Lazy student girl at home, she is resting with her face down on the school book, education and childhood concept
Cute schoolboy keeping open book on head in classroom
Tired schoolboy with hand on face sitting at desk in classroom
Thinking child bored, frustrated and fed up doing his homework
Asian boy lethargic and want to sleep when doing homework.
education, elementary school, people, childhood and emotions concept - sad or bored little student girl over green chalk board background
Young boy concentrating on his schoolwork sitting at his desk in the classroom with his head in his hands reading his class notes
sad and tired cute junior schoolgirl with blond hair sitting in stress working doing homework looking bored and overwhelmed in children education at school and academic performance
Portrait of Asian boy with glasses showing very lazy unhappy bored and tired gesture
Children sleeping in the classroom
Portrait of upset schoolboy sitting at desk with books holding his head
Child with backpack holding some school books with a blackboard in the background
education, elementary school, learning and people concept - group of school kids with pens and notebooks writing test in classroom
beautiful kid feeling bored isolated on grey background
Sad tired frustrated boy sitting at the table with many books and holding paper with word Help. Learning difficulties, education concept.
An Adorable kid bored  ( isolated on white )
Student resting his head on his arms while looking up
education and school concept - tired little student girl at school
Very unhappy boy sits at the desk and looks away
Bored student laying his head on his desk
Two identical twin brothers doing their homework on the kitchen table and getting distracted with games.
Angry and tired schoolgirl studying with a pile of books on her desk
Bored little schoolgirl leaning by her hand while sitting by workplace in school
Bored girl reading tablet in elementary school class
Bored kids at school lesson, boy and girl. Cute cartoon vector illustration.
Sad and unhappy child with book in hands and backpack. Upset toddler boy. problem child. concept for bullying, depression stress or frustration. On school background. Education for small kids.
Portrait of her she nice attractive smart clever disappointed girl wearing checked shirt sitting in lotus pose waiting inspiration isolated over bright vivid shine blue green background
Little cute girl is bored and tired with doing her homework.
Bored child lying with head on desk next to homework
Little boy in classroom, looking bored
Boring little girl sitting in car seat and looking through window during long journey
Cute little boy looking bored with his hand on his chin on a white background
Elementary boy sleeping while girl studying in background at classroom
The child learns to play checkers. Intellectual development of the child. The child is tired. Copy space.
Playful cute little girl having fun while leaning on thick books on the grey background. Her hair is done in plaits. Tasty yellow and red apple is on the top of the book pile.
Portrait of bored little schoolboy leaning on table in library with female classmate in background
student sitting in the class looking bored and depressed (JPEG available in my gallery)
Student daydreaming
Back to school sketch
Child studying hard
Set of kid activity, kid wake up,sleep,eat,go to school,learning,meditating.Vector and illustration.
Little girl don't want to do her homework.
Portrait of bored schoolboy sitting at lesson
A bored red child is thinking while is leaning on a white desk
Handsome Young Boy
School life routine. Bored girl on second desk is in primary focus. Shallow depth of field.
education and school concept - tired little student girl at school
Tired school boy with hand on face sitting at desk in classroom. Bored schoolchild sitting at desk with classmates in classroom. Frustrated and thoughtful young child sitting and looking up.
Young schoolboy searching for answers sitting at his desk in the classroom staring up into the air with a thoughtful expression
Young Caucasian boy showing bored or upset emotion
Bored pupil. Tired bored little boy sitting sadly at the table with books by his side
Portrait of a little kid having problems with his homework and trying to think
Kid in different poses about learning, back to school. Vector and illustrator
Bored kid doing homework or sitting on boring school lesson. Cute cartoon vector illustration.
All of kids different pose about learning.back to school.Vector and illustrator
Sad kid boy resting outdoors. Bored little student
Picture of two preschool girls lying on mat in kindergarten, feeling bored. Cute female child resting on floor at home together with her baby sister, telling fairy tales. Childhood and relationships
Boring job.Young business boy. funny child in glasses writing pen. little boss in office
sweet little schoolgirl in school uniform sitting at studying desk doing homework looking thoughtful and absent mind in child education concept isolated on white background
Bored little schoolboy looking away while leaning on table in library with female classmate in background
Test. Bored smart kids checking different exercises while being at school
Bored schoolgirl with pile of books. homework. Isolated.
Side view portrait of little boy leaning at desk with teacher and classmates in background
Tired schoolboy isolated on a white background
A schoolgirl studying with books on the kitchen table
Student in a classroom at elementary school
Cute blond schoolboy bored and tired (boredom)
kid boring about something. back to school. cute boy bored homework.
education, elementary school, childhood and emotions concept sad or bored little student girl studying looking frustrated with learning problems on white background
Bored teenager
Vector cartoon illustation of frightened boy in class kid doing homework or sitting on boring school lesson.
two kids is full of questions in class
Caucasian teenage boy in back seat of a car looking through the window
A little girl bored with her homework.
angry and tired child girl having problems with home work, throwing papers with mistakes. School and education concept. Difficult lessons.
Illustration of cute boy faces showing different emotions
Young attractive asian student holding colorful books in her arm on white background. Smiling girl in colorful t-shirt hold many books. School girl with a lot books to read for homework.
Annoyed Kid on the School Desk on the white background
Little boy sleeping on desk with girl in background at classroom
Vector aweary super girl hunched herself, tiredly dropped her eyelids, a mess on her head, a red mask and a red cloak tied around her neck. Cutout cartoon funny Super hero art.
Sad father tired about sons failure on mathematics homework, stress
Illustration of cute girl  faces showing different emotions
bored boy with glasses and uniform at school desk, concept of children's school emotions
Group of disengaged, bored children on mobile devices
Bored little girl looking at tablet. Loneliness childhood.
School children in classroom sitting at their desks and behaving differently. Elementary school pupil raising hand. Vector illustration.
kids texting message on smartphone
Tired boring boy don't want to do his difficult school homework
A young girl with an unhappy expression, surrounded by her overwhelming thoughts
Portrait of the boy in blue shirt and jeans on the yellow background with frame. Bored.
caucasian girl bored and sleeping in the library
Little boy lying on the floor with toy and he has bored emotion.
tired young boy in shirt with a big book
child eating boring food a over white background
Bored and Discouraged Student
barefoot boy sitting on the lawn. cute kid in the park. Looking away. copy space for your text
Close-up of tired pupil with yellow crayon putting his head on arm and looking at camera
Bored sad little boy sitting at table. sad bored boy child toy activity baby kindergarten concept
sleepy boy in classroom
College student bored, frustrated and overwhelmed. Young girl with a backpack on his back holding books in hands. Isolated on white background.
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