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Bored young african american girl tired of learning sit at home looking at laptop, lazy apathetic black female university student frustrated about study computer work feeling uninterested demotivated
discouraged man pointing with finger at laptop near dissatisfied multicultural colleagues
Tired apathetic teenager looking away sitting on couch disinterested in study work, unhappy depressed thoughtful young woman bored alone at home feeling demotivated melancholic lost in thoughts
Discouragement as a burden and weight on shoulders - symbolized by word Discouragement on a steel ball to show negative aspect of Discouragement, 3d illustration
Frustrated depressed man holding head in hands shocked by bankruptcy stock downfall sitting at work desk with laptop, stressed tired businessman feels despair lost money online or got problem debt
Desperate businessman sitting hopelessly on stair floor in central business district due to unemployment. Concept of failure, desperation, unemployment and business depression.
Fat man, he is tired and discouraged From exercise
Bored at work concept, tired unmotivated male worker wasting time at workplace distracted from boring job, lazy man disinterested in dull monotonous routine feeling lack of ideas thinking of boredom
man with his hand holding his face taking a brake from working with laptop computer and notebook with eye glasses on wooden desk. concept of stress / rest / tension / failed / discourage / depression
Painting Equipment in the room with blue wall and stressed women

an image of a beautiful isolated labrador pet dog with a sad, perhaps sick or discouraged look
Unhappy boring moody emotion face pin on sticky note on cork board. Unhappy employee or demotivated at working place.
 Blur man a discouraged in exercise. by sit alone in gym with sunlight
Sad woman sitting alone. She took her hands off her face. Feeling depressed, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged or crying
Asian Business man hopeless, hopeless, distraught, sad and discouraged in life. failing businesses Concept
close up young asian employee hand gesture palm up over face head for stress , major of depressive disorder concept
Disappointed teenage girl covering her face with hands
Unhappy boring moody emotion face pin on sticky note on cork board. Unhappy employee or demotivated at working place.
Depressed unsuccessful businessman feels terrible headache, distraught stressed entrepreneur regrets of business mistake shocked by bankruptcy desperate after failure sitting at work desk with laptop
Fat man, he is tired and discouraged from exercise
The vector isolated yellow disappointed expression face flat emoji icon
disappointment concept - offended young blond woman making thumbs down for disagreement or disgust, grey copy space long banner
Business man failed to feeling hopeless, distraught, sad and discouraged in life. Concept there are mistakes in travel and businessplanning.
Sad Asian fired arab foreman cry while senior engineer manager cheer up at construction site. 2020 bad economy due to covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic positive. Layoff employees, Work from home.
Discourage Impatient Hands Cut Words Split Concept
thoughtful elderly lady. Sad old woman is looking away. Isolated on white
People unemployed businesswoman stress sitting on stair, concept of business failure and unemployment problem.
Portrait of young bored attractive woman at office desk, feeling hopeless, lost motivation and inspiration, sitting with arms crossed behind the head and looking at laptop screen with tired expression
discouraged boy holding laptop, looking at camera and showing shrug gesture isolated on white
discouraged young man looking with disappointment on laptop while working at home
man with his hand holding his face taking a brake from working with laptop computer and notebook with eye glasses on wooden desk. concept of stress / rest / tension / failed / discourage / depression
Fat women running and tired until feeling discouraged.
Bored at office work funny sleepy woman worker resting on hand sleeping at workplace, unmotivated lazy teen student feeling drowsy falling asleep near laptop, boring job and lack of sleep concept
A person showing an open hand signal that means stop or wait isolated on a blurred background
Women feel discouraged to lose weight.
Girl leans on knees, sad, sitting puddle among stones, depression, sadness, sorrow, grief, mourning, affliction, melancholy, despondency, dejection, discouragement, despair. Dark shades evening, gloom
Lone man sitting in front of sea.
discouraged young man looking at camera on pink background
Human hand holding a protest banner stop vaping message over a crowded street background. Banning flavored vaping products to discourage people from smoking electronic cigarettes. Health risk concept.
Close up portrait of a beautiful young latin hispanic woman with a depressed face. looking miserable, melancholy and sad. Human facial expressions and emotions concept. Grey background
Discouraged amazed man, opened his mouth in surprise and points with thumb to the left side on copy space, guy in red hat with red thick beard, wears denim shirt,isolated on pink background
Side view of depressed man leaning his head against a wall
A Discouraged Priest is Praying in an Empty Church, Wearing a Face Mask During Covid-19 Pandemic. Churches Are Being Visited Less Frequently by the Faithful Due to Coronavirus Spread Concerns
The broken mirror reflect the face of introspective Thai girl due to she lost the meaning of her life.
Studio shot of attractive woman shrugging helpless with her hands, wearing stylish stripped shirt, looking at camera with sad facial expression, has problems, posing against pink studio background.
Man giving hand to depressed woman,Suicide prevention,Positive attitude and help open mind,Mental health care concept
Young man praying to God during sunset by the sea
Close up shot of sad and angry emotion on face of discouraged man. Young caucasian male model angrying, scratching, screaming while holding his head. Mental health problems, troubles. Creative collage
Concept to give hope and cheer to business colleagues : The businessmen sit in front of their emotions, discouraged, discouraged, but have good friends, comforting their shoulders.

Asian women Sad face Stressed and thinking about something  with copy space,
Discontented thoughtful woman with hand under chin bored at work, looking away sitting near laptop, demotivated office worker feels lack of inspiration, no motivation, boring routine, creative crisis
Discouraged farmer placing hand on forehead at agriculture field
Mannequin.The puppets fell to the ground, showing despair and discouragement on white background
Depressed girl in a night time setting.

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Asian senior people and old friends in wheelchair,holding hands to encourage each other in times of discouragement and despair,elderly care,support,compassion and understanding,friend,true friendship
Businesswoman use hand, shoulder, co-workers, gestures and consolation, sympathy, encouragement, to have a fight with the job.
Word or phrase discourage in a dictionary.
selective focus of offended woman near discouraged travel agent
Illustration of a man who is in trouble because he has no money for a loan or bill
Sir typing and working on the home office system in times of pandemic by the Corona virus. He works wearing a shirt and tie with the mask left beside. Expression of tiredness and discouragement
Asian fat guy Use your hand to squeeze the belly. And then showing a discouraged face Because his excess weight and fat are too much It takes a long time to get rid of it. He was so frustrated.
A frustrated discouraged woman crumpling a paper at work on her desk.
Sleeping clerk hides eyes with sticky notes, open eyes drawn on adhesive papers, he wants to sleep at workplace due lack of energy, chronic fatigue, not inspired, no motivation office employee concept
Vector cartoon illustration with set of young women in different emotional states. Concept fatigue, burnout, frustration, shame, discouragement, irritation, embarrassment, thoughtfulness, reflection,
Stressed out asian man freelancer holding hand on his face. Young asian student feel tried, failure, stess, strain, exhausted and thinking his work.
Man breaks the corruption puzzle. Fight against corruption and illegal enrichment. Stop money laundering. Digitalization of government public services. Effective state management. Discourage schemes
Business man failed to feeling hopeless, distraught, sad and discouraged in life. Concept failing businesses.
Preoccupied worried young african american woman 20s in gray casual clothes isolated on orange background studio portrait. People emotions lifestyle concept. Mock up copy space. Put hand on head
People bowed down and walked discouragedly. Concept business despair vector illustration, Flat cartoon style design.
Frustrated upset black business man stressed about computer problem, bad online news financial market crisis, sad desperate african ceo feel loser sit at desk with laptop shocked by bankruptcy debt
A lovely Hispanic mother struggles with the overwhelming task of trying to motivate her kindergarten daughter learn through participation in a virtual classroom during the pandemic.
Sad businessman looking down for apologize
Discouragement can be like a deadly poison - pictured as word Discouragement on toxic bottles to symbolize that Discouragement can be unhealthy for body and mind, 3d illustration
full length view of discouraged businessman looking at camera on white
Asian fat guy Use your hand to squeeze the belly. And then showing a discouraged face Because his excess weight and fat are too much It takes a long time to get rid of it. He was so frustrated.
Encouragement Concept, The sentence "Don't get discouraged." in a white paper with white heart shapes and wooden pattern background.
Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. Handwritten message on a white background.
Man stuck in progress, loss of motivation, self growth, never give up, high goals achiever, perfectionist anxiety, imposter complex, way to success, excessive hope, vector flat illustration
Asian woman sits and hugs knees up to the chest depression of lonely have a headache at home,Mental disorder health care,World suicide prevention day concept,Black and white toned
A young african woman looks at laptop screen and feels discouraged. A multi-ethnic girl in smart casual wear upset with a problems at work
Love couple lies in bed, no sexual desire
A sideways businessman who puts his hand in his pocket and is discouraged. Vector material
Old autumn leaves lie in water in outdoor marble wash basin. Sadness and discouragement background
discouraged couriers talking on smartphone and digital tablet on blue
discouraged courier calling on smartphone while holding parcel isolated on blue
Discouraged coin. Icon for the game apps interface. Cartoon image of funny golden coin with arms and legs, emotions on a white background.  illustration
Shocked unsatisfied blonde girl looks discouraged, at a loss, with mouth opened, keeps one palm raised, wearing casual red sweater, standing isolated over yellow background
Close-up of discouraged puzzled caucasian handsome unshaved guy with glasses, looking questioningly directly at the camera, while standing on isolated orange background
discouraged manager pointing at smartphone with blank screen isolated on grey
Asian mother give advice,talking to her daughter to encourage her ,sad child girl crying,discourage and mom comforting in summer outdoor park,care,love,family life and consultation concept
discouraged woman in swimsuit showing shrug gesture isolated on blue
the bystander effect occurs when the presence of others discourages an individual from intervening in an emergency situation
discouraged girl wearing oversize jeans on pink background
Depressed woman hungry from dieting, sitting in front of a empty plate. Weight loss diet control.
KYIV, UKRAINE - JANUARY 15, 2021: cheerful arabian boy playing video game together with discouraged father
emoticon with a discouraged guy, with birds circling over his head, color simple clip-art, emoji on white isolated background
discouraged businessman talking on cellphone while standing in office
discouraged businessman holding papers while talking on smartphone in office
Warning sign (NO discouragement),written in English language, vector illustration.
Warning sign (NO discouragement),written in English language, vector illustration.
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