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Virgin Mary Illustration Catholic Vector
crucifix, jesus on the cross in church with ray of light from stained glass
Choose religion concept. Hands with Buddhist wheel near world religions symbols on white background top view
Vintage and retro styled image of ancient stone statue of beautiful sad angel as symbol of death and unspeakable sadness.
crown of thorns and nails symbols of the Christian crucifixion in Easter
Beautiful sad angel with cross. Fragment of ancient stone statue with a sweet expression that looks down as symbol of unspeakable sadness and death.
Crucifix From Heaven - Faith And Prayer
Close-up shot of prayer candles the darkness in a church. Small wax lighted candles as symbol of faith, christianity and peace.
Christian wooden crucifix on open bible, point focus. Religious concept image, black and white image
Statue of Our Lady, the Virgin. A spanish european Madonna in a baroque church
World religions concept. Hands hugs Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam symbols on white background top view
pastor is mass to the Catholic Church. Mass of the Catholics Christianity. Eucharist of catholic
Home church community, worship together at home, streaming online church service,   Mission of gospel, social distancing concept
Catholic concept background. Golden chalices on the altar, bible, cross.
round cobb bread loaf, wine in a brass goblet glass and water on a table cloth with soft golden light ready for easter liturgy or church religious ceremony
Home church online, wooden home church, community of Christ, Mission of gospel, with blank copy space
Christian  icons: thin monochrome icon set, black and white kit
Senior man kneel, holding wooden rosary beads in hands with Jesus Christ holy cross crucifix in the church. Natural light background. Prayer pose crop closeup in black and white. Catholic symbol.
a girl holds a lighted candle in her hands, a religious tradition, a symbol of the Christian faith, a wax candle burns with an even flame, blow out a candle, a smoke from an extinguished wick
Symbols of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church on stained glass windows. Color vector illustration, separated for easy use.
Baptism sacrament symbols. Gold and simple invitation design.
Christ Holding a lamb.
A dove - symbol of the Holy Spirit on a flaming cross. Fire warm colors of Pentecost or sacrament of Confirmation. Orange, yellow and red tones.
Catholic symbols composition.
Gold Jesus Christ, son of God with a halo around his head, vector logo icon
Christian symbols seamless pattern. Tiling textures with thin line black and white icon set
Winged Christian Cross emblem composed with royal crown and luxury ribbon. Heraldic Coat of Arms decorative logo isolated vector illustration. Religion and spirituality theme symbol.
Set of Isolated High Quality Universal Standard Minimal Simple Black Thin Line Christian Icons on Circular Buttons on White Background.
Brown wooden catholic rosary beads, religious symbols,rosary necklace, praying symbol, beaded rosary
Jesus Christ painting with radiant colorful energy of light in cosmic space, eye contact
Christian religious symbols: A collection of vector icons and symbols associated with the Christian faith isolated on white background
A set of Christian icons and symbols, including dove, Chi Ro, fish symbol, bible, INRI sign, trinity christogram, cross, communion cup, ark and more
Lent word written in ash, dust as fast and abstinence period concept. Top view
Big collection of various types of vector crosses
Christian religion symbols colorful
Ostensory for worship at a Catholic church ceremony, corpus christi, catholic symbol, holy hour
the holy bible and rosary beads
vector. various religious symbols
Mother Mary with Jesus Christ in blue
Gold design for sacrament of baptism invitation, card.
Flat design of black Christian cross in the form of tree. Tree's shape with shadow on a white background. Vector illustration.
Lamb with Cross. Religion symbol. Sketch vector illustration
Christian cross appears bright in the sky background
Catholic christian cross with ornament vector icons. Set of religious crosses, illustration of black white cross of christ
Simple set symbols religion and church line icon. Contains such icon religious cross, holy bible book, candle, crown of thorns, goblet, grail, temple, prayer, grave, death, angel
Illustration of religious hand-drawn symbols - chalky style
SEBECHLEBY, SLOVAKIA - JANUARY 6, 2015: Typical catholic image of heart of Jesus Christ from Slovakia (in my own home)  printed in Germany from the begin of 20. cent. originally by unknown artist.
cross against the sky
Hands of catholic priest reading a bible.
closeup on female hands with classic rosary
Newborn baby baptism in Holy water. baby holding mother's hands. Infant bathe in water. Baptism in the font. Sacrament of baptism. Child and God. Christening candle Holy water font. The priest baptize
Hand drawn vector ink illustration or drawing of a Christian Cross and nature symbols
Closeup Catholic rosary beadsreligious neckless symbol
Symbol christianity religion
Lost sheep on autumn pasture. Concept photo for Bible text about Jesus as sheepherder who cares for lost sheep
Religion concept background. Catholic symbols composition.
Church candles in red and yellow transparent chandeliers
old holy bible and rosary beads on rustic wooden table
Religion concept background. Catholic symbols composition.
Bilbao, España, April 4 2014, Catholic First Communion, missal and rosary
The hand holding the cross.The symbol of the blessing of Jesus.A symbol of pleading and faith.The symbol of the cross with the sunshine in the sky. Have space to enter text.

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Christian vintage old bible and catholic rosary with cross in the hands of a girl isolated on a light background. Orthodox holy book.
Closeup Catholic rosary beadsreligious neckless symbol
Catholic rosary beadsreligious neckless symbol
The rosary beads on Catholic Church liturgy books.
Closeup Catholic rosary beadsreligious neckless symbol
Closeup Catholic rosary beadsreligious neckless symbol
continuous line drawing of Catholic priest vector illustration.
Rays of light as a halo. Hand drawn vector illustration isolated on black in vintage engraved style. Line art tattoo template. Scrapbook element. Symbol of pride and glory
Bilbao, Spain, April 4 2014, Catholic First Communion, hands holding flowers
continuous line drawing of Nativity of Jesus
Cross icons set. Obituary notice - art deco frames with cross. Collection of Christian Symbol design elements isolated on White background. Vector illustration
Senior woman praying while holding christian symbol of crucifix. Old woman praying to god with hope and closed eyes. Elderly believer make a prayer with faith holding rosary in hands.
Wreath of thornes and catholic cross on dark background.
Jesus hands giving bread to poor man, biblical story to feed hungry, charity
Bible and the crucifix on a blue wooden table. Beautiful background.Religion concept
Catholic symbols composition. Religion concept.
Catholic symbols composition. Religion concept.
Church logo. Christian symbols. Praying hands and cross of Jesus Christ.
Abstract Holy Spirit symbol - a black dove on flames. Pentecost Sunday fire
Silhouette cross on Calvary mountain sunset background. Easter concept
Vintage sepia image of a suffering religious woman with a crucifix
Ash wednesday. Ash and christian cross symbol as a religion concept. Top view.
Hand drawn vector ink illustration or drawing of Jesus, Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph at Nativity
Portrait of Mother Teresa also known as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.Mother Teresa was an Albanian Roman Catholic nun and missionary.Picture created with watercolors.
Moses with staff walking in desert area, reaching destination, searching town
Obituary notice - art deco frames with cross. Collection of Christian Symbol design elements isolated on White background. Vector illustration
Set Christan vector. various religious symbols
Symbolic illustration for christianity religion
Gray Christian cross icon in flat design. Vector illustration. Abstract linear christian cross.
Golden sacred chalice, church of Saint Matthew in Stitar, Croatia.
Artistic abstract watercolor style colorful modern christian cross, with fish - a symbol of Jesus Christ and Christianity
Ostensory for worship at a Catholic church ceremony, corpus christi, catholic symbol, holy hour
PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - OCTOBER 16, 2018: The painting of Presentation of Jesus in the Temple in church kostel Svatého Havla by unknown baroque artist.
Cross - Collection of 120 isolated classics.
icon of the Christian cross
Close up of priest reading the holy bible with rosary
Rosary with crucifix lying on open Bible.
cross 3d illustration
Good Friday, Lent Season and Holy Week concept - A religious cross and a woven crown of thorns on purple background.
The emblem of the priest. The Roman Catholic Church. Publication of the book "Meyers Konversations-Lexikon", Volume 7, Leipzig, Germany, 1910
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