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Two humans head silhouette psycho therapy concept. Therapist and patient. Vector illustration for psychologist blog or social media post.
Heart holding by diverse hands. Vector illustration concept for sharing love, helping others, charity supported by global community
Close up smiling female physician wearing uniform with stethoscope comforting mature patient, sharing good news, medical checkup results, doctor consulting older man at meeting, healthcare concept
Empathy. Empathy and Compassion concept - African American young man comforting sad man. Helping hand or psychological care. Vector illustration in flat cartoon style on white background.
Girl comforts her sad friend over the phone. Woman supports female with psychological problems. Online therapy and counselling for people under stress and depression over online services. Vector
Love emotion or empathy cerebral or brain activity in caudate nucleus. Connection between two people. Conceptual 3d illustration of love, attraction or lure neurological stimulation or telepathy.
Empathy Vector line Icon
Rear view at upset man feel pain depression problem addiction get psychological support of counselor therapist coach diverse people friend group help patient during therapy counseling session concept
Asian and african women holding hands during group therapy session, diverse friends feeling reconciled relief smiling giving psychological support empathy overcome problem at psychotherapy counseling
empathy and compassion icon, mental personality problem, hug friendship, thin line symbol on white background - editable stroke vector illustration eps10
Business communication concept of empathy and sympathy. Love emotion or empathy. Connection between people.
 Business trust commitment which Business Partners holding hands with Help, trust ,support ,empathy and factors relationship marketing for reach successful achievement and meeting commit concept.
Sympathy or empathy symbol. Businessman turns wooden cubes and changes the word 'empathy' to 'sympathy'. Beautiful white background. Copy space. Psychological, sympathy or empathy concept.
Empathy Word Cloud on a white background.
red heart in child and mother hands on white wooden background. concept of love, charity, empathy
Graphic illustration dialogue between two people. Communication. Telepathy. Empathy.
Old middle aged people holding hands close up view, senior retired family couple express care as psychological support concept, trust in happy marriage, empathy hope understanding love for many years
Asian colleague embracing supporting caucasian woman reading bad news in email, teammate comforting stressed frustrated female coworker upset by dismissal, helping to solve problem online in office
Brain and heart handshake. Vector concept illustration of teamwork between mind and feelings | flat design linear infographic icon red and blue on white background
Fake Dictionary, definition of the word empathy.
hand holding a red heart, valentine's day love, vintage tone
Emotional intelligence, logo two human profiles, coaching icon, psychologist, empathy symbol, psychiatrist, therapy, psychology sign. Vector illustration
the concept of empathy. A woman and a man in a family try to look at the world through the eyes of a partner. a nice girl and a young man can empathize with each other.
Kid comforting consoling upset sad boy in school yard
Psycho therapy concept of empathy. Love emotion or empathy. Connection between people. Conceptual love, attraction or lure neurological stimulation or telepathy. Empathy Sympathy People Communication.
Empathy word in a dictionary. Close up of an English dictionary page with word empathy
Hand turns dice and changes the word "sympathy" to "empathy".
Girl comforts her sad friend over the phone. Woman consoles and cares about girl with psychological problems. Concept of support and aid for people under stress and depression over online services.
Vector illustration, unraveling difficult situations, the concept of social psychiatry, psychological therapy vector
African man counselor therapist coach psychologist speak at group counseling therapy session concept encourage support patients in addiction talk share problem sit in circle in rehab, close up view
empathy logo, coach icon, two faces and circle, psychologist sign, empathy idea, psychology concept, vector illustration
Vector banner of Empathy map that is a collaborative visualization. Used to articulate what we know about a particular type of user or customer.
Caring nurse talks to old patient holds his hand sit in living room at homecare visit provide psychological support listen complains showing empathy encouraging. Geriatrics medicine caregiving concept
Thoughtful young african ethnicity female volunteer holding heart in hands. showing support to vulnerable people. Kind millennial biracial woman feeling thankful, gratitude or empathy concept.
Empathy creative icon. Simple element illustration. Empathy concept symbol design from soft skills collection. Perfect for web design, apps, software, print.
Empathy, Open Mind, Emotional Intelligence Concept. Communication Skills, Reasoning, Persuasion, People Listen and Support Each Other, Male and Female Characters Chatting. Cartoon Vector Illustration
Graphic watercolor drawing empathy telepathy
EMPATHY vector colorful typography banner
Black man friend holding hands of african woman, american family couple give psychological support, help trust care empathy hope in marriage relationships, comfort honesty concept, close up view
Self care, love, acceptance concept. Woman with closed eyes sitting on knees, embracing yourself. Mental health issue, feeling of frustrated, anxiety. Universe inside. Helping hand vector illustration
Woman giving comfort and support to friend, keeping palms on her shoulder. Girl feeling stress, loneliness, anxiety. Vector illustration for counseling, empathy, psychotherapy, friendship concept
Empathy symbol. Concept word 'empathy' on wooden cubes on a beautiful orange background. Male hand. Psychological and empathy concept, copy space.
Female friend hug. Women embracing each other, expressing love, affection, support. Vector illustration for friendship, strong relations, support concept
Asian and african women embracing giving psychological support during group therapy counseling session, diverse ladies hug sit in circle feel relief empathy helping friend at with problems addiction
Businessman chaos with help, mental health or psychotherapy, schizophrenia concept, cognitive trap, communication or empathy, vector flat illustration
Summer in the park a little curly-haired boy shows his bad arm a little sister. She hugged him. Empathy regret it.
Empathy and friendship concept. Girl extends a helping and supportive hand to her friend.  Black woman cares timid and indecisive female adolescent with psychological problems. Vector illustration
Male hands holding female, caring loving understanding man showing comfort and empathy, giving psychological support to woman in marriage relationships concept, couple reconciliation, close up view
Empathy symbol. The concept word Empathy on wooden cubes. Beautiful orange table, orange background, copy space. Business, psychological and empathy concept.
Human hand helps a sad lonely woman to get rid of depression. A young unhappy girl sits and hugs her knees. The concept of support and care for people under stress. Vector illustration in flat style
heart on hand for philanthropy concept / woman holding red heart in hands for valentines day or donate help give love warmth take care , World Health Day
Friends are trying to help in friend's relationship crisis with psychological therapy talking. Concept of empathy and emotional feeling support with people problems. Flat cartoon vector illustration
Hands of an elderly man holding the hand of a younger man. Lots of texture and character in the old man hands. black and white
Learning to love concept. Network of pins and threads in the shape of a cut out heart inside a human head symbolising that love is the core of our being and has its own logic.
Trust, support, help, empathy or cooperating concept. Stand together through challenges. Honest business partner and companion giving assistance and guidance to colleague. Friendship or partnership.
set of friendship, dependence, empathy, bonding - vector icons. this also represents concepts like responsibility, concern, care, together, sympathy, trust, faith, hope & expectation, assurance
Word Empathy made of colorful letters and funny faces drawn on notes on the dark background.
Male and Female Characters Show Empathy, Emotional Intelligence Concept. Communication Skills, Reasoning and Persuasion, People Listen and Support Each Other, Open Mind, Cartoon Vector Illustration
Close up black woman and man in love sitting on couch two people holding hands. Symbol sign sincere feelings, compassion, loved one, say sorry. Reliable person, trusted friend, true friendship concept
Businesswoman comforting frustrated or tired co-worker
young woman calms her friend who is sad, best friend forever concept, young woman try to comfort her best friend from stress and sad, vector character illustration
Boy Comforting his Sad Best Friend. Young kid showing empathy consoling and encouraging his colleague
Woman supporting her colleague after hard working day
Male business man sticking post it in empathy map, user experience (ux) methodology and design thinking technique, a collaborative tool to gain insight into customers, users and clients.
Empathy word cloud on a white background.
Adult daughter comforting old mom strokes holds her hand close up view. Strong connection confidential conversation, empathy and mercy, support in hard life period, be near sharing heart pain concept
Close up African American psychotherapist holding clipboard, touching patient hands, expressing empathy and support at meeting, counselor therapist comforting girl during personal therapy session
Empathy word cloud on a white background.
Empathy word cloud on a white background.
Smiling Indian psychologist hugging patient at group counselling session, giving psychological help, expressing support and empathy, helping overcome problems, depressing or addictions treatment
Little Girl Comforting her Sad Best Friend. Young kid showing empathy consoling and encouraging her friend
Concern for others. Woman watering and growth flower in which happy girl sits. Tutor cares about the child. Mental health concept. Vector illustration
Young woman getting help and cure from stress flat vector illustration. Girl feeling anxiety and loneliness. Helping hand. Psychotherapy, counseling and psychological support concept.
African american family couple holding hands, black man friend husband support comfort woman wife, hope empathy concept, trust care in marriage relationship, honesty and understanding, close up view
Close up side view of elderly mother and grownup daughter sit at home talk giving advice, loving senior mom and adult offspring child hold hands having intimate close moment, show support and empathy
Two white and black head silhouettes united by heart shape inside them on turquoise blue. Unity, tolerance, peace, love concept. Flat design. Eps 8 vector illustration, no transparency, no gradients
Close up young black american wife embracing husband. Portrait of woman with closed eyes, man rear view. Attractive affectionate couple in love, romantic relationship support and gratefulness concept
Grown up daughter soothe aged mother holds her hand feel empathy give her moral support elderly woman crying wipe tears with tissue, health problem disease, divorce broken heart adult child supporting
African psychologist supporting male rehab session participant put hand on newcomer shoulder talks encouraging words, medical detox center, psychological help activity struggle with addictions concept
Banner counseling vector illustration concept. Therapy, diagnosis, empathy,  advice and support concept with icons
Ampathy and charity. Heart holding by different hands. Vector concept love, volunteer, community christian. Social illustration
Coaching, mentoring, problem solving, abstract icon business problem solving, consulting. Vector illustration
Empathy, heart, love, charity, support concept. Hand drawn hands hugging heart concept sketch. Isolated vector illustration.
Feedback concept design, emotions scale background and banner
Rear view of hugging female friends sitting in the park
Employee soft qualities onboarding mobile app page screen vector template. Communication skills. Empathy, friendliness, confidence. walkthrough website steps. UX, UI, GUI smartphone interface concept
man supports a friend, a guy put his hand on a friend's shoulder - one line drawing. two men sit side by side, one of whom addresses or psychologically (morally) supports the other
Empathy vector illustration word cloud isolated on a white background.
Empathy and Compassion, understanding concept. Young woman sitting and embracing sad depressed man feeling empathy feeling bad together vector illustration
Logo empathy. Interpersonal communication abstract icon. Two profiles and a wave.
Soft Skills Infographics vector design. Timeline concept include team spirit, empathy, assertiveness icons. Can be used for report, presentation, diagram, web design.
Flat Girl comforts her unhappy best friend over the phone. Female consoles, takes care of women with mental problems. Supporting people with depression or stress online. Psychological issues concept.
Brain and heart isolated on a whit background. Brain in love. Conflict between emotions and rationality. Icon or logo. Red color. Simple modern design. Valentine's day. Flat style vector illustration.
Empathy map, user experience (ux) methodology and design thinking technique used as a collaborative tool that teams can use to gain a deeper insight into their customers, users and clients.
Young man comforting her crying best friend. Depressed woman covering face with hands and her husband consoling and care about her. Help and support concept. Hand drawn style vector illustration
Smiling happy older asian father with stylish short beard touching daughter's hand on shoulder looking and talking together with love and care. Family relationship with bond and care concept.
Close up horizontal image doctor in white uniform holding hands of female patient, showing support, gave professional aid psychological help, disease express of empathy and trusted specialist concept
Isometric 3 d soft skills concept with empathy emotions at work among colleagues vector illustration
a continuous line of art a man is standing opening his jacket, inside of which is a heart. The concept of an open heart, kindness, empathy, support, comfort. It can be used for animation. Vector.
Businessman with client holding hands together for comfort and support work together, insurance team,respect and trust concept
Icon empathy. Logo psychologist, psychotherapist, psychotherapy. Two abstract human profile. Vector
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