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Portrait of positive young Caucasian businesswoman wearing costume and glasses pointing at camera and smiling
Confident businessman executive mentor ceo leader talk to employees group during corporate briefing in boardroom, serious male boss explain work plan to multiethnic workers at office meeting table
Portrait of successful middle aged caucasian manager businessman holding tablet computer in large warehouse organizing distribution. Business people.
Middle eastern and caucasian ethnicity businessmen seated on armchair in modern office talking solve common issues, banker telling to client regarding bank services make recommendations and consulting
Group Of Business People Having Board Meeting Around Glass Table
Smiling young businessman in suit and glasses look in window distance thinking or planning career success. Happy Caucasian male director or CEO thinking visualizing in office. Business vision concept.
Portrait of successful caucasian female entrepreneur sitting at desktop with paper documents and looking at camera while working on strategy for good organisation of business event with partners
Portrait of senior businessman in front of his modern office
Smiling confident stylish mature middle aged woman standing at home office. Old senior businesswoman, 60s gray-haired lady executive business leader manager looking at camera arms crossed, portrait.
Headshot portrait of smiling 30s Caucasian millennial man in glasses sit at desk at home talk speak on video call or webcam virtual conference. Picture of happy young male in spectacles pose at table.
Business colleagues in conference meeting room during presentation
Portrait of a handsome CEO smiling
Happy middle aged boss leader handshaking african businessman welcoming greeting new partner at team meeting in boardroom, diverse executives shake hand as promotion respect and rewarding concept
Confident and successful CEO business woman in a suit with arms folded
Caucasian business man talking with african male partner coach on video conference call discussing social distance work at virtual remote meeting videoconference chat using pc computer at home office.
Portrait of smiling successful Caucasian businessman in formal suit glasses stand posing in modern office, happy young male boss or CEO look at camera, show confidence and power, leadership concept
Businesswoman standing and leading business presentation. Female executive putting her ideas during presentation in conference room.
Confident stylish european mature middle aged woman standing at workplace. Stylish older senior businesswoman, 60s gray-haired lady executive leader manager looking at camera in office, portrait.
Portrait of senior businessman using tablet in front of his modern office
Smiling sophisticated 50s middle aged blond business woman looking at camera. Happy mature elegant old lady professional businesswoman posing at home office. Headshot close up portrait
Two smiling elegant business people man in formal suit and woman in jacket and red dress looking at something on digital tablet in office interior near window
Smart intelligent specialist sitting at the office table and giving recommendation to client
Handsome smiling businessman over blue banner background.
Smiling young Caucasian businessman shake hand of partner or colleague close deal after successful meeting in office. Happy male CEO or employee handshake get acquainted greet with business client.
Handsome business CEO with designer stubble, talking confidently on his mobile phone while looking out of large windows in a top floor office at the city below
Attractive aged businesswoman, teacher or mentor coach speaking to young people, senior woman in glasses teaching audience at training seminar, female business leader speaker talking at meeting
Headshot portrait of smiling young Caucasian businessman in suit and glasses pose in office. Profile picture of happy successful male director or CEO show leadership and optimism. Success concept.
Portrait of a mature CEO sitting in his office, comfortably using a digital tablet, and looking at the camera with a serious yet positive expression
Skilled 30s caucasian leader in eyeglasses coaching interested business people, giving educational workshop presentation in office. Concentrated employees listening to professional coach at workshop.
Smiling stylish mature middle aged woman sits at desk with laptop, portrait. Happy older senior businesswoman, 60s grey-haired lady wearing glasses looking at camera sitting at office table. Headshot.
Excited entrepreneur 40s dressed in white shirt satisfied with business results, happy Caucasian male proud CEO with personal planner celebrating projecting goal sitting at sidewalk table with netbook
Overjoyed gray-haired caucasian business leader, programmer or ceo, dressed in formal wear, sits in the office, rejoices at success, victory or good profit, looks at a laptop and gestures with hands
Crop close up of successful businessman in suit stand near table in office show power and confidence in business relations. Determined male CEO or director at workplace. Leadership, success concept.
Portrait of a confident mature businessman wearing a shirt and tie sitting at a table in an office with colleagues working in the background
Group of business people, a man in a formal suit and a woman in a jacket, standing near the window, winter city landscape outside the window on the background
Smiling beautiful mature business woman standing isolated on white background. Older senior businesswoman, 60s grey haired lady professional female ceo, coach looking at camera, banner, copy space.
Confident beautiful businesswoman being ready to work
Portrait of a confident businesswoman sitting at conference table
Close up headshot screen view of smiling Caucasian businessman wave greet talk speak on video call with partner. Happy male boss or CEO have webcam online meeting or virtual web briefing conference.
Smiling young Caucasian businessman stretch hand welcome new employee or worker at workplace, happy European male boss or CEO greeting meeting newcomer in office, employment concept
Smiling young Caucasian male employee in headphones work distant on laptop at home office thinking dreaming. Happy millennial man in earphones busy using computer talk on video call with client.
Portrait of smiling male Caucasian employee sit at office desk look at camera in modern office, happy man worker millennial businessman posing, having video call with client or customer online
Black female boss leading corporate multiracial team meeting talking to diverse businesspeople, african american woman executive discussing project plan at group multi-ethnic briefing in boardroom
Pretty older business woman, successful confidence with arms crossed in financial building
Business people in a meeting
Portrait of adult businessman looking outside the window in office
Angry young Caucasian businessman sit at desk in office frustrated by bad news in paperwork letter. Unhappy mad male CEO distressed by negative response in post paper document or mail. Fail concept.
Happy businessman isolated - handsome man standing with crossed arms
Group Of Business People Having Board Meeting Around Glass Table
CEO and Chief Executive Talking About Company Business Growth, Consult Data Analysis and Use Laptop Computer. Two Professionals Discussing Revenue Increase, Market Disruption, Planning Strategy
Crop close up of male CEO or boss in suit stand in office put signature on paper document making agreement. Businessman sign paperwork close business financial deal at workplace. Legislation concept.
Pensive Caucasian businessman in suit work online on laptop think of business problem solution. Thoughtful male boss or CEO look at computer screen solve financial issue at workplace in office.

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Mature Happy Businessman Smiling At The Camera At The Office
Shot of confident business woman working with computer while reading some notes in the office.
Older mature middle aged business woman employee using laptop typing computer sitting at workplace desk. Senior old lady 60s grey-haired businesswoman entrepreneur or executive working on pc in office
Concentrated young caucasian man in glasses sit at desk work on computer make notes. Focused serious male worker or freelancer busy at home office watch webinar on laptop, handwrite on paper.
Stylish smiling businessman in elegant suit sitting at his desk in a bright modern office. business success concept
Thinking businessman.
Portrait of smiling young Caucasian businessman sit at desk in office look at camera pose at own workplace. Happy successful male boss or CEO show leadership and confidence at work. Success concept.
Confident serious male ceo executive manager in glasses analyzing financial paper documents at briefing meeting with young diverse colleagues or developing company growth strategy together in office.
Close up headshot portrait of male CEO or director in headphones talk speak on video call in office with business client. Caucasian businessman wear earphones have webcam digital virtual conference.
Young Caucasian businessman in headphones sit at desk in office work talk online on video call on computer. Male CEO or employee in earphones have webcam virtual conference with partner on laptop.
Confident lady business trainer coach leader give flip chart presentation consulting clients teaching employees training team people speaking explaining strategy at marketing workshop concept
Female black executive leader talking to happy diverse employees group at corporate office briefing, multiracial coworkers listening to african woman boss explain new strategy plan at team meeting
Portrait of smiling Middle age 60s aged business woman working at home office with laptop, headshot of happy woman worker or ceo posing for corporate photoshoot, looking at camera.
Confident mature business man with arms crossed looking at camera, smiling standing in modern office. Successful business concept
portrait of a smiling caucasian business executive sitting on desk in office.
Mature Caucasian corporate director analyzing web information during organisation planning in street cafeteria, middle aged businessman reading news via netbook technology connected to 4g wireless
Pensive businesswoman dressed in formal apparel standing near panoramic window in enterprise company and thinking about trade investment,thoughtful female entrepreneur in eyewear for vision protection
Below view of mature lawyer with stubble using mobile application for chatting in business chat, Caucasian male proud CEO in white shirt searching banking app for making online payment and banking
Headshot portrait of smiling millennial male employee talk on video call or web conference in coworking office, profile picture of happy Caucasian young man worker posing in shared workplace
Profile picture of happy young Caucasian man in spectacles show confidence and leadership. Headshot portrait of smiling millennial male in glasses posing indoors at home. Employment, success concept.
Serious young Caucasian male boss or CEO sit at desk in office work online on laptop consulting clients on web. Focused businessman look at computer screen watch webinar make notes on paperwork.
Portrait of young business woman outdoor
Portrait confident businessman coach wearing suit looking at camera and talking, making video call, mentor coach tutor recording webinar, online course, hr manager holding distance job interview
Senior businessman having a speech by a whiteboard during a conference business meeting  in an office. Business concept
Businessman working at home. Really happy. Pandemic
Profile picture of confident young caucasian businessman in formal suit and glasses posing in office, portrait of successful male boss or director show confidence and leadership, recruitment concept
Young Caucasian businessman sit at desk in office have fun throw paper plane. Male boss or CEO entertain relax distracted from computer work at workplace. Business project, startup launch concept.
Smiling stylish mature middle aged woman sits at desk with laptop, portrait. Happy older senior businesswoman, 60s grey-haired lady wearing glasses looking at camera sitting at office table. Headshot.
Serious international diverse business team people and african female leader boss discuss financial result review paperwork share ideas brainstorm collaborate work in teamwork at group briefing table
Serious aged businesswoman leading corporate team meeting talking to multiracial employees, senior female boss ceo leader discussing work with diverse subordinates at company group briefing
Confident attractive caucasian stylishly dressed guy, ceo, freelancer or employee, standing near his desk, with arms crossed, looking at the camera and smiling friendly
Businesswoman explains to colleagues a new project in the modern office
Close up over the shoulder view of female employee work on computer and smartphone analyze financial statistics in office. Woman worker busy brainstorm consider finances, using laptop and cellphone.
Happy elegant mature senior business woman laughing standing isolated on grey background. Smiling confident cheerful middle aged 60s lady with dental white smile looking at camera, copy space.
Overjoyed young Caucasian businessman in earphones sit at desk in office listen to music distracted from computer work. Happy male CEO in headphones have fun relax enjoy good quality sound in gadget.
Virtuak business meeting online. Successful businessman is negotiating with multiracial business partners on a video conference using a computer while sitting at his workplace
Back view of confident businesswoman with arm on waist
Senior mature caucasian female executive ceo discuss report with young mixed race black colleague, serious old aged mentor reads paper explains business plan to african employee intern talk in office
Portrait of confident businessman with folded arms looking at the camera
Serious businessman training speaker coach wear suit give presentation at company meeting, confident male leader executive drawing on flip chart teaching business team at corporate office workshop
Young business man wearing formal clothes and eyeglasses, standing isolated against blue background in relaxed pose, smiling friendly
Upset unsuccessful Caucasian businessman stand at desk in office feel stressed after business startup failure, unhappy distressed male boss director stressed with company bankruptcy, money loss
Profile picture of young Caucasian confident woman employee or worker pose at workplace in office. Headshot portrait of happy millennial successful European businesswoman. Leadership concept.
Young caucasian male ceo handshaking with indian female team member on briefing showing respect to her qualification, gratitude for help, recognition of her efforts in developing corporate business
Portrait of an influential, successful, good looking gray-haired Caucasian CEO, businessman, manager who talks by video call, looks at webcam, greets employees, waves his hand and smiles friendly
Confident young Caucasian businessman speak in microphone make speech for diverse multiethnic colleagues in office. Male director or CEO talk lead meeting or briefing with multiracial employees.
Happy young Caucasian businessman in suit sit at office desk distracted from computer work dreaming or pondering. Smiling male CEO look in window distance make plans. Business vision concept.
Successful mature director of financial company talking on smartphone working at modern netbook with 4g internet.Positive proud ceo 50 years old calling on cellular during installing app on laptop
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