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"What if we don't change at all ... and something magical just happens?"
Man choose cakes and buy coffee at bakery shop or cafe. Male barista seller in face mask in bakery interior serves male customer. Visitors at the coffee shop during quarantine, safe service concept
Set of Businessman character design.
Cartoon of business team that only has one word, money, for their business plan.  Business boss says they need a few more details.
Business cartoon about Santa as expert on distribution.
Characters programmers, teamwork in the office behind a laptop and tablet. Discussion of workflows, modern flat design. Man with phone, IT people concept.
"Well, now we know what not to do."
Collection of charming young entrepreneurs or businessmen and managers. Business people standing togever. Flat modern cartoon style
Teamwork and engineering vector illustration. Company staff moving gear mechanism together, using laptop, talking, sitting in cogwheels. For technology, communication concept
Main Page Web Design with Business Cartoon Characters in Flat Style for Your Projects
Business team working together in office. Business leader discussing business strategy with his team.
African business woman character set 6 in five head to body ratio scale. Working and general situation pose of staff.
Teacher or man professor work pose set, teaching, front side and back view postures
"Wow, that is a really big goal!", "I bet we can easily reach that goal.", "Let's work to exceed that goal!" , "What are we looking at?"
Vector illustration, financial management concept, statistics and business report, small people like jigsaw puzzles puzzles collect infographics vector
"What if, and I know this sounds kooky, we communicated with the employees."
Business people working in office character vector design.
Set of business characters working in office. Vector illustration design
two businessmen discussing business strategy at office desk. Boss and employee working together.
set of businessman activities vector
"Helen, you're the Team Leader, why don't you jump first?"
Vector illustration of tiny characters business analysts or auditors analyzing statistical data to make strategic business decisions using big computer screen. Analytics concept.
Negotiation cartoon.  The group have an agreement in principle, but do they all have the same principles?
Businessman with glasses, multitasking
"Whomever pulls the sword from the stone will lead this project."
"I think it's important to note that we really did try hard."
"Frankly, I do not remember why I called this meeting."
"He brings a bizarrely different perspective to marketing."
Elegant People Series -Businessman,cooperation set
"Are you sure you tried hard enough to be on time."
"Did you see a cocktail napkin with our entire marketing campaign on it?"
"I've really been ignoring the paperwork lately."
"This is us."
what do you see in emerging markets
success in business start up businessman on rocket vector illustration
rocket illustration flying over cloud. design paper art and handicraft
Main Page Business Design with Cartoon Character for Web Site
Group of business men and business women standing , people at work with handshaking on white background. Flat design people characters.
"I suppose I'll be the one to mention the elephant in the room."
"What we really need in IT is someone who has super powers."
He finally had time to develop a marketing plan.
"This is more precise than objectively reviewing resumes."
Businesswoman working character design set. Vector design.
Business cartoon about the success process.
Office interior in flat style. Modern business workspace with office furniture: chair, desk, computer, bookcase, clock on the wall and window. Vector illustration.
Business cartoon about a manager believing social media is a fad.
successful businessman charging battery power to his business team
The company's marketing strategy became increasingly sophisticated.
Business Girl
"Good morning, welcome to Change Management 101."
Business or education cartoon showing two men looking at a whiteboard filled with complex calculations and one man saying, 'when you put it like that, it makes complete sense'.
The therapist says to Humpty Dumpty, "visualize yourself not falling off the wall".

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business people at meeting table discuss strategy
Smiling male and female operator with headset working at call center. Customer service concept.
Businessman working character design set. Vector design.
"We succeeded in turning around the business ... just in the wrong direction."
Happy Business Man is standing on the table like a super hero. Vector illustration.
Business cartoon of manager asking 'How are we... going to... achieve our goals?'  Boss answers, 'The team... the team... the team'.
Set of Happy office man. Vector illustration
Business concept. Team metaphor. people connecting puzzle elements. Vector illustration flat design style. Symbol of teamwork, cooperation, partnership.
People character business set. Front, side, back view animated character.   Businessman character creation set with various views, face emotions, poses and gestures.Cartoon style, flat isolated vector
Happy business people holding blank sign. Business presentation or announcement
Hand holding receipt and hand holding credit card. Cashless payment concept. Flat design vector illustration isolated on blue background
Business cartoon about meetings.   The businessman really needs to get some work done so he posted the sign 'one person meeting in progress'.
"Is there such a thing as over communicating?"
Main Page Web Design with Business Cartoon Characters in Flat Style for Your Projects
"Let's shrink Big Data into Small Data... and hope it magically becomes Great Data."
Illustration of team of businessman on arrow graph. Team leader has telescope and leading his team to success
"I found our eight year old sales goals, and we're almost there."
"Any problem working remotely?"
Businesswoman with idea bulb and her successful shadow get a lot of money. Business creativity concept.
"Here's where you give me non-comprehending nods of approval."
Big set of 50 business people and other office workers. Isolated on white background. Clipping paths included.
Business cartoon about meetings.  The businesswoman has way too many meetings on her schedule for the day.
Businessman presenting.
"On paper we have the perfect team."
Elegant People Series | Cloud computing concept
Global team . Vector illustration for web banner, infographics, mobile.
Happy businessman holding a pencil looking at completed checklist on clipboard.
Business People teamwork ,Vector illustration cartoon character.
Set of business characters working in office. Vector illustration design
businessman trying to catch money business concept
businessman with idea bulbs jump over hurdles. Idea and Solution concept
Maybe there's a good reason why no one else has broken into this market.
Cartoon of business team with speech bubbles discussing
"Since your job credentials are identical, we'll use musical chairs."
Collection of scenes at office. Bundle of men and women taking part in business meeting, negotiation, brainstorming, talking to each other. Outline vector illustration in cartoon style.
"It's a flip chart... so let's just flip it over."
Business man teacher coach delivering lecture speech about product development at conference to a sitting audience group crowd in a classroom using whiteboard. Flat vector character illustration
Portrait of elegant business woman with arms crossed isolated vector illustration
"Sometimes it's good to get a different perspective."
Set of Business woman character design.
Business cartoon characters collection.
Business man characters. Business mans in casual clothes. Emotions and expressions
Businesswomen Collection in Modern Casual Business Wear. DIfferent Style
Business cartoon about hesitancy to speak in a meeting.
Urban landscape with large modern buildings and suburb with private houses on a background mountains and hills. Street, highway with cars. Concept city and suburban life.
Business Woman
"Production has really picked up since we installed the coffee pots."
Group cartoon business people
Business characters set .Group people in office
Group of business men and women, working people on white background. Business team and teamwork concept. Flat design people characters.
Engaging Content, Blogging, Blogger. Freelance. Marketing content. Creative writing. Copy writer. Content management. Flat cartoon miniature  illustration vector graphic on white background.
Busy time of businessman in hard working. A lot of work. Stress at work. vector
"Your main strength is you have the right product in the right place."
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