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Concept with red and black marbles -  Being the center point
ways coming to one point
Many small white arrows pointing to the center. Image with copy space in the center. 3d illustration.
A young blond dancing, looking at camera and smiling against her four friends
Target of perfection, standing out from the crowd, center of attention concept
Interest, work. Attentive smiling young woman looking at laptop sitting in armchair in beauty center
Leader Talking to Business Team at Meeting Table
Arrows showing to center - rainbow colored - isolated vector illustration on white background.
Customer service executive working at office
Business People Meeting Conference Discussion Corporate Concept in office. Team of newage Multiethnic Diverse Busy Business People in seminar Concept.
Stick figure man concentrating and focusing on his computer work and thinking of new idea under a spot light. Vector artwork concept depicts focus, working hard, dedication, and high attention.
The international symbolism for being in the spotlight, or in this case 2 spotlights.
Boy on tin can phone listening to curious good news
Four colorful 3D arrows draw attention to point in the center
Male hand drawing Focus concept with marker on transparent wipe board.
three arrows and shadow pointing the center on white background
Microphone voice speaker with audiences or students in seminar classroom, lecture hall or conference meeting in educational business event for host, teacher, or coaching mentor
hands point to the center. Pop art retro comics cartoon  illustration kitsch drawing
Chess pawns in the center of attention create a shadow of the crown. Business concept time for team leadership strategy
Customer service executives working at office
Diverse call center workers sitting in row, focus on customer service member girl in headset looks at pc screen hold paper talk with potential client provide insurance information sell company product
Indoor business conference for managers.
Man is speaking on indoor business conference for managers- continuous line drawing
businessman & big pointing cursors
team leader and business owner leading informal on business meeting. Business and entrepreneurship concept.
Large and diverse group of people gathered together in the shape of radial lines framing a round rectangle shape
Beautiful business woman is speaking on conference.
blurry business architecture background
Center of attention African boy among others
school concentration, pencils for background, around a circle
Beautiful asian young woman Customer service executive working at office by the table in headphones. Call center
Customer service executives working at office
The best sales strategy is... Concentrated hindu female mentor coach speaking on training workshop seminar before attentive diverse group of students trainees, explaining problem, sharing experience
Students listening the professor's lecture, sitting rear in conference room. Education concept. Selective focus at attentive listener.
Smiling African American employee in headphones using laptop, looking at screen, making video call or watching webinar, writing notes, distance learning language concept, call center operator working
Information chat icon. Vector illustration.
Monitoring. Attentive involved bearded young man with keyboard sitting watching in front of computer screens
Indoor business conference for managers.
Attention on blackboard with clock and flare
Communication speech bubble isolater icon line thin icon set
Males give his heart to another male
Target aim icons. Darts board with heart and arrow signs symbols. Attention, investigate and stars icons. Telescope and calendar signs. Vector
Retro style paparazzi press photographers with vintage cameras
Customer service executive trainer assisting her team at office
Diverse people sit in circle together at group therapy discuss share personal problems, african psychologist supporting encouraging newcomer shy girl. Medical detox center, psychological help concept
Business team working together at a call centre wearing headsets
Vector Emergency Service EPS vector icon. Illustration style is flat iconic bicolor blue and gray symbol on a transparent background.
arrows indicating information
Flat communication background. Social network. Chatting. Call center. Telephone
Young sportsman on treadmill turns his head towards smiling girls watching him during workout
red plasticine puppet standing in the middle of a circle of colorful fellows
Blue pencil on note paper with text written YOU ARE NOT THE  CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, concept of self absorb people  thinks everything is about them, belief they are the center of everyone attention.
Weak muscles. Qualified experienced medical worker of the modern rehabilitation center warming the weak injured muscles of her tired aged serious patient

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African psychologist supporting male rehab session participant put hand on newcomer shoulder talks encouraging words, medical detox center, psychological help activity struggle with addictions concept
Red luggage tag with text label CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, concept of people who thinks everything is about them, belief they are the center of everyone attention.
Disability people pictograms flat icons isolated on white background
Mature female client undergoing face beauty procedures in center
Stay at home, social distancing to protect from COVID-19, coronavirus protection concept. Woman with medical respiratory mask works online from home. Call center operator. Pandemic quarantine.
Smiling young woman listening to doctor therapist at meeting, sitting at work table in hospital, physician consulting patient about checkup results, giving recommendations at medical appointment
Panoramic view of empty concrete tiles floor with city skyline. Night scene.
target icon
blue dots illustration - attention here! -
Technician talking on phone while analysing server in large data center
Abstract background, yellow with white effect lines radiating from the center (high density)
Beautiful business woman is speaking on conference.
Adorable Bulldog wearing a yellow party hat while laying and looking off to the side.
Young lady client patient visiting pleasant attentive female doctor physician at modern clinic medical center, listening to detailed recommendations of qualified specialist, discussing health problems
Healthcare worker showing stop gesture. Team of healthcare workers wearing hazmat suits working together in shopping centre, to control an outbreak of virus in the city
Pink note on copy space blue wall with text NARCISSIST , type of personality disorders, self-centered people, inflated of self importance , need attention and admiration , lack empathy to others
Retro style paparazzi press photographers with vintage cameras
Abstract arrow design, vector illustration with copy space background.
Beautiful business woman is speaking on conference.
Speaker vector, deer on presentation, crowdfunding and cozy coworking center, hipster animals at work, working cat and koala, raccoon set. Website or webpage template, landing page flat style
Customer service executive talking on headset in office
Multiethnic members supporting rehab session female participant provide her moral support. Diverse people gather at rehabilitation group, psychological help, drugs alcohol addiction treatment concept
Attentive call center workers on their laptops
3d red center fragment, over white, isolated
Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea - November 6, 2019: Soldiers are saluting for the completion ceremony at army recruit training center
children brought to kindergarten a popular toy pop it, hold in their hands anti-stress, silicone game
Indoor business conference for managers.
Close up beautiful woman customer service with headset working with team in call center. Young Asian businesswoman pay attention and talking to customer while using computer at office.
young girl trying to listen in a market
Leadership concept - modern isometric vector web banner on dark blue background. High quality composition with a girl, businesswoman standing in the center of attention, lightened by the projector
Lockdown Pandemic stop Novel Coronavirus outbreak covid-19 symptoms Wuhan China Travel corona Europe warning and quarantine with mouth cap mask Vector mouthcap protect icon Lock down sign Stay at home
Black male doctor holding hands of female patient at meeting as women health medical care concept express trust support empathy about miscarriage, help hope in cancer disease therapy, close up view
Positive friendly millennial young woman sitting at the desk at home wearing headset with microphone studying has online lesson. Cheerful freelancer or call center operator talking working in office
Advanced. Female speaker giving presentation in hall at workshop. Business centre. High angle view of participants in audience. Conference event, training. Education, diversity, inclusive concept.
Attentive call centre indian woman employee sitting in modern shared office working using computer wearing headset with microphone answering or making telephone calls, give support to company clients
Covid-19 vaccine now available sign, coronavirus vaccination notice sign. covid-19 vaccine center
Exclamation mark in speech bubble. Warning or attention sign. Black icon on a transparent background. Vector illustration
hands point to the center, poster attention important information
External pressure, psychological stress, concentration, deepening, point of maximum attention. Multiple arrows pointing center icon in line style. isolated . Vector illustration
Creative typography design of the word 'Focus'. Conceptual logo design. Isolated vector lettering design.
White coffee mug on dark gray background with printed text NARCISSIST, type of personality disorders, self-centered people who need attention and admiration , lack empathy to others
Panoramic view of empty concrete tiles floor with city skyline. Early morning scene. 3d rendering
colorful arrows draw attention to point in the center
Focus abstract concept vector illustration. Training concentration, focus on success, defined business goal, orientation on target, center of attention, focal point, spotlight abstract metaphor.
Person in the attention center
Geeky businessman using his tablet pc against data center
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