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young beautiful sad and desperate hispanic woman suffering depression looking thoughtful and frustrated at apartment balcony looking depressed at the street
Frustrated older mature retired man feeling upset desperate talking on the phone having problems debt, stressed sad middle aged male depressed by hearing bad news during mobile conversation at home
Sad latin woman with protective face mask at home living room couch feeling tired and worried suffering depression amid coronavirus lockdown and social distancing. Mental Health and isolation concept.
Stressed young woman holding head in hands, feeling desperate about financial problems, dismissive notice, failed test. Depressed businesswoman shocked by bank loan rejection, domestic bills.
Upset stressed young african american man coping with strong headache concept, upset exhausted black guy feeling frustrated depressed tired touching forehead suffer from migraine, close up side view
panic attacks young girl sad and fear stressful depressed emotional.crying use hands cover face begging help.stop abusing violence in women,person with health anxiety,people bad feeling down concept
Thoughtful doubtful businessman in tension thinking make difficult decision at work, stressed man put hands in prayer pray with hope pondering reflecting concerned about problem challenge sit at desk
Anxiety Stress Fear Worry Signs Words 3d Illustration
Panic attack woman, stressful depressed emotional person with anxiety disorder mental health illness, headache and migraine sitting feeling bad with back against wall on the floor in domestic home
Sad hopeless young black woman sit alone at home feeling desperate depressed, upset stressed african girl suffer from alcohol abuse drug addiction, dependency, grief or guilt troubled with problems
Depressed sad attractive woman crying on sofa couch at home feeling lonely tired and worried suffering depression in mental health, loneliness and isolation concept. Psychology, solitude and people
Head shot woman anxious worried woman sitting on couch at home. Frustrated confused female feels unhappy, problems in personal life, quarrel break up with boyfriend and unexpected pregnancy concept
A man deep in despair and emotional distress he has his hands over his head and looks stressed.
Sad teen looking away sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Young woman who suffers from mental health diseases is sitting on the floor. Girl surrounded by symptoms of depression disorder: anxiety, crisis, tears, exhaustion, loss,  overworked, tired.
Young hopeless woman suffering from depression having nervous breakdown holding her head on isolated background, copy space
Dramatic portrait. Concept of anxiety and fear. Intense look through the hands covering the face.
panic attacks young girl sad fear stressful depressed emotional.crying use hands cover face begging help.stop abusing domestic violence in women,person with health anxiety,people bad feeling down
Psychological concept. Bulling.Vector illustration of loneliness among people in a crowd, mental problems, fear and insecurity. White crow. Drawing for banner, background or poster
Frustrated unhappy woman crying, sitting on couch at home alone, thinking about personal problem, break up with boyfriend or divorce, need psychological help, feeling lonely and depressed
Frustrated woman with nervous problem feel anxiety and confusion of thoughts vector flat illustration. Mental disorder and chaos in consciousness. Girl with anxiety touch head surrounded by think
Psychological problems vector line icons set. Mental disorders, depression, sadness, melancholy. Editable stroke. Perfect pixel icons, such can be scaled to 24, 48, 96 pixels.
A sad woman with flowing hair runs away from the problems in her life. The depressed teenager withdrew into himself, hugging his elbows. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style
Exhausted, fatigue people in procrastination and emotional burnout on white background. Tired, frustrated, weak, unhappy people do nothing, fall down stairs, laying sofa in flat vector illustration
Silhouette of woman's head with waving hair, back light.
Stressed teen girl calming down relieving headache emotional stress relief, nervous young woman meditating massaging temples doing breathing exercises isolated on white grey studio blank background
Panic attack in public place. Woman having panic disorder in city. Psychology, solitude, fear or mental health problems concept. Depressed sad person surrounded by people walking in busy street.
Mental disorder, finding answers, confusion concept. Woman suffering from depression, closing face with palms in despair, girl trying to solve complex problems. Simple flat vector
Psychology, destiny, anxiety, stress. Vector psychedelic illustrations of human emotions, reflections and dreams. Loneliness and depression themes for poster and background
Depressed woman cover her face with hands. Concept of mental disorder, sorrow and depression.  Physical and emotional violence against women. Vector illustration.
Woman headache or anxiety attack crisis. Frustrated woman with nervous problem feel anxiety confusion of thoughts vector. Depressed woman deep in thought. Anxiety touch head. Mental disorder and chaos
Solitude and depression from social distancing, isolated stay home alone in COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, anxiety from virus infection, Sad unhappy depressed girl sit alone with virus pathogens
Thoughtful stressed young man with a mess in his head
Emotional overload and burnout concept. Young businessman cartoon character trying to push stress level to reducing figures and feeling tired and exhausted with work vector illustration
Woman in distress from anxiety, stress, and depression, inner insecurities and negativity, suffering mental pain
Emotional stress glyph icons set. Anxiety, frustration, confusion, trembling, burden, thinking, exhaustion, apathy, sadness. Silhouette symbols. Vector isolated illustration
Living with anxiety and feeling anxious due to the stress of danger and managing psychological paranoia as a fear of death psychology concept as a mental disorder in a 3D illustration style.
Woman putting on social face mask with fake positive emotion to hide real feelings behind it. Frightened person disguising anxiety. Colorful flat vector illustration isolated on white background
Side view of a sad man with a hand on the head sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Emotions balls background, Happy Smiley faces ball in yellow , orange and pink. Sadness ball in blue and madness ball in red. Self made hand draw balls.
Cute shy awkward redhead teen girl in glasses biting lips feeling embarrassed, funny young red-haired woman student confused nervous before exam isolated on white grey blank studio background
Stress or anxiety line outline icon
Unhappy woman touching hair, sitting on floor at home, thinking about problems, upset girl feeling lonely and sad, psychological and mental troubles, suffering from bad relationship or break up
young sad and depressed Asian Japanese woman crying alone desperate and worried in pain sitting at home sofa couch suffering depression and anxiety problem feeling lonely and helpless
Stress and Depression Related Vector Icon Set. Thin Line Style. 48x48 Pixel Perfect
continuous line drawing of Kids are sitting sad vector illustration.
Feelings vector illustration. Behavior expression persons concept. Various emotions. Mood changes. PMS symptoms Anxiety or panic attack. Psychology, solitude, fear or mental health problems concept.
Woman celebrating without mask.Concept of defeating illness.Recovered from coronavirus.Cured disease emotional patient.Covid-19 virus outbreak problems solved.Immunity to virus.Stress free.Breathing
Silhouette of depressed and anxiety person head. 
Negative emotion image. Person head shaped paper on black torn paper background.
Woman expressing strong various feelings and emotions. Girl suffering from distracted behavior and mood changes. Vector illustration for mental disorder, psychology, stress, crisis concept
human hand helps sad young girl in depression lying hugging knees with flying hair, sorrow, mental health concept, cartoon female character flat vector illustration
Stressed business woman and man resting head on laptop sitting at table frustrated with each other exchanging with clutter of negative thoughts and emotions. Distant relationship concept
panic attacks alone young girl sad fear stressful depressed emotional.crying use hand cover face begging help.stop abusing domestic violence in women,person with health anxiety,people bad feeling down
Stress, headache, migraine concept. Frustrated stressed woman suffering from headache holding hands on head having anxiety problems, dementia disease vector illustration
Conceptual creative vector line art illustration, drawing of a woman, her hand on her chin, thinking, confused, her head is a ball of insane messy lines. Anxiety disorder, depression, mixed emotions.

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Man with anxiety touch head surrounded by think. Mental disorder and chaos in consciousness. Frustrated guy with nervous problem feel anxiety and confusion of thoughts vector flat illustration.
Anxiety, woman fears and phobias, thoughts get confused and crushed isolated girl sitting on floor with headache. troubled unhappy girl, anxious scared female in despair, psychological problems
Mental health and negative sick mind thought treatment tiny person concept. Emotional disorder and psychology doctor help with therapy and trouble research vector illustration. Caring anxiety issues.
Psychology, destiny, anxiety, stress. Vector psychedelic illustrations of human emotions, reflections and dreams. Loneliness and depression themes for poster and background
Adult man feels stress and anxiety with drawing illustrations
Emotion, face, expression, problem, mental stress, worry, depression, anxiety concept. Young anxious worried woman girl teenager charater looking stressed and nervous with hands on mouth biting nails.
Empathy line icon set. Included the icons as cheer up, friend, support, emotion, mental health and more.
The dog is hiding under the sofa and afraid to go out. The concept of dog's anxiety about thunderstorm, fireworks and loud noises. Pet's mental health, excessive emotionality, feelings of insecurity.
Young beautiful woman wearing casual t-shirt standing over isolated white background looking stressed and nervous with hands on mouth biting nails. Anxiety problem.
Upset woman frustrated by problem with work or relationships, sitting on couch, embracing knees, covered face in hand, feeling despair and anxiety, loneliness, having psychological trouble
Sad worried shattered woman, anxiety, fear and despair abstract metaphor 3D rendering.
Young woman getting help and cure from stress flat vector illustration. Girl feeling anxiety and loneliness. Helping hand. Psychotherapy, counseling and psychological support concept.
Collection of men and women with mental disorders, illnesses, impairments, psychiatric or psychological problems. Flat cartoon characters isolated on white background. Colorful vector illustration.
Comfort foods and stress eating concept. Frustrated young lady devouring pastry on sofa at home. Upset woman dealing with negative emotions, anxiety or problems through sweets
Nervous woman with mental problem feeling anxiety isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon character having headache and touching head surrounded by thinks. Neurosis and depression concept
Hands holding paper brain and heart, brain stroke, world heart day, world mental health day, Alzheimer and wellness concept
Coronavirus outbreak:  A woman reading news/updates about coronavirus and getting anxiety/depression. Global pandemic. Lockdown mental health.
Sad woman sitting on a sofa in the living room
Depressed or mental illness. Head profile with storm cloud. Mindfulness and stress management in psychology. Anger, stressed and anxiety emotion concept. Vector illustration.
Depression, anger, stressed and anxiety emotion concept, man with head open reveal his brain with thunder storm raining metaphor of depressed or mental illness.
Obsessive compulsive, anxiety disorder concept. Sad young woman cartoon character having restless stressed expression on face and crying of stress vector illustration
Young woman suffering from bipolar disorder, psychological diseases, schizophrenia. Girl surrounded by symptoms of bipolar disorder: euphoria, psychosis, depression, sad, empty, hopeless, tearful.
A woman is worried about having her head on a laptop.
Frustration swirl as dizzy mental feeling problem crisis tiny person concept. Work overload pressure caused depression and emotional state vector illustration. Psychological tension and disorientation
Anxiety mental health condition and bad emotional state tiny person concept. Depression feeling and internal emotion with dark or negative thoughts vector illustration. Psychiatry help necessity scene
A mental health concept. A mans head covered in clouds. With a double exposure of a mans silhouette over layered on top.
Depression signs and symptoms infographic concept. Major Depressive disorder vector illustration.
Woman feeling fear and anxiety before stage speech. Nervous shy speaker with fright of audience. Lecturer sweating at public speaking. Glossophobia concept. Flat vector illustration of anxious person
Exhausted female worker sit at office desk take off glasses feel unwell having dizziness or blurry vision, tired woman employee suffer from migraine or headache unable to work. Health problem concept
Masked man in glasses expressing different emotions
Adult hispanic business man over isolated background looking stressed and nervous with hands on mouth biting nails. Anxiety problem.
A lonely man sitting on a couch in the office of a psychoanalyst. Young depressed male character holding his head. Cloud of sad thoughts. Flat vector illustration.
young sad and desperate man awake late night on bed in darkness suffering depression and anxiety looking stressed crying alone holding pillow at harsh dramatic lightened bedroom
Headache, depression, anxiety concept. Vector illustration. Crying woman suffering fatigue from frustration depression complex psychological disease. Mental stress panic mind disorder illustration.
Self care, love, acceptance concept. Woman with closed eyes sitting on knees, embracing yourself. Mental health issue, feeling of frustrated, anxiety. Universe inside. Helping hand vector illustration
A woman is holding her head.
Sad or bored african american teen girl feeling headache or sleepiness touching head, upset depressed black teenager crying alone at home, ill sick mixed race school kid suffer from bullying abuse
Nervous african woman breathing calming down relieving headache or managing stress, black girl feeling stressed self-soothing massaging temples exhaling isolated on white grey studio blank background
Unhappy depressed lonely woman sitting in despair under blanket. Sad female character in bad mood suffer from psychiatric problems. Loneliness or depression concept. Flat vector illustration
Cute cartoon girl with bad thoughts under head. Emotional problems, depression and anxiety, mental health concept. Flat clean line vector icon illustration on white.
Business, face, expression, emotion, mental stress, frustration, depression, deadline, panic set. Collection of frustrated depressed businessmen women overworking in office having nervous breakdown.
dramatic home portrait of young depressed and desperate man sitting on bedroom floor next to bed suffering depression and anxiety feeling overwhelmed and helpless
Distracted from work worried young woman sitting on couch with laptop, thinking of problems. Pensive unmotivated lady looking at window, feeling lack of energy, doing remote freelance tasks at home.
Vector banner 8 tips for good mental health. Editable stroke icons. Get enough sleep eating well. Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs manage stress. Activity and exercise be sociable helping others
Psychiatric illness. Mental disorder, paranoia feeling and panic problem. Psychic illnesses and disorders vector illustration set
Woman dragging a heavy stormy cloud with lightnings. Bad emotions and anxiety concept illustration.
Tired woman holds masks with positive and negative emotions. Girl plays a role, or feels fake.  Personality change Disorder concept. Vector illustration.
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