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Worrying young mother comforting little stressed crying daughter, head shot. Loving mommy apologizing to offended small kid girl, stroking her head, showing care indoors, family conflict concept.
cute little kid girl stand and show angry pose expression
Vector illustration of a very angry girl screaming. aggressive children
Crop close up portrait of serious sad little Caucasian girl look at camera, unhappy small child kid orphan feel lonely abandoned, outcast or loner miss parents, children drama, volunteer concept
Close up lonely little girl hugging toy, looking out window, standing at home alone, upset unhappy child waiting for parents, thinking about problems, bad relationship in family, psychological trauma
Angry african american small girl isolated on a white background
Cute pretty young girl looking out of window bored frustrated fed up resting head in hands and feet up on glass no school as closed missing friends staring outside with frown on face no education.
sweet little schoolgirl sad and tired looking depressed suffering stress overwhelmed by load of homework and schoolwork on desk with notepad and pen in school child performance concept
Little adorable angry caucasian curly hair girl standing outdoor in garden in summer holiday at evening, crying with sadness, depression of hurt and pain with copy space. Education and Kid Concept
Sad girl with colored pencils
little girl hand itchy scalp on gray background, Hair care concept
Sad little girl sitting on stairs
Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting on the bridge at the day time
kid attitude concept - grumpy 4-year old child with bob cut sulking with dirty look for complain or disagreement,studio shot
little girl tantrum and scream very loud
Frustrated little girl upset tired of parents fight looking at camera, portrait of sad preschool kid daughter suffers from family mom and dad arguments or lack of attention, child and divorce concept
Shh, hush, my mom is sleeping. Frustrated little girl shows silence gesture with hand finger to her mouth isolated outside external house wall on background
Little sad girl near window. Abuse of children concept
Little sleepwalker at night in dark room
sad offended girl  cries
Beautiful kid girl with curly hair wearing casual clothes depressed and worry for distress, crying angry and afraid. sad expression.
Child abuse concept. Mistreated little girl seating on the floor and scared of adult.
African mother school age daughter hold hands sit on couch having confidential conversation mom encourages supports little kid girl in her little problems or telling about separation with dad concept.
Head shot close up small stressed girl stuck with hard homework. Upset little schoolgirl do not understand task. Unhappy child kid having problem with school subject. Children education problem.
Upset brown-haired fringe hairstyle small girl pucker up her mouth feel upset or dissatisfied head shot studio portrait on beige background, concept of naughty kid, anxieties of little person concept
Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting near white wall
sad little girl sitting on bench in the park at the day time
Scared little girl look at camera biting nails worrying about something, frightened small preschooler kid rounding eyes covering mouth, stressed child feel terrified or afraid left alone at home
Upset little african american girl feels hurt sad bored sitting alone at home, depressed punished mixed race kid having psychological trauma, frustrated preschool black child thinking hiding problem
Sad little girl hugging her father indoors
Little caucasian kid girl with long hair wearing casual clothes sitting on the table shouting and screaming loud to side with hand on mouth. communication concept.
Little girl with sad expression and tears
Sad little girl on the background of an old brick wall
Little crying girl looking at camera, victim of domestic violence, childs rights
Little sad girl sitting on windowsill
Loving young mother touching upset little daughter face, expressing support, young mum comforting offended adorable preschool girl, showing love and care, child psychologist concept, close up
Sad little girl sitting on floor indoors, space for text
Back view of upset little girl look in window feel lonely or abandoned thinking of future happy life, sad small child wait for parents, suffer from psychological trauma, adoption, custody concept
Teddy bear near female child sitting alone in dark room, lack of friends
Sad african American preschooler girl sit on floor crying covering face feel lonely abandoned, upset mixed race ethnicity little child suffer from bullying or discrimination, unhappy childhood concept
Sad little girl sitting alone with her teddy bear
Girl aged 5 crying. Tears on the child’s face. Little girl upset. Difficult childhood in orphanage. Child abuse. Mistreated child.
Portrait of a charming little girl isolated against a white background
sad offended little girl cries
Sad crying Caucasian little girl looking away. Unhappy cute kid cries quietly as a tear begins to roll down her cheek. A tear begins to roll down a sad little girls face. Girl with a tear on her cheek
Black African mother embrace little preschool frustrated kid sitting on couch together at home. American loving mother supports disappointed daughter sympathizing, making peace after scolding concept
Upset lonely bullied little african american kid girl holding teddy bear looking away feels abandoned abused, sad alone preschool mixed race child orphan hugging stuffed toy, charity adoption concept
Depressed orphan kid looking out window, feeling lonely, coping with trauma, suffering from autism. Pensive girl unhappy about lockdown, boredom, parental punishment. Unhappy childhood concept
Caring mother calming and hugging crying upset little daughter, sitting at desk together, loving mum expressing support, comforting offended preschool girl, children psychologist concept
Puzzled and clueless little girl with arms out, shrugging her shoulders, saying: who cares, so what, I don't know. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, life perception and attitude
Upset african American little girl sit on floor crying feel abandoned, lack communication, sad lonely biracial small preschooler child suffer from bullying, discrimination, unhappy childhood concept
Upset small african american child girl crying covering face with hands sitting alone on floor, sad lonely orphan kid being bullied abused feeling stressed or scared, children violence abuse concept
Head shot unhappy small child girl sitting at table with worrying mother, sharing school problems. Compassionate caring attentive mommy having trustful conversation with unhappy offended daughter.
sad offended girl cries

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Tired overworked beautiful caucasian little girl wearing jeans overall over white background has sleepy expression, gloomy look, covers face with hand, has eyes shut, gasps from tiredness, fatigue
Stressed young mother covering ears with fingers, annoyed by bad daughters behavior in living room. Unhappy small preschool girl shouting, irritating frustrated mommy at home, family problems concept.
Portrait of little poor girl posing in profile
Little caucasian girl kid celebrating birthday holding big chocolate cake angry and mad screaming frustrated and furious, shouting with anger. rage and aggressive concept.
Sad little girl with tears on pretty face. Crying kid. Facial expression.
Asian Chinese little girl with grumpy face isolated in white background
sad child face from learning.The child is bored lying on the floor. The little girl is tired of home schooling. Tired child at home on a background of books
Sad little girl sitting against the wall in despair
portrait of crazy little girl on red background
Learning Difficulties, Education Concept. Sad tired frustrated schoolgirl sitting at the table with book and laptop, holding paper with word Help. Overworked child asking for rest. Homeschooling
Beautiful brunette little girl wearing glasses and holding book angry and mad screaming frustrated and furious, shouting with anger looking up.
Sad little girl sitting against the wall in despair
Close up portrait of crying little girl playing with wooden blocks at table.Frustrated girl showing moody behavior and long face.
Little sad girl sulking or crying at the table - isolated
Cute little girl biting fingernails, nervous and very anxious.
Portrait of sad little girl at the day time.
Two little girls potning at the little sad boy, focus on foreground
Portrait of black American child with thoughtful face hold hand under chin dreaming and looking away. Serious pensive black African lovely daughter sitting at home feeling boredom or have a question
Portrait of sad blond little girl standing near wall
Portrait of sad blond little girl standing on the beach at sunset time.
Thoughtful serious African American preschooler girl looking in window, pensive child sitting at home, hold hands under chin, dreaming, looking in distance, feeling boredom, having questions
Defocused little girl sitting on couch in doctors office while female pediatrician explaining diagnosis to her frustrated father in background
Sad little african kid girl sitting on floor feel lonely, preschool offended daughter in home wear thinking about problem, unfair attitude, no friends, racial discrimination and outcast person concept
Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting on the bridge at the day time
Portrait of a sad little girl. Schoolchild. Avatar of a weep child. Vector flat illustration
Beautiful kid girl with curly hair wearing bikini and sunglasses shouting and suffocate because painful strangle. health problem. asphyxiate and suicide concept.
Strong stout girl with arms akimbo
Loving african American dad kneel near upset preschool daughter talk caress her holding hand, caring black father speak with sad girl child comfort and stroke showing support and understanding
Children violence and abused concept.
Abandoned sad kid looking down with pain on face. Closeup vintage portrait with empty copy space
Little Girl Sits near Bed and Pours Beer in Glass. Unhappy Black-Haired Caucasian Difficult Child Wearing Gray T-Shirt Holds Alcohol Drink in Hand Leans on Bed Edge. Children's Alcoholism Concept
Little upset girl with sad face at white background. Sitting on the floor.
Portrait of sad little girl on black background
Sad little child girl sitting on floor in corner at home.
Little Girl Sits at Desk Shows Bored Expression. Portrait of Black-Haired Child Keeps Head in Hands and Looks at White Notebook with Pencil Lying on Table. Boredom and Idleness Concept
Portrait of sad blond little girl standing near wall
Side profile view brunette little girl adorable daughter sitting alone at home near window head rests on the hand preschool kid thinking dreaming imagining. Pose of boredom disinterest fatigue concept
Abused stressed little preschool kid girl sitting on couch back to moralizing mother. Irritated by bad behavior, young mom lecturing small angry daughter. Generations gap, conflict relations concept.
Mistreated child. Little girl on the floor upset. Child abuse concept.
Cute hispanic child girl wearing architect hardhat holding blueprints stressed and frustrated with hand on head, surprised and angry face
sad little girl sitting on bench in the park at the day time
Dramatic light and shadow  portrait of beautiful sad little girl, close-up.  lonely in the dark. Childhood and problems of parents and children concept.
Sad little child girl sitting on floor in corner at home.
angry little girl sitting on a floor at home.
Cute hispanic child girl wearing casual clothes and diadem shouting and suffocate because painful strangle. health problem. asphyxiate and suicide concept.
Puzzled and clueless little girl  with arms out, shrugging her shoulders, saying: who cares, so what, I don't know. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, life perception and attitude.
Sad,angry and depressed punished little girl child sitting on the floor near the wall at home. Stop bullying .
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