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A close up image of red and white faced beef cattle.
Cuts of Beef diagram. Butcher's guide poster. Cow silhouette. Meat cuts chart. Vintage poster, banner for butchery, grocery store, meat shop, restaurant. Vector illustration
Portrait of two cows
On a foggy Saturday morning in the field, a galloway in the meadow
large livestock of cows in a long grass meadow field during sunset against layers of different height mountains in the background. Summertime.
Set of butchery logo. Farm animals silhouettes collection for groceries, meat stores, packaging and advertising.
Beef, pork, chicken, milk labels.
Farming Angus Cattle Runch
Curious young red brown  Limousin beef cow eyeing up the camera in a pasture  watched closely by the rest of the herd in the background on a sunny summer day
A red angus cow on pasture
Farm animals silhouettes set of horse, pig, dog, bull, cow, cat, ram, sheep, goat, rabbit, turkey, goose, duck, rooster, chicken. Vector illustration
Cattle and  calf sucking, Argentine countryside,La Pampa Province, Argentina.
Close up of a black Angus cow head and ears with tag looking curious and staring
Farming Ranch Angus and Hereford Cattle
beef cuts. template menu design for restaurant or cafe
13 butchery logo, label, emblem, poster. Farm animals with lettering words. Beef, pork, chicken, lamb. Vintage style. Farm animals collection for meat stores, butchery shop farmers market Vector
Black angus cow on farm ranch is looking over the fence Colorado USA
Close-up of cow's eye and ear
Retro Vintage Cattle Angus Livestock Beef Emblem Label logo design vector
Cattle ranch ready made logo design. Cattle Ranch logo template
Meat cuts Guide Illustration vector
Farm animals - Herd of Bull, Cow, Calf. Set Aberdeen Angus - The Best Beef Cattle Breeds. Vector Illustration.
Cows grazing on a green summer meadow
A tired brown calf walks through a green meadow, stretching his head forward
Set of cows. Black silhouette bull, cow and calfs isolated on white. Breed Black Angus. Hand drawn vector illustration.
Meat cuts. Diagrams for butcher shop. Scheme of beef. Animal silhouette beef. Vector illustration.
Set of beef meat and steaks, slices and a cow for restaurants and a butcher. Diagram and chart of cow cuts of beef.
Cow in the field
Set vintage hand-drawn different cuts of meats and cow. Engraving pictures for concept of farmers market and shop. Vector Illustration.
Cattle in nature , Cow is cleaning her baby.
Black angus calves with beef herd of cows in snow on farm during winter season.
Vector Beef Cuts Diagram in vintage style
Happy single cow on a meadow during sunset in summer
Butcher shop sign with silhouette of cow, vector illustration for design label
Vintage premium beef typographic label
Angus Beef Cutting Guide Chart
100% Fresh Beef Vintage Butcher Stamp
Cow on a summer pasture
Steak store logo template - logo design templates for meat store, charcuterie, deli shop, butchery market
Cows in field, one cow looking at the camera during sunset in the evening
Cut of beef set. Poster Butcher diagram - Cow. Vintage typographic hand-drawn. Vector illustration
Fresh Milk - Cow vintage badge concept. Cow silhouette. Grunge texture. Vector illustration.
Trendy illustration with red cow silhouette and words Beef, fresh, steak, natural, farm. Creative graphic design for butcher shop, farmer market. Poster for meat related theme. Vector Illustration
Cow, bull, beef. Vintage lettering, retro print, poster for Butchery meat shop, cow silhouette with lettering text Beef. Isolated black silhouette cow for meat business, meat shop. Vector Illustration
Scheme of Beef cuts for steak and roast. Vector illustration
Set of premium beef labels, badges and design elements. Vector Illustration
Cut of beef set. Poster Butcher diagram and scheme - Cow. Vintage typographic hand-drawn. Vector illustration
Cow isolated on white
A Herd of Black Angus Cattle
Black angus beef bull standing vector silhouette. Ox neat illustration.

Beef cow butcher meat shop logotype or sign. Calf bull Angus isolated on white background. Cattle logo. Butchery sign. Farm symbol. Poultry. Black and white emblem, symbol, silhouette. Stamp. Vector
Aerial top-down photo of meadow with red Holstein Friesians cattle grazing showing their long shadows from sundown in grass field these cows are usually used for dairy production
Poster beef cutting scheme lettering chuck, brisket, shank, rib, plate, flank, sirloin, shortloin, rump, round, shank in vintage style drawing with chalk on chalkboard background
Cattle Angus Cow & Grass silhouette livestock farm logo design
Vintage butcher cuts of beef diagram vector illustration
Cow with specified type of meat. Meat market. Poster Butcher diagram and scheme Cow. Meat cuts. Vector illustration.
Beef, cow. Vintage logo, retro print, poster for Butchery meat shop, cow silhouette. Logo template for meat business, meat shop. Vector Illustration

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vector color poster with detailed diagram cutting cows.
Brown cow staring at me
red angus cow  portrait in fall on small rural beef cattle farm in Ontario
A sumi-e style illustration of a cow walking looking up. Translation: A seal with the characters "Ox" at the bottom of the screen.
Quality black and white vector silhouettes of a bull, a cow and two calves
Set of Meat diagrams. Cuts of meat. Cow, Chicken, Pig and Sheep silhouette. Vintage Posters for groceries, butcher shop, meat store. Vector illustration
Calf face , selective focus
Farming Angus Cattle Runch
Happy single cow on a meadow during sunset
BEEF MEAT CUTS SCHEME - elements on blackboard
breeding cow. animal husbandry. sketches on a grey background
Cows before rain
Angus farm logo design Premium Vector
Cow Hereford, against blue sky.
cow grazing in the setting sun
Cow and Chicken head labels with grunge texture. Beef and Chicken meat emblems. Farm animal heads for groceries, butcher shop, meat store. Retro vintage design.
cattle - cow and bull
New Year card template. Mizuhiki and  Japanese items. “Japanese:Happy New Year./thank you for your kindness last year.
We look forward to working with you this year as well.
Three years”
Sad farm cow close up portrait on black background.
A herd of cows looking at the camera in Orkney countryside at sunset
Set of beef logo. Beef cuts diagram
Herd of cows at summer green field
vector poster with detailed diagram cutting cows
Inquisitive brown Limousin beef cow with a herd of young bullocks and cattle in a lush green pasture standing in the foreground staring at the camera
Cattle ranch ready made logo design. Cattle Ranch premium logo template
Adorable Cow Portrait on White Background. Farm Animal Grown for Organic Meat
cow is eating grass with blue sky in the background
A close up image of cow herd on a field in Alberta, Canada
Cut of beef set. Poster Butcher diagram - Cow. Vintage typographic hand-drawn. Vector illustration
Herd of Charolais cross Brahman cattle. Charbray, a versatile beef breed, combines lean beef characteristics and docile temperament of the Charolais with hardiness and tick resistance of the Brahman.
Illustration of meat for menu, steak, cow, pig, chicken divided into pieces in vintage style drawing with chalk on chalkboard background.
agriculture industry, farming and animal husbandry concept - herd of cows eating hay in cowshed on dairy farm
Beef Cuts Diagram and Butchery Design Elements in Vintage Style
Cartoon Happy Cow Farming Mascot Logo
Beef logo, label, print, poster for butcher shop, farmer market, steak house. Red cow head silhouette. Beef, fresh hand written lettering. Vector illustration.
Angus beef cows lined up in a row
vector isolated farm animals with meat cuts lines
Cow flat icon. Single high quality outline symbol of animal for web design or mobile app. Thin line signs of cow for design logo, visit card, etc. Outline pictogram of cow
Cows head. Hand drawn sketch in a graphic style. Vintage vector engraving illustration for poster, web. Isolated on white background
Silhouettes of grass, caws and baby cows in different poses
Cow's head, cow's eye with ear and name plate close-up on a black background
Limousin cow looking at the camera in a field
cow portrait
Cow isolated on white
Beef, cow, bull. Vintage typography, lettering, retro print, poster for Butchery meat shop, cow head silhouette with lettering text Beef. Isolated silhouette cow head, meat theme. Vector Illustration
Vector Cartoon Beef Meat Cuts Line Art
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