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Communicating a message
Business deal failure concept as two businessmen on a road bridge that is breaking down and disconnecting as a failing corporate relationship crisis symbol.
Miscommunication , Tin Can Communications
Business communication breakdown concept. Lack of communication skills. Businessmen drawing speech balloons on chalkboard.
Business negotiation vector concept with businessman walking to each other. Symbol of communication strategy, discussion, cooperation. Eps10 illustration.
Communication breakdown with tin can having a disconnected cable
Business communication concept illustration with tangled lines. Businessmen having conversation symbol. Sign of misunderstanding or communicating breakdown. Eps10 vector illustration.
Communication breakdown. Two entities or network being connected with red wire with broken spiral wave form in middle. Communication, Networking, social media, internet communication abstract.
Communication breakdown concept as speech bubbles icon symbold crashing into one another resulting in damages as a metaphor for social chat problems and diplomacy debating and workplace argument.
People discussing different opinions
Angry young woman has disagreement with annoyed old mother in law, grown daughter arguing fighting quarreling with senior elderly mom, different age generations bad relations family conflict concept
Communication is built
Relationship Difficulties Concept / Communication Difficulty / Greed
Indignant stressed businesswoman having problem with laptop, broken slow computer not working, frustrated woman fed up with bad news online or virus from internet, critical fatal error, all data loss
Communication breakdown. Two entities or network being connected with red wire with broken spiral wave form in middle. Communication, Networking, social media, internet communication abstract.
Communication breakdown conceptual
Business communication breakdown vector concept. Symbol of misunderstanding, negotiation problems, miscommunication, argument. Eps10 vector illustration.
Interrupted Inaccessible Unavailable Disconnected Error Concept
Divorce family - Silhouette of Shadow couples. Women dispute with man about disagreement in young married couples. Anger young couple having quarrel. lover standing opposite in the sunset background.
European man and woman spending time in living room, not eager to talk in result of misunderstanding or other relationhip problems
Communication Breakdown word cloud.
Business communication concept vector illustration. Issues and problems between men and women at work. Communication breakdown concept. Eps10 vector illustration.
Red and blue colored stick figures separated by the cliff. Communication breakdown concept.
two english bulldog having a fight or arguement
Closeup portrait stressed, frustrated shocked business woman pulling hair out yelling screaming temper tantrum isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion facial expression reaction attitude
The words Mixed Messages on a background of random letters and words to illustrate poor communication or a bad misunderstanding between people involved in mistaken communication
Pair of silver metal scissors cutting a coiled black telephone cord over a white background conceptual of a breakdown or severing of communications
Marital communication Problem. The woman talks while the man keeps silence.
Business communication or negotiation problems, issues. Two businessmen icons with gap between them. Eps10 vector illustration.
Man trying to explain himself
Frustrated businessman work at laptop feel angry confused having software problems, unhappy worried male employee using computer annoyed by slow internet connection or spam online
Picture of retro telephone on shelf. Many lot of copyspace
Keyboard cube
Stressed female employee having computer problem working in shared office, mad woman experience gadget troubles, trying to stay calm managing emotions, angry worker look at screen witness pc breakup
Comunication Plastic Glass with Cable - high quality render
Angry businessman lost in jungle screaming at the phone.
Mobile devices breakdowns icon set / Solid fill set in EPS 8 format
Headset and desk phone on table, space for text. Technical support concept
three wise businessman that they didn't hear, speak and see.
Miscommunication in Marriage. Communication breakdown between husband and wife, between the sender and receiver of the message
Business Communication Problem. Two Businessmen Separated by Large Gap
Broken link icon black color outline
Broken chain of paper people that might be used as a concept for communication,relationships or breaking away
Telephone receiver and cable isolated on white background
one caucasian couple man and woman pointing at each other expressing accusation in studio silhouette isolated on white background
Business comunication or negotiation problems, issues. Two businessmen icons with gap between them. Eps10 vector illustration.
Keyboard grenade concept
surprised young black woman covering her mouth
Cartoon illustration of couple talking trying to communicate
Repair phone on a wooden table. Steampunk style.
Three wooden dolls sitting doing bodily gestures. Concept of the three wise monkeys.
Business man executive investor upset angry loser bad news stock market crash disappointed
Speak no evil, see no evil and hear no evil. Three monkey concept. Senior businessman on white background.
Retro TV color bars with TV snow and interference.
one business woman computer failure breakdown   silhouette studio isolated on white background
Set of 30 quality icons about project management and business administration (shapes of gantt planning, WBS, OBS, human resources, cost, time, quality, schedule, budget) with flat design
young man covering mouth
Big speech bubble made from small bubbles. Vector illustration
Stubborn Communication Barriers. Two people are not being able to accept each others opinion

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Communication breakdown business vector concept with businessman and businesswoman arguing. Symbol of argument, discussion, different opinions, negotiation and conversation. Eps10 vector illustration.
man attack woman
Painter hanging from harness painting a wall
Interrupted Inaccessible Unavailable Disconnected Error Concept
Message in a bottle on the beach
Business, face, expression, emotion, mental stress, frustration, depression, deadline, panic set. Collection of frustrated depressed businessmen women overworking in office having nervous breakdown.
Lazy businessman and angry boss
Car mechanic communicating with a customer while using laptop and examining vehicle breakdown at auto repair shop. They are wearing face masks due to coronavirus pandemic.
Businesswoman covering ears from her angry partner.
latin woman covering her mouth.
love message in glass bottle on the beach
angry boss concept, vector
Boss or Manager asks a subordinate employee
Message in a bottle on an isolated beach
Image of young couple having fight
African American man and his wife communicating with their car mechanic in a workshop. They are wearing face masks due to coronavirus pandemic.
Business people using their communication devices while ignore each other in meeting
Young male mechanic showing clipboard to angry woman by breakdown car outdoors
Business negotiation vector symbol with businessman handshake over wall. Symbol of partnership, discussion, communication, overcome difference. Eps10 illustration.
Relationship difficulties, conflict and abuse concept - man and woman face to face screaming shouting each other dispute silhouette isolated on white background
Car mechanic communicating with a couple while using laptop in auto repair shop.
white Plastic Cup Phone, business concept
Closeup portrait of a young serious handsome man covering his mouth. Speak no evil concept, isolated on white background. Media news cover up and misrepresentation. Politics, corporate relation.
Male Motorist Involved In Car Accident Calling Insurance Company Or Recovery Service
Project management team updating planning schedule with Gantt chart on computer at the office to communicate on task progress and plan the next deliverables. Program manager and assistant discussing
Nervous male worker sit at office desk feel confused having operational software problems at laptop, frustrated man employee panic experience virus attack or computer breakdown and data loss
Emotional annoyed stressed couple sitting on couch, arguing at home. Angry irritated nervous woman man shouting at each other, figuring out relations, feeling outraged, relationship problems concept.
Woman using mobile phone while looking and Stressed man sitting after a car breakdown on street. Contacting car technician or need help concept. Sad woman calling a car repair service with her phone
Communication by paper cups phone, vector illustration
Scissors and Microphone (clipping path included)
Communication barrier - a tangled coil cord with a pair of telephone handset, connected but not getting through, concept for communication breakdown, misunderstanding or lost in translation.
confusing, unbelievable story - two people having communication issue
3D. Tin Can Phone, Can, Communication.
vector illustration of hanging phone receiver against abstract background
Business communication or negotiation problems, issues. Two businessmen icons with gap between them. Eps10 vector illustration.
Portrait of mid-adult couple sitting on sofa after quarrel
Businessmen standing on abstract background with gap. Risk, challenge and teamwork concept. 3D Rendering
Woman wearing protective face mask while communicating with her car mechanic in auto repair shop.
Message in a bottle, beautiful sky, sea, sunset
Couple had an argument and now they are angry and don' speak
Auto mechanic examining paperwork and communicating over mobile phone in a repair shop.
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