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Bad business close company. Unhappy with job. Depression is a mental state of unhappiness.
Depressed woman awake in the night, she is exhausted and suffering from insomnia
Unpleasant pain. Sad unhappy handsome man sitting on the sofa and holding his forehead while having headache
silhouette of a man walking through a snow-covered city in a heavy snowstorm, black and white photo
Silhouette of depressed man sitting on walkway of residence building. Sad man, Cry, drama, lonely and unhappy concept.
Silhouette of depressed man sitting on walkway of residence building. Sad man, Cry, drama, lonely and unhappy concept.
depressed man sitting head in hands.dramatic concept
Tired woman falls down in the pillow. Woman falling into bed
Side view young woman looking away at window sitting on couch at home. Frustrated confused female feels unhappy problem in personal life quarrel break up with boyfriend or unexpected pregnancy concept
Memory loss due to dementia or brain damage. Side profile of a sad man losing parts of head as symbol of decreased mind function.
young attractive and sad black African American woman lying depressed at home sofa couch feeling anxious and frustrated suffering depression problem and anxiety crisis or terrible headache
Depressed sad attractive woman crying on sofa couch at home feeling lonely tired and worried suffering depression in mental health, loneliness and isolation concept. Psychology, solitude and people
Unhappy depressed caucasian male crying in living room couch feeling desperate and lonely isolated at home. In stressed from work, unemployment, anxiety, heartbroken and depression concept
sad woman hug her knee and cry. Sad woman sitting alone in a empty room.
Depression and anxiety concept of woman in fetal position on the sofa with gloomy colors. Copy space.
Close up of female doctor hold woman patient hands help on personal therapy session, psychologist or counselor show understanding and care, support depressed suffering client on treatment
sad girl near window thinking about something
Woman in depression with bewildered thoughts in her mind. Young sad girl sitting and unhappy hugging her knees.
Close up of pensive sad young Indian woman look in distance think ponder of life problem solution. Unhappy thoughtful millennial mixed race female feel distressed depressed. Loner, outcast concept.
Sad female shadow sitting floor with crossed arms, domestic violence depression
Psychology concept. Sunrise and woman silhouette.
Panic attack in public place. Woman having panic disorder in city. Psychology, solitude, fear or mental health problems concept. Depressed sad person surrounded by people walking in busy street.
Lonely cacuasian adult lady at home - people relaxing and taking his own time lost in own thoughts - portrait of beautiful middle age woman with cup of coffee
Handsome depressed man near window, closeup
Senior Woman Comforting Man With Depression At Home
A depressed woman is sitting alone in a dark room.
Woman sitting alone and sad depressed with meadow, Silhouette sunset.
Fear, loneliness, depression, abuse, addiction
side profile stressed young businessman sitting outside corporate office holding head with hands looking down. Negative human emotion facial expression feelings.
Silhouette of Very sad young man sitting alone on white background, Depressed young man sitting
Psychiatric illness. Mental disorder, paranoia feeling and panic problem. Psychic illnesses and disorders vector illustration set
depressed despaired young man sit on the floor hiding his face, vignette effect
Fear, loneliness, depression, abuse, addiction
Woman suffering from stress or a headache grimacing in pain as she holds the back of her neck with her other hand to her temple, with copyspace
Woman Suffering From Depression Sitting On Bed In Pajamas
man holds his head
depressed man sitting head in hands on the bed in the dark bedroom with low light environment, dramatic concept
Man in despair with raised hands and bowed hand, monochromatic image in a low light room looking in front of mirror
Illustrated silhouette of a man sitting with his head in his hand
Sad teen being victim of cyber bullying online sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Homeless poor man holding piece of cardboard with word HELP outdoors
Young sad girl sitting alone in an empty room
Young exhausted,depressed,concentrated woman sitting in her room or office with french windows in the dark.Studies late at night.Staying up late. Overworking.Feeling under pressure and headache
PTSD Mental health concept, Psychologist sitting and touch hand young depressed asian woman for encouragement near window with low light environment.Selective focus.
Depressed woman
Young woman suffering from a severe depression/anxiety (color toned image; double exposure technique is used to convey the mood of unease, progression of the anxiety/depression)
Sad teen sitting on the grass in a park and a woman hand offering help with a green background
Collage of handsome senior hoary elegant business man standing over isolated background depressed and worry for distress, crying angry and afraid. Sad expression.
depress, sad, man icon. Element of man is sitting icon for mobile concept and web apps. Detailed depress, sad, man icon can be used for web and mobile
Miserable lonely young woman sitting on floor. Depressed, unhappy or upset girl. Female character in trouble, depression, sorrow, sadness. Mental disorder or illness. Flat cartoon vector illustration.
Someone giving hand to depressed woman at home
Maintaining mental health amid COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.Depression asian mother woman is sad and stress from financial and mental health.Lock down and Quarantine at home.Stay at home.Work from home
Editable vector silhouette of a man sitting with his head in his hand; background made with a gradient mesh

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an elderly man sits at a table with a bottle of alcohol
Handsome senior man over isolated background suffering from headache desperate and stressed because pain and migraine. Hands on head.
A woman sitting alone and depressed
Frightened depressed middle aged woman lying alone on bed in fetal position covering head with pillow feeling afraid or depressed suffer from insomnia mental problem abuse violence concept, top view
continuous line drawing Sad teenager young girl lonely expression illustration
Puzzled look of a man on a bed indoors
portrait of young man depressed and sad
Sad and lonely young girl feeling depressed
PTSD Mental health concept, Psychologist sitting and touch hand young depressed asian man for encouragement near window with low light environment.Selective focus.
continuous line drawing of depressed man sitting on chair
Depression Icon Symbol. Premium Quality Isolated Sadness Element In Trendy Style.
Vector illustration of a man in depressive state of mind. Depression and frustration concept. Monochrome artwork dedicated to mental health problems.
Father parenting his son.
lifestyle dramatic portrait of attractive and sad woman feeling frustrated and anxious sitting at home sofa couch depressed suffering anxiety crisis and depression problem thoughtful and desperate
Collection of teens in stressful situations or teenager's psychological problems - depression, anxiety, stress at school, separation from parent, anger, despair. Flat cartoon vector illustration.
depressed emotion panic attacks alone young woman sad fear stressful.crying begging help.stop abusing domestic violence,person with health anxiety,people bad frustrated exhausted feeling down
Silhouettes of couple man and woman broken heart. In nature sunset background. Love break up concept. Vector illustration.
Sad girl sitting on kitchen countertop and thinking with her arms crossed and fruits lying around
Depressed man sitting on the floor with his head down and leaning against a wall isolated on white background
Young man sitting on a floor with hands on head. Plenty of copy space
Sad, unhappy teenage girl, young woman sitting under rain, depression concept, flat vector illustration isolated on white background. Depressed, unhappy girl, woman sitting under rain cloud
Depression, stress and sadness icon symbol.
Continuous line drawings of young woman feeling sad, tired and worried about suffering from depression in mental health. problems, failures and concepts of heartbreak isolated on white background
Silhouette of a sad young man sitting in the dark leaning against the wall with his back, The sun is in sorrow.
african man with face palm gesture stress or depression; portrait of depressed face palm african man or black man suffers from headache, stress, depression, failure concept; adult african man model
Depressed sad office worker character. Vector flat cartoon illustration
little girl in old dirty ragged clothes with depression sitting alone on the floor above old earth brick wall.
Closeup front view of mature man with head down, touching his temples, while displaying depression on black background
Sad woman sitting on a sofa in the living room
sick stressed failed old senior man doing facepalm, face palm gesture; unhappy sad hopeless jobless unemployed poor old aged senior man, pensioner, retired old man; gray hair senior, grandpa man model
Sad businessman sitting head in hands on the bed in the dark bedroom with low light environment, dramatic concept, vintage color tone
Pyramid of health. Health consists of socil, physical and mental. Poster, banner, cover or postcard dedicated to the World Mental Health Day. Vector illustration
Silhouette of depressed man sitting on walkway of residence building. Sad man, Cry, drama, lonely and unhappy concept.
Closeup portrait sad depressed, stressed, thoughtful, senior, old woman, gloomy, worried, covering her face, isolated black background. Human face expressions, emotion, feelings, reaction, attitude
Student suffering for depression in young age
Rear view at upset man feel pain depression problem addiction get psychological support of counselor therapist coach diverse people friend group help patient during therapy counseling session concept
Wife Comforting Senior Husband Suffering With Dementia
sadness - depressed  person feeling    unhappy
Sad and depressed girl sitting on the floor. Depressed teenager. Sad woman Unhappy and stressed student.
The businessman is sad, sitting on the cement floor by the river, the light from the sun is pouring down, the depressive concept.
Depression low poly banner template. 3d polygonal woman. Depressed sitting girl, psychological disease concept art with connected dots and lines. Lonely person vector blue wireframe mesh illustration
Sad young girl flat vector illustration. Bad mood, melancholy, sorrow, negative emotions concept. Crying woman hugging her legs and flowerpot cartoon character isolated on white background.
Lonely girl near window thinking about something. Melancholy girl in the window. Girl standing at the window watching. beautiful sad lonely girl sitting near the window
Backlight of a teenager depressed sitting inside a dirty tunnel
sad woman crying on black background, closeup portrait
Portrait of sad little boy standing near the window  at the day time. Concept of sorrow.
Depressed man sit and  hugging his knees.Concept of sad people
Collage of group of Chinese, african american, hispanic people over isolated background thinking looking tired and bored with depression problems with crossed arms.
Woman Depressed. Series
Flat vector illustration of depressed sad girl sitting in a closed pose, hugging her knees. The concept of support and care for people under stress. Psychology, depression, bad mood.
Girl depression. Sad depressed young woman in cardboard box vector illustration, introvert sadness teenager, alone lady prisoner
continuous line drawing of depressed man sitting
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