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Mature older businesswoman mentor coach training speaker give flip chart business presentation at company meeting, confident female executive manager teaching team consult clients at office workshop
Portrait of cheerful excited joyful satisfied handsome attractive fashionable macho guy dressed in formal outfit dark velvet pointing on empty blank copyspace isolated on gray background copy-space
Serious male manager presenter businessman speaker give business presentation to diverse employees group at office meeting workshop in conference room teach team at corporate training lecture seminar
Rear view of businessman talking on phone while sitting down in an office with panoramic city view
Happy Black Businessman Looking At Camera, Working With Pleasure, Selective Focus
Millennial businessman in suit stand hold meeting make flip chart presentation for diverse colleagues, male coach or speaker talk present project graph on whiteboard training multiethnic work team
People leadership profession official concept. Portrait of serious concentrated focused confident severe handsome expert experienced qualified instructor with crossed arms isolated on gray background
Smiling african american professional manager advisor designer talking with client listen to customer preferences at business meeting, diverse colleagues having conversation share design idea at work
Concept of brainstorming and briefing, positive diverse male and female financial experts discussing information during working time in conference room sitting at desktop with laptop devices
Portrait of young smiling businessman, successful entrepreneur, having triumph at the meeting, built an empire, top manager with a great deal of experience. His subordinates working on the background
Successful professionals looking through online ideas for their business project
Close up portrait of smiling beautiful millennial businesswoman or CEO looking at camera, happy female boss posing making headshot picture for company photoshoot, confident successful woman at work
Panel on Stage during Discussion Event. Debate with Experts during Conference Seminar Presentation. Successful Executives and Entrepreneur Speakers and Presenters in Conference Hall Lecture Series.
Advertising department brainstorming at modern office boardroom behind closed doors, view through the glass wall. Diverse staff led by ceo discussing new project sharing ideas thoughts and sales pitch
Smiling attractive senior businesswoman wearing glasses head shot, happy aged teacher, successful woman company boss, older female executive, mature lady professional looking at camera, portrait
Portrait of smiling senior businesswoman wearing glasses with businesspeople at background, happy older team leader, female aged teacher professor or executive woman boss looking at camera, head shot
Businessman using a financial app on his smartphone and connecting with business experts team online: augmented reality and social media concept
Portrait of focused confident concentrated smart intelligent clever busy expert specialist assistant giving recommendations advice to clients organizing meetings writing information to notepad
Presentation to the large number of people. Communication with e
The double exposure image of the business man using a smartphone during sunrise overlay with cityscape image. The concept of modern life, business, city life and internet of things.
Confident lady business trainer coach leader give flip chart presentation consulting clients teaching employees training team people speaking explaining strategy at marketing workshop concept
Business man making a presentation in front of whiteboard. Business executive delivering a presentation to his colleagues during meeting or in-house business training. View through glass.
Confident male leader, coach talking with multiracial group of office workers, having good conversation with subordinate, brainstorming, discussing business strategy, ideas, team building activity
African-american businessman with laptop browsing in the net while waiting for flight announcement in airport lounge
Businessman line icon. Man in tie. Occupation concept. Can be used for topics like top management, banking, finance, investment
Focused Indian female customer meeting with financial advisor. Young beautiful candidate at job interview in modern office space. Business consulting or employment concept
African american businesswoman analyzing project statistics result in report working with graphs documents and laptop in office, strategic planning and financial data analysis concept, close up view
Portrait of smiling attractive consultant wearing suit posing with laptop, happy businessman working on computer, successful online business owner, stock trader or coach looking at camera, headshot
People individual lifestyle concept. Portrait of virile serious minded self-assured pensive granddad with crossed hands beige knitted waistcoat isolated on gray background copy-space
Full length back view of successful businessman in suit standing in office with hands on his waist, CEO looking through window at big city buildings, planning new project, waiting for meeting to start
Female investment broker assisting clients as she perches on her desk discussing a presentation on her laptop with a young married couple
Back view of male architect looking on designed by him modern bank building while standing outside, intelligent young businessman dreaming about prosperity of his company after important meeting
Double exposure of man trader dressed in corporate suit is analyzing financial market via laptop computer. Skilled businessman keyboarding e-mail letter while using net-book. High technology concept
Coaching concept. Hand drawn man coach near board. Male person in suit with pointer coaching isolated vector illustration.
Businessman making video call, looking at camera and talking, discussing strategy with partners online, millennial business coach mentor recording webinar, hr manager holding distance job interview
Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.
Confident male and female colleagues analyzing information during cooperation working process, formally dressed executive managers communicating about report during together business experience
Young people sitting at business  financial conference training.
Portrait of successful African-American businessman smiling while discussing deal with partner during meeting at coffee break
Always stay connected . Mixed media
Group of six confident serious business people standing together
Professional expert working with information for business report about corporate money investment writing notes in textbook during time for online researching on laptop computer,digital marketing
Smiling beautiful female professional manager standing with arms crossed looking at camera, happy confident business woman corporate leader boss ceo posing in office, headshot close up portrait
Portrait of happy successful multiracial business team standing with digital tablets, notebooks, ready to make notes. Smiling young motivated startup international employees group looking at camera.
Business visionary leader and mentor speaking to group of businessman people. Standing on top of big heap of books and knowledge. Flat style vector illustration clipart.
Focused african analyst showing client or colleague annual financial report analyzing business data on laptop screen using software for digital graphic statistic analysis, economic market graphs
Arrow of a  compass pointing to the word Leadership (3D Rendering)
Serious businessman training speaker coach wear suit give presentation at company meeting, confident male leader executive drawing on flip chart teaching business team at corporate office workshop
Portrait of smiling senior grey-haired beautiful businesswoman stand with arms crossed posing for picture at workplace, happy confident aged woman worker or company ceo in glasses look at camera
Female corporate director in formal clothing training group of successful professionals during brainstorming conference for search strategy solutions, financial experts discussing business contract
Happy old online teacher tutor look at camera give educational training class lecture teach by webcam, smiling mature business woman talk to webcam make video conference call sit at table in library
Happy smiling asian businesswoman looking at camera holding papers stand in office hallway, happy confident chinese professional executive satisfied with good career posing in modern office, portrait

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Business man making a presentation in front of whiteboard. Business executive delivering a presentation to his colleagues during meeting or in-house business training. View through glass.
Profile side view of brunet bearded guy ceo boss chief executive designer professional expert specialist sitting in front of screen creating web site at wooden industrial interior work place station
Serious focused businesswoman typing on laptop holding papers preparing report analyzing work results, female executive doing paperwork at workplace using computer online software for data analysis
Speaker giving a talk on corporate Business Conference. Busines
Web cam view serious concentrated young african ethnic businessman in eyeglasses holding video call negotiations with partners. Focused multiracial male job seeker talking to hr manager online.
Two female colleagues in office
Panel on Stage during Discussion Event. Debate with Experts during Conference Seminar Presentation. Successful Executives and Entrepreneur Speakers and Presenters in Conference Hall Lecture Series.
Young manager presenting whiteboard to his colleagues about financial growth
Shot of confident business woman looking and speaking through the webcam while making a video conference from the office.
senior expertise gray hair businessman posing interior white modern office [Photo Illustration]
Man professional architect looks at building object which he by using logistical resources create a project organization space, male skilled manager watching at big office window during his work break
Vector Set of Linear Icons Related to Leadership Development, Categories, Executive and Education. Mono Line Pictograms and Infographics Design Elements
Happy african american businessman entrepreneur startup owner stand in modern office looking at camera, smiling young black designer creative occupation person posing in work space, business portrait
Business presentation. The expert gives a speech
Portrait of his he nice imposing representative elegant classy chic brainy attractive cheerful guy executive leader expert development agent broker isolated over light gray background
Multiethnic group of smiling business people standing in the office
Full length of group of happy young business people walking the corridor in office together
Confident businessman executive mentor ceo leader talk to employees group during corporate briefing in boardroom, serious male boss explain work plan to multiethnic workers at office meeting table
Young coach giving a talk to workers in a modern office
Crew of skilled marketing experts consulting with executive about rebranding of corporation suggesting new advertising campaign to change style sharing opinions on formal meeting in conference hall
Young man professional banker examines the state of the currency in the financial market via touch pad, male skilled economist reads the article on economic policy in internet via digital tablet
Two women working together at office, sitting
Happy Young Professional Couple Shaking Hands with a Real Estate Agent After Some Business Discussions Inside the Office.
Confident businesswoman wearing glasses discussing project with colleague close up, diverse employees working together, executive consulting Asian woman client, mentor teaching trainee in office
Professional financial experts collaborating during brainstorming meeting listening information from clever female director, businesswoman providing information to corporate workers of company
Smiling female indian employee multitask working on computer in office talking over phone, happy woman worker using laptop, laughing speaking with friend on cell or communicating with client online
Successful businessman dressed in elegant suit talking on cell telephone during work break outdoors, professional male manager having serious mobile phone conversation while standing near skyscraper
Speaker at Business Conference with Public Presentations. Audience at the conference hall. Entrepreneurship club. Rear view. Horisontal composition. Background blur.
Headshot portrait of happy aged grey-haired businesswoman in glasses look at camera with toothy wide smile, close up of overjoyed senior woman boss or ceo in spectacles posing for picture
business team of coworkers working on startup in office, banner double exposure background of group of businessman people entrepreneurs
two adult businessman posing back together team portrait
Smiling young businessman sit at desk talk on webcam having video call or conversation with client, motivated millennial male coach or trainer speak shoot online tutorial, record training course
Confident male and female directors dressed discussing productive strategy during brainstorming at desktop with laptop computer with blank screen area for advertising text or financial website
Close up african american businessman shaking hands with caucasian client. Handshake is symbol of starting finishing negotiations, successful teamwork signing contract, hiring human resource concept
Happy male executive manager in glasses for vision protection enjoying online marketing on trade website connecting to office internet for browsing, cheerful financial expert using digital technology
Head shot portrait of handsome bearded businessman wearing glasses looking at camera standing in office modern boardroom. Concept of successful entrepreneur, executive manager, head owner of company
Portrait of three business people: man and woman in a team.
Happy group of executive managers collaborating near glass stand in office interior discussing negotiations during working process in enterprise, successful traders enjoying partnership brainstorming
Friendly businessman wearing glasses sitting at his desk in the office looking at the camera with a smile
Business expert team icon, Business executive team, leadership, Creative business team, support team
Serious businessman pointing at laptop discussing corporate software with colleague in office, executive male team working together use computer, manager mentor consulting instructing client coworker
Modern technology leadership people concept. Half-turned portrait of authoritative respectful proud leader man using digital gadget at workplace rolled-up shirt sleeves isolated on gray background
Financial advisor insurer speaking consulting african client looking at laptop making presentation, caucasian mentor teaching black intern, employees colleagues help discuss online computer project
Confident business leader or manager standing leaning against his desk at the office with his arms folded smiling at the camera
Successful male employer reading positive email message on smartphone device using 4g wireless connection for making business money exchange, happy Caucasian financial expert sending cellphone sms
Confident happy young male manager in eyeglasses standing with folded hands head shot portrait. Smiling company owner, startup businessman, team leader, successful employee looking at camera.
Attentive senior businessman holding documents focused on listening at group meeting, aged experienced investor, client or company executive participating training conference business seminar concept
Confident senior businessman leader looking at camera with team at background, smiling aged company boss posing in office with arms crossed, older mentor or executive professional head shot portrait
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