependence on plastic.
Food waste from domestic kitchen Responsible disposal of household food wastage in an environnmentally friendly way by recycling in compost bin at home
Zero waste shop. Bulk groceries store. Dispenser for bulk products without packaging. Set of seeds, beans, nuts, grains elements. No plastic. Hand drawn vector illustration isolated on white.
 Leftover food after party
Single-use plastics and recycling, bag,bottle,cup,food package,spoon,fork and knife icons set. Line vector. Isolated on white background.
Good food in trash bag. Allergy food that's not allowed to eat. Overconsumption concept
Wastage of water theme. Wastage of water from running tap as bucket is overflow with the water. Wastage of water drop from overflowing bucket and spreading on the floor.
Stop wasting food color vector illustration. Love food and hate waste.
Food Loss and Waste Reduction. Leftovers from a meal, expired food, stale food, and blemished fruits and vegetables in the trash bin. Concept of zero waste and caring for environment
Modern Green Recycle Garbage Bin And Trash Object Illustration Set
vector illustration of water wastage from damage bucket
Fresh Food In Garbage Can To Illustrate Waste
closeup of a young man throwing the leftover of a plate of spaghetti to the trash bin
Collection of ecology stickers with slogans - zero waste, recycle, eco friendly tools, environment protection. Bundle of decorative design elements. Flat cartoon colorful vector illustration.
Straw basket with organic vegetables over trendy yellow background. Healthy food, vegetarian diet. Eco friendly, zero waste, plastic free concept
Portrait of crazy funny funky old long bearded man millionaire in eyewear eyeglasses waste money throw banknotes wear leopard shirt shorts isolated over yellow background
Eco friendly mesh bag with organic green vegetables on yellow paper background. Flat lay, top view. Zero waste, plastic free concept. Healthy clean eating diet and detox
stale bread and material damage, hungry people and bread wastage,
mother and children keeping garbage plastic bottle into black bag at park in morning light
Zero sign with garbage inside. Vector illustration calling to refuse of plastic bottle, straw. Hand drawn lettering Zero waste. Picture about saving the world.  Care and protection of the environment.
Father Helping Son To Refill Food Containers At Home Using Zero Waste Packaging
Green trash can and falling organic waste (vegetables, paper, leaves, food) for composting. Waste recycling concept for landing page, template, ui, web. Vector illustration
Composting bin with food leftovers, waste. Zero waste concept. Bright vector illustration
Beeswax food wrap from natural linen and apple in it wrapped on wooden table. Space for text. Natural materials, zero waste living idea
Biodegradable, compostable, recyclable icon set. Three green recycling symbols on white background. Zero waste,nature protection,eco friendly,sustainability concept.Vector illustration,flat,clip art.
Close up cropped photo of people tidying the table with food after party. They do it together, to be faster and more fun
Collection of Zero Waste durable and reusable items or products - glass jars, eco grocery bags, wooden cutlery, comb, toothbrush and brushes, thermo mug. Flat vector set illustration

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Wooden soap dish, soap, eucalyptus over green background. Zero waste, natural organic bathroom tools. Plastic free life. Ecological skin care, body treatment concept.
Plastic waste, vector sketch illustration. Hand drawn garbage and trash items, isolated on white background. Nonrecyclable material and goods icons set. Plastic pollution of environment concept.
Set of three eco shopping net bags with various products. Zero waste, plastic free concept. Different stuff from local market. Colored trendy vector illustration. Cartoon style. Flat design
Pollution of the environment of the planet plastic. Blue plastic bag in the shape of turtle in the world ocean.
Worker With Rejected Produce In Food Processing Warehouse
top view of trash bin with food waste isolated on grey, recycling concept
Volunteer man collecting trash on the beach. Ecology concept
Rubbish bins with different types of waste for recycling concept in flat style isolated on white background - vector illustration containers for garbage sorting and segregation.
close up of a Recycling plastic
Stop using plastic circle template with flat line icons. Polyethylene pollution awareness vector illustration for poster. Thin signs of plastics waste, bag, package, canister, bottle, food container.
Zero waste concept. Textile eco bags, glass jars and bamboo toothbrush on blue background with Zero Waste white paper text in center. Eco friendly and reuse concept. Top view or flat lay
Ecology protecting. Save the environment, zero waste, save the ocean and recycle concept vector illustration icons set. Anti plastic. Eco friendly lifestyle. Ecological stickers with slogans
Apple core silhouette icon on white background
Trendy ugly organic vegetables. Assortment of fresh eggplant, onion, carrot, zucchini on green background. Top view. Cooking ugly food concept. Non gmo vegetables
Zero waste food storage in glass jars for bulk products without packaging. Set of seeds, legumes, nuts, grains elements. Zero waste pantry. No plastic. Hand drawn vector illustration.
No more plastic word concept banners set. Environment pollution, ecological problem isolated vector illustrations. Planet protection t shirt print idea. Whale, turtle, fish swimming in garbage clipart
Innovative green technologies, smart systems and recycling for environmental sustainability, network of isometric concepts
Trash cans with sorted garbage set. Different types of garbage: Organic, Plastic, Metal, Paper, Glass, E-waste. Vector hand draw collection of colorful trash bins. Concept of Recycles Day and ecology
Waste of time concept with alarm clock broken in half
dumpster full of food - concept - cartoon
Organic leftovers, waste from vegetable ready for recycling and to compost. Collecting food leftovers for composting. Environmentally responsible behavior, ecology concept.
Old discarded electronic waste inside green recycling symbol. E-waste concept illustration with electrical devices such as computer monitor, cell phone, television, video camera, keyboard, mouse.
Ways to reduce plastic. Change single-use disposable things on reusable. Zero waste and sustainable life. Say no to plastic, eco lifestyle and go green concept. Hand drawn vector illustration
Zero waste concept, young female millennial character carrying groceries in a reusable eco friendly shopper bag
Pile of used Electronic and Housewares Waste Division broken or damage, for Reuse and Recycle
Compost bin in the garden. Composting pile of rotting kitchen fruits and vegetable scraps
semicircular mountain of plastic waste, plastic bottles with a beautiful blue background
Food sharing project. Vector illustration of share meal, waste reduction, giving helping hand for the poor or refugees. Design for charity, volunteer organization. Handful of food. Template for flyer.
Organic waste. Compostable sign, icon, symbol. Apple core inside circle arrows. Biodegradable product label. Recycle food logo. Compost, recyclable, concept. Vector illustration, flat style, clip art.
Responsible human (man, woman, kid, girl, guy) hands throwing away veg remains to the compost recycling container.  Ecology protection and reduce pollution concept. Food wastage as organic fertilizer
Zero waste, upcycling craft ideas, reuse of utilized. Green plants in pots from plastic bottles and boots, glass vase with flowers, carton bird feeder from milk or juice package. Vector illustration
Water is precious-Save it-Do not waste it, slow the 

water flow-vector concept
Close-up Of A Person Throwing The Leftover Pasta Into The Trash Bin
Zero waste lifestyle concept. Seamless pattern with people and zero waste elements. Vector illustration.
Recycle rubbish waste management people, Woman separate plastic bottle to container recycle bin. Waste separation rubbish to garbage bin, environment care pollution trash recycling management concept.
Bamboo Toothbrush Care with different types of bristles. Go Green, Zero Waste.
Composting the Kitchen Waste
Organic waste, food compost collection isolated on white background. Banana and watermelon rind, fish bone and apple stump vector illustration
Leftover food on place after partying
foam and plastic food container in the bin / environmental problems
A beeswax food wrap covering avocado. Waste free. Eco friendly.
 london, engalnd, 05/05/2017, Street litter in an overflowing full dumpster on the streets. Food waste and non recyclable food and product waste packaging discarded in urban areas. dirty city.
Containers for garbage of different types. Set of garbage cans for paper products, food waste, glass, paper and plastic. Cartoon vector illustration isolated on white.
White eco cotton bag filled with grocery for mock up or your logo
dirty plate after a finished meal stained with food leftovers on a tray, empty dirty plates from the food eaten
Recycled eco vector icon set, cycle and triangle arrows in a flat style. Recycled green arrows eco sign set. Vector illustration isolated on white background.
Ways to reduce plastic. Change single-use disposable things on reusable. Zero waste and sustainable life. Say no to plastic, eco lifestyle and go green concept. Hand drawn vector illustration
Garbage package instead of food
wastage of water in village for lack of awareness. wastage of water by human.water waste social concept for saving water in earth.Two women discussed each other and forget about pouring into bucket.
Close-up of female hand, holding white reusable steel stainless eco thermo water bottle with mockup, isolated on background of cyan, aqua menthe color. Be plastic free. Zero waste.
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