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Sad woman complaining reading laptop content alone at home
Confused businesswoman annoyed by online problem, spam email or fake internet news looking at laptop, female office worker feeling shocked about stuck computer, bewildered by scam message or virus
Black tired curly haired woman in casual clothes using laptop looking at problem of project leaning on hands in cafe
afro black woman screaming with hands up in the air, feeling furious, frustrated, stressed and upset
Mad young Caucasian woman talk on smartphone look at computer screen frustrated by mistake error on gadget. Angry female work on laptop consult with service on cellphone have problems with device.
Frustrated young african american woman looking at pregnancy test, feeling stressed of unwanted results. Unhappy millennial multiracial lady holding ovulation stick, upset with infertility at home.
Sad young Caucasian woman sit on couch at home look in distance mourning yearning, unhappy upset female thinking suffering from relationships problems, struggle with miscarriage or abortion trouble
A portrait of a young frustrated woman pulling out hair over white background
Closeup portrait of beautiful shocked mad young woman
Distracted from work worried young woman sitting on couch with laptop, thinking of problems. Pensive unmotivated lady looking at window, feeling lack of energy, doing remote freelance tasks at home.
Young woman spread her hand and shrugging shoulder.  I do not know. Oops! Sorry! Asking question and doubt expression.
Young woman with long hair over isolated yellow wall frustrated by a bad situation
Sad tired young woman touching forehead having headache migraine or depression, upset frustrated girl troubled with problem feel stressed cover crying face with hand suffer from grief sorrow concept
Head shot close up tired middle aged mature woman rubbing nose bridge after taking off eyewear. Frustrated stressed senior older grandmother suffering from blurred eyesight, eyes strain pain ache.
Close up thoughtful upset woman looking at laptop screen, pondering ideas or difficult tasks, sitting on couch at home, pensive young female touching chin, reading news, waiting for message
Frustrated young lady sitting on sofa, cuddling pillow, looking away at window. Lost in thoughts unhappy stressed millennial woman regretting of wrong decision, spending time alone in living room.
Close-up face pop art woman screaming rage. Comic book cartoon retro vector illustration drawing
Frustrated beautiful plus size woman gesture with hands vector illustration
Sad depressed african american young woman hugging pillow lying in bed alone, upset frustrated black lady feeling lonely anxious suffer from insomnia trying to sleep thinking of problem in bedroom
Middle aged mature woman insomniac lying awake in bed looking up trying to sleep, unhappy old senior lady feel disturbed frustrated suffer from insomnia concept uncomfortable bad mattress, top view
Tired stressed businesswoman feeling strong headache massaging temples exhausted from overwork, fatigued overwhelmed lady executive worker suffering from pain in head or chronic migraine in office
Frustrated sad woman feeling tired worried about problem sitting on sofa with laptop, stressed depressed girl troubled with reading bad news online, email notification about debt or negative message
Insomnia, sleep apnea or stress concept. Sleepless woman awake and covering face in the middle of the night. Lady can't sleep. Nightmares or depression. Suffering from headache or migraine.
Young angry woman with steam blowing from ears. Negative Emotions. Bad Mood. Young furious Girl. Pop Art Banner. Vector cartoon illustration.
Angry young woman looking at smartphone frustrated by no signal or scam message, mad female disappointed by bad news reading on phone, upset girl get negative or rejection response on mobile
Mature ladies sitting separately on bench in park, friends argued and quarreled
Overworked tired african female student worker holding glasses feel eye strain fatigue after computer work, mixed race woman suffer from pain in dry irritated eyes, bad blurry vision eyesight problem
Indignant stressed businesswoman having problem with laptop, broken slow computer not working, frustrated woman fed up with bad news online or virus from internet, critical fatal error, all data loss
Bored student doing homework on line with a laptop blowing with a notebook on the head in a table at home
Stressed upset middle aged old woman suffering from terrible headache concept, sad tired sick senior mature lady feeling dizzy having migraine pain isolated on white grey blank studio background
Tired stressed old mature business woman suffering from headache at work. Upset sick senior middle aged lady massaging head feeling migraine from overwork or menopause using computer at home office.
Deadline Stress. Overworked Black Female Entrepreneur Massaging Nosebridge At Workplace In Office, Exhausted After Using Laptop
Deadline stress concept - sad african-american business woman sitting at desktop in office and holding hand on head. Hard working day, copy space
Angry woman screaming isolated on a white background
Tired stressed old mature business woman suffering from neckpain working from home office sitting at table. Overworked senior middle aged lady massaging neck feeling hurt pain from incorrect posture.
Young lady having forgotten to take her anti allergic pills experiencing annoying fit of dust allergy while dealing with carpet cleaning
Worried and sad student female searching information in a laptop on line in a desk at home room
funny scared woman. Comic book cartoon pop art illustration retro drawing
Angry and screaming young girl, portrait photo with copy space
Woman suffering from stress or a headache grimacing in pain as she holds the back of her neck with her other hand to her temple, with copyspace
Casual buyer worried with problems buying on line with a credit card and a laptop in a little office or home
A portrait of very frustrated and angry woman
Girl pop art screams in panic. Comic book cartoon retro vector illustration drawing
Bored young african american girl tired of learning sit at home looking at laptop, lazy apathetic black female university student frustrated about study computer work feeling uninterested demotivated
Angry sad young woman with damaged hair screaming.
Tired businesswoman suffering of headache. Female entrepreneur sitting at the table in front of laptop and massaging temples. Stressed girl feeling sharp pain in head while working at office
Cleaning senior lady had enough, threatening to beat you with a mop
Happy hired woman walking in the room, got a job, being promoted to the post while her colleagues or other applicants looking at businesswoman with envy and hate, feeling winner and loser
Stressed frustrated middle aged lady suffering from headache massaging temples, close up view. Tired sick mature old woman feeling unwell, touching head. Migraine pain, fatigue, stress concept
woman screaming, isolated on white background
Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Portrait of young angry shocked woman holding head.
Upset young Caucasian woman in medical facial mask look in window feel lonely distressed sick with covid-19. Unhappy female in facemask suffer from coronavirus. Quarantine, corona pandemic concept.
Stressful phone talk. Furious young businesswoman in suit shouting at cellphone while standing isolated on white.

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Upset frustrated woman in black dress sitting with laptop and holding mobile phone over gray background
Frustrated millennial female worker sitting at table with colleagues, felling tired of working quarreling at business meeting. Upset stressed young businesswoman suffering from head ache at office.
Thoughtful confused mature business woman concerned thinking about online problem looking at laptop, frustrated worried senior middle aged female reading bad email news, suffering from memory loss
Frustrated woman having problem with not working smart phone sitting at home office desk, indignant confused businesswoman annoyed with discharged or broken cell, received bad news in mobile message
Pop Art Multitasking Busy Business Woman at Office Work. Vector illustration
Frustrated millennial woman touching forehead, looking at computer screen, reading banking bankruptcy notification. Unhappy confused young lady feeling shocked about getting email with bad news.
Pop Art Angry Frustrated Woman Screaming at Office Work. Vector illustration
Stress in the office.
An indian or asian middle aged housewife crying and touching her forehead by her hand. Sad or hopless bengali lady feeling illness  during covid 19 coronavirus pandemic. Vintage or retro style image.
Portrait of confused young afro american woman holding laptop computer isolated over white background
busy business woman having troubles
Angry young African American woman look at laptop screen distressed with slow internet connection. Mad biracial female frustrated by computer problem or spam working on gadget at home office.
Confused senior businesswoman sit at office desk hold cellphone experience internet connection problem, frustrated aged woman worker feel disappointed having smartphone breakdown or virus attack
Close up thoughtful upset mature woman looking out window at home alone, sad senior grey haired female lost in thoughts, thinking about problem, nostalgia and melancholy, feeling lonely
Comfort foods and stress eating concept. Frustrated young lady devouring pastry on sofa at home. Upset woman dealing with negative emotions, anxiety or problems through sweets
Stressed tired businesswoman feels exhausted sitting at office desk with laptop and crumpled paper, frustrated woman can not concentrate having writers block, lack of new ideas or creative crisis
Stressed upset asian business woman student worker reading bad news in paper letter report feel frustrated about debt notification rejection failed test exam result sitting at office desk, got fired
Frustrated young asian ethnicity woman holding paper bank debt notification thinking of financial problems, worried millennial korean lady considering postal correspondence letter document at home.
Angry mad african businesswoman feeling crazy furious outraged hates not working stuck laptop online problem, stressed annoyed black woman frustrated about computer failure or data loss at work
Angry stressed senior middle aged business woman annoyed with computer problem, old office worker hates stuck laptop, mad mature lady frustrated about bad online news, data loss, software failure
Exhausted desperate housewife in protective gloves sitting on the floor with cleaning supplies tired of cleaning her house
Young beautiful woman in depression isolated on gray background
Frustrated annoyed woman confused by computer problem, annoyed businesswoman feels indignant about laptop crash, bad news online or disgusting video on web, stressed student looking at broken pc
Confused gray-haired mature lady, business woman manager or consultant, looking at the computer in confusion, received an incomprehensible message, or strange news
Deadline stress concept - sad african-american business woman sitting at desktop in office, working on laptop and holding hand on head. Hard working day, copy space
Young asian engineer woman thumbs down with frustrated and dissapointed isolated on white background Beautiful worker girl get disapproval Architect young lady reject work by showing thumb down
Vector illustration of beautiful woman getting headache or stressed young girl in pop art retro comic style.
Angry Woman. Young furious Girl. Negative Emotions. Bad Days. Bad Mood. Stressful Woman. Comic Background. Pop Art Banner. Vector cartoon illustration.
Unhappy young woman looking at laptop screen, irritated by bad gadget work, low internet connection, working remotely at home. Stressed attractive lady annoyed by hard work task or system crash.
Overworked. Tired young indian lady sit at home desk crowded with books hide face in palms feeling headache migraine. Exhausted female student feeling bad losing concentration unable to learn study
Portrait of anxious scared indian young woman looking at mobile phone seeing bad news, photos or message. Worried lady biting nails isolated on yellow studio background. Human reaction, expression
Frustrated young black woman looking at smartphone screen while laying in bed before sleeping, feeling lonely or depressed, closeup. Upset african american lady waiting for call from lover
Lady claiming electric company for a blackout sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Out of the blue. Frustrated millennial latin woman sit on sofa read sudden bad news from cell screen cover face with palm in desperate gesture. Stressed young lady get nasty blackmail message on email
Sleepless mature woman suffering from insomnia close up, lying in bed, older female covering eyes with hands, trying to sleep, nightmares or depression, feeling headache or migraine
Woman really pissed off with her computer
Confused african American millennial woman isolated on grey studio background hold smartphone have problem with gadget, frustrated biracial female experience cellphone malfunction or virus attack
Upset young woman sit at office desk talking over phone disappointed hear bad news, sad pensive girl writing take notes in notebook feel unhappy speaking having unpleasant cellphone conversation
Illustration of a Stressed Girl Clutching Her Head in Her Hands
Angry Woman. Furious Girl. Negative Emotions. Bad Mood. Pop Art Banner. Vector illustration
Exhausted frustrated young woman touching forehead, sitting on couch alone, suffering from strong headache or migraine, worried girl thinking about problems, divorce or break up, lost in thoughts
Sleepless woman suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea or stress. Tired and exhausted lady. Headache or migraine. Awake in the middle of the night. Frustrated person with problem. Alarm clock with time.
Head shot young stressed overworked unhappy woman sitting at table with computer, massaging temples. Unhealthy exhausted lady suffering from terrible headache, high blood pressure at workplace.
Shocked unhappy Indian woman reading bad news in message, stressed young female looking at laptop screen, touching forehead, frustrated annoyed girl confused by computer problem or crash
Funny cooking image of woman crying and screaming in kitchen giving up making food after unsuccessful cooking attempt. Beautiful young mixed-race Asian Chinese / Caucasian woman in kitchen.
Sick frustrated sad young indian woman in pain cope with headache, eye strain emotional mental stress cry feel anxiety pressure panic attack touching nose bridge, face close up view, migraine concept
Unhappy young Indian woman frustrated by wrong order shopping online using smartphone. Upset ethnic female buyer unbox parcel buying on web confused with bad delivery service. Shipping concept.
African american businesswoman feeling unwell suffering from headache migraine touching forehead at team meeting, upset black woman employee frustrated by business problem or work stress, head shot
businesswoman working at her desk with laptop computer is stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed by depressing business situations. isolated on white
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