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Set of sad and tired people overloaded with problems or tasks. Collection of male and female characters coping with difficulties by carrying burden or ignoring troubles. Flat vector illustration
Businessman pushing up big stones on a hill .  Business problem crisis and and multiple responsibilities .  This is a 3d render illustration .
Person carry heavy burdens of life. Sad tired woman in stress, overloaded with problems. Pressure of difficulties and hardships concept. Flat graphic vector illustration isolated on white background
Bent down guy carrying a lot of big heavy boxes on his back. Overloaded of daily tasks, and difficult burden. Packing stuff and moving concept. Mail worker package delivery before christmas holidays.
Hard question with no answer or solution, critical business problem, doubtful or stress burden concept, frustrated tried businessman carrying heavy big question mark sign burden.
Burdens as a burden and weight on shoulders - symbolized by word Burdens on a steel ball to show negative aspect of Burdens, 3d illustration
Crisis of high burden of consumer debt, : Client bears a bag of debt Debtor has difficult problem of bad debt and plan to pay back to lender or concept
Businessman pull huge stone. Business problem crisis hardship and burden. vector business finance Successful concept
Young businessman walking on the financial chart while carrying a big stone. Concept of hard work
Businessman and huge stone . Business problem crisis hardship and burden concept
Businessman pushing huge stone up the hill. Business problem crisis hardship and burden concept. Cartoon Vector Illustration.
Climate change and global warming responsibility, world leader commitment to take care our planet earth concept, businessman in atlas pose carrying green globe with seedling plant on his shoulder.
Business challenge and burden vector concept. Symbol of problems, issues, hard work and stress. Eps10 illustration.
Concept of stress of a businessman with a big rock
Overloaded with work employee under paperwork burden
Man carrying heavy boxes with dollar sign. Concept for burden of taxes, financial debts, payment of interest to creditors
Busy tired person overloaded with plenty of work and personal tasks. Woman in stress under pressure of many different businesses and burdens. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background
Under pressure of problems . Mixed media
Image of beautiful female entrepreneur carrying big stone with a chain on the stair
Stressed woman carrying on her back shoulders large box
Debt, cost of living or expense to pay for, financial obligation for lifestyle concept, exhausted businessman pull the burden cart with house mortgage, car payment, education loan and credit card debt
Business vector illustration of a businessman holding a big money bag with the word tax on it. Heavy, burden, responsibility in business concept
Burden glyph icon vector on white background. Flat vector burden icon symbol sign from modern people collection for mobile concept and web apps design.
Held back metaphor as a large anchor holding or oppressing an air balloon and restricting movement as a suppression business metaphor  from aspiring to succeed with 3D illustration elements.
Carrying very heavy tasks or works on the shoudlers, business people try to carrying and push the heavy burden. Outline, thin line art, contour, linear, hand drawn sketch, doodle, cartoon style.
Unhappy man carrying giant heavy boulder or stone. Concept of overburdened person, guy overloaded with difficult problem or task, boy withstanding adverse conditions. Modern flat vector illustration.
Rest for the weary-Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Concept of stress of a businessman with a big rock
Heavy burden. Restless mature woman covering face and crying
Envy can be a big weight and a burden with negative influence - Envy role and impact symbolized by a heavy prisoner's weight attached to a person, 3d illustration
Disease burden concept as a burdened person or businessman pulling a heavy virus cell as a symbol for medical stress or influenza and coronavirus pressure with 3D illustration elements.
Credit card debt and loan problems vector concept. Financial burden, stress and depression leading to bankrutpcy. Eps10 illustration.
business challenge concept businessman carrying an elephant across a tightrope chasm
Man is an economic slave to money. People carry a heavy burden of the dollar and the euro. Duty holds a man on a chain. Chained kettlebell on a person’s leg with a loan interest. Vector silhouette
Man carries an elephant in the field.
conceptual, businessman tethered and strained by stress, worry, anxiety
rusty old chain, symbol for freedom and release from the burden. Old iron chain with rust on it
Silhouette of an industrious man dragging a load of burden over his shoulder across a fiery sunset for the concept: subjugated to a life of servitude.
Man carries a stack of big rocks while balancing on a rope at high altitude .
Cartoon character pulling big stone on rope. Unhappy man with sweat drops drags rock heavy boulder. Sad tired person. Duty, burden, struggle or effort. Debt, hard work, hardship vector illustration
Business vector illustration of a businessmen holding a giant coronavirus together. Heavy, burden due coronavirus pandemic business concept
Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest, Matthew 11:28, bible verse printable, Christian card, scripture poster, Home wall decor, Christian banner, vector illustration
Financial debt burden, man carrying on his shoulders vector concept. Symbol of loans, mortgages, credit crisis, bankruptcy, mounting pressure. Eps10 illustration.
Business concept of tax payments burden
Debt free or freedom for pay off debts, loan or mortgage, solution to solve financial problem, savings or investment to break free, happy businessman holding golden key after unlock debt burden chain.
Over thinking, obsessive in work or too many problems that cannot make decision concept, tried depressed businessman carry heavy thinking bubble burden.
People carry burden to mountain cliff edge and fall down. Financial crisis, problem and bankruptcy concept. Business failure responsibility. Cartoon linear vector illustration
The burden of the woman. The woman who carries the world on her back. Standing shackles. Mothers Day. Women day. Heavy load. To carry the load.
Sad unhappy silhouette man sitting with his head in his hands on a bench at sunset
Man lifting a huge rock. Metaphor, concept of strength, burden, ballast, power etc.
Indonesian elementary school children with a heavy educational burden carrying many books
Chain of interest percentage blocks. Discounts and sale promotions. Banking. Interest rate on loan or deposit. Loyalty program. Debt burden. Credit line. Bank. Shopping
Stress of a businessman
Tired stressed out mother holding her baby
Freedom, relief or escape from bad habit, psychology anchoring effect or cut heavy burden to growing more concept, businessman using scissor to cut the rope tie himself with big heavy anchor.
Burden, business concept art sketch. A strong man pushes a large ball up the inclined plane. Vector hand drawn illustration.
Bent down guy carrying a big heavy clock on his back. Overloaded student tired of daily tasks, and difficult burden. Time pressure and management concept, schedule efficiency, planning and control.
Break free or breaking bad habits or routines for freedom, pay off debt, destroy shackle or anxiety burden, escape and liberation concept, confidence businessman use hammer to break heavy chain burden
Medical debt, health care and treatment cost from Covid-19 disease, hospital expense or drug and medicine bills concept, broke bankrupt man carrying giant medicine debt burden after cure from COVID-19
Ant, who carries an object resembling an apple. Symbolic image, the character who carries carrying a heavy burden,  raster illustration.
young good looking woman feeling tired and sick
Businessman with his burden
Cast your burdens, cares, troubles on the LORD. The biblical concept of faith and trust in God Jesus Christ. A handwritten inspiring quote from Holy Bible. Christian hope, belief, comfort. A close-up.
Tired mother taking care of baby
Young man carrying some heavy credit cards. Flat modern concept vector illustration of burden of credit cards and bank fees during life. Casual consumer with plastic cards on white background
Busy person overloaded with many tasks in to-do list and lot of plans for holiday travel. Concept of multitasking and businesses burden. Woman in stress with multiple problem. Flat vector illustration
Businessman or office worker standing beside pie chart and holding dollar coin. Concept of taxpayer and tax burden, taxation, fiscal policy, budget planning. Modern flat colorful vector illustration.
Psalm 55:22 Give Your Burdens To The Lord Sign on white background
Illustration of one business person who is carrying a burden of debt. cartoon vector
Businessman holds clock in hands. Concept of saving time and money. Time management. Planning work. Reduced cost and bureaucratic burden. Saving productivity. Extension of life. Debt / tax holidays
Bent down young man keeps hands back as carrying an heavy invisible object on his shoulders isolated on white background. Overloaded boy tired of daily routine, difficult task and burden concept.
benefits and burdens in a balanced life - pictured as words benefits,burdens in hands to show that burdens and benefits should stay in balance, 3d illustration
depression. black and white photo of a melancholic girl sitting alone by the sea feeling sad and contemplating
Working taxpayer man being tied up by the burden of heavy tax. Vector illustration concept of heavy tax burden, financial restriction, business oppression, and excessive debt.
Hard work like pushing boulder uphill, burden or obstacle, business difficulty, struggle, challenge to success, motivation or persistence concept, businessman pushing boulder uphill to mountain peak.
Stress and Depression Related Vector Icon Set. 48x48 Pixel Perfect
Man with heavy baggage
Sins as a heavy weight in life - symbolized by a person in chains attached to a prisoner ball to show that Sins can be a sorrow, brings suffering and it is a psychological burden, 3d illustration
A businessman puts two puzzles with the words Tax and Relief. The concept of reducing the debt burden on business and local production to increase the competitiveness of their products. Economy
Stress burden, anxiety from work difficulty and overload, problem in economic crisis or pressure from too much responsibility concept, tried exhausted businessman carrying heavy messy line on his back
Conceptual image of a businessman pulling a heavy ball
Silhouette of a man walking with a sad look on after sunset.
A Child Pulls a Huge Bag. Copy Space. Isolate
Stressed woman engineer holding a huge heavy stone above head. Metaphor for the individual's persistent struggle against the challenges of life. Making effort to carry a big rock, concept of burden.
3d rendering of a striped hot air balloon flies in the sky weighted down by a wrecking ball with a word Debt written on it. Weight of credit. Financial burden. Travelling expenses.
Hard work.The person rolls the rock on mountain.
Portrait of a Sad or unhappy man sitting on a bench at Sunset
Hand lettering with Bible verse Cast your burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain you . Biblical background. Modern calligraphy Scripture print. Christian poster. Psalm
Tired person overloaded with social media information, chats. Woman under pressure of message, mail chaos. Digital communication excess concept. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background
Concept of difficult career in business affair
Businessman carrying heavy burden of house and car debts. Man overcoming financial problem flat vector illustration. Loan, property, bankruptcy concept for banner, website design or landing web page
Businessman and huge stone . Business problem crisis hardship and burden concept
past burden concept, woman dragging chains and big ball
Nervous woman biting nails and looking away alone outdoors in the street
Full length profile portrait of woman with Afro hairstyle in green sweater pulling invisible heavy burden, striving hard to achieve success. Indoor studio shot isolated on orange background.
Stressed business woman in the city.
Debtor. Businessman is pulling a huge weight with a debt. Business concept debtor in a flat style. Vector illustration.
Emotional Stress, Paperwork, Frustration.
Overworked, exhaustion or burnout, unhealthy work life balance problem, too many work causing fatigue, anxiety or stress concept, frustrated businessman on small life compare to heavy work burden.
Student loan debt pay off or forgiveness program, cut education expense or reduce fee concept, young adult woman cut chain to relief from student loan debt burden metal ball from graduated mortarboard
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