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Excited multiethnic female employees discuss work issues sitting at office table, smiling diverse women workers or colleagues engaged in brainstorming talk chatting, explain ideas at workplace
group of employees discussing new ideas together
Asian female doctors are advising patients at the hospital office. Health care concept
Male business coach speaker in suit give flipchart presentation, speaker presenter consulting training persuading employees client group, mentor leader explain graph strategy at team meeting workshop
Business IT colleague explaining project details in office
Woman leader working brainstorm to solve problem with team, presentation new idea. People discuss and smile on new challenge topic in meeting room. Business finance and communication planning concept.
Young man explaining his idea of business to mature female colleague at work. Business people having a meeting for project discussion.
Serious african woman supervisor boss teach diverse staff workers explain project plan paperwork at group meeting, focused black female mentor training business team at corporate office briefing
Happy successful hipster girl explaining information to male friend sitting in front, positive man and woman talking and discussing ideas for new startup project at spending time in coworking space
Engineer Working on Desktop Computer, Screen Showing CAD Software with Technical Blueprints, Her Male Project Manager Explains Job Specifics. Industrial Design Engineering Facility Office
Family couple consultations with a lawyer. Financial consultation. Advisor explaining contract conditions to clients
Two diverse businesspeople chatting sitting behind laptop in office. Excited caucasian female sharing ideas or startup business plan with black male coworker. Informal conversation, work break concept
African American businessman, leader, coach speaking about ideas, new project, business strategy at briefing, company meeting to colleagues group, team, team building training, explaining tasks
Confident CEO looking at camera talking about company strategy and business plan, explaining corporate success. Young entrepreneur shooting for online webinar, recording video blog. Headshot portrait
Young manager explaining his viewpoint to colleague during start-up meeting
View over shoulder employer listen applicant at job interview online use cam and pc. To prevent spread corona virus covid19 infectious epidemia colleagues working distantly, self-isolation hr concept
I know nothing. Horizontal shot of friendly looking black man spreads hands, gestures actively while explains something to interlocutor, stands over blue background, mock up space aside, has no idea
Smiling african manager coach speaking at diverse corporate group meeting, female black teacher team leader talking to office workers at training teaching employees explaining new idea, mentoring
Young designer giving some new ideas about project to his partners in conference room. Business people discussing over new business project in office.
Robot teacher explains modern theory. Classroom interior with empty black chalkboard. Pink blue colorful background.
Head shot portrait friendly talking woman, looking at camera, making video call, attractive popular vlogger recording vlog or webinar for channel, explaining, sitting at home on cozy sofa
Elder science professor explaining diagram on class blackboard to intern students group wearing lab coats. Scientist team talking to academic solving scientific problem. Flat vector illustration
Young multi-ethnic woman with an afro hairstyle points on flip chart, looks away and explains something to the audience. Teacher, coach, mentor
Business man executive manager explaining strategy to staff pointing on hand drawn diagrams on flipchart board. Team planner meeting. Employee people group listening to boss. Flat vector illustration
Did you know speech bubble with bulb and big question mark in flat style
Close-up of therapist's hands explaining a problem to his patients
Beautiful young woman explaining against orange background
Continuous single drawn one line of person presentation standing to teaching, coaching, and presenting. People writing on the board to explain something. Flat line vector illustration
A man in front of camera recording a video to share it in internet. Vloger shares a bradcast in blog or video log. Video bloging, web television or embedded video concept. Violet palette. Vector.
Blue paper speech banner with word explained on white background
Business people discussion advisor concept
Serious woman listening to co-worker explaining new online business trends
Head shot portrait confident businessman coach wearing glasses looking at camera and talking, mentor speaker holding online lesson, explaining, sitting at wooden work desk in modern cabinet
Happy teacher's day poster background concept. Pretty Woman Teacher explaining gesture with beautiful flower ornament and love heart frame. vector flat illustration creative graphic design
Serious confident business coach gives presentation on flipchart training workers group, executive presenter team leader explaining graph on whiteboard teach sales team employees at corporate meeting
Young woman in business suit making presentation. Cartoon businesswoman explaining charts in conference room at white board vector illustration. Business seminar planning meeting flat style concept
Serious business man team leader coach mentor talk to diverse business people in office explain strategy at corporate group meeting, multiethnic staff listen to boss instruct interns at briefing
Serious friendly african woman internet teacher tutor looking at camera talking, black mixed race millennial female vlogger speaking making video call vlog, online job interview at home, portrait
Happy teacher's day simple background poster. Teacher with explain gesture hand vector illustration. modern simple flat graphic design
Bitcoin cryptocurrency digital money concept. Robot professor explains electronic mining cash financial system. Classroom interior with handwritten quote chalkboard. Blue pink colorful background.
Friendly female colleagues having good relationships, pleasant conversation at workplace during coffee break, smiling young woman listen talkative coworker, discussing new project, talking in office
Smiling millennial diverse colleagues discussing online work together, happy caucasian female intern listening to indian mentor explaining computer task training employee, office mentoring concept
Asian businesswoman explaining her new business ideas to colleague. Young female executive giving presentation with stick notes on wall.
Multi racial businesspeople gather at briefing, positive team leader talking to office employees interns or students at corporate training teach explain project strategy discuss business plan concept
Business people negotiating a contract, they are pointing on a document and discussing together
Diverse colleagues analyzing diagrams together, using laptop, looking at screen, working on project, Caucasian businesswoman, mentor explaining business strategy to African American trainee
Magnifying glass is looking at leader explains employee tactics of advertising targeting. Training, briefing. Search strategies for effective advertising campaigns, customer reach. Business processes
Bundle of people talking or speaking to each other. Collection of chatting men and women with speech bubbles isolated on white background. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style.

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Millennial businesswoman discussing company indicators with male business partner at meeting in office. Female financial consultant, credit expert explaining terms of contract to client or investor
a conceptual illustration of doctor explaining the covid-19
Businessman making video call, looking at camera and talking, discussing strategy with partners online, millennial business coach mentor recording webinar, hr manager holding distance job interview
Cartoon vector illustration of man making a presentation at office. Presentation to his colleagues during meeting or business training, explaining new business concept and strategy. White background.
Full body shot of beautiful blonde businesswoman explaining something
Professional woman leader presenter give business presentation at office conference meeting, businesswoman coach mentor explain graph chart on flipchart corporate group workshop training in boardroom
Female asian mentor teaching african male trainee intern looking at laptop, manager consulting client pointing at computer, teacher supervisor explaining online work to coworker sit at office desk
Businessman explaining his creative ideas to young woman
Friendly asian hr smiling laughing talking to candidate at job interview, chinese financial advisor explains customer deal benefit, happy korean businesswoman bank worker consulting client about loan
Focused multiracial businessmen working together in modern office, talking sharing new ideas at work, african american manager explaining making business offer consulting caucasian client at meeting
Serious professional female advisor consulting client at meeting talking having business conversation or making offer, insurer giving advice, mentor teaching intern, hr speaking at job interview
Multi-ethnic business people working together in the office. Female entrepreneur explaining the new project details to the colleagues in meeting.
Happy young man in casual clothes holding hand up for presenting, showing or explaining something, with speech bubble. Hand drawn blue line art cartoon vector illustration.
Female Architecture teacher at work. Female professor explain architectural projects to students. Beautiful female university architecture professor explain lessons to multiethnic students.
Young black businesswoman explaining business strategy to the staff in the office. Mixed team of entrepreneurs brainstorming
Serious african american bank investment advisor insurance broker lawyer in suit consulting client customer at business advice meeting talking to male customer explaining business loan deal benefits
Business, color 1- FAQ -modern flat vector concept illustration of Frequently asked questions People around exclamation and question marks Question answer metaphor Creative web page design template
Man explaining something to his young colleague
Team of business professionals having a meeting in conference room. Businessman explaining project to colleagues.
Boss woman explaining business regional marketing strategy to employees group using diagrams, notes on whiteboard. Staff planner meeting. Leader planning strategy. Flat vector character illustration
Two analysts discussing online data in front of laptop
Isometric illustrations design concept mobile technology solution on top with video platform. Gradient background and digital graph chart thin line. Vector illustrate.
Happy young businessman pointing at contract while explaining its terms to partner during negotiation
Business woman coach mentor manager consulting client intern, female caucasian insurance broker bank advisor make offer to african customer at meeting sell services talking explaining deal benefits
Businessman presenting marketing data on a presentation screen board explaining charts. Business seminar. Flat style vector illustration
Female doctor giving a consultation to a patient and explaining medical informations and diagnosis
Asian male teacher standing near blackboard flat vector illustration. Smiling tutor pointing at blank chalkboard in classroom cartoon character. Educational process. School lesson, tutor explaining ta
Businessman explaining his idea or opinion to colleague
Female asian bank manager broker mentor teacher consult caucasian male client teaching intern using laptop showing online presentation explain deal benefits talk convince customer at business meeting
Explain Word Written In Wooden Cube
Businesswoman explaining her proposal to colleagues sitting in boardroom. Team of corporate professionals having meeting on new project. Presentation to sales team.
Business man explaining about his profile to two senior manager sitting in during job Interview, interview the job and hiring.
Young multiethnic women studying together at library. High school or college students studying and reading together in cafeteria. Latin girl explaining to brazilian friend the lesson.
Doctor explaining for patient at consulting room
Doctor take care, Patient listening intently to a male doctor explaining patient symptoms or asking a question as they discuss paperwork together in a consultation
Businessman putting forward his suggestions to colleagues. Startup business team on meeting in modern bright office.
Shot of a male office worker giving creative presentation to his colleagues. Businessman explaining business plan to coworkers in conference room.
Computer monitor with information vector isolated isometric icon 3d. Presenter with diagrams charts explaining details to listeners workers on bench
Business school professor teaching explaining and writing formula on chalkboard. Business man teacher standing at class blackboard. Flat style isolated vector character illustration
Woman have idea in head and explaining to another man vector illustration. Person holding banner with signs cartoon design. Imagination and inspiration concept
Female manager mentor teach help male intern trainee new employee explain online strategy on laptop at group meeting, focused business woman talk to colleague client work together cooperate in office
It is a character set of a businessman. There are gestures and poses mainly explained. It's vector art so it's easy to edit.
Smiling male operator with headset speaking from  screen of a smart phone. Customer service concept.
Modern businessman explaining his ideas to colleagues at seminar
young active leader is explaining the rules of the company. man is explaining duties for colleagues
Senior business woman explaining business matters to her team in a boardroom. Mature manager planning new strategy with colleagues in meeting.
Diverse happy interns learning new computer software listening to mentor teacher coach teaching explaining online project application on laptop, smiling multi-ethnic coworkers work together in office
Share opinion speech bubble copy space. Men with beard mature hipster wear sunglasses. Explain humor concept. Funny story and humor.
Expressive young casual man explaining and gesticulating with hands. Full body length portrait isolated over white studio background.
Online education and graduation vector illustration. Online teacher on laptop monitor explaining new material flat style design. Modern e-learning concept
Two businessman are looking and studying statistics on tablet display closeup. Male hand opponent holds pen and points out problem collaboration business coach cooperation partnership palm concept
video marketing with business man explain on front of laptop and money vector illustration
Indian attractive positive woman talking with colleague sitting at desk in office room, focus on hindu female. Diverse millennial smiling employees have break communicating together at coworking area
explain company plan icon - Presentation billboard sign icon. Scheme and Diagram symbol. Vector Graphic element.
Young female mentor leader coach teaching employees group analyzing online project explaining business strategy speaking training diverse corporate team with laptop using computer at office meeting
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