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Holstein friesian cows laying down sleeping in a dairy agricultural livestock pasture field with a blue sky and copy space, stock photo image
Typical swiss cow under blue sky and sunrays, switzerland
Panorama of grazing cows in a meadow with grass covered with dewdrops and morning fog, and in the background the sunrise in a small haze.
Cows grazing on a green summer meadow
Cows in field, one cow looking at the camera during sunset in the evening
Cows on a green field.
Cows on a green field and blue sky.
Happy single cow on a meadow during sunset
Farmland on a misty morning,
Cows grazing on row, walking away, seen from behind, stroll towards the horizon, with a soft blue sky with some white clouds.
Rural hills  landscape vector background on white. Pasture grass for cows. Meadows and trees. Horizon.
herd cows stands in front of a wooden fence in a meadow near Woerden, the Netherlands
A herd of cattle grazing in a meadow on a hill
agricultural countryside landscape, set of hand-drawn illustrations
Cows meadow field pasture. Summer evening landscape
Farming Ranch Angus and Hereford Cattle
Grazing Cows
Black and white cows in a grassy field on a bright and sunny day in The Netherlands.
Animal farm on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, United States. Herd of grazing cows
Black and white cow, standing on green grass in a meadow, pasture in the Netherlands, and a blue sky.
Herd of cows in a meadow in the Alps , Italy
Vector cows on the field. Meadow, alkali, lye, grass, hills landscape. Flock of calves, farm animals with countryside pastures panorama. sketch illustration
spotted cows in green grassy misty morning meadow between amsterdam and utrecht in the netherlands on early summer morning
Funny cow on a green summer meadow. Blurred background
Cows on a dike of a small river in Holland during a foggy sunrise.
Herd of cows grazing at summer green field
Black pied cow, friesian holstein, in the Netherlands, standing on green grass in a meadow, pasture, at the background a few cows, yellow ear tags and a blue sky.
dairy cows grazing
Four funny cows looking at the camera
Field of Cows Grazing at Sunset
Cows grazing on the green pastures, up on the mountain
Young cows in flood plains of Rhine near Renkum in the Netherlands 16
Cows grassing on autumn morning pasture. Foggy mood, colorful warm light, beautiful scenery. behavior of cows on the farm, agricultural life
Group of cows waiting to go to the milking parlor in the pasture, a wide view.
A group of cows in a green grassy meadow on a cloudy day in a typical Dutch polder landscape, a few km from Rotterdam, Netherlands
Cow on a green meadow with blue clouds. Pasture for cattle. Cow in the countryside outdoors. Cows graze on a green summer meadow in Ukraine. Rural landscapes with cows on summer pasture
Dairy farm. Cows graze in the meadow. Rural landscape, village vintage sketch
Landscape with Pasturing Cows with Baby Cows
black and white cows in green grassy summer meadow under blue sky near amersfoort in the netherlands
cows on meadow
Cows of all colors grazing on the grassland under the blue sky and white clouds
Cows on autumn morning pasture
Cows grazing on a Field in Summertime - Cow Farm Panorama
Cows on green meadow
Rural landscape with cows - hand drawn vector illustration, isolated on white
Cows on a green field and blue sky.
cow grazing on pasture in summer morning
Aerial top-down photo of meadow with red Holstein Friesians cattle grazing grass showing their long shadows from sundown in grass field these cows are usually used for dairy production
Funny cow on a green meadow looking to a camera with Alps on the background
The Cow on grass
Rural landscape with herd of cows in morning fog at sunrise in Morpeth, NSW, Australia
 Cows of all colors grazing on the grassland under the blue sky and white clouds
Cows in pasture on alpine meadow in Switzerland mountains on background
relaxed cow on pasture at sunrise in summer
Herd of cows  in summer rural landscape at dawn among fields and pastures. Vector illustration.
Australian Cattle farm with green pasture, brown cows and dark stormy skies
Holstein cow stands in field grazing on warm spring afternoon
Cows herd on a grass field during the summer at sunset. A cow is looking at the camera sun rays are piercing behind her horns.
cows on pasture by river over sunset sky
Herd of Cows in a pasture on green grass at hills. Country side landscape with blue sky and clear field. A lot of copy space at the lower part of image
Cows on mountain pasture grazing the grass near mountain stream. Beautiful summer scenery in mountains. Harmony with nature
Cows in the pasture, somewhere in France
cows standing on a pasture and blue clear sky
A herd of cows on the grassland eat
dairy cattle in foggy morning on Australian farm
Calves on the field
Cows grazing on meadow. Hand drawn illustration.
Herd of cattle grazing on a pasture in high mountains.Summer rural view of the cows in the paddock.Bright and juicy rustic landscape with cattle
Country panorama of cattle in a lush green pasture with fluffy clouds and blue sky
Dairy cows herd grazing in field English Farm jersey brown cow cattle angus beef grass fresh farmhouse meadow spring
Herd of cows  in summer rural landscape at dawn among fields and pastures. Vector illustration.
Herd of Cows on a meadow in front of windmills who produce renewable energy
Two cows baby and mother grazing on a meadow.
Vector illustration of a beautiful summer rural scene with a grazing cow
Farm cow on sunrise
Cow lonely on a path in a field black and white, standing milk cattle, a blue sky and horizon over land in the Netherlands
Cows grazing on pasture
Black and white Holstein Friesian cattle cows grazing on farmland.
Black and white Holstein Friesian cattle cows grazing on farmland.
Mixed herd of black and white Holstein dairy  cows and  red brown Limousin beef cattle in a sunny pasture looking curiously at the camera
3 curious cows in a green grass pasture in Sassenheim the Netherlands.
Dutch landscape farming cows on the green land with beautiful clouds ,Brown and White cows in the meadow, Noordoostpolder Flevoland Netherlands
cow on meadow
Funny cow on a green summer meadow
Black and white cows in a grassy field on a bright and sunny day in The Netherlands.
Dairy cow walking by a green meadow, with a blue sky in the background.
Red Angus cow and her calf with Black Angus cows in field with dried grass. Photographed in Montana at dawn with a shallow depth of field.
White cow under tree on a sunny day.
Portrait of cow on green grass with blue sky
Healthy livestock enjoying the early morning sunlight, dry stone wall and gently rolling mountains in the background, Lake District, UK. Perspective corrected panorama detailed when viewed large.
a herd of cattle in pasture, standing in early morning fog
Woman Milks Cow and Girl Drinks Fresh Milk. Vector Illustration. People on Farm. Farm Product. Farm Business. Little Girl in Yellow Dress. Sitting with Glass Milk in Hand on Farm. Bucket with Milk.
Aerial view of the herd of cows and sheep at green meadow near with river. Drone photo of plein air of river and green field with herd of cows and sheeps. Ural, Bashkiria, Russia.
Cows in a pasture in the middle of a green landscape, idyllic and peaceful.
Group of cows grazing in a green in a pasture bordered by a ditch, a panoramic wide view
Cows on a field
Cows on a summer pasture
Holstein Friesian cattle (also  Schleswig-Holstein breed) with distinctive markings on pasture. Curious cows looking into camera. Tagged ears to identify animals. August day in Estonia.
Cow mother and calf with yellow flower together on green pasture - photo full of love
Cows head. Hand drawn sketch in a graphic style. Vintage vector engraving illustration for poster, web. Isolated on white background
Montbeliarde cows in the pasture
Cows grazing on pasture
Cows in farm vector illustration. Cartoon flat rural countryside landscape with green grass meadow and herd of animal sheep cows, eco production of organic milk and meat, dairy products background
cow on the background of sky and green grass.
Red and black Holstein cows are grazing on a cold autumn morning on a meadow in Switzerland
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