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boss and worker checking results on the tablet
Workers in warehouse
Rear view of two blue-collar workers during break in the interior of an industrial hall
Worker in orange uniform and white helmet. Safety during roadworks
Young man looking up order details on a tablet as he shops in a hardware warehouse for supplies , close up upper body
Industrial workers standing together: manual workers, technicians, engineers and manager
Portrait factory senior welder worker on manufacture workshop background
City life in spring. A young man in a blue suit, by a bicycle park. Checking his smart phone for messages.
Smiling young man working in a warehouse standing with a bag of product over his shoulder grinning happily at the camera, close up view
boss and worker checking results on pc
Industrial worker working on machine in factory
Man in warehouse
happy african industrial worker with arms folded
Work tools background.
Asian worker checking quality behind an industrial machine indoors in the factory
Proud senior citizen as excecutive chief at carpentry shop
Safety engineering and a helmet resting on the details of the co
Manager and workers in warehouse
wholesale, logistic, shipment and people concept - loader operating forklift and loading boxes at warehouse
Close-up of two workers shaking hands after completing a job
Worker is wearing his safety helmet and preparing to work.
pretty female nursery worker portrait with pruner
man cutting wood with band saw
close up portrait of african american petrochemical worker outside the factory
Worker cutting metal with acetylene torch close-up on low ligth
Senior man shopping for power drill in DIY shop, smiling, portrait
Warehouse worker
Blue collar workers and architects in loft apartment with living kitchen (3D Rendering)
Male supervisor with workers discussing over blueprints in industry
happy electricians using laptop computer in electrical substation
Man as carpenter taking a coffe break and relaxing
Senior as old craftsman with experience
Worker in reflective vest and white helmet during physical work
Business and construction team group with workers, architects and engineers
happy textile factory co-workers with arms crossed
Craftsmans team working together at carpentry shop
Asian experts checking information on tablet PC while supervising work in a modern factory
Mature female worker working on machinery with colleague in background at industry
Serious female farmer posing on farm. Confident woman farm worker wearing plaid shirt and jeans overalls looking at camera, arms crossed
Blue collar worker and business team in front of an apartment loft
Architect engineer using laptop for working with yellow helmet on desk.
Smiling young blue collar worker against a white background
two happy gardeners talking in greenhouse
Technical college class photo of a group of handsome blue collar working men.  Diverse ages and ethnicities represented.
Young man shopping or working in a hardware warehouse standing checking supplies on his tablet with an absorbed expression
happy hardware store worker looking at the camera
Woman working on a construction site
cheerful african courier standing with parcel at the door
african auto mechanic pumping car tyre
The collar, coat button and the seam of blue dress.
Electrician and his apprentice
Portrait of a docker in front of a harbor scene with two of his coworkers out of focus in the background
beautiful female nursery worker working in greenhouse
happy african american female architect with team on background
People professions and occupations icon set in flat design #1

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Man working with vertical saw machine with competence
modern industrial machine operator working in factory
Innovative contemporary smart industry: product design, automated production line, delivery and distribution with people, robots and machinery, industry 4.0 concept
Teamwork building construction
Man as welder worker with experience and competence
Working class manager in machine shop.
Mature man portrait. Shallow DOF.
Portrait of smiling female worker using digital tablet in manufacturing industry
St Louis, Missouri, United States-circa 2015-Portrait male worker welder, mask, machinery in dirty manufacturing factory plant, man welding in background, sparks, union, labor, job, employment, trade.
Supervisor and manual worker discussing over metal in industry
metalworking industry: factory welder worker grinding steel in workshop with abrasive disc
Smiling young Caucasian blue collar worker in white uniform and with helmet under armpit using tablet for controling delivery. In background worker standing next to forklift. Warehouse interior.
Three hands with screwdriver, hammer, and wrench on white background. Handmade and DYI. Manual labor. Building and repair.
modern industrial machine operator working in factory
Warehouse worker taking inventory
machinist in a factory checking quality of work
Factory worker discussing data with supervisor in metal factory
Warehouse worker dragging a cart with merchandise
Closeup photo of arc welding of a steel shaft with helicoid, spiral
White and blue collar worker as a team holding thumbs up
Two blue-collar workers wearing protective equipment while insulating an industrial pressure vessel
construction manager writing report at construction site
happy heavy industry manager and workers portrait
Engineer going over blueprints with a student on the construction site.
construction workers in the sunset
Blurred motion of business people walking with manual worker in background at industry
Safety engineering and a helmet resting on the details of the construction site with a bulldozer behind them.
construction co-workers discussing about work plan construction site
Worker driving heavy construction equipment - bulldozer or backhoe.
America back to work with red hard hat and flag.
worker using mobile phone outside factory
cheerful industrial manager and worker outdoors
Construction worker with blueprints on a sky background
Workers and business people together as a team
Construction worker ordering parts
happy female nursery worker trimming plants in greenhouse
happy male technician in factory
Panorama with group of different occupations as Jobcenter advertising
auto service, repair, deal and people concept - mechanic and customer or car owner shaking hands at workshop
Serious caucasian unshaven factory worker in overall sitting in control room and using tablet.
Man putting down linoleum flooring
Vector of different people of blue collar and white collar professions hospital staff, surgeon, doctor, nurse, freelancers, businesswoman and businessman, engineer, artists.
Auto Mechanic with Clipboard at Work
Mature male supervisor looking at clipboard while talking on mobile phone in industry
man sitting on ground holding construction hat
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