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Stressed overworked middle aged businesswoman office worker taking off glasses tired from computer work feeling headache, dry eye strain, bad blurry weak vision eyestrain tension problem concept
Tired depressed bored african businessman frustrated by business failure bankruptcy looking at laptop feel exhausted having headache, upset stressed black office worker worried about problem at work
Burnout concept illustration with exhausted female office worker sitting at the table. Frustrated worker, mental health problems. Vector illustration in flat style
Stressed businessman with a lot of work in office
young businesswoman or secretary tired and Stressed from work with laptop computer at office.
Head shot desperate millennial mixed race man holding head in hands, feeling exhausted after long computer work. Tired frustrated young biracial businessman suffering from financial problems.
Mad crazy man employee sitting in office workplace with sticky notes all around, shouting furious angry, pissed off deadline and stressful job, screaming wild roar. indoor studio shot isolated
Frustrated tired businesswoman reading document with bad news, corporate employee stressed by mistake in paperwork, troubled with problem, upset about dismissal notice or feeling headache at work
Frustrated upset multiracial business team people sad with bad work result in report disappointed in corporate bankruptcy failure crisis worried of paperwork problem sit at table at office meeting
Stressed upset asian business woman student worker reading bad news in paper letter report feel frustrated about debt notification rejection failed test exam result sitting at office desk, got fired
Young frustrated exhausted woman laid her head down on the table sit work at white desk with contemporary pc laptop isolated on pastel pink background. Achievement business career concept. Copy space
Unwell young Caucasian woman work on computer at home office take off glasses suffer from migraine or headache. Unhappy tired millennial female struggle with dizziness or blurry vision using laptop.
Stressed bearded man in glasses making break
Bored young woman in the office working with a laptop and staring at computer screen
Businessman stressed and overworked yelling in office
Close up executive manager dissatisfied by African American employee work results, holding financial report with stats, colleagues arguing, discussing business failure, partners disputing at work
Portrait of exhausted businessman because overworked
Frustrated stressed business man in an office
Young businesswoman at modern home office desk with laptop impressed by the bill to pay, revealed online affair, e-mail about broken romantic relationship, photo partner being unfaithful, system error
Black mixed race female office worker sitting at desk in coworking space feels unwell unhealthy suffers from headache. Millennial african woman thinking having problem or doubt unsure making decision
Depressed business woman
Unhappy employee or demotivated at working place
Indian concentrated worker sitting at desk in co-working office with diverse colleagues typing using cellular. Serious pensive employee receives unpleasant email news answering on message feels upset
 Shot of stressed asian business man in the office.
Vector flat man businessman with headache,compassion fatigue,disease head,confused office worker holding head.Migraine,health problem,pain face,stress work,tired,suffer,emotion,headach,frustrated icon
Young frustrated woman working at office desk in front of laptop suffering from chronic daily headaches, treatment online, appointing to a medical consultation, electromagnetic radiation, sick pay
Irritated businesswoman holding paper, disagrees with bad contract terms, refuses to sign document, has questions claims to agreement conditions, boss dissatisfied with report or written work result
Angry manager shouting at his workers in the office.
African american businesswoman feeling unwell suffering from headache migraine touching forehead at team meeting, upset black woman employee frustrated by business problem or work stress, head shot
Three sad and depressed businessman sitting at table during meeting
Woman feeling stress from work.
Young Businessman Stressed Out At Work Surrounded By Businesspeople
OMG! Frustrated man sitting desperate over paperwork at desk. Modern businessman at the workplace, depression and crisis concept
portrait stressed sad young woman outdoors. City urban life style stress
Millennial generation young adult woman looking in laptop computer, fling arms up.  She just found mistake in last assignment, error in contract, disagreement in email or dissatisfied buyer message.
Exhausted office worker with head in hands sitting at his office desk.
asian businessman sitting and thinking in office, looking frustrated.
Stressed employee on the phone touching his forehead.
Overworked stressed business woman holding glasses feel eye strain fatigue after work, tired employee suffer from headache pain in dry eyes, bad blurry weak vision sight problem, computer syndrome
Serious businessman thinking hard of problem solution working late in office with computers documents, thoughtful trader focused on stock trading data analysis, analyzing forecasting financial rates
Stressed business woman
businessman in panic. a young man sits at his Desk and holds his hands on his head.
Woman businessman with giant alarm clock
Hard work. Angry businessman. Vector flat illustration
stressed business man in the office
Focused worried Indian businesswoman looking at laptop screen, doubting, thinking of difficult question or task, female employee upset by receiving bad news, tired office worker have too much work
Attractive businesswoman with a headache holding her head she sits in front of a large computer monitor
Exhausted young african american businessman working with laptop in office, touching his forehead, copy space
Closeup portrait angry young woman blowing steam coming out of ears, having nervous atomic breakdown, screaming isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling attitude
Young employee unhappy with excessive work
tired and frustrated businessman desperate face expression suffering stress worried with headache at computer desk heavy work load overwhelmed and stressed in exhausted office worker concept
Serious frustrated businessman with closed eyes suffering from headache migraine at workplace, massaging temples, feeling tired exhausted, chronic work stress, tries to remember important information
Upset business man working with laptop computer in office, feeling stressed and anxious for possible data loss. Adult Hispanic executive under stress at work for technology problems and software pc
Closeup portrait dumb clueless man arms out asking why what's problem who cares so what I don't know isolated white background. Negative human emotion face expression feeling body language reaction
Worried businessman complaining discovering mistake on document at office
Angry male employee confused working at computer, solve business problems on phone, mad worker talk on cell arguing with client or customer, man busy at pc having serious conversation on cellphone

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Frustrated angry entrepreneur outraged by laptop problem, furious mad man using computer looking at screen raging after pc software crash error, annoyed guy frustrated disagree with fake online news
Dissatisfied businesswoman on a meeting
Tired senior businesswoman sit at office desk massage temples suffering from strong headache, exhausted aged woman worker feel fatigue having blurry vision or health problems at workplace
Businessman dreams while sleeping concept
Asian businessman failing and serious in office.
Tiresome work
Exhausted man in shirt taking off glasses and rubbing eyes while sitting at table and using computer in modern office
Close-up of crumpled paper on table with unhappy businesswoman was frustrated. Concept of no idea to thinking
Stressed worried young woman corporate employee having headache screaming in frustration isolated outdoors corporate office window building background. Negative human emotion face expression
Worried businessman working trying to solve troubles on line with a desktop computer at office
Tired businesswoman sitting on the floor clutching her head  with the piles of paper document around. Overwork concept. Modern vector illustration.
Portrait Of Frustrated African Businessman With Bills And Calculator
Depressed businesswoman
Infographics of how to eliminate or reduce stress at workplace. Simple character with flat design.
Burnout. Professional burnout syndrome. Tired man manager with full and low energy battery working on computer in workplace. Frustrated depressed office worker with stress, flat vector cartoon concept
Overworked businessman frustrated and stressed in his office with computer - overtime.
Exhausted female worker sit at office desk take off glasses feel unwell having dizziness or blurry vision, tired woman employee suffer from migraine or headache unable to work. Health problem concept
Worried businesswoman receiving a notification from a colleague in her workplace at office
Worried businesswoman reading a notification sitting in a desktop at office
Young woman sitting in a cafe with her laptop, Stressful for work.
Front view shocked millennial african american man in glasses looking at laptop screen, received email with unbelievable news. Frustrated young mixed race guy worrying of bad surprise or problem.
Portrait of stress sad business man working late at night time in office. Business man work hard lifestyle stress burnout overtime office syndrome, work from home, quarantine coronavirus concept.
Stressed overwhelmed young businesswoman feels tired from computer office work, exhausted female employee suffering from headache touching temple at workplace, stress at work or migraine concept

Frustrated business woman due to workload
Female office worker is tired of work and exhausted. She has burned down and has depression.
Professional burnout syndrome. Exhausted sick tired male manager in office sad boring sitting with head down on laptop. Frustrated worker mental health problems. Vector long work day illustration
Depressed young businessman looking smart phone in office
concept burnout working woman or student sitting at a table and laptop with full, half and low battery. tired employee or student. Vector illustration happy, bored and exhausted female office worker
Migraine of stressful job. Depressed man employee sitting in office, clasping head temples, suffering headache and tension, worried about problems at work. studio shot isolated on white background
Upset businesspeople trying to work on line with a desktop computer looking at monitor at office
Frustrated owners with waitress in closed cafe, small business lockdown due to coronavirus.
Frustrated businesswoman working alone with papers and laptop in business office
Burnout concept illustration with happy and exhausted female office worker sitting at the table with full and low battery. Frustrated worker, mental health problems. Vector illustration in flat style
Overworked Black Female Entrepreneur Feeling Headache After Long Working Day, Massaging Nosebridge, Having Migraine Or Eyes Fatigue, Feeling Unwell At Workplace, Suffering From Deadline Stress
Closeup of tired caucasian female sitting at wooden office desk looking at computer screen
Tired and discouraged businessman portrait
Deadline Stress. Overworked Black Female Entrepreneur Massaging Nosebridge At Workplace In Office, Exhausted After Using Laptop
Cartoon exhausted woman sitting and table and working isolated flat vector illustration. Tired businesswoman with professional burnout syndrome. Tiredness and trouble concept
Frustrated owner, manager arguing with waiter in closed cafe, small business lockdown due to coronavirus.
Tired, Overworked Female Mobile Phone App Designer Holds Her Head in Hands while Working on a Personal Computer. In the Background Creative Office.
Worker expression concept of negative emotions. A tired man holds his head in his hands. Angry businessman, set of flat male characters, black silhouette isolated on white background. Vector
Single continuous line drawing of young tired female employee sleeping on the work desk with laptop and pile of papers. Work fatigue at the office concept one line draw design vector illustration
Frustrated asian businessman in office.
Angry and exasperated employee
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