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Pumpkin cream soup with pumpkin seeds and dried bread cubes. Lenten menu. Healthy, vegetarian food. Bowl with soup  and orange pumpkins on gray background.
Caesar Salad with Shrimp. Caesar salad with king prawns in a white plate. Restaurant menu, dieting, cookbook recipe.
A beef steak with side dishes
haute cuisine dish with spaghetti with lobster, buffalo stracciatella and a fine white wine. In a luxurious Italian restaurant
Arabic Cuisine: Middle Eastern traditional lunch. It's also Ramadan "Iftar". The meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan. Assorted of Arabic oriental dishes. top view with close up.
Japanese roll poster. Sushi bar, ramen noodles, soup in a bowl and dessert, Asian tea. Soy sauce. Hand holds chopsticks. Drawn engraved food sketch for menu. Monochrome style. Vector illustration
Arabic Cuisine; A delicious Lebanese stuffed zucchini in tangy garlic yogurt sauce. Served with cooked rice with vermicelli and topped with crispy pine nuts.
Homemade pizza with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and olives. Italian cuisine. Food delivery.
Shrimp stew, usually served with rice, mush and manioc flour. Traditional dish of Brazilian cuisine and consumed throughout the Brazilian coast.
Sea cuisine, Professional cook prepares pieces of red fish, salmon, trout with vegetables.Cooking seafood, healthy vegetarian food and food on a dark background. Horizontal view. Banner
Assorted Indian recipes food various with spices and rice on wooden table
Meatball with tomato sauce in the iron cast for carnivores and vegetarians
Pad Pak Ruam or Veg Thai Stir-Fried Vegetables in black bowl on dark slate backdrop. Pad Pak is thailand cuisine vegetarian dish with mix of vegetables and sauces. Thai Food. Top view
French food and drinks frame in color. Engraved style meat dishes, snacks, desserts, beverages sketches. French cuisine food illustrations template. Restaurant, delivery, store vintage menu design.
Uzbek and Central Asia cuisine concept. Assorted Uzbek food pilaf samsa lagman manti shurpa Uzbek restaurant concept Uzbek food. Food recipe background
Shrimp tacos with homemade salsa, limes and parsley on wooden board over dark background. Top view. Mexican cuisine
Professional chef prepares shrimps with greens. Cooking seafood, healthy vegetarian food, and food on a dark background. Horizontal view.
Cuisine of different countries. Western and eastern dishes
Asian food background with various ingredients on rustic stone background , top view. Vietnam and Thai cuisine.
Haute cuisine, Gourmet food scallops with asparagus and lardo bacon
Wide variety spices and herbs on background of black table, with empty space for text or label.
Haute Cuisine Food
Traditional Russian cuisine concept. Borsch, jellied meat, bacon, pancakes, salad vinaigrette and sauerkraut, copy space, gray background.
Veg Manchurian Gravy Balls in black bowl in dark slate table top. Vegetarian Manchurian is indian chinese cuisine dish. Asian food and meal
Mexican food, many dishes of the cuisine of Mexico, flat lay, top shot on a black background with a place for text. Nachos, tequila, guacamole, burritos, chili con carne and copy space
Different bowls with assorted indian food on dark wooden background, top view. Dishes and appetizers of indian cuisine. Chicken, curry rice, lentils, paneer, chapati and spices.
Cuisine Concept with Tiny People and Chief Characters Cooking Eating and Holding Different Huge Food Pieces. Fast Food Cafe Visitors Poster Banner Flyer Brochure. Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
Vector set of cooking line icons.
French cuisine
Beautiful young waitress with face protective mask serving delicious burger to middle age male customer. Corona virus and small business is open for work concept.
t-bone steak, porterhouse steak, bistecca alla fiorentina. beef steak Medium rare. American cuisine. banner, catering menu recipe place for text, top view.
Traditional Brazilian fish stew moqueca baiana with fish filet in tomato sauce as top view in a modern design cast-iron roasting dish
Chicken teriyaki on dark background with balsamic sauce and sesame seeds. Asian food. Noodles. Top view.
Indian cuisine on diwali holiday: tikka masala, samosa, patties and sweets with mint chutney and spices. Dark blue background
Thousand Islands sauce and ingredients - cucumbers, onions, paprika, ketchup and mayonnaise in bowls on the table. American cuisine, dip for burgers and meat.
Traditional Turkish and Greek dinner meze table. Turkish Cuisine Cold Appetizers (appetizers with olive oil). Turkish appetizers in colorful plates. yogurt and various boiled herbs
set of caribbean dishes, jerk pork belly, chicken curry, fried dumplings, roasted chicken thighs and drumsticks on plates on a black wooden table with spices and herbs, view from above, flat lay
View from above of georgian cuisine on brown wooden table. Traditional georgian cuisine and food - khinkali, kharcho, chahokhbili, phali, lobio and local sauces - tkemali, satsebeli, adzhika. Top view
Shot from an Indian restaurant where chef is making smoky sizzler, as fire catches when he puts hot butter over grilled chicken.
Mexican food, many dishes of the cuisine of Mexico, flat lay, overhead shot on a black background with copy space. Nachos, tequila, guacamole, burritos, quesadillas, tacos
Hummus cooking and ingredients for hummus, sketch illustration. Middle eastern cuisine frame. Healthy food, design elements. Hand drawn, package design. Mediterranean food
Arabic cuisine;Middle Eastern traditional lunch. It's also Ramadan 'Iftar'.The meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan. Assorted of Egyptian oriental dishes.Served food for Family Gathering.
Michelin chef preparing fish food on dark table, hands of cook
Sushi roll with salmon, mussels and caviar. Japanese cuisine. Top view.
Pisca Andina is a soup or broth made from chicken, coriander, chives and water, chopped potatoes, eggs and milk. The Andean pisca is representative and native Venezuelan Andes cuisine for breakfast.
Middle Eastern traditional dinner. Authentic arab cuisine. Meze party food. Top view, flat lay, overhead
American cuisine. Fried chicken wings with tomato sauce and sesame seeds. Serving food in a restaurant on a wooden board.
Mexican food, many dishes of the cuisine of Mexico, flat lay, shot from the top on a black background with a place for text. Nachos, tequila, guacamole etc
plate with delicious samosas on a wooden background copy space, Samosas, oriental uzbek cuisine, Central Asian cuisine. Popular indian or pakistani street food. banner
Chłodnik (Šaltibarščiai) - traditional east european soup. Cold summer soup of beets, kefir, cucumbers, eggs and dill in a white bowl closeup. Summer food, Eastern European cuisine.
steamed cod fish filet with lettuce as top view on a plate with copy space left
Restaurant vector illustration. Flat tiny food eating scene persons concept. Luxury supper and dinner evening with french or italian eatery. Cuisine cafeteria customers with gourmet dish and drinks.

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Colorful chilled somen on a bamboo colander.
Japanese summer cuisine.
Fettuccine pasta Italian cuisine
food elegant gourmet elegant black plate fish rice risotto exclusive fine
Indian Butter chicken with basmati rice in bowl, spices, black background. Space for text. Butter chicken, traditional Indian dish. Top view. Chicken tikka masala. Indian cuisine concept. Overhead
Chicken Chop Suey in white plate at black slate background. Chop Suey is American Chinese cuisine dish with different stir fried vegetables, chicken meat, sauces. Copy space. Top view. American food.
Shakshouka, eggs poached in sauce of tomatoes, olive oil, peppers, onion and garlic, Mediterranean cuisine
Cooking, cuisine logo. Set icons and symbols for design menu restaurant or cafe. Lettering, calligraphy vector illustration
Top view composition of various Asian food in bowls, free space for text
Piece of tasty hot lasagna served with a basil leaf on a gray plate. Italian cuisine, menu, recipe. Homemade meat lasagna. Close up, side view
American cuisine. Fried chicken wings glazed in honey sauce on a black background. background image, copy space text
Plate with black risotto on black background with dramatic side light. Haute cuisine.
Traditional Georgian cuisine background. Khinkali, phali, chahokhbili, lobio, cheese, eggplant rolls on dark background, top view.
National dish of Jewish cuisine Hummus in ceramic bowl. Realistic vector illustration.
Modern French cuisine: Roasted Lamb neck & rack served with carrot, yellow curry and lamb sauce. Served in black stone plate with fork and knife.
Celebration banner of happy dragon boat festival, cute family wrapping tasty rice dumplings together, Chinese translation: Duanwu
Mexican Feast Served Family Style
A typical Vietnamese cuisine powere
Corn chips nachos with fried minced meat and guacamole isolated on white background.
Haute high end cuisine gourmet appetizer shrimp, pear, pumpkin with butter foam
Beautiful young waitress with face protective mask serving delicious burger to middle age male customer. Corona virus and small business is open for work concept.
Vegetarian cuisine. Autumn spicy corn soup made of corn, garlic, chili peppers, and cream. Top view, copy space for recipe or text.
Greek cuisine top view frame. A set of greek dishes with pastitsio, keftedes, dolma, greek salad, gyros  . Food menu design template. Vintage hand drawn sketch vector illustration. Engraved image.
Haute cuisine, Gourmet food scallops with asparagus and lardo bacon
Middle eastern or arabic dishes and assorted meze, concrete rustic background. Meat kebab, falafel, baba ghanoush, muhammara, hummus, sambusak, rice, tahini, kibbeh, pita. Halal food. Lebanese cuisine
Top down view on freshly prepared delicious varieties of Mediterranean dishes on wooden table
Restaurant table set  main dish steak fish cuisine fine dinning white wine glass cooler  candle light wooden table atmosphere menu
Italian cuisine top view frame. A set of Italian dishes with pasta and meatballs, pizza, ravioli, olives. Food menu design template. Vintage hand drawn sketch vector illustration. Engraved image
chef, background black, hotel, background, pan, action, freeze,
large vector set hand drawn illustrations of food. European cuisine. sketches for the decoration of restaurants, cafes, menus,
Family reunion dinner with delicious traditional cuisine, Chinese text translation: Happy new year
Indonesian cuisine famous dishes, delicious cullinary food - Vector
Mexican platillo tacos of barbacoa and vegetarian with sauces and colorful table
Italian food ingredients with pasta. Healthy diet eating. Panorama, banner
Cooking Seamless Pattern. Outline Cutlery Background. One Line Drawing of Isolated Kitchen Utensils. Cooking Design Poster. Vector illustration.
Spaghetti tomatoes basil garlic olive oil and parmesan cheese.
PERUVIAN CEVICHE SEBICHE. Peruvian seafood and fish sebiche with maize.
Attractive young African American housewife in beige dress standing in kitchen with utensils and wooden spoon having pensive facial expression, thinking what to cook for dinner. Cuisine and food
Grilled sliced barbecue pork ribs on wooden board
Cuban cuisine: Black beans with rice, fried banana, tomato, avocado and shrimps.
Doner kebab cooking and ingredients for kebab, sketch illustration. Arabic cuisine frame. Fast food menu design elements. Shawarma hand drawn frame. Middle eastern food.
French cuisine top view frame. A set of classic French dishes with ratatouille, cheese, escargot, artichoke, bakery. Food menu design template. Hand drawn sketch vector illustration.
Cafe. Cute vector illustration of people sitting in a restaurant, a man making an order in a bar, a table with food in the kitchen and many objects on a cafe theme. Drawings for poster or background
Spices, Condiments and Herbs Vector Line Icons Set. Seasonings for Marinade and Canning. Cooking Tasty and Healthy Food. National Cuisine. Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.
Homemade Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Coleslaw and Salsa
Spicy Grilled Jamaican Jerk Chicken drumsticks and thighs on a black platter on a concrete table with ingredients, horizontal view from above
The concept of Traditional Eastern, Asian. Arabic cuisine. Seth from different dishes. background image.
Fresh, homemade seafood. A soup based on African cuisine.
World famous food
Middle eastern food top view frame. Food menu design with kibbeh, dolma, shakshouka, shawarma and sweets. Vintage hand drawn sketch vector illustration.
Eastern cuisine. A modern serving of pilaf in a restaurant on black slate, meat lies nearby.
Mix of hawaiiajn Salmon and Tuna poke bowls in colorful bowls with fruits and vegetable around on light background. Top view, overhead, flat lay
American cuisine, fried chicken wings barbecue in glaze sauce. The concept of American street food.
Burritos wraps with beef and vegetables on  black background. Beef burrito, mexican food.
Scenic overlook view of rice dumpling hills and Chinese buildings shrouded in mist, Chinese translation: happy dragon boat festival
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