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Check marks. Tick and cross icons. Yes and No symbols. Vector illustration.
Cutting the branch your sitting on
Creative illustration of green tick, red cross isolated on background. Art design with text do and dont. Right or wrong. True or false. Abstract concept graphic element
proofreading paper on white table in office
Two exhausted and desperate surgeons as signs of congestion and error
Confused frustrated young man reading letter in cafe, debt notification, bad financial report, money problem, money problem, upset student receiving bad news, unsuccessful exam or test results
Alternative risk concept, plan and strategy in business protect with balance wooden stack with hand control risk shape.
Tired exhausted female african scrub nurse wears face mask blue uniform gloves sits on hospital floor. Depressed sad black ethic doctor feels fatigue burnout stress, lack of sleep, napping at work.
Shocked young woman with open mouth looking with amazement at laptop screen, reading unexpected news in message, surprised by message or email, watching video in social network or movie
Distracted from work worried young woman sitting on couch with laptop, thinking of problems. Pensive unmotivated lady looking at window, feeling lack of energy, doing remote freelance tasks at home.
Close-up Of A Person's Hand Marking Error With Red Marker On Document
3d rendering of a red and silver realistic model of a retro rocket stands crashed into a wooden desk on a blue background. Failed launch. Technological progress. Technical mistake.
Stressed employee disagreeing with boss blaming for mistake in financial report, dissatisfied ceo team leader arguing with worker about bad work charging fault upon duties failure or demanding result
Annoyed angry disappointed customers clients couple holding paper arguing with bank manager fight complain on bad contract terms high mortgage rate demand claim insurance compensation meeting lawyer
Thumbs up thumbs down. Yes and no concept.
Upset frustrated young man reading bad news in postal mail letter paper document sit at home table, depressed stressed guy worried about high bill tax invoice, overdue debt notification money problem
Thoughtful confused mature business woman concerned thinking about online problem looking at laptop, frustrated worried senior middle aged female reading bad email news, suffering from memory loss
Afraid of dentist or fear of doctor. Scared and nervous patient in hospital. Malpractice or fake doctor concept. Upset woman with phobia having panic attack in clinic before medical operation.
Bored girl listening a bad conversation from a friend or partner in a coffee shop or hotel on the beach
Frustrated upset multiracial business team people sad with bad work result in report disappointed in corporate bankruptcy failure crisis worried of paperwork problem sit at table at office meeting
Portrait of red straight-haired attractive cute nice scared worried young girl, biting nails. Isolated over bright vivid yellow background
Angry boss, irate teacher flat vector illustration. Team relations, fear atmosphere, attitude towards subordinates, screaming at students concept. Man with whip and frightened staff cartoon characters
Time management failure set. Businesswoman late for work, arguing with colleague, bad in emails and graphs. People concept. Vector illustration for topics like loser, failure, messing business
Tired depressed old male doctor feels desperate thinking of medical problem feels burnout at work. Worried upset senior physician regrets medical malpractice suffers from guilt sits alone in office.
Unhealthy products. food bad for figure, skin, heart and teeth. Assortment of fast carbohydrates food.
Conceptual text with intentional errors Always Check For Spelling Mistakes typed on vintage typewriter.
Dust Pollution Vector Line Icon Set. Contains such Icons as Lung, Factory, Dust Mask, Dirt Air and more. Expanded Stroke
pencil eraser, pencil eraser removing a written mistake on a piece of paper, delete, correct, and mistake concept.
Frustrated young african entrepreneur with sad grimace in front of his laptop in office, noticed a big mistake he did, holding his face with arms palms, wearing jeans casual smart
proofreading paper on table with red marks for editing service
Perplexed young woman looking at coworkers pointing fingers at her. Disgruntled multiethnic team scolding female colleague who made bad work-related mistake. Stressed upset business lady in trouble.
Unhappy young woman looking at laptop screen, irritated by bad gadget work, low internet connection, working remotely at home. Stressed attractive lady annoyed by hard work task or system crash.
Set Of Five Handdrawn Outline Faces Different Moods Color
Stressed african businessman sit at desk hold paper letter reading bad awful negative news got fired from work. Dismissal notice, financial problems debt notification from bank, unpaid invoice concept
Mommy Shaming Concept Portrait of a Mother and her Baby. Fingers pointed at mom being criticized by society for her choices
No medicine. Patient refusing to use medication. Bad side effects of tablets. Doctor or pharmacist giving pills. Woman decline. Mistake by nurse or physician, malpractice. Wrong treatment. Anti doping
Tick and cross brush signs. Green checkmark OK and red X icons, isolated on white background. Symbols YES and NO button for vote, decision, web. Right and wrong.
True and false symbols accept rejected for evaluation. Vector Simple and modern style.
Young woman in bed covering ears with pillow because of noise
Glowing light bulb among the crumpled rubbish paper, idea from mistake concept
Close up customer hand choose sad face and blurred smiley face icon on wood cube, Service rating, satisfaction concept.
Compassionate elderly woman supporting upset stressed mature husband, received bad news banking letter. Unhappy depressed family married couple having financial trouble, got house eviction notice.
Couple sitting on couch at home use pc reading letter contract conditions terms feels stressed receive notice from bank account balance having due debt, check unpaid bills, financial problems concept
Front view of two angry businesspeople using computers disputing at workplace and looking sideways each other with envy
Learning from mistakes Businessman  hammering nails. Goal achievement.
Shocked and surprised boy with copy space concept for amazement, astonishment, making a mistake, stunned and speechless or back to school
Child in pajamas relaxing on a window sill with pet. Lazy weekend with cat at home. Cozy scene, hygge concept.
Asian woman in white wear close her mouth against gray background, Bad breath
Close up view of beautiful green female eye with long eyelashes, smooth healthy skin. Eyelash extension procedure. Perfect trendy eyebrows. Good vision, contact lenses. Eye health and care.
Do and Don't symbols. Thumbs up and thumbs down circle emblems. Like and dislike icons set. Vector illustration.
The blizzard, strong wind, sleet, against the background of houses blurred silhouettes of people, they try to hide from bad weather, overcome all difficulties of severe climate. go to the bus stop.
Professional soccer referee giving the red card isolated
fat woman, fat belly, chubby, obese woman hand holding excessive belly fat with measure tape, woman diet lifestyle concept

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Hands of man pushed the brick and destroyed the tower. Janga. Close-up photo. Imbalance. Collapse and destruction. Mistake. Entertainment activity. Game of physical and mental skill. Removing blocks
Sick upset middle aged lady hold belly suffer from abdomen ache concept, mature old adult woman feel morning pain hurt in stomach abdominal gastritis pancreatitis diarrhea problem symptom sit on bed
Angry dissatisfied couple arguing meeting lawyer or manager having legal fight complaints on bad client service, annoyed mad customers claiming change in contract terms demanding fraud compensation
Serious and fail business man and woman in meeting room with 
negative graph on screen. They are waiting consultant form conference telephone
dos and donts marks like learning test. simple square flat trend logotype graphic outline design illustration isolated on white. concept of checklist symbol for recommendations and review or evaluate
Medical Malpractice Gavel And Stethoscope In Courtroom
Thoughtful doubtful businessman in tension thinking make difficult decision at work, stressed man put hands in prayer pray with hope pondering reflecting concerned about problem challenge sit at desk
Woman wearing face mask because of air pollution in the city
Editable online document. Computer documentation, essay writing and editing. Copywriter and text editor vector concept. Document online editing, storytelling content illustration
Hand turns dice and changes the expression "my fault" to "your fault".
woman gag with worry gesture. Healthy of female wear protective mask against infectious diseases and flu. Stop the infection. Health care concept. Vector illustration isolated on white.
Angry caucasian white female boss manager shout firing sad stressed african american male worker intern at team office meeting, racial discrimination at work, harassment racism at workplace concept
Close up outraged customers arguing with waitress in coffeehouse, bad service concept, unhappy angry man and woman displeased by drinks poor quality, talking, conflicting with cafe worker
Serious mature businesswoman show document to African American female colleague during break, middle-aged boss explaining task, point at mistake to subordinate, diverse employees discuss paperwork
True and false symbols accept rejected for evaluation. Vector Simple and modern style.
Close-up Of Stethoscope And Mallet Over Opened Law Book On Wooden Desk
Medical Failure Concept - Surgical doctor covering his face with hand (face palm) expressing disappointment while holding xray film on office desk.
National debt vector illustration. Tiny government credit persons concept. Global and domestic money loss problem. Bad economy and finance deficit risk symbol. Country loan crisis and bankruptcy risk.
Worried male employee with beard holding hand on head and looking at laptop while sitting at table in office room
Medical Equipment Laws and mandatory face mask law and by-law for wearing masks as a regulation for public safety as a medical or hospital legal issues with 3D illustration elements.
Shocked unhappy Indian woman reading bad news in message, stressed young female looking at laptop screen, touching forehead, frustrated annoyed girl confused by computer problem or crash
Angry boss scolding frustrated incompetent employee at workplace, dissatisfied leader shouting, pointing finger at bad office worker for bad work, laziness, sad man getting reprimand, job loss concept
Close-up. Caucasian male coughs in his elbow. Correct sneezing. Concept of stop spread of the virus.
Furious businessman shout at employee, mad male boss scream at guilty intern, blaming for mistake, CEO accuse worker in company failure or bad results. Modern style vector design illustrations
Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptop
Three colored smilies, set smiley emotion, by smilies, cartoon emoticons - stock vector
complicated couple love relationship problem doodle color drawing vector illustration. Standing boy and girl back to back with tangled messy scribble connection line.
Over shoulder view upset female face reflected in mirror, woman touch face squeezes pimple caused by hormonal imbalance changes, stress or diet. Skin problem, jawline acne or new mole appears concept
Colleague, boss or advisor explains, criticize the work of young girl intern in office. Subordinate feels guilty tired, frustrated and exhausted, having headache at workplace. Businesspeople arguing
Angry art director vector illustration. Evil boss sitting at workplace in office and correcting mistakes in text flat style concept. Creative man dissatisfied with work of subordinates
Upset millennial couple disappointed losing money in online lottery, worried man and woman look at laptop screen reading bad news, husband and wife get negative email from bank or eviction notice
Turned a cube and changed the expression 'my fault' to 'your fault'. Beautiful wooden table, white background, copy space. Business concept.
National Park of Thingvellir in Iceland. It is the site of a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Tectonic plate fault between two roads.
A woman holding on to colored balloons, flying in the sky lying on a cloud. On the sfin a giant moon. Concept of: dreams, freedom.
proofreading paper on white table in office
MERS-CoV Chinese infection Corona Virus masked girl on the background of the city in smog, the concept of the epidemic of the virus in China
Cartoon character young man with the weight over head associating fault, problem isolated on white vector illustration in flat style. Male chained with a giant metall weight thinking the problem over
Doctor and unhappy patient at hospital or medical clinic . Healthcare medical malpractice and failure concept.
Businessman examines a red man through a magnifying glass. Search for unreliable employee. Weak link. Diagnosis of psychological and physical diseases. Toxicity in the staff of workers. Sabotage
The right and wrong way to wear a mask.
Mistakes while wearing face mask.
How to wear masks properly.
Glued paper wrinkled effect, vector realistic background. Badly wet glued paper or gray adhesive foil with crumpled and greased wrinkles texture, isolated blank templates set
Frustrated tired businesswoman reading document with bad news, corporate employee stressed by mistake in paperwork, troubled with problem, upset about dismissal notice or feeling headache at work
Angry male employee confused working at computer, solve business problems on phone, mad worker talk on cell arguing with client or customer, man busy at pc having serious conversation on cellphone
Lebanese Traditional Breakfast | Foul msabbaha | kidney beans with chickpeas Plate with mint and Olive Oil Home made
Top view of stressed young asian woman trying to find money to pay credit card debt.
cyber bullying concept. people using notebook computer laptop for social media interactions with notification icons of hate speech and mean comment in social network
Annoyed adult woman suffering neighbour noise in the livingroom at night at home
Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Vector artwork showing a man accidentally dropping his basket of eggs on the floor and breaking them. Concept of fail investment, mistake, and financial lost.
Angry business man talking on phone disputing looking at laptop, stressed frustrated office worker arguing by mobile solving online computer problem with technical support complaining on bad service
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