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Vector of a businesswoman painting her own career path while businessman being supported by corporate culture
Business gender inequality vector concept. Symbol of pay gap, disrimination, unfair treatment. Minimal eps10 illustration.
Vector of a small businessman supported by unknown investor bridging the gap in his career path
Vector of a hand with book bridging  the gap between a businessman and a businesswoman
Cooperation concept. Vector of a businessman and a businesswoman connecting the bridge with a missing part
business concept picture of challenge. A man stands on the edge of a high wall and passes the gap by placing a ladder. Problem solving and decisionmaking.
inequality between people concept
Business inequality vector concept. Man on higher position than woman. Gender based discrimination. Minimal illustration. Eps10 design.
Vector of a teacher hand holding a book bridging the gap in primary education for children passing by
Business bridge as an industry success concept as workers or people crossing a path made of gears and cogs with 3D render elements.
Businessman making a bridge between two stacks of wooden pegs for another businessman to walk safely across in a conceptual image.
silhouette of boy standing at abyss looking to goal. Concept of education solution and decision of future.
Man Holding Two Coin Stacks To Compare
Businessman and businesswoman are standing on stacks of coins representing wages level. Gender gap and inequality in salary. Sexism and discrimination. Vector illustration.
“MIND THE GAP” phrase denoted by the famous London Underground yellow words symbolising the gender pay gap and London tourism
People running break through the Internet,Network connection turned into, vector illustration.
Virtual reality experience, technologies of the future. Mixed media
Glowing arrow breaking through wall on concrete background. Breakthrough and success concept. 3D Rendering
People looking into the distance from a high point, connected by dotted lines, vector illustrations.
Businessman jumping over a precipice or gap. Concept of progress, ambition, overcome a problem, taking a risk. 3D illustration
Drawing a bridge and conquering adversity business concept as a group of people running from one cliff to another with the help of a pencil line sketch as a concept for bridging the gap for success.
Compare Wage And Money Gap. Equal Pay
The moment of fist smashing the Internet, the concept of breakthrough,vector illustration.
crack in ground after earthquake the rift on surface
Breaking Through for success without limits and overcoming obstacles as a concrete wall to achieve a goal as a metaphor for a cure or business goals and target with 3D illustration elements.
The concept of the gap between the rich and the poor
Business challenge and solution vector concept with businessman standing on top of the wall. Symbol of overcoming problems, success, opportunity. Eps10 illustration.
Wage gap and gender equality concept depicted with male and female figurines standing on top of coin piles and line graph
Pencil sketch bridging the gap between wooden blocks for female miniature figure to cross
The figure of a man and a woman on scales. Gender pay gap. Equality, inequality. The concept of divorce and division of property. Resolving family disputes. Discrimination
People diversity abstract concept vector illustration set. Generation and communication gap, technology gap, society development, information exchange, digital divide, relationship abstract metaphor.
Gender gap. Man and woman standing on different heights dollar bills stack, inequality in salary, different opportunities in company, injustice sexism and female discrimination vector flat concept
Gender Inequality, Sex Discrimination Fairness Concept. One Businessman and Three Businesswomen Characters Stand on Scales. Woman Rights, Feminism, Salary Imbalance. Cartoon People Vector Illustration
Preoccupied woman standing near the closed door and man opening the door and walking up the stairs. Unequal career opportunities between men and women. Discrimination of women in career growth. Vector
Gender equality. Genders gap, man and woman stand at career ladder, different opportunities in company. Female discrimination, injustice and sexism symbol feminism and women rights vector flat concept
Opening new doors. Mixed media
cyber security, digital crime concept, data protection from hacker
Man jump through the gap on sunset fiery background. Element of design.
The family lawyer shares the figure of a man and a woman on scales. The concept of divorce and division of property. Solving family disputes. Arbitration Services. Gender pay gap
Human Bridge, Teamwork Silhouette Concept of Bridging the Gap
Man jumping across the gap from one rock to cling to the other. Man jumping over rocks with gap on sunset fiery background. Element of design.
man on the edge afraid of jumping onto the other side, abstract concept
Business innovation world creative idea
Rich and poor people with different salary, income or career growth unfair opportunity. Concept of financial inequality or gap in earning. Flat vector cartoon illustration isolated.
Businessman and business woman stand near scales. Unequal rights among genders. Sexism in pay, female discrimination. Concept of gender gap and inequality in salary. Trendy flat vector illustration
Stock market increase concept with opened laptop and digital arrows and financial diagram. Double exposure
Inequality by gender diversity and woman discrimination tiny person concept. Uneven salary for same work and wage difference from sexism and stereotypes vector illustration. Social imparity problem.
man jumping across the mountain gap icon, life challenge obstacle, jump career barrier, high cliff and people courage, business mission risk, thin line symbol - editable stroke vector illustration
man reaching the other side crossing bridge
Business concepts, income gap
Vector of businessmen using gears to bridge the cliff gap between them. Business strategy and solution concept
firewall and internet security concept, secured access to user personal data information, cybersecurity

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Gender equality concept as woman hands holding a white paper sheet with male and female symbol over a crowded city street background. Sex sign as a metaphor of social issue.
Views of the Rolando gap and the finger along with the Taillon
Couple filling gap between them. Man and woman placing missing piece of puzzle. Flat vector illustration. Relationship, connection, link concept for banner, website design or landing web page
Two persons standing on different high peaks showing the divergence of success achievement. Inequality between people concept as global social issue. Discrimination, injustice and unfairness symbol.
Vector of a business man hand holding a puzzle piece bridging the gap in primary education for children passing by
Silhouette of businessman standing in air gap
Vector of a helping hand with dollar bill bridging economy gap during coronavirus pandemic, assisting business people to overcome financial difficulties
Grandson explaining grandpa how to use smartphone, easy application for elderly
Sexism and discrimination of women in career growth concept. Preoccupied businesswoman stands near ladder and waits for lift doors. Unequal career opportunities, glass ceiling. Cartoon vector illustration
Vector of a little boy on a cliff edge looking through binoculars to a red flag on a mountain peak
Male and female symbols on piles of coins on balance scale - Gender pay equality concept
Photo of surprised Afro woman in black t shirt gasps from amazement, looks with scared face expression aside, dressed in black t shirt, unexpected to see something horrible, poses in torn paper wall
Business gender gap and inequality concept. Vector of a businessman screaming in megaphone and a businesswoman standing across gap.
Female hand building a bridge with wooden blocks; concept of association; panoramic banner
Miniature people standing on a pile of coins in front of a graph. The concept of the growing income gap in the profession.
Vector of a teacher hand in glove holding a book bridging the gap in primary education for children wearing face mask passing by during coronavirus pandemic
Man standing on a broken bridge . This is a 3d render illustration.
Vector of a small businessman supported by unknown investor giving him opportunity making bridge with jigsaw puzzle
Wide view image of male hand drawing a line between two wooden pegs for a silhouette of a man to walk across. Over yellow background with copy space.
Discrimination of disabled people. Woman with disability cannot move up career ladder. Equal rights and opportunities for all people. Disability inequality concept. Landing page. Vector illustration
Employee Salary line icon. linear style sign for mobile concept and web design. Wage gap outline vector icon. Symbol, logo illustration. Vector graphics
The gap. Manager examining a hole. Failure, obstacle, problems concept vector illustration.
Stick figure man destroying all door with an energy fireball power. Vector artwork concept depict overcome challenges, dealing with difficulty, solving obstacles, and going through barrier of entry.
Business escape concept and corporate success idea or overcoming an obstacle as an esc computer button closing the gap with 3D illustration elements.
Gender gap and inequality in salary,
pay vector concept. Businessman and businesswoman on piles of coins.
discrimination, difference, injustice.
Vector illustration flat cartoon character design
The businessman puts the figure of a man and a woman on the scales with money. Concept of gender pay gap. Income inequality. Oppression of women. Gender discrimination. Underestimation of female labor
depiction of the gender equality made with some toy blocks: one with a female gender symbol, another one with an equals sign and another one with a male gender symbol, on a light brown background
Businesswoman checking her stock market data
Unity growth concept and bridge the gap business symbol as two tree roots on a high cliff merging together bridging together to form a new sapling as an icon of partnership success and strength.
man thinking about taking big risk to reach the other side with a big jump
surreal concept of a man rising stairs to try to reach the top
Business leadership and visionary vector conept with businessman looking with telescope. Business challenge, future symbol. Eps10 vector illustration.
We Care  health vulnerability  checking his laptop and Medical Data Breach Checking security on smartphone
SEO and Digital Marketing Outline Icons - Stroked, Vectors
Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine. Vaccination destroying Covid19 virus. Medicine, pharmacy. 3D illustration
Business challenge vector concept. Businessman looking across gap. Symbol of risk, obstacle, barrier, overcoming, finding solution. Eps10 illustration.
Mountain landscape with precipice in rocks. Vector cartoon illustration of abyss between cliffs, canyon or gorge. Dangerous rocky crack, gap or chasm divides stone ledge
Big hand - the investor helps manager to bridge the gap. The concept of support and financial assistance, the loan. Business vector illustration

Gender equality concept. Female and Male gender sign. Screen template for mobile smart phone, landing page, template, ui, web, mobile app, poster, banner, flyer. Modern flat cartoon style. Vector
Avoid business trouble risk, smart thinking to overcome difficulty obstacle or emotional problem, solving problem concept, smart superpower businessman jump pass trouble metaphor of business crisis.
Gap of Roland, Marbore and Monte Perdido in the Ordesa valley. Pyrenees of Huesca
Businessman Fly Breakthrough Coronavirus Crisis. Business People Move on in the Coronavirus 2019 or Covid-19 Crisis Effect Concept. Conceptual Vector Illustration.
Gender gap and inequality in salary, pay vector concept. Businessman and businesswoman on piles of coins. Symbol of discrimination, difference, injustice. Eps10 vector illustration.
Successful businessman with arms up celebrating his victory. Celebrating success. Low angle view of excited young businessman keeping arms raised and expressing positivity while stands on the stage
Young and old woman faces in profile . Young and elderly person, age diversity. Generation gap concept. Vector Flat Illustration
Business gender equality vector concept with businessman and businesswoman taking action for equality with the symbol of equal in between them.Symbol of equal pay ,salary, fairness and justice .
Gender pay gap, sexism at bookkeeping. Male hand holding more money then female, panorama, free space
Generation gap concept. A young woman and mature female look away from each other during conflict or disagreement. Women have their backs on one another. Vector illustration
Businessman in front of a gap and looking for the target. Goal achievement concept. Vector illustration. Flat design.
The new normal world after coronavirus COVID-19. Hope for the future. 3D illustration
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