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woman cleaner cleaning, disinfecting with disinfectant living room in apartment. portrait of asian woman cleaning staff doing housekeeping or domestic helper job. young adult asian woman model
Young smiling cleaner woman in modern house
Cleaning lady holding a bucket of cleaning products in her hands on a blurred background.
Bucket or basket with cleaning items for wash or house cleaning.
Close up of a young hotel maid holding clean folded towels
Man holding mop and plastic bucket
Asian woman in black clothes working with iron .
Black domestic worker holding laundry
Maid making bed in hotel room. Staff Maid Making Bed. African housekeeper making bed.
Studio shot of housekeeper while cleaning office. Woman wearing gloves and holding bowl full of bottles with disinfectant
Woman in protective gloves is smiling and wiping dust using a spray and a duster while cleaning her house, close-up
Young Woman holds Bucket with Cleaning Equipment. Closeup of Beautifull Girl wearing Gloves holding Bucket with Cleaning Supplies ready to start Cleaning Apartment. Woman preparing to Clean
The concept of homework and cleaning. A cleaning lady is standing with a bucket and cleaning products on a blurred background.
Cleaning lady with a bucket and cleaning products on blurred background.
Studio shot of housekeeper. Beautiful woman cleaning office. Woman wearing gloves, smiling, showing thumb up and holding bowl full of bottles with disinfectant
Young man holding bucket with cleaning equipment and supplies indoors
Young attractive woman watering plants in home. Making domestic work
Cleaning man with protective gear, face mask, medical gloves vector silhouette. Floor care service with washing mop sterile. Trash bin worker clean hospital. Decontamination against corona virus covid
Woman with steam vapor cleaner near color wall
Maid making bed in hotel room.
Shoe making process in footwear handmade  factory. Pandemic covid-19 virus.
Cleaning service
Set of cleaning company staff different poses. A man with a vacuum cleaner. Woman with buckets and mops. Vector illustration in a flat style
Lovely smiling African lady with cleaning spray and rag
Female healthcare worker checking the blood pressure of a senior man during a home visit
Image of a black domestic worker sweeping with a broom
people, housework and housekeeping concept - close up of woman hand in protective glove with rag cleaning cooker at home kitchen
Portrait of joyful happy young African American workers standing in room in apartment in aprons looking at camera and smiling holding cleaning liquid spray, cleaning service concept, small business
female hands washes the induction hob. Purple protective rubber gloves on hands.
Young Indian woman in rubber gloves clean surface counters in cozy kitchen. Millennial ethnic housewife housekeeper do home clearing routine wipe dust with napkin from table. Housekeeping concept.
Maid making bed in hotel room
Cleaning lady standing with a bucket and detergents on blurred background.
The man washes the dirty dishes by hand with dish soap. Dirty dishes in the sink. No dishwasher. Concept of caring for dishes in the kitchen. The kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes.
Cutting meat in slaughterhouse .
Different janitor set. People with cleaning equipment: window washer, cleaner, sweeper the floor. Man on the washing machine, woman with a broom. Vector illustration in flat style.
farmer asian are holding a container of milk on his farm.walking out of the farm
Housewife and worker repairing oven in kitchen
Man and woman workers character cleaning company service. Vector flat cartoon graphic design illustration
Coronavirus preventive measures. Woman disinfecting and cleaning kitchen table after cooking, panorama, copy space
Smiling young female housekeeper carrying towels in hotel
People working as cleaners in service concept. Group pf people workers cleaners tiding up apartment room making cleaning in uniform vector illustration
Portrait of a cheerful young housemaid dressed in uniform showing thumbs up gesture isolated over white background
Portrait Of A Happy Female Housekeeper Cleaning Floor With Mop
Portrait of a young, male cleaner at work. He is holding a tray of cleaning products.
Maid uniform women clothing is black with a white apron, collar and cuffs. Front and rear view. Vector illustration.
Chambermaid holding pile of clean towels in the room
Close up cropped image coffee table full with papers invoices cheque bills, female hands holding receipt calculating company expenses results of incomes, bookkeeper accountant doing paperwork concept
Worker removes and washes.
Man vacuuming icon in filled, thin line, outline and stroke style. Vector illustration of two colored and black man vacuuming vector icons designs can be used for mobile, ui, web
Set of cleaning woman staff character vector design. Presentation in various action with emotions, running, standing and walking.
Studio shot of housekeeper. Beautiful woman cleaning computer at office and smiling
cropped shot of smiling young african american cleaner holding spray bottle
Young asian woman in face mask and gloves cleaning home in room, housekeeper is wipe with fabric, housemaid and service, worker polish dust in house, housework and domestic, lifestyle concept.
HONG KONG - CIRCA DECEMBER, 2015: people in downtown Hong Kong.
Workers of cleaning company. Vector illustration in a flat style

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Housekeeper cleaning home concept. Woman spraying cleanser to window.
Asian woman in black clothes working with iron .
Dry cleaning - line design style icons set. Household tasks and domestic chores idea. Wet cleaning, ironing, clothing and shoe repairs, delivery services. Images of a hanger, laundry worker, brushes
Portrait of joyful young multi-ethnic male and female workers standing in room in apartment in aprons looking at camera and smiling holding cleaning tools, cleaning service concept, small business
portrait of young african woman cleaning on white background
House Yard, Apartment, Office Cleaning Commercial Service Trendy Flat Vector Banners, Posters Set. Female, Male Workers Mowing Lawn, Vacuuming Room Floor, Washing Window, Removing Leaves Illustration
Happy young worker of livestock farm squatting while holding heap of fresh hay in front of milk cows during work
Woman holding bucket with different cleaning supplies at home, closeup. Space for text
An eager domestic worker is ready to use her iron
Johannesburg, South Africa - October 2, 2012: Young Black woman  ironing customer clothing in a laundromat dry cleaning service
Young hispanic woman at home, doing chores and housekeeping, wiping glass table in living room
Professional vacuum cleaner
Smiling african american woman painting interior wall of home. Renovation, repair and redecoration concept.
Senior man opening his front door to a female healthcare worker making a home health visit
janitors team cleaning service concept male female mix race cleaners in uniform working together with professional equipment flat full length horizontal copy space
man mopping floor male cleaner janitor in uniform cleaning service concept trolley cart with supplies creative co-working center office interior flat full length horizontal
Cropped image of beautiful young woman in protective gloves using a flat wet-mop while cleaning floor in the house
A hand in a yellow rubber glove holds a bucket of cleaning supplies. Professional house cleaning service, housekeeping. Concept of hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen. Ready for work
horizontal photography of an african girl washing laundry on a washboard, outdoors on a sunny day in the Gambia, Africa
A smiling domestic worker is willing to do her work.
Happy millennial Indian woman in rubber gloves do home cleaning routine wipe dust from table. Smiling young ethnic housekeeper housewife polish surface counter in kitchen. Housekeeping concept.
clean male silhouette
Cleaning service people with detergent concept, vector illustration. Bucket, mop, sponge for washing design, household business. Professional housework company staff, domestic hygiene.
Cleaning staff characters design. Happy Cleaning. Cleaning company vector concept design.
Smiling young female housekeeper carrying towels in hotel
Cleaning service staff team in uniform cleans office. Vector flat cartoon character illustration. Men and women professional housekeeper workers wash windows, wipe dust and cleaning garbage
Set of cleaning company staff to work with the equipment. A man with a vacuum cleaner and scrubber. Woman with buckets and mops. Vector illustration in a flat style
Cleaning people concept with housewife maid and company worker in flat style vector illustration
black delivery worker delivering a package to a customer, both wearing a face mask, handing over manifest to client
client wearing a face mask receives parcel from a delivery service worker, greets by bumping elbows
Isometric apartment repair flowchart composition with view of finishing works with repairman characters connected with text vector illustration
Young woman housewife clean wash hardwood floor in modern living room interior, tidy girl cleaner maid holding mop at home, housekeeping and household, domestic housework cleaning service concept
Family Wash Windows at Home during Quarantine.Washing Windows at Home With Bucket,Detergent and Wet Rag.Quarantine concept.Housework,Cleaning Service Worker.Domestic Work.Flat Vector Illustration
Maid services, janitorial and cleaning icons
CENTRAL, HONG KONG - JULY 2018: Philippine maids and domestic helpers meeting up at weekend in Hong Kong's central business district.
A set of cartoon characters of a cleaning company. Washing, vacuuming, podmatyayut, dusting, Isolated vector objects.
continuous one line drawing of a man, wearing a mrdical mask cleaning the floor using mop. continuous single drawn one line male cleaner washes the floor painted by hand picture silhouette. Line art.
Busy woman mom. Vector illustration cartoon character single multitasking woman mother doing office work and homework alone. Balance business girl and mom housewife. Multitask hero mother housekeeper.
continuous single drawn one line male cleaner washes the floor painted by hand picture silhouette. Line art. color illustration of character cleaner
South African domestic worker
Asian woman wearing gloves and mask holding spray and rag for cleaning for protection spread from Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak in studio.
young happy caucasian female standing in kitchen holding cleaning products
Busy mom. Vector illustration cartoon character super multitask woman mother doing housework. Busy mom is cooking cleaning working calling. Super mother housewife doing housework at one time.
Construction workers working at height at the construction site.They are required to wear proper safety gear,and sky background
Lovely smiling African lady with cleaning spray and rag
Maid linear icon. Cleaner. Housekeeping. Thin line illustration. Contour symbol. Vector isolated outline drawing. Editable stroke
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