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A scientist holding a petri dish with germs in the shape of the biohazard symbol(series)
Corona virus 2019,the most transmission of virus or bacterai from hand touch concept for background healthcare and medical
Illustration of diverse crowd of people wearing medical masks for prevention of virus transmission. New corona virus COVID-19 concept. Vector seamless pattern.
Disinfection of door handles to protect against viruses and bacteria
Researcher holds a test tube with water in a hand in blue glove
Group of men and women wearing medical masks to prevent disease, flu, air pollution, contaminated air, world pollution. Vector illustration in a flat style
Plastic Pollution In Ocean - Turtle Eat Plastic Bag - Environmental Problem
Crowd on the street wearing masks to prevent disease, coronavirus, flu, air pollution, contaminated air, world pollution. Vector illustration
Concept of pollution and toxic pollutants inside the human body and eating contaminated food as an open mouth ingesting industrial toxins or climate change affects with 3D illustration elements.
Coronavirus 2019-nCoV. Corona virus icon. Black on white background isolated. China pathogen respiratory infection (asian flu outbreak). influenza pandemic. virion of Corona-virus. Vector.
Bacteria and germs on vegetables and the health risk of ingesting contaminated green food including romaine lettuce as a produce safety concept 3D render elements.
Coronavirus Bacteria Cell Icon, 2019-nCoV, Covid-2019, Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus Bacteria. No Infection and Stop Coronavirus Concepts. Dangerous Coronavirus Cell in China, Wuhan. Isolated Vector Icon
Group of people wearing medical masks to prevent disease, flu, air pollution, contaminated air, world pollution. Vector illustration in a flat style
Set of isolated ecology catastrophe or pollution disaster, environment harm or accident contamination. Ship or boat oil spill, plant air pollution, car gas hazard, water spoiling, radioactive waste
E coli culture plate with romaine lettuce showing contamination concept
Group of people wearing protection medical face mask to protect and prevent virus, disease, flu, air pollution, contamination. Old man woman walking. Vector illustration with urban city skyline.
Plastic bottle in the ocean sea water
Plastic water bottles pollution in ocean (Environment concept)
BALI, INDONESIA - FEBRUARY 12, 2017: Beach pollution at Kuta beach, Bali. Many garbage on the beach
Micro plastics- Most Bottled Water is Contaminated With These Toxic Particles These toxic chemicals are found in 
 bottled water
Grunge red contaminated word square rubber seal stamp on white background
Set of vector icons. Concept of air purification, microbiology, airborne contaminants. Vector Illustration. EPS10 with layers. Easy to edit.
Group of doctors with face masks looking at camera, corona virus concept.
Tractor spraying herbicide over wheat field with sprayer. Agriculture, farming, GMO, pollution, contamination and environment concepts
Coronavirus in China. Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), people in white medical face mask. Concept of coronavirus quarantine vector illustration. Seamless pattern.
Pollution of Environment Vector Thin Line Icons Set. Air, Water, Soil Pollution Problems Linear Pictograms. Chemical Contamination, Gas Emissions, Deforestation, Global Warming Contour Illustrations
Fish and plastic pollution. Envrionmental problem - plastics contaminate seafood
Water tap faucet with flowing contaminated muddy and dirty water in a white bathroom sink.
Sign symptoms of coronavirus and prevention tips. Vector artwork of people infected with coronavirus, influenza, or flu. Precaution and prevention ways to stop the pandemic virus from spreading.
Contaminated food concept and tainted meal poisoning symbol resulting in illness due to dangerous toxic bacteria
ecological disaster, contaminated water comes out of the sewage system - an ecologist takes a sample of water for research
Fish and plastic pollution in sea. Microplastics contaminate seafood.
2019-nCoV Covid causes, symptoms and spreading. Coronovirus alert. Virus protection tips. Research and development on a preventive vaccine. Set of isolated vector illustration in cartoon style
Great concept of infection, contamination, doctor making stop sign with his hand.
COVID-19 set. Symptoms, prevention, contamination, for corona virus 2020 and influenza. Infographic in a circle. Concept of disease information. Vector illustration isolated on white background.
Effects nature from soil contaminated with chemicals and oil. Environmental disaster, contamination of the environment, toxic, pollution, detail. Dump toxic waste.
Waste water industry.
Contamination label on broccoli, being examined by a person with magnifying glass
Factory pipe polluting air, smoke from chimneys against sun, environmental problems, ecological theme, industry scene
Dangerous cultivation on the polluted field - crop of vegetable is contaminated by poisonous chemicals in the soil. Vector illustration
Social distancing. Keep the 1-2 meter distance. Coronovirus epidemic protective. Vector illustration
red, black and white Danger, Water May Be Contaminated warning sign
Cartoon character with people wearing face masks or medical masks, air pollution, contaminated air, world pollution, prevent disease, flu, gas mask, Corona virus. Flat vector illustration
Flat vector banners with countrysides showing eco energy and environmental contamination. Alternative source of power. Nature pollution
Plastic water bottles pollution in ocean (Environment concept)
Kids with protection mask flat vector illustrations set. Group of children wearing medical masks to prevent disease, flu, air pollution, contaminated air, world pollution
Glass of contaminated water on grey background
2019-nCoV covid-19 causes, symptoms and spreading. Coronovirus alert. Virus protection tips. Research and development on a preventive vaccine. Set of isolated vector illustration in cartoon style
Man in overall protective suit collecting samples of water potentially contaminated by toxic material
Pollution in food and toxic chemical contaminants that people ingest as a health and safety concept as a spoon  with polluting industry dripping with petroleum as a 3D illustration.
Virus transmission. Infected person among healthy people. Crowd of men and women in face masks. Coronavirus epidemic protection. Disease contamination concept. Vector illustration flat cartoon style.

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Toxic pollutants inside the human body and eating pollutants as an open mouth ingesting industrial toxins with 3D illustration elements.
City air pollution
Air, water and soil pollution by industrial production cartoon vector concept. Working plant, factory emitting smoke through chimneys, pouring toxic waste chemicals in river through pipes illustration
Conserve water and environment. Shot of an unrecognizable ecologist taking samples of water with test tube from city river to determine level of contamination and pollution.
Gray bacteria and viruses of various shapes against a light gray background. Concept of science and medicine. 3d rendering
Safety of drinking water concept, 3D illustration showing cysts of Giardia intestinalis protozoan, the causative agent of giardiasis and diarrhea, contaminating drinking water
Cross contamination of food, chicken and vegetables such as tomato and chilies are on the same white chopping board
Coronavirus contamination, microbes on a smartphone surface, germs spreading prevention
Pollution by plastic bottles in the water. Pattern of dirty floating objects in the sea. Symbol of a major environmental problem caused by the waste of the urban overconsumption. Abstract image.
set of water pollution icons, such as, pollution, dirty, bin, plastic, industry waste , world water day, waste
Asian woman with shopping cart,trolley,hand of girl using tissue paper to touch objects instead of hand to avoid contamination of virus,epidemic,outbreak of Covid-19,during the pandemic of Coronavirus
Water flow stops away from the sewer into the river, which is grass-covered coast.
Contaminated hands with coronavirus  for transferring pathogens. dont shake hands. coronavirus symptom Hands contaminated with coronavirus icon. Vector illustration.Design on white background. EPS10.
bacteria icon
Two scientists in full biohazard suits and masks taking water samples from a river to check for hazardous pollutants or contaminants
Flat environment pollution composition with factory industrial waste water contamination clean and dirty planet vector illustration
Raw poultry in a cross contamination setting
toxic plastics pollution to city contamination
Water contaminated with waste texture background
Plastic contaminated ocean, sea, lake. Pollution
dumped blue oil drums cause pollution in the water, more and more the water is polluted by throwing away waste which therefore gets into the rivers
Waste water flowing onto the land from broken cement draining pipeline causing contamination.
Infected water and waterborne disease risk as a human hand holding a drop of contaminated dirty drinking or washing liquid with bacteria viruses as a hygiene concept 3D illustration elements.
Plastic Contamination into Nature. Garbage and bottles floating on water. Environmental pollution in Georgia. Garbage in the water of river.
Environment toxic gas pollution and industry smog danger concept flat cartoon vector illustration. People in protective face masks from contaminated dirty city air.
Pollution and business or industrial development risk concept as a machine part shaped tree cog  damaged by contaminated water with 3D illustration elements.
sea garbage Polluted water Fishes dirty river with trash and plastic Freshwater pollution vector concept. Illustration of dirty trash in water river
Vector editable stroke line icons of practical tips for the prevention of corona virus COVID19
Biohazard / biological hazard warning sign or symbol flat vector icon for apps and websites
Portrait adult man the ecologist. He studies the problems of ecology arising from the removal of construction debris and soil contamination.
Vector oil industry pollution presentation infographics. Harmful effect of petroleum. Illustration with derrick fire, rail fuel tank truck smoking air tanker ship offshore platform contaminating water
An cockroach egg contaminate with sugar
Hygienic mask  for prevent virus and dust, Air pollution, Medical mask, Contaminated air. Flat design
Hand drawn doodle Stop plastic pollution icons set Vector illustration sketchy symbols collection Cartoon concept elements Bag Bottle Recycle sign Package Disposal waste Contamination disposable dish
Group of people wearing medical masks to prevent disease, flu, air pollution, contaminated air.
Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water. Water cleaning facility outdoors.
using chopboard wrong color. chopping board for meat is red not blue for seafood, different colors of chop boards in kitchen for prevent contamination.
Concept illustration of viruses protection. Character in special clothing poisons microbes. Vector virus protection, infection and bacteria protect
Industrial landscape. From pipe factory smoke, polluting the atmosphere. HDR image
Water waste. Nature pollution plastic bottles in ocean debris dirty animals trash save nature vector concept background
Contaminated Area Sign
Vector editable stroke line icons with practical tips for the prevention of COVID19 corona virus contamination
Dirty brown running water falling into a white sink from tap
Warning about corona virus spread. Infection on hands. Handshake with dirty hands, coronavirus contamination.
Oil leaking from the soil, heating oil from a previous oil spill, contaminated site with a risk to groundwater and environment
Water Pollution flat icon. Contaminated dirty sea water and pipe illustration isolated on white. Contamination gradient style design, designed for web and app. Eps 10
Illustration of contaminated text
Polluter car. Atmospheric pollution industrial factory automobile traffic engine smoke bad urban environment vector background
drops of water on the oil-contaminated surface, pollution of the environment, protection of the environment
Water pollution - Plastic and foam garbage floating on the surface of the river - Environmental problem caused by human activity
Contaminated Objects, Corona virus Contagion
African American child drinking water from tap outdoors. Water scarcity concept
Covid-19 Coronavirus cell§. Warming contamination dangerous virus. Vector illustration.
Industrial city. Man in mask from dust. Guy in respirator. Contaminated air. Smoke plants. Factory emissions. Environmental pollution vector illustration
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