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Beautiful young couple moving to a new house using smartphone serious face thinking about question, very confused idea
Choice to make. African man choosing a new car at the dealership standing between two vehicles looking confused decision choice buying choosing transport driver buyer consumer client consumerism
Angry confused woman unpacking parcel, wrong or broken online store order, sitting on couch at home, dissatisfied female looking in cardboard box, bad delivery service, displeased by post shipping
Office worker attending and showing contract trying to convince to a suspicious couple sitting in a desk at office
Man stands in a supermarket with a bundle of biscuits in his hands and looks at the shelf with sweets. The buyer buys cookies in a supermarket, looking at packaging with sweet
Man client hesitates choosing a car with salesperson in the showroom
Saleswoman offering a pen to a couple of angry customers that rejects to sing a contract at office
Girl in the supermarket. Shopping.
Man Looking Confused At Mobile Phone In Supermarket
Portrait of unhappy young woman looking in her wallet in shopping center, spent too much, not enough cash, lost money, broke. Shopping center with shops on the background
Went into debt. Annoyed young lady look on pc screen calculate too big sum of tax utility bills mortgage loan payment. Confused female self employed enterpreneur miss term to pay tax receive penalty
Hard choice. Selective focus on a car, man choosing car on the background
Office scenes (Managing confused)
Skeptical couple with insurance contract and agent
Businessman at crossroads betweem buying and renting
Wife looking for an expensive new house and her husband worried about it
Upset Indian female buyer unbox package shopping online on smartphone confused with bad quality delivery service. Unhappy ethnic woman frustrated by wrong order buying on internet. Shipping concept.
A confused sad african american girl unpacking her parcel at home. Surprised young woman got an unexpected order, girl is upset with her parcel, unsuccessful online shopping. Home delivery
Frustrated millennial woman touching forehead, looking at computer screen, reading banking bankruptcy notification. Unhappy confused young lady feeling shocked about getting email with bad news.
Man and woman reading contract for real estate property purchase. Employer and employee, customer and client, boss and worker, teacher and student, husband and wife studying contract. People at work
Confused upset millennial married couple sit on couch read financial papers invoices troubled with too high expenses utility costs. Worried young spouses deal with debt bankruptcy of family business
Falling behind with rent. Concerned worried young married couple sitting on sofa at home office studying paper letters from bank informing about debt bankruptcy. Financial loss unprofitable investment
Unhappy young Indian woman frustrated by wrong order shopping online using smartphone. Upset ethnic female buyer unbox parcel buying on web confused with bad delivery service. Shipping concept.
Real estate services and home buyer advice using a mortgage broker or a housing sales agent to help a family navigate the confusing choices as a home icon in red with confused roads and signs.
Portrait of pretty woman in red with shopping bag. Female model isolated studio background.
Business concept in flat design. The question of choice between the house and the apartment, the village and the town. Vector illustration
Worried adult woman paying online on smart phone with credit card sitting on the sofa at home
African guy holds cell phone close up view hands and device man feels concerned on background, received unpleasant sms, wait or missed important call, waste time online, addicted with internet concept
Angry young Caucasian woman look at laptop screen feel frustrated confused have payment problem on gadget, unhappy millennial distressed with internet system failure shopping paying on web
Confused woman sitting on couch holds credit card use laptop looking at device screen having debt problems, transaction failed, money withdraw impossible, insecure online payment or scam fraud concept
Confused Home Buyer Scratching Head In Front Of Real Estate
Unhappy millennial Caucasian man shopping online having problems paying on cellphone with credit card. Angry young male buyer feel confused troubled see mistake using internet banking on smartphone.
Unhappy angry Caucasian male client or buyer talk with customer service on cellphone frustrated by delivery mistake or error. Mad man have fight with shipping company dissatisfied with bad service.
Young serious man holding papers, reading them attentively, sitting with laptop indoors. Anxious woman standing next to him looking at documents. Unpaid domestic bills, checking documentation
Confused Indian woman pay online on computer feel frustrated with credit card mistake or error. Unhappy young ethnic female buyer or client have problems with banking system shopping on internet.
Oh dear, what is it? Confused shocked millennial spouses opening delivery with spoiled defective goods products, angry mad clients customers getting their order from online store damaged in shipping
Angry irritated African American man in glasses dissatisfied by received parcel, unhappy customer unpacking cardboard box, wrong or broken fragile online store order, bad delivery service concept
Angry man having problems on line with a laptop talking on the mobile phone with support service sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Worried woman buying with laptop and credit card sitting on a couch in the living room at home
confused Asian woman buyer choosing between buying new home or car
Confused mid adult woman choosing food products on shelf in grocery store
Close up outraged customers arguing with waitress in coffeehouse, bad service concept, unhappy angry man and woman displeased by drinks poor quality, talking, conflicting with cafe worker
Unhappy young Caucasian woman look at cellphone screen dissatisfied with online order shopping on internet. Upset female use smartphone unpack box get wrong or damaged packaged. Bad delivery concept.
Disgruntled online shopper. Broken item, delivery problem, spoiled defective goods. Confused shocked millennial african american and old caucasian men opening boxes with wrong product in living room
Portrait of tired annoyed afro businesswoman, wear headphones, talking to a bad customer looking at screen laptop in office. Office employee confused by message of a disgruntled buyer, touching head
Confused ethnic young woman disappointed with failure making payment online with credit card on cellphone gadget, unhappy indian Arabic female have problems with account security, shopping on web
Unhappy millennial ethnic female buyer or client confused by cancelled unsuccessful payment with credit card on smartphone. Upset indian Arabic woman frustrated by mistake shopping online on cell.
Puzzled thoughtful young woman touching chin, attractive doubtful female making decision, looking aside, pensive client customer pondering shopping offer, isolated on studio background
confused business people choose residential homes to buy
business, online banking, internet shopping and oldness concept - smiling old man with laptop computer and credit card at home
Confused young woman having problem with blocked credit card making rejected unsecure online payment using laptop at home, invalid expired account, transaction failed, money withdraw impossible, debt
Frustrated african American millennial woman open cardboard box feel disappointed by wrong order, confused biracial female client unbox post package, receive poor quality product, bad service concept
Frustrated african American millennial male buyer unpack unbox cardboard box delivery package disappointed with product quality, confused biracial man shop online open box get wrong order
Upset young woman using online banking service, problem with blocked credit card, using laptop, irritated girl checking balance, internet fraud concept, bankruptcy or debt, overspend
Confused female customer choosing food products on shelf in supermarket
Thoughtful middle aged senior woman looking at laptop screen, reading email with bad news. Frustrated older grandmother thinking on problem solution or having troubles with using computer applications
Online shopping, home lifestyle and people concept. Confused and puzzled pretty woman with credit card and mobile phone raise one eyebrow and looking left questioned, white background
Sad stressed young indian female deal with bankruptcy of her small business having huge loan mortgage debt. Upset depressed mixed race woman crying at home office after losing money in fraudulent deal

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Stressed woman looking at her kitchen apartment for spring cleaning or confused house remodeling renovating home interior design. Choosing condo finishes in new real estate project.
Worried confused online buyer senior woman holding credit card, looking at mobile phone, sitting on sofa home terrace. Debt problems, insecure online payment, failed transaction, losing money
Unhappy young man looking inside delivery parcel, dissatisfied with damaged item. Outraged bearded guy sitting on couch in living room, feeling disappointed with crashed purchase from internet store.
Frustrated husband and wife sit on couch in living room open cardboard package disappointed with internet online shopping, confused upset young couple unpack parcel confused with wrong order
Disappointed man and woman unpack cardboard box shopping online frustrated by wrong bad quality order, upset young couple customers open post shipping parcel confused with internet purchase
Shocked young african american male customer unpacking delivered cardboard parcel with order from internet online store, negatively surprised confused angry client received wrong or damaged item.
Stunned Caucasian senior woman isolated on grey studio background feel surprised by deal or promotion, amazed aged female look at camera shocked by unexpected unbelievable sale offer
Confused senior brunette woman online buyer holding credit card, looking in misunderstanding. Trying buy online using smartphone, sitting on sofa home terrace. Debt problems,failed transaction,error
Paperwork at home office. Pensive concentrated millennial family couple sitting by laptop studying paper bills discussing terms conditions of loan mortgage agreement preparing to make payment online
Disappointed shocked frustrated african woman customer open cardboard box receive damaged wrong parcel, annoyed black girl consumer having problem with bad shopping order displeased by post shipping
Surprised child girl in summer clothes hold package bag with purchases isolated on yellow background studio. Shopping discount sale concept. Mock up,copy space, banner. Black friday
Upset woman touching head using calculator and laptop for calculating finance. Frustration young housewife with headache taxing, accounting, statistics and credit analytic for mortgage payment.
Unhappy young Caucasian female buyer have problems buying online on internet on smartphone with credit card. Angry frustrated woman confused with account money loss shopping on web on cellphone.
Millennial couple studying contract for new house before signing. Husband and wife checking documents for buying property. Real estate purchase, homeowner, loan, credit, mortgage, rent, tenant concept
Irritated young mixed race girl sitting with computer and credit card on couch in living room, can not make purchase, not enough money. Unhappy client dissatisfied with online payment banking service.
Shopping, search, buy set concept. Young woman goes shopping and looking for goods. Confused girl searhes for necessary merchandise. Happy consumer bought products in shop. Simple flat vector.
Disappointed african American woman sit on couch in living room feel frustrated with wrong order shopping online, confused biracial female unhappy with parcel unpacking, bad delivery service concept
Asian women feel dissatisfied with products ordered online at home.
a help center concept, Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ, support or assistance for customers. illustration of a woman who is confused when she wants to shop. flat style. vector design
a help center concept, Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ, support or assistance for customers. illustration of a woman who is confused when she wants to shop. flat style. vector design
Pretty woman feeling uncertain about what to buy choosing deciding between two outfits on hangers in her hands in store background. Confused young female facing dilemma, choosing clothes in wardrobe
Asian woman frowns on the sofa and is stressed. She looked into the cardboard box and was not happy with the products ordered online.
Image of nice confused woman holding credit card and mobile phone isolated over yellow background
Making his choice. Horizontal portrait of a young man in a suit looking at the car and thinking if he should buy it
Woman offering presents to woman in shop. Assistance, choice. Flat vector illustration. Gifts and service concept can be used for presentations, banner, website design, landing web page
Worried woman having trouble paying online with credit card and laptop at home
Asian woman smiled and satisfied with the product in the brown box ordered online at home.
An insecure woman buyer in face mask can't choose phone at the multimedia store
Portrait of confused middle-aged man doing grocery shopping in supermarket: calling his wife asking what dessert to choose
Displeased unaware woman with curly hairstyle, unable to pay all sum of money for clothes, holds plastic card and modern mobile phone, poses against plain yellow jumpers on hangers. Paying online
Should I? Young African man looking confused thinking leaning on a new car at the car dealership copyspace thoughtful decision deciding buyer consumerism lifestyle luxury confusion puzzled expressive
Out of budget. Worried young woman working with financial papers find out unplanned expenses debts. Concerned businesswoman pay fee penalty online at home office or lose money as bad investment result
Unhappy young mixed race girl with cardboard box dissatisfied with wrong item delivery
What To Wear. Thoughtful Woman Sitting On Pouffe Near Clothes And Shoes, Can't Decide How To Dress, Copy Space
Disappointed young African American girl with Afro hairstyle sitting on the couch with carton box and feeling upset and confused with the wrong delivery from an online store, or bad quality purchase
Head shot close up young shocked woman looking at mobile phone screen, received bank debt notification. Stunned frustrated lady reading sms with unbelievable news on smartphone, making big eyes.
Nervous wondered confused young woman cheated girl, stressed worried lady having problem with paying, buying online payments with credit blocked bank card, looking at screen of laptop. Internet fraud
Mad angry annoyed afro businesswoman screaming, wear headphones, talking to a bad customer looking at screen laptop in office. Office employee confused by message of a disgruntled buyer, touching head
Thinking mother with young son sitting in shopping cart. Vector illustration isolated on white background.
Unhappy millennial girl client unbox cardboard package with internet order disappointed with bad poor quality or wrong goods, upset young woman customer feel frustrated shopping buying online
Upset buyer trying to buy on line with a credit card and a laptop sitting on a couch in the living room in a house interior
Beautiful young couple moving to a new house clueless and confused expression with arms and hands raised. Doubt concept.
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