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Reality vs expectation. White two street signs with arrow on metal pole with word. Directional road. Crossroads Road Sign, Two Arrow. Blue sky background. Two way road sign with text.
high expectations - monitoring  scale -   illustration template
Modern Flat thin line Icon Set in Concept of Quality Management System with word Expectation,Audit,Policy,Method,Framework,Preventive Action,Correction,Conformity,Action. Editable Stroke
Mobile Electronic Traffic Sign stating “expect Delays” taken at sunset with traffic blurred driving past the sign and traffic cones
 hope meter - high expectations  monitoring  scale -  hand drawn illustration
Hand writing inscription Expectations with marker, concept
What to Expect
business target concept
Plan concept with smooth route A and rough B vs messy real life. Stock vector illustration of expectation planning and reality implementation.
cartoon illustration line about expectation and reality, white background, line vector illustration
Expectations typed words on a Vintage Typewriter.
Woman pressing happy smiley face emoticon on virtual touch screen. Customer service evaluation and rating concept.
Closeup portrait hopeful man crossing his fingers, eyes closed, hoping isolated on gray wall background. Human emotions, feelings reaction
expectation vs reality concept business analysis magnifying glass symbol
Reality vs Expectations words written on old paper on yellow background.
Male hiker crouching on top of the hill and enjoying scenic view of twilight landscape below. Hiking, achievement, expectation, optimism and self-reflection concepts.
Plan concept about expected smooth route way from point A to B vs. real chaotic route way from the same point A to B. Flat stock vector illustration.
Excited male viewer keeping popcorn in hands and watching interesting film in cinema. Young bearded man wearing shirt expecting final of movie. Concept of entertainment and leisure.
Hand with marker writing the word Expectations
Head shot serious puzzled African American businessman looking at laptop screen sitting in office. Executive managing thinking received bad news keeping fist at chin waiting hoping positive result
Green traffic direction board with isolate background. Expectation vs. Reality concept, pessimistic point of view concept
Businessman Starting to new year,The readiness of leaders, vision and new ideas are beginning in 2020.
Growth success in goal concept. Businessman in blue suit plan with pen and increase of positive indicators trends business. profit graph finance expectation plan year growth number digit stock table
Business growth concept picture for business growth abstract background.
What Do You Expect question on note with marker pen and various stationery. Business concept
What Do You Expect?
Young family expect child birth, displeased man not ready for fatherhood, holds bib with pocket for baby, stunned pregnant young woman with child clothes on belly. Newborn anticipation concept
Reality Check Ahead sign on desert road
Hand writing the text: What to Expect
expectations word write on blackboard
Word Expectations on ascending arrow above bar graph of Wooden small cubes isolated on black background. Chalk drawing on blackboard. Business Concept image.
Word writing text What To Expect. Business concept for asking about regard something as likely to happen occur.
Businesswoman pressing smiley face emoticon on virtual touch screen. Customer service evaluation concept.
Businessman pressing smiley face touch screen / Business Service Satisfaction concept
Handwriting text writing What To Expect. Concept meaning asking about regard something as likely to happen occur Crumpled paper in bin and computer mouse with stationary on wooden backdrop.
Green traffic direction board with cloudy sky and clear sky background. Expectation vs. Reality concept, pessimistic point of view concept
Hand, two men on a desk. Negotiating business.
Interview or dialogue between politicians. Negotiation of two statesman with clasped hands in office.
A speedometer with the words Exceed Expectations represents the surpassing of expectations of the people you deal with, whether they are customers, superiors or others who need things from you
A Satisfied Customer Is The Best Business Strategy of All
What to Expect words on newspaper headlines to shed light in the confusion and offer guidance or explanation, instructions or answers
Expectation. Vector linear icon.
Tape measuring expectations on a chalk board
Top view of Expectations text on notebook with a marker.
Modern Flat thin line Icon Set in Concept of Quality Management System with word Objective Target,Corrective Action,Method,Improvement,Evident,Framework,Expectation,Change Management. Editable Stroke
Retro effect and toned image of a woman hand writing a note with a fountain pen on a notebook. Handwritten text Exceed Customer's Expectations next to yellow lighting bulb as symbol for bright idea.
Businessman, man writes marker text on the word EXPECTATIONS. Business concept, stteryria.
Miniature old people walking on the graph. The concept of an aging society.
Handwritten text showing What To Expect. Business concept for Achieve Expectation Written on sticky, wooden with sticky, many folded paper white and yellow for difference or collaboration
High expectations
what to expect insignia, underlined with red marker pen
Business Expectations. Illustration of businessman standing on edge of the business structure looking through spy-glass. Business concept vector  illustration
Pregnant happy Woman touching her belly. Pregnant middle aged mother portrait, caressing her belly and smiling close-up. Healthy Pregnancy concept, brunette expectant female on blue background
Cute Avocado Cartoon Character expecting a baby
What to Expect 3d words to explain something that is unknown or uncertain and provide guidance, information or communication for clarity and assistance

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Beautiful excited blonde female covers eyes with happiness, doesn`t expect to recieve pleasant surprise from close friend, being thankful and pleasantly shocked, isolated over pink background
Investment for long-term sustainable growth concept : Investor pour water from a watering can to green sprout / small tree on rows of rising coins, depicts investing, wait to receive perpetual income
Handsome Afro American man and his beautiful pregnant wife are hugging and smiling while standing near the window at home
expectations word concept
Family expecting for a baby, top view
The word expectations and businessman holding glasses against city scene in a room
Hand changing the word Unexpected into Expected with red marker isolated on white. Expect the Unexpected concept.
Unemployed professional business people candidates group sit on chairs in row line queue holding sheets with question mark hiding face waiting for job interview, human resources and recruit concept
White notepad and ink pen on the wooden desk Expectations concept
Expect the Unexpected Barricade Barrier Road Construction 3d Illustration
2020 predictions list - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee, business and financial trends, expectations and speculations for  the New Year
Word writing text What To Expect. Business concept for asking about regard something as likely to happen occur Asymmetrical uneven shaped format pattern object outline multicolour design.
Icon of route from point A to B. Infinity sign. expectation reality. Presentation board on wall. Flat vector stock illustration
Young couple expecting baby standing together indoors
Expectation Prediction Hope Strategy Planning Concept
Writing note showing Customer Expectations. Business photo showcasing Benefits a Client Expect Surpass the needs and wants Squared notebook paper Markers Communicating ideas Expressing feelings.
Businesswoman pressing face emoticon on virtual touch screen at smartphone .Customer service evaluation concept.
Blue sky with cloud and ladder, way to success concept. Expect high
Miniature people and the concept of an aging society.
expectations word write on paper
Sales consultant, sales trainer or mystery shopper company logo. Customer satisfaction and growing revenue chart symbol.
Development and growth concept. Businessman plan growth and increase of positive indicators in his business.
An old miniature man. Concepts for average life extension.
Indicator of high expectations level
Smiling woman with hands on expecting mother's stomach feeling baby movement while sitting on couch at home. Lesbian couple both with a baby bump. Happy friend feeling belly of african pregnant girl.
Multiethnic job candidates in queue tired of long waiting in office corridor, diverse work applicants sit on chairs feel exhausted expecting their turn for interview. Employment, hiring, HR concept
Manage your expectations sign on the page.
Men's muscles, reality and expectation. Sports and training in the gym. Man's hand and a shadow on the wall. Expectation vs reality
Dear Future, Im Ready... written on desert road
Text sign showing What To Expect. Conceptual photo asking about regard something as likely to happen occur Colored clothespin papers empty reminder blue floor background office pin.
Parent holding in the hands feet of newborn baby.
Achieve the goal
shoes and sneakers of parents and expected baby
Happy smiling woman looks up, puts hands together in prayer, feels grateful, hopes for successful plan realization, believes in business success, wishes dream come true, visualizes future, head shot
Smiling pregnant young couple hugging while standing together at a window
Allah never expect us to be perfect during ramadan. But he expects us to keep on trying. Ramadan Quote.
Hands showing expectations against blue sky
Infographic concept, 2019 - year of opportunities. New trends in idea generation, time management, experience exchange, self-education and self-development. Vector illustration in thin line style.
Portrait of charismatic and charming young African woman with curly hair wearing sylish spectacles, smiling widely, narrowing her eyes in expectation of surprise from her boyfriend, looking happy
Growth in 2019 year concept. Businessman plan and increase of positive indicators in his business.
Five unemployed multi racial people wait turn feels nervous due job interview. Girl and guys looking pensive and anxious worried about upcoming meeting with HR manager. Concept of competition, hiring
Handwriting Announcement text showing What To Expect. Business concept for Achieve Expectation written on sticky note paper on black keyboard background.
Little girl touching her pregnant mom belly. Expecting mother sitting with her daughter on floor at home, having fun and feeling baby pushes, copy space
Funny child on swimming ring at home. Beach rest concept
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