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Sad girl with colored pencils
sweet little schoolgirl sad and tired looking depressed suffering stress overwhelmed by load of homework and schoolwork on desk with notepad and pen in school child performance concept
Upset girl and unhappy mother have a peeve on each other in the kitchen
Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting on the bridge at the day time
Little sad girl near window. Abuse of children concept
Sad little girl sitting on stairs
Sad little girl hugging her father indoors
Puzzled and clueless little girl with arms out, shrugging her shoulders, saying: who cares, so what, I don't know. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, life perception and attitude
sad offended girl  cries
Little girl crying on the playground. Stress, sadness, depression, problems, punishment.
Sad little girl on the background of an old brick wall
sad little girl sitting on bench in the park at the day time
sad offended little girl cries
Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting near white wall
sad offended girl cries
Portrait of a charming little girl isolated against a white background
Naughty stubborn little child daughter and worried mum avoid talk after argument sit turn back on sofa, fussy preschool kid girl sulking ignore mother at home, parents with children conflicts concept
Sad little girl sitting alone with her teddy bear
Two little girls potning at the little sad boy, focus on foreground
portrait of crazy little girl on red background
Cute little girl biting fingernails, nervous and very anxious.
Little sad girl sitting on windowsill
Frontal portrait of a unhappy little crying curly girl. Sad birthday, isolated on a dark background. Parent concept.
Portrait of sad little girl at the day time.
Angry african american small girl isolated on a white background
Teddy bear near female child sitting alone in dark room, lack of friends
Sad little girl with tears on pretty face. Crying kid. Facial expression.
Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting on the bridge at the day time
Portrait of sad blond little girl standing on the beach at sunset time.
Portrait of little poor girl posing in profile
A cute little girl is lying on the sofa with hands on chin and boring in the light of tv screen, emotional portrait, television and internet influence
Portrait of sad little girl on black background
Man's hand covering mouth of helpless little girl. Abuse of children concept
Portrait of sad blond little girl standing near wall
Close up portrait of crying little girl playing with wooden blocks at table.Frustrated girl showing moody behavior and long face.
Vector illustration of a very angry girl screaming. aggressive children
Little cute girl is bored and tired with doing her homework.
Identical twins girls are sad, lonely and moody. Children are alone,  sad and frustrated, looking at the camera
Sad baby girl against a brick wall. The concept of education, relationships, childhood fears
Little girl laying head on her knees
Side view single mother screams shouts at little daughter scolding her. Kid not listen ignoring mom close cover her ears with fingers. Complicated relationships with child and family conflict concept
Angry mother and grandmother scolding lecturing upset kid girl together, strict young mom and old grandma talking to child reprimanding  demanding discipline, three generations upbringing concept
Little girl with sad expression and tears
angry little kid showing frustration and disagreement
Abandoned sad kid looking down with pain on face. Closeup vintage portrait with empty copy space
Portrait of sad blond little girl standing near wall
Silhouette of a angry husband and wife  on each other looking at their daughter and waiting for her to choose between them.Heavy choice for a little girl
 Image is intentionally with grain and toned.
The girl loudly shouts. Photo on a white background.
Child has a sore ear. Little girl suffering from otitis.  Young girl has a toothache. Isolated on white background
Closeup portrait mad young girl about to have nervous atomic breakdown, fist up in air, angry with someone isolated grey background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling attitude reaction
Upset abused frightened little child (girl), stop hand gesture close up horizontal dark portrait with copy space. Violence against women. HELP, Teenager with help sign.
kid attitude concept - grumpy 4-year old child with bob cut sulking with dirty look for complain or disagreement,studio shot
Strong stout girl with arms akimbo
Prepare hard examen concept. Thoughtful puzzled smart clever pondering minded confused crying little girl holding textbook notebook with formula in hand touching head isolated bright background
very sad little girl
Sad dark-haired girl covers eyes with palm to wipe tears. Outdoor portrait of unhappy child with tanned skin crying and embracing mother's neck.
Portrait of schoolgirl leaning her forehead against blackboard
sad little girl sitting on bench in the park at the day time
Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting near white wall
Young girl with broken arm is holding a soft toy bear.
Unhappy little girl has received bad news on mobile smart phone
Thinking grimacing kid girl in glasses looking and holding pencil in hand on blue background with empty copy space. Toned closeup portrait
A distraught little girl cries on her father's lap
little girl sitting on a red canister, a beautiful background, a sad emotion girl
child alone in a dark corner
Children violence and abused concept.
Close up portrait of sad little girl. Expressive little girl, melancholic, thinking away, studio shot on brown background
Little Girl Sits at Desk Shows Bored Expression. Portrait of Black-Haired Child Keeps Head in Hands and Looks at White Notebook with Pencil Lying on Table. Boredom and Idleness Concept
Portrait of sad little girl standing near the wall at the day time
Couple dressed up for the christmas holidays is a little bit nervous and scared putting hands to mouth on isolated background
sad daughter hugging his mother at home. Concept of couple family is in sorrow.
insult. insult of two small girls children or sisters at school. small girls in school uniform
Little girl in casual clothes looks sad to corner, whence comes the light
Big Vector Illustration set of cute little girl faces showing different emotions
Close-up portrait of an emotional boy in a bad mood.
Man's hand covering mouth of little girl on black background. Abuse of children concept
Worried little girl in school sitting at her desk in front of the blank blackboard staring morosely down at her class notes
little girl hand itchy scalp on gray background, Hair care concept
sad daughter hugging his mother at home. Concept of couple family is in sorrow.
Little sad girl crying. Abuse of children concept
Angry little girl
beautiful cute excited daughter playing video games by controller with many messy toy sitting on wooden floor with angry woman mother looking her in living room on background sofa.
Crazy little girl against swearing doodles
Sad and alone little girl sitting on the pavement, crying and remembering her granny she has lost - original hand drawn illustration
pretty attractive little girl children using computer studying having problem in chalkboard background and face to camera showing confused emotion.
Beautiful girl doing different expressions in different sets of clothes: angry
Sad little girl sitting against the wall in despair.
Girl feeling unhappy with ice cream drop vector Illustration on a white background
Little girl with eyes full of scare and sadness
Crying little girl and upset mother sitting on couch at home
Sad and depressed girl sitting on the floor with her cat. Creative vector illustration. Sad teenager.
Portrait of sad blond little girl sitting near wall on outdoors
autistic girl. The child sits in the corner. Punished child. Frustrated, thoughtful girl
A little black-haired girl in white headphones sits on the bed listening to music she does not like. Girl frowning
Portrait of sad little girl. girl bowed her head on the table and looks down before him. Face sad. The tired child lies with his head on a wooden table.
Closeup portrait angry young girl, blowing steam coming out of ears, about have nervous atomic breakdown, isolated black background. Negative human emotions facial expression feeling attitude reaction
Little beautiful sad girl pulls her hair isolated on white background
The evil man grabbed the hand of a little dark-haired girl who frowns away from him
sad little child on a bench
Sad little girl sitting against the wall in despair.
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