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Business women colleagues disputing arguing at corporate office meeting, mad angry shocked female employee disagree with coworker blaming for bad work, conflict and rivalry at workplace concept
Portrait young angry woman with bad attitude giving talk to hand gesture with palm outward isolated on gray background. Negative human emotion face expression feeling body language
Angry and exasperated employee
Working friday concept, tired businessman sleeping at working desk | raster version
Disgruntled young employee intern ignoring mature angry executive firing incompetent worker asking to leave group office meeting, different age generations conflict, discrimination at work concept
strict businessman scolds unprofessional employee.
Diverse african and caucasian colleagues disputing at group meeting, multiracial partners having conflict disagreement during negotiations, three multi-ethnic coworkers team arguing at workplace
Young and old businesswomen with clasped hands looking at each other sitting opposite as rivalry confrontation concept, female career success envy and jealousy, generations conflict at work concept
Stressed out business man
Business cartoon about a boss wanting disgruntled employees to share a positive work story.
Angry  employee with hammer. Creative vector illustration on red background. Exasperated office worker.
Angry dissatisfied african businessman having claims arguing about bad financial contract terms demanding compensation at diverse business meeting in lawyers office, legal fight and fraud concept
Overweight industrial supervisor gesturing disappointed. All over black background.
Closeup portrait, young man annoyed, frustrated, pissed off by someone listening on his mobile phone, bad news, isolated outdoors outside background. Long wait times, horrible conversations concept
Business cartoon of HR manager and 'Employee Mood States' chart.  "We're still falling a bit short on achieving the... uh... highest state of satisfaction".
Man working at the computer and calling mobile phone. Disgruntled young businessman.
Disgruntled, unsatisfied employee with artificial smile
Business woman in hysterics talking on mobile phone. Stress conversation. Stressful situation.
short-haired woman showing a thumb down, do not like it, portrait, isolated on gray background
angry businessman
Angry business woman breaks a computer at workplace in office
Young woman relaxing in the office with a mobile phone sitting on a reversed chair checking her messages with a serious expression and grimace
Male colleagues pointing fingers at upset female boss on meeting, tired sad woman leader experiencing gender discrimination at work, businessmen blaming bullying depressed businesswoman for mistake
Confident businessmen with clasped hands sitting opposite, debate concept, business partners negotiations, difficult interview, negotiators conflict, confrontation, struggle for leadership at work
Displeased modern businessman tearing document isolated on white
A portrait of a disgruntled Asian office worker
A portrait of a disgruntled Asian office worker
Unhappy businessman isolated on white
A portrait of a disgruntled Asian office worker
disgruntled employee
Dissatisfied modern business man banging fist on table
A customer service agent yelling at his client isolated over white
An angry disgruntled builder worker in a helmet with project drawings plans in his one hand and mobile phone in another hand screams on someone. Bad executed work. Aggressive man. Soft focus, toned.
Hostile angry restaurant client couple or friends talking with waiting staff in public place complains about cold coffee long service, spoiled tasteless dish waitress feels guilty mixed orders concept
Burning Employee of the Month Certificate
angry businessman
strict businessman holds a meeting with employees
Furious businessman sitting in office. Around mess. Disgruntled man in business suit in workplace. Trouble or Problem concept. Simplistic realistic cartoon style. Vector illustration
Disgruntled employees

disgruntled employee
Disgruntled frowning man showing thumb down
Frustrated engineer at a desk
Angry boss scolding frustrated incompetent employee at workplace, dissatisfied leader shouting, pointing finger at bad office worker for bad work, laziness, sad man getting reprimand, job loss concept
"I don't feel the love" employee says to Goodwill Committee Chairman.
Overweight industrial supervisor gesturing disappointed. All over black background.
A close-up portrait of a very displeased senior executive, old corporate employee, grandfather, isolated on a white background with copy space. Human emotions. Conflict situation. Facial expression.
Closeup portrait, young man annoyed, frustrated, pissed off by someone listening on his mobile phone, bad news. Long wait times, horrible conversations concept
Two confident businessmen with clasped hands look at each other sitting opposite as rivalry confrontation concept, business opponents competitors politicians debate, difficult negotiations, side view
Closeup portrait of unhappy guy crossing folding arms with shoulder shrug looking at you camera very displeased with situation. Negative emotion facial expression feeling.
Furious man stand dispute with guilty waitress bringing wrong order, mad client couple get nervous disappointed with bad service or waiter incompetence, blame stuff yell and shout in public place
Disgruntled man in a gas mask and suit on a gray background. Pollution of environment concept.
Close up on customized computer enter button on keyboard with a word logout.
Caucasion mid-adult retro businessman sitting at desk pointing at telephone in anger.
Multiracial people having dispute about bad document at group meeting, african businessman disagreeing with contract terms at multi-ethnic negotiations in lawyers office, fraud or legal fight concept
Pissed of angry young woman with disgusted face expression shouting on grey wall background
Dissatisfied executive manager having conflict with employee about financial report mistake, disgruntled clients claim complaint disputing about bad contract terms meeting lawyer, legal fraud concept
Displeased modern businessman showing thumbs down gesture isolated on white

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Closeup portrait, young man annoyed, frustrated, pissed off by someone listening on his mobile phone, bad news, isolated outdoors outside background. Long wait times, horrible conversations concept
Displeased business woman sitting on chair and holding laptop in hand
short-haired woman showing a thumb down, do not like it, portrait, isolated on gray background
Diverse business partners arguing about bad contract at meeting in lawyers office, disgruntled clients disputing about scam fraud in law firm, cheated investors having claims dissatisfied with loan
This construction worker is pointing and yelling his head off at someone.
Woman showing thumbs down
Closeup portrait of old woman, senior employee, grandmother, with disgust on her face, something stinks, she is very displeased with the situation, isolated on white background. Interpersonal conflict
Portrait of middle aged caucasian man with beard, looking sad or angry, could be disgruntled employee or depressed, stressed or overworked boss.
Modern business woman showing thumbs down.
Dissatisfied modern business woman shooting herself with gun shaped hand
Burning Employee of the Month Certificate
Clasped male hands of two businessmen negotiate at table, hr recruiter making hiring decision at difficult job interview, opponents dialogue debate, business confrontation challenge concept, close up
Full length portrait of displeased business woman with hands on hips isolated on white
Disgruntled employee or angry client complaining on bad contract demanding compensation at meeting with asian lawyer, disagreeing with chinese partner listening claims about document, fraud concept
Disgruntled student receiving bad news on smartphone in university building. Worried professional using cellphone outdoors. Stressed business woman working on mobile phone in slow motion
Angry businessman indignant disagree with information in mail business letter, annoyed disgruntled entrepreneur frustrated stressed by high taxes bill or past due unpaid debt, bad financial results
Disgruntled proud CEO dressed in formal wear annoyed with bad financial reports standing near office building.Dissatisfied businessman reading documentation with text information of data on street
cartoon man who is unimpressed
Angry offie worker crushing the workplace. Stress and anger, furious employee. Negative expression. Vector illustration in cartoon style
Bored african woman tired from computer work study online feeling dull at workplace, unmotivated black young woman student disinterested in monotonous job routine, lack of new ideas or motivation
Indignant businessman
Displeased modern businessman showing document  isolated on white
Displeased business man sitting at office desk and waiting important phone call
Upset tired woman employee sitting in office and pointing to watch on her hand, looking gloomy disgruntled, exhausted of overtime work and need break. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Angry mad businesswoman talking on phone looking at laptop, annoyed stressed office worker arguing with client by mobile solving online computer business problem with technical customer support
Illustration of an angry boss screaming at an employee. A disgruntled manager yells at an employee. Metaphor. Linear style. Illustration for website or presentation. Conflict at work.
Angry business man talking on phone disputing looking at laptop, stressed frustrated office worker arguing by mobile solving online computer problem with technical support complaining on bad service
Disgruntled workers or dissatisfied angry clients customers arguing having complaint dispute conflict with lawyer about bad contract demanding fraud compensation negotiating at work office meeting
Stressed exhausted tired business people at workplace, vector flat isolated illustration. Overworked stressed people sitting at tables, arguing with each other, holding help sign. Emotional burnout.
Closeup portrait, worried young man in blue shirt talking on phone to someone, looking gloomy, isolated outdoors outside background
African american businessman disagreeing with contract terms at group multi-ethnic negotiations, black partner arguing about deal conditions or fraud scam pointing at document at multiracial meeting
Mad Caucasian businessman in glasses work at laptop at office desk disappointed with paperwork documents, angry male employee feel frustrated with bad company paper statistics or report
At group meeting businesspeople gathered in boardroom witnessed a conflict between female boss and employee, accusing for mistake, disagreement with team member, bad work, rivalry at workplace concept
Disgruntled angry african businessman arguing disagreeing about business contract loan fraud, dissatisfied black investor having dispute with white partner pointing at document breaking agreement
portrait of a disgruntled businessman yelling at his female employee for incompetent work in the office.
portrait of disgruntled businessman giving warning female employee for incompetence in office.
Middle-aged and millennial female colleagues having different opinions on joint project arguing seated at workplace, negative attitude, inequality and discrimination, poor work environment concept
Case of the Mondays lettering banner text with a doodle coffee cup. Useful for cards, posters, tshirts for employee workplace dissatisfaction
portrait of an angry boss hitting a young female employee in his office.
portrait of an angry boss hitting a young female employee in his office.
Comical complaints department with employee ignoring incoming calls fed up with listening to disgruntled customers moaning
Disgruntled bearded male character expressing disapproval gesturing and showing thumbs down. Annoyed man denying or disagreeing, dislike or negative feedback from client. Vector in flat style
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