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Calf, 8 months old, looking at the camera in front of white background
Hand drawn vector of calf isolated on white background for coloring page. Black and white  stock illustration of baby cow for coloring book.
Calves on the field
cow farm  animal
two black and white calfs stand close together in straw of barn
Mom And Baby Giraffe Face Black Background
Baby elephant seeking comfort against mother's leg - Etosha National Park
Artistic, black and white photo of three African Bush Elephants, Loxodonta africana, from adults to newborn calf, coming together with trunks raised, isolated on white with a touch of environment.
Holstein Calf Grazing in a Green Field
little calf
Beautiful Mom And Baby Giraffe Playing
Newborn calf
Two baby goats eating grass.
Young black and white calf at dairy farm. Newborn baby cow
Black and white calf standing in a stable with hay all around and a yellow mark in the ear
Three week old Jersey bull calf.
Calf, 8 months old, looking away in front of white background
Rear view of a Calf, 8 months old, in front of white background
Calf laying down in straw Dairy Farm Cow Pennsylvania Holstein Cute Baby Animal
Calves on the field
Appaloosa animal print seamless pattern design. Leopard, cowhide, horse skin pattern with small black spots on white background. Animal print for fashion, textile, interior design.
Cute Little Baby Giraffe Loving Her Mother
Friesian Calf Grazing in a Green Field
Calf, 8 months old, in front of white background
Funny cute cow isolated on white. Talking black and white cow. Funny curious cow. Farm animals. Cow, standing full-length in front of white background, Pet cow on white.
Calf in stable with yellow eartags
Menorca Friesian cow grazing in green meadow at Balearic Islands of Spain
Calf, 8 months old, in front of white background
cow farm animal
Vector Livestock Silhouettes Isolated on White
Hand drawing. The head of the calf. Black Outline. Vector. Drawn in pencil, ink, felt-tip pen, marker on paper. Sketch engraving. Retro style. Isolated on a white background. Packaging design element.
Adorable Cow Portrait on White Background. Farm Animal Grown for Organic Meat
Calf face , selective focus
Newborn calf
black and white calf stands in straw of barn
Seamless appaloosa cow/appaloosa horse print pattern design with black spots on white. Vector animal print textured pattern with black spots on white background.
Close-up of calf
abstract cows head
calf in the stable
cute cow logo vector icon illustration
Ayrshire Hereford Cross Calf isolated with clipping path
little calf
White milch cow with black spots grazing on green grass pasture over blue sky
Portrait of calf lies in straw on farm. Newborn animal
Sad farm cow close up portrait on black background.
A little and white calf.
Little calf portrait - shallow dof
Dirty Stain Animal Blot. Black Animal Splash. Seamless Dog Texture Vector Blob. Giraffe Paint Calf. Giraffe Inkblot Graffiti Dog. Dalmatian Spray Pattern. Seamless Ink Splatter. White Dirty Cow.
calf (bull) isolated on white background
Black and white calf grazing on a meadow near the lake 1
Calf, 8 months old, in front of white background
Calves on the field
Holstein-Frieser cows on a green field in the summer
illustration of different cows. Cow, bull and calf, cow graze in a meadow.   hand drawn sketch style
Baby Elephant next to Cow (Artistic processing) Addo National Park

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Calves on the field
Calf, 8 months old, looking at the camera in front of white background
cute baby cow on farmland in summer
Black line drawing of a sitting cow.Vector illustration isolated on white background.
Baby Elephant running in dust (Artistic processing) Etosha National Park
Calves on the field
Vector of a cow head design on white background. Farm Animal.
Calves on the field
black and white monochrome painting with water and ink draw bull illustration
Young Holstein calf in a nursery located on a dairy farm
Indian jersey cow vector isolated. British breed of small dairy cattle from Jersey. Domestic animal or milk farm animal. Cattle.
Hand drawn vector silhouette of standing calf isolated on white background. Black and white  stock illustration of baby cow.
Black and white Friesian Cow on white background
Black Rhinoceros calf (Diceros bicornis) standing with cow  at a waterhole - Etosha National Park (Digitally enhanced)
Calf, 8 months old, standing with a Polish chicken and a hen lying on its back and two goats standing in front of him in front of white background
little black and white calf with heart shape on his head
black and white cow vector illustrator
Cute newborn cow calf in its pen
cattle of cows
Close up of day old holstein calf laying in stall
Newborn calf
Cow, bull, beef. Vintage lettering, retro print, poster for Butchery meat shop, cow silhouette with lettering text Beef. Isolated black silhouette cow for meat business, meat shop. Vector Illustration
Animal abstract print monochrome seamless pattern - vector
Beautiful Mother Giraffe Playing With Her Baby Giraffe In The Black Background
Cow skin imitation seamless pattern. Vector print. Realistic texture of animals. Black spots isolated on white background. May be applied to clothing, paper or cloth.
Black silhouette cow isolated on white. Hand drawn vector illustration.
Cow calf isolated on white
Silhouette of elephant with baby elephant vector illustration
Vector image of an cow on white background
Young black and white calf at dairy farm. Newborn baby cow
Cute little calf laying in grass
Big Horned Portrait Rhino Walking
Cow licking its newborn calf
Artistic black and white  photo of wild Black rhinoceros, Diceros bicornis. Mother and calf, isolated on white background with touch of environment. South Africa, KwaZulu Natal.
Vector silhouettes of cows, different poses, black color, isolated on white background
Newborn calf on green grass
Bull muzzle in black color, flat style. Design suitable for tattoos, minimalism, decor, paintings, website designs, cow logo, prints, animal prints, stencil, icons. Isolated vector
Cute calf
cute baby cow in summer
Cow head with floral wreath. Vector black graphic illustration isolated on white. Farm animal. Cow portrait printable file

cow head. 
black and white vector image. 
female bull
Cute baby elephant calf in this portrait image from South Africa
Black and white spotted young cow calf in hay
Portrait of calf lying in straw on farm
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