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Isolated shot of confused beautiful woman with dark skin, curly haircut, spreads hands sideways, smirks face, feels doubt while makes choice, dressed in casual jumper, isolated over purple wall
Not sure. Young adult businessman have a doubt. Studio shot
Young handsome man over isolated background In shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth
Headshot of indecisive confused young European woman in denim wear pursuing lips, her look expressing doubt and uncertainty as she has to come up with best solution while dealing with problem
Clever or nerdy thinking face emoji - emoticon face wearing glasses shown with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin glancing upward on yellow background
young crazy man
Portrait of a confused Asian woman holding mobile phone and shrugging shoulders and frowning face over isolated over yellow background
What you want from me, who cares. Unsure indifferent dark skinned woman raises palms, has hesitant expression, not gonna help, stands confused and perplexed indoor, isolated on purple background
Young asian chinese man wearing  t-shirt standing over isolated red background serious face thinking about question, very confused idea
Cool group of people, woman and man thinking and looking up expressing doubt and wonder
Thinking face emoji outline icon. linear style sign for mobile concept and web design. Emoji pondering face simple line vector icon. Symbol, logo illustration. Pixel perfect vector graphics
Shocked and surprised funny face of Asian man with eyeglasses and beard.
Young troubled couple. Confused woman and man thinking together. People with question marks vector illustration. Man and woman with question, thinking guy
Pretty blonde female with blue eyes and blonde hair, shrugs shoulders, being doubtful about making serious decision, feels uncertain, isolated over pink background. Hesitation and confusion.
Close-up of surprised mid adult businessman staring at camera. Face of Indian manager frowning and pouting lips. Astonishment concept
Young handsome man with beard wearing casual t-shirt standing over white background confuse and wonder about question. Uncertain with doubt, thinking with hand on head. Pensive concept.
Teenager girl with glasses with an expression of frustration and not understanding
Close up portrait of a young man with a confused, thinking face
Confused doubtful looking men and women
Confused child, shrugging shoulders, vector illustration, isolated white background
Set of smiley icons: different emotions
Confused emoticon
young crazy man thinking
close up head portrait of bald 60s senior business man surprised and scared looking as if big mistake or disaster in the office isolated on grey background
business black woman doubting
Young cool caucasian man confused, feels doubtful and unsure.
Modern outline style emoji icons collection. Premium quality symbols and sign web logo collection. Pack modern infographic logo and pictogram. Simple emoticons pictograms.
Oops. Sorry. I don't know. Portrait of confused young businessman shrugging shoulders, shows helpless question gesture, spread his hands, he does not know what to do, concept illustration in cartoon.
Portrait of a confused bearded man holding hands on his head isolated over yellow background
young funny man confused pos. surprise expression. worried expression
Man on isolated vibrant yellow color having doubts while looking up
Puzzled young woman dressed casually shrugs shoulders as does not know answer
Portrait of  worried young man at workplace. Stress concept
Confused young female wearing cozy sweater shrugging shoulders and gesturing with open palms, feeling uncertain about making serious decision, posing in studio together with her indecisive husband
Beautiful african woman doubt expression, confuse and wonder concept, uncertain future, blue background
young man confused
Indoor shot of cute redhead girl looking away, having doubtful and indecisive face expression, pursuing her lips as if forbidden to say anything. Confused young female posing isolated at white wall
young black businessman shouting with a crazy, amazed look of surprise, holding head with both hands.
Emotional Portrait: Confuse woman
Closeup side profile portrait upset sad skeptical unhappy serious woman talking texting on phone displeased with conversation isolated city background. Negative human emotion face expression feeling
Cartoon faces with different expressions, featuring the eyes and mouth, design elements on white background
Close up sho of surprised terrific young lady stares with eyes popped out, notices something terrible in front, clasps hands near face, stares through spectacles. People, emotions and unexpectedness
portrait of handsome young asian man dubting
Frightened shocked bearded man has beard stares at camera with bated breath, hears shocking news, can`t believe in them, isolated over white concrete background. People, pension, reaction concept
Portrait closeup funny confused skeptical man thinking looking up isolated on gray wall background with copy space above head. Human face expressions, emotions, feelings, body language
Emoji set. Set of thin line smile emoticons isolated on a white background. Vector illustration
Set of Diverse characters face emotions. Aggressive boss swears at other scared and confused people and speech bubbles above. Flat Art Vector illustration
Young beautiful woman colorful summer style over yellow isolated background confuse and wondering about question. Uncertain with doubt, thinking with hand on head. Pensive concept.
confused blonde girl isolated on white
Couple of facial expressions rejoice with troubled expression
Expression set of girl
Pondering Emoticon with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin, thinking, wondering.
Cartoon young standing woman thinking with question mark in think bubble. Businesswoman thinks about problem vector illustration. Woman and question bubble thinking, expression and think problem
A causasian male puzzled by technology

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Woman with doubtful expression
Young handsome student wearing a denim shirt shrugs shoulders and open eyes confused.
Confused Man
Handsome man having doubts and with confuse face expression
Cartoon faces. Expressive eyes and mouth, smiling, crying and surprised character face expressions. Caricature comic emotions or emoticon doodle. Isolated vector illustration icons set
Middle age hispanic man wearing covid-19 protection mask serious face thinking about question with hand on chin, thoughtful about confusing idea
Set of hand drawn smiles on realistic paper
Portrait of skeptical African young man looking with suspicious or annoyed expression, holding hand on chin, doubting, thinking over something. Black male with disgust or disapproval on his face
Worry confused office worker businessman character thinking. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Young african american man wearing casual clothes in shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth
Young asian Student woman holding book and question marks doodles at the back ground with copy space
young cool girl confused expression
Portrait of a confused Caucasian woman holding mobile phone and shrugging shoulders and frowning face over isolated over yellow background
Puzzled and confused male student with stubble dressed in blue t-shirt, looking at camera with blue eyes, thinking about next step, not knowing what to do. Human feeling, emotions, face expressions
Asian businesswoman work from home wearing pm2.5 panic white face mask confused upset anger safety protection coronavirus covid-19 illness, portrait female looking camera pink isolated background
Horizontal shot of attractive woman with puzzled expression, spreads hands with confused look, frowns face, wears orange clothes, feels hesitant, indignant isolated over blue background. Doubt concept
Hmm, need to think! Thoughtful confused brunette girl ruffle blouse scratching head having doubts, not sure contemplating with uncertain puzzled face. indoor studio shot isolated on gray background
Close up of an African American woman's head near a gray wall with question marks flying out of it. Concept of challenging issues
young crazy man confused face
Beautiful sporty woman doing sport listening to music using earphones over pink background serious face thinking about question, very confused idea
Very confused looking guy
Hmm. Let me think. Studio shot of cute redhead girl with hair knot and freckles looking sideways with thoughtful and sly expression, raising one brow as if having good idea, planning something
Confused face emoticon vector illustration. Flat design.
Avatar, Emoji. Vector emotional face icons
Closeup portrait of confused puzzled nerdy man with finger on chin big glasses messed up on face, looking away to side  isolated on white background. Negative human emotions, facial expressions
Young handsome man with beard wearing casual sweater standing over white background confuse and wonder about question. Uncertain with doubt, thinking with hand on head. Pensive concept.
Senior lady expressing her confusion
Young handsome caucasian man wearing casual modern shirt over red isolated background In shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth
Man character with different emotions. Flat style vector illustration.
Man scratching his head
Young sport man with sport bag isolated on white background having doubts and with confuse face expression
Confused woman and man thinking together. People with question marks thinking and touching chin while looking aside illustration. Young couple with Question. smart men and women solving problem.
worried businessman confused
Young man with white shirt having doubts and with confuse face expression while scratching head on isolated blue background
cool chinese-woman doubting
Close up of young neat girl looking at toothpaste with confused face. Isolated on background
Mystery!  Confused young man shrugging shoulders and making face while standing against grey background
Confused businessman with paper head gesturing confuse
Closeup portrait skeptical young woman looking suspicious, some disgust on her face mixed with disapproval isolated orange background. Negative human emotion, facial expression, feeling, body language
Beautiful blonde female with puzzled expression, keeps finger on lips, looks aside with bewilderment, poses against gray background. Body language and face expression
Human feeling confusion line color icon. Face of a young girl depicting emotion sketch element. Cute character on green background. Outline vector illustration
Thinking girl. Portrait closeup funny confused skeptical woman girl female thinking trying to recall looking upwards isolated yellow wall background. Human expressions emotions feelings body language
Young caucasian girl in red sweater with confused look on her face looking at computer while studying online at home with pen in hand near the window
Old woman sit on couch looks at laptop screen feels confused, difficulties with modern gadgets, not understanding how it works, need assistance in learning to use devices and digital services concept
squint eyed woman with weird expression isolated on white
Frustrated senior man expression gesture with hands isolated vector illustration
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