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Human heart with blood vessels. 3d illustration
Focus on male hand with red heart-shaped symbol. Doctor wearing white uniform with stethoscope. Physician for prevent cardiovascular diseases. Medical treatment and healthcare concept
3d rendered illustration of heart attack and heart disease 3D illustration
Heart attack concept. Senior man suffering from chest pain indoor
The cardiovascular system. Vector isolated heart with pain center. Low poly wireframe. Polygonal 3D human body and organ on dark background. Medicine concept with geometry triangle.
A man wearing a white shirt is sick and in pain and presses his chest with his hands. He had chest pain caused by an acute heart attack. There were red dots on his chest indicating pain.
Virtual image of human heart with cardiogram
Atherosclerosis, atheromatous plaque inside artery leading to narrowing of blood vessel. 3D illustration. coronary artery disease, stroke, peripheral artery disease
3d human heart  medical anatomy
Human heart with stethoscope, ECG cardiogram, blood test tube, medicines. Professional medical examination, check up with rhythm listening and pulse examination. Cardiovascular disease diagnostic
Severe heartache, man suffering from chest pain, having heart attack or painful cramps, pressing on chest with painful expression.
Cholesterol diet, diabetes control and healthy food nutritional eating for cardiovascular disease risk reduction concept with clean fruits in heart dish with nutritionist monitoring conceptual idea
Man Checking Blood Pressure At Home. Chronic Disease
Human heart anatomy from a healthy body isolated on white background as a medical health care symbol of an inner cardiovascular organ in a 3D illustration style.
Man holding his heart.
Heart disease, Woman with heart problem concept
Severe heartache, man suffering from chest pain, having heart attack or painful cramps, pressing on chest with painful expression.
3d illustration of human heart and cardiogram on abstract futuristic blue background. Concept of digital technologies in medicine
Stethoscope and red heart on wooden table. Cardiology concept
Doctor Measuring arterial blood pressure woman patient on arm Health care in hospital
Team of cardiologists examines heart for disease. Group of doctors treats heart with different pills. Cardiovascular system checkup. Concept of cardiology and treatment. Flat vector illustration
High blood pressure icon
Cardiogram pulse trace and heart concept for cardiovascular medical exam
Atherosclerosis stages. Normal functions, endothelia disfunction, plaque formation, rupture thrombosis
3d rendered illustration of heart attack and heart disease 3D illustration
Heart attack concept. Medical icons for cardiovascular infographics. Vector illustration in flat style
Doctor holding an heart, cardiologist and cardiovascular diseases concept.
Black man having a heart attack
A young man suffering from heart pain
Men have chest pain caused by heart disease, heart attack, heart leakage, coronary heart disease.
Set vector line icons, sign and symbols in flat design of heart attack with elements for mobile concepts and web apps. Collection modern infographic logo and pictogram.
Human heart circulation cardiovascular system with anatomy from a healthy body on a background with blood cells as a medical health care symbol of an inner organ as a medical health care concept.
Stethoscope and small red heart on color background. Heart attack concept
Close up focus on elderly wife hold hand on breast touch chest having heart attack feels unwell, worried husband supporting her, myocardial infarction symptoms, immediately emergency call need concept
Circulatory system complications. Cardiologists studying human organ. Heart disease, ischemic heart disease, coronary artery disease concept. Vector isolated concept creative illustration
Cropped image of female doctor checking businessman's blood pressure in clinic
Three designs depicting obesity with a fat man at the doctor, cardiology icons and a couch potato eating takeaways reclining on a sofa
Heart attack infographic.
Atherosclerosis medical illustration. Healthcare concept.
healthy and damaged heart.
blood vessel section with fatty deposit accumulation.
Vector icon flat cartoon design
High Cholesterol Blood Pressure Tiny People Character Concept Vector Illustration, Suitable For Wallpaper, Banner, Background, Card, Book Illustration, And Web Landing Page
Young medic holding tablet with medical cardiogram sitting at desk in office. Elder patient looking at screen gadget with heart figure while doctor explaining cardiac disease
Clogged artery and atherosclerosis disease medical concept with a three dimensional human artery with blood cells that is blocked by plaque buildup of cholesterol as a symbol of vascular diseases.
A human heart, anatomical medical model, in her gentle female hands on a blue background. Flat lay.
Heart attack and chest pain medical cardiovascular disease as an illness of a human circulation organ in a 3D illustration style.
Heart disease factors infographics  with colorful color for for medical. Isolated icon and object
Flat lay composition with red heart and stethoscope on color background, top view
Creative (Cardiovascular) disease Banner Word with Icons ,Vector illustration.
Nurse and Doctor in a Clinic Measure an Hispanic Old Man Blood Pressure. An elderly patient with high blood pressure goes to hospital for medical examination. People and preventing heart disease
Blood heart circulation health symbol with red cells flowing through three dimensional veins from the human circulatory system as a medical health care icon of cardiology and cardiovascular fitness.
Having heart attack and panic concept. Young stressed frustrated man standing touching heart having attack sweating feeling bad vector illustration
Cracow, Poland - December 2021: A blood pressure apparatus showing too high both systolic diastolic value of human blood pressure and an arm during measuring it. Selected focus.
Female physician caring about old woman manually takes blood pressure using sphygmomanometer seated on sofa, checks arterial pressure, hypertension hypotension cardiovascular diseases control concept
Blood pressure measuring
Men in blue shirt having chest pain - heart attack - heartbeat line
Working woman face suffering and holding breast because of heart infarction in office
Chelation therapy and heart disease treatment concept as an alternative medicine for human blood circulation disease with 3D illustration elements.
Cholesterol plaque in artery
Web line icon. Human heart
Young man on bench with heart attack, pain  touching chest. Heart treatment, health care and disease diagnostic concept. Vector flat illustration. Design for banner, landing page, web background
Heart attack risk factors vector logo icon design, infographic
Cardiogram pulse trace and stethoscope concept for cardiovascular medical exam
Men in blue shirt having chest pain - heart attack - heartbeat line
Heart disease factors infographics for for medical. Isolated icon and object
The diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. Phonendoscope and vaccine with drugs. Medical concept.
Cardiology. Check up of Heart Health and Cardiovascular Pressure. Cardiologist Studying Human Organ with Magnifying Glass. Circulatory System Complications, Ischemic Heart, Coronary Artery Disease
Heart disease research concept. Tiny cardiologist studying big heart model among drugs and heartbeat diagram. Vector illustration for cardiovascular system, cardiology, medical examination topics
Cardiology department linear icon. Cardiology consultant. Medical diagnosis. Cardiac surgeon. Thin line customizable illustration. Contour symbol. Vector isolated outline drawing. Editable stroke
Doctor holding an heart, cardiologist and cardiovascular diseases concept.
Progression of Atherosclerosis till heart attack. Heart muscle damage due to blood clot. Very detailed illustration of fatty streak formation, white blood cells infiltration, blood clot formation etc.
Cardiovascular Disease - Medical Concept with Red Pills, Injections and Syringe. Selective Focus. 3D Render.
Coronary artery 3d illustration
Elderly woman in white panties shows cellulite and varicose veins on a light isolated background. Concept for medicine and cosmetology.
Professional medical doctor holding a red heart ball on blur office in the hospital and bokeh background. Concept of health care.
Types of heart disease collection, vector illustration diagram. Educational medical information.
Doctor holding red heart, closeup. Cardiology concept
Doctor checks the level of cholesterol in human blood vessels, flat cartoon vector illustration isolated on white background. Care health and heart disease prevention.
Asian old man with chest pain suffering from heart attack in home
Human circulation cardiovascular system with heart anatomy from a healthy body on a black glowing background as a medical health care symbol of an inner vascular organ as a medical chart.
Ischemic heart disease. Heart care. Cardiovascular disease. Cardiac patient card, Heart disease diagnosis, Treatment of heart disease metaphors. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustrations
Human heart anatomy. Medical science vector illustration. Internal organ: atrium and ventricle, aorta, pulmonary trunk, valve and vein. Education illustration
Set vector line icons, sign and symbols in flat design heart defect with elements for mobile concepts and web apps. Collection modern infographic logo and pictogram.
Men with Heart disease Infographic Heart attack risk factors for medical Template Design. Symptoms of heart disease with prevention. vector flat icons cartoon design eps10 illustration.
Electrocardiogram with red-blue pills. Medical examination of heart treatment and control of cardiovascular system concept
Elderly Asian man with chest pain from a heart attack, His wife was worried when she saw her husband sick, congenital disease, Heart disease, High blood pressure.
Mature man having heart attack, closeup
Cardiology. Cardiologist examine human heart. Doctor treat heart disease, check patient heartbeat and pulse, cardiogram, diagnosis stroke. Medical examination cardiovascular pressure. Vector design
The human heart diagnostic through artificial inteligence technology. Sci-fi medicine. 3d illustration.
Human heart with heart rate on black background. Organ symbol. for cardiology clinic.
The human heart. Digital illustration on a blue background
Doctor cardiologist with red heart in the hospital
The nurse put the tucks at the wrist of the patient for carrying out electrocardiography
Virtual image of human heart with cardiogram
Patient measuring blood pressure. Hypertension.
Senior woman suffering from heart attack at home
A man wearing a white shirt with heart ache.
Man has chest pain suffering by heart disease, Cardiovascular disease, heart attack. Health care concept.
Heart disease, Myocarditis side effect of Covid-19 syringes, inflammation of the muscle, thrombosis after vaccine
man, guy in a white t shirt on a black background in a blue color hold hands on his heart, heart atack, severe heartache, chest  myocardial infarction
Human body, heart and vascular system. The circulation of blood in the body.3d illustration
vienna human atherosclerosis.the structure of a veins . the veins in the manifestation of the disease
Medical brochure high and low pressure. How to recognize a disease. Blood pressure symptoms icons.
Broken heart breakup concept separation and divorce icon. Red crumpled paper shaped as a torn love on old wood symbol of medical cardiovascular health care problems due to illness
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