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Vector illustration with black rooster silhouette isolated on white. Symbol of Chinese New Year. Crowing Cock.
Rooster coloring book page. Black ink illustration, contour drawing for coloring. Hand drawn artwork.
Vintage black rooster isolated on white background (raster version). Great for signs, symbol, tattoo, web, logo.
Rooster silhouette vector illustration. Farm bird or butcher shop graphics isolated on white background.
Engraved rooster. Roosters chicken sketch isolated on white background, hand drawn vintage cock retro styled picture, farm bantam engraving vector illustration
hen icon or logo isolated sign symbol vector illustration - Collection of high quality black style vector icons
Rooster vector with vintage style
Chicken Rooster Silhouette Icon Logo design
Vector image of an cock on white background
Vector design chicken is text on a white background.
simple chicken vector is standing tall
Rooster on the skull. Symbolic image of time, life and death. Hand drawn ink pen vector illustration on white background. Occult, horror, magic, dark, gothic, rock metal music, tattoo concept.
A strange chicken from Indonesia - Ayam Cemani isolated on a white background.
Vector illustration of rooster, black and white style
Chicken set. Vector illustration isolated on white background
Silhouettes of chickens and roosters isolated on white
chicken,black and white vector picture,standing rooster and hen isolated on white background,side view
Different chickens silhouettes
Wind direction rooster in black and white
Polish floral embroidery with roosters - traditional folk pattern
white rooster
Rooster or cock hand drawn in medieval engraving style. Gorgeous farm bird isolated on white background. Vector illustration in monochrome colors for banner, print, restaurant logo, advertisement.
Rooster silhouette, vector illustration.
Rooster drawn in black ink on a white background. Vector
Chicken and egg in vector
Continuous one line drawing rooster cock
Realistic rooster or cock hand drawn in vintage engraving or woodcut style. Domestic fowl, poultry farm bird. Illustration for banner, poster, flyer, postcard, print, advertisement.
Rooster engraved. Hand drawn.
Set of butchery logo. Farm animals silhouettes collection for groceries, meat stores, packaging and advertising.
Beef, pork, chicken, milk labels.
hand drawn vector set of four abstract farm birds isolated on a white background
Black and white photo of rooster feather with details and reflexions
Rooster (cock) in  flower garden . Hand drawn sketch. Page for coloring book. Doodle, zentangle design. Symbol of 2017. Vector illustration. Black and White sample.
Black and white stripe Rooster
Chicken family. Badges and design elements for the chicken manufacturing.
Rooster mascot logo silhouette version. Chicken in sport style, mascot logo illustration design vector
Rooster. Cock Illustration in Vintage engraving style. Grunge label, sticker for the farms and manufacturing depicting roster. Grunge label for the chicken product. Farm painting. Cockerel. Vector
Wind direction rooster in black and white
Cartoon illustration of an isolated black and white rooster silhouette, graphic stamp based on an original hand drawn sketch
Black vector cock on white background
Running hen . rooster or chicken jumping on to the air. Black rooster or chicken. water color painting. Fighting Cocks. chicken bantam, Rooster isolated on white background. A smart Thai rooster .
Fighting rooster silhouette isolated on white background
rooster  - black and white, sumptuous rooster
Set of twelve various amusing rooster black vector silhouettes isolated on the white background
rooster, chicken
Black Rooster Silhouettes Isolated on White. Vector illustration. Symbols of 2017 Chinese New Year. Crowing Cock.
Black and white chicken or rooster, lying down on the ground
Rooster in farm black and white
Art portrait of rooster
Set of poultry labels templates
Page with black and white drawing of rooster for coloring. Developing children skills for drawing. Vector image.
Chinese zodiac rooster design element for Chinese New Year decoration. Hand drawing cock or rooster in black on white background. New Year of the Rooster zodiac emblem . Vector.
Rooster. Birds. Black white hand drawn doodle. Ethnic patterned vector illustration. African, indian, totem, tribal, design. Sketch for adult antistress coloring page, tattoo, poster, print, t-shirt
farm animals set silhouettes vector
Outlined chicken family. Vector line art illustration coloring page.
close up portrait of bantam chicken isolated on white background. File contains a clipping path.
Hen and Rooster. white background
Vector image of an black rooster on white background
Rooster bantam crows isolate on white background
Hand drawn doodle outline rooster illustration. Decorative abstract ornate rooster drawing
The black stylized cocks on a white background
Vector handrawn illustration of the rooster or cockerel. Isolated on the white background.
An illustration of a chicken, could be a food label or menu icon for chicken
Three rooster icons: head and two silhouettes
Funny Cartoon Farm Domestic Animals Collection for Kids Coloring Page. Countryside cottage animals illustration for children coloring book. Vector EPS10.
Chicken grunge design,vector

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Vector image of a cock design on white background
43 pieces of detailed vectoral farm animals silhouettes.
vector image of a rooster
Closeup of black and white rooster (Gallus) crowing and view of profile
Vintage black rooster isolated on white background (vector version eps 8). Great for signs, logos, web, logotype.
White cock on a black background. Rooster isolated
 Cute cartoon farm animals. Doodle Icons Hand Made. Vector Sketch Illustration. duck, horse, sheep, cow, pig, dog, cat, chick. Hand drawn doodle vector illustration.Suitable for coloring book.
Young white hen isolated on black background
photo of white and black isolated rooster
unique black and white rooster
Fun folk Easter chicken seamless pattern for background, fabric, textile, wrap, surface, web and print design. Repeatable motif in ethnic classic cute style.
Portrait of white Rooster
illustration with light rooster isolated on white background
Black silhouette of a rooster. Isolated on a white background. Vector illustration.
Big Turkey bird black pen hand vector drawing
Rooster Logo Template Design Vector
cartoon illustration of farm animals group for coloring group
Cute cockerel flat pawprint set on white snow backdrop. Freehand line black ink hand drawn vet logo emblem in retro art doodle contour style pen on paper space for text. Funny nestle badge top view
Chicken have red comb. Black australorp rooster isolated on white background.
Poster for local market. Cow, pig, hen stand on each other. Vintage logo, retro print for butchery, meat shop with typography, animal silhouette. Group of farm animals for logo. Vector Illustration
Rooster, Chicken, domestic farmer Bird for Coloring pages, zentangle illustration for adult anti stress Coloring books or tattoos with high details isolated on white background. Vector bird sketch.
An illustration of a stylised rooster or cockerel perhaps a rooster tattoo
Template calendar 2017 with a rooster in Memphis style. Rooster symbol of Chinese New Year. 12 illustrations of birds with different geometric ornaments in the style of 80-90.
Vector illustration. Black silhouette of a rooster design. Isolated male chicken on a white background
roosters collection silhouette - vector
set of beautiful fragile little bird feathers isolated on white background
Vector Farm Animals Silhouettes Isolated on White
Black farm animals silhouettes pattern design. Animal black background, vector illustration
Drawn hens and rooster, isolated on white background. Black and white line art.
Vector Farm Animals Silhouettes Isolated on White
Graphically black and white cartoon rooster cook with frying pan
Little cute chicken side sketch with black lines, isolated on white background, stock vector illustration, for design and decor, prints, logos, labels, easter theme, farm
farm animals vector collection. Cow, pig, chicken, sheep, goat, turkey, goose, horse logo.
black feathers cock on white background
Black and White Cartoon Vector Illustration of Finding Differences Educational Task for Preschool Children with Rooster and Hen Farm Animal Characters for Coloring Book
Black silhouette of cock in different poses on a white background. Domestic animals. Vector illustration
illustration with farm birds isolated on white background
rooster, cockfight, attack, black and white, game cock
Big Turkey bird black pen hand drawing
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