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Aggressive/angry boss complaining asian business woman(casual uniform) in cafe office
Devil angry businessman in the office
stress at work, emotional pressure, angry boss and tired unhappy woman employee
Angry boss shouting to an employee
Angry frustrated boss screaming at his workers for bad plan
A young confused businessman being fired by large boss hand concept with drawn speech bubbles, exlamation, question marks
Bad Boss, Employee are carrying the leader, VECTOR, EPS10
Aggressive/angry boss complaining asian business woman(casual uniform) in cafe office
Fatigued businesswoman taking off glasses tired of computer work, exhausted employee suffering from blurry vision symptoms after long laptop use, overworked woman feels eye strain tension problem
Boss shouting at employee
A young tired businesswoman, exhausted from work sleeping in front of his laptop, leaning on office desk with a telephone handset on hand.
Young boss bullying the candidate in her job meeting
Mad chief dismissing delinquent female employee
Mad boss shouting at employee on megaphone
Angry boss scolding frustrated incompetent employee at workplace, dissatisfied leader shouting, pointing finger at bad office worker for bad work, laziness, sad man getting reprimand, job loss concept
Angry businessman shouting on the phone
Business competition, conflict concept. Two businessman are trying to come to an agreement
Time is gone! Boss showing watch bad manager. Business people concept, richly and success. Indoor, studio shot on light blue background
Angry boss shouting at employee on megaphone, good and bad concept worker vector illustration.
portrait of man smoking cigar
concept photo of big boss yelling at small worker. isolated on white background
Anchorman reading the news into the microphone
Frustrated upset black business man stressed about computer problem, bad online news financial market crisis, sad desperate african ceo feel loser sit at desk with laptop shocked by bankruptcy debt
big angry boss screaming at small startled worker. isolated on white background
Upset woman being scolded by boss for coming late at office, frustrated manager feeling guilty because of missed deadline while receiving reprimand, ceo scolding unpunctual employee after bad work
Young amateur confused businessman not understanding why he is getting fired concept with drawn question marks and large boss hand pointing at him
A young confused businessman being fired by large boss hand concept with drawn speech bubbles, exlamation, question marks
Angry boss shouting at employee on megaphone
Happy and angry boss. Vector flat illustration.
Front view of two angry businesspeople using computers disputing at workplace and looking sideways each other with envy
big boss screaming at small bad worker
Furious client scolding, firing incompetent contractor after unproductive work results. Young frustrated businessman receiving dismiss notification from his partner for incompetence
Rudeness in business team vector illustrations set. Bad job, adverse atmosphere, disrespectful attitude towards colleagues concept. Company staff, rude executive and subordinate cartoon characters.
Young businessman getting stressed by his boss at the meeting
businessman in extreme rage
Small businessman with suit running away from a boss pressure
Millennial businesswoman with skeptical facial expression holding contract document and listening unconvincing offer of business partner. Suspicious terms of agreement, doubtful investor, fraud, scam
Worried businesswoman receiving a notification from a colleague in her workplace at office
Scared and shocked team of young business men and women under boss pressure
big boss is screaming at bad worker
Businessman in suit standing with his arms folded, he is casting shadow of the devil on the rusty orange wall behind him. Unfair competition. Aggressive marketing strategies. Hidden motives.
bad-tempered caucasian business executive yelling at two asian subordinates in office.
Boss firing employee concept with a huge hand pointing at confused business person illustrated by drawn lines in front of grey brick wall
Calm attractive businesswoman practicing yoga at work, meditating in office with eyes closed, ignoring angry bad boss standing behind her back, avoiding negative people, positive thinking, no stress
Serious HR manager interviewing young woman student in the office. Suspicious male wearing suit holding curriculum vitae and looking at applicant with disbelief, dissatisfied, bad first Impression
Old boss and young male employee in the office
Sad people workers lose a job, employee work reduction, global financial and economic crisis. Influence coronavirus. Flat vector cartoon modern concept illustration.
business meeting sad expression bad negative gesture young teamwork
Boss yelling to an employee
Getting fired. Cropped image of beautiful young business woman in formal wear packing her stuff into the box
Unhappy employees leaving their company with boss., displeased with low salaries and work burden. Failure. Frustrated businessman loses his staff sitting on stairway.
Bad salesman trying to convince to a bored client in her office or businessman in a job interview
Attractive women Discussing with  Coworkers pointer finger to secretary.Process Sunny failed Concept.Working Online Project Desktop.Blurred
The employees running away from their bad boss
Senior confident boss telling his worker about bad plan
Portrait of dissatisfied sad handsome businessman
Angry businessman shouting to an employee

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Boss giving order or firing employee. Powerful business man pointing camera with finger. Angry executive or manager. Tough leadership, strict discipline, workplace bullying or fight at work.
A young confused businessman being fired by large boss hand concept with drawn speech bubbles, exlamation, question marks
Handsome businessman working in the office
Young businessman with serious expression
Angry woman boss pointing out
The concept of employees resisting the authority, or the bad boss in the workplace
Hand writing Boss versus Leader concept on chalkboard
Boss threatening employee
Businesswoman being kicked by boss.vector
A young girl covering her ears with her hands. Angry man shouting at her
Sticky notes concept of a man hand chooses good boss or bad boss
Angry boss character yelling at employee. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Businessman needs to work harder
a man wearing a suit crossing his fingers in his back
Angry Boss yelling. Office life. Businessman screaming. Vector illustration
big boss looking at small bad worker
big boss is angry at the bad employee
Furious speaker in glasses at hall
Businessmsn with scary face mask working in office
Irritated businesswoman holding paper, disagrees with bad contract terms, refuses to sign document, has questions claims to agreement conditions, boss dissatisfied with report or written work result
An office boss blaming young amateur and beginner business person with big hand, drawn arrows pointing at him concept
Bullying with an out of control boss shouting to a stressed employee in a desktop at office interior
Vector cartoon illustration. Couple of people quarrel and swear. Aggressive woman yell at man. Human character on white background.
Anger. The evil man expresses his negative emotions. Vector illustration in cartoon style
Boss killing the ideas
businessman with dark side
Boss and employee interaction, office work routine. Good or bad job, clerk dismissal and business meeting at conference room vector illustrations.
Angry businesswoman throwing papers in her partner
angry businessman looking up and showing fist to his big boss
Management style - carrot and stick. Versus background  with good and evil manager, angel boss and demon boss. Vector illustration, flat design, cartoon style.
Open hand raised, Bad Boss sign painted, multi purpose concept - isolated on white background
businesswoman covering her face with angry mask isolated grey wall background. Negative emotions, feelings, expressions, body language
Boss angry shouting at worker on megaphone with lazy employee, vector illustration.
Today we are going to decide who to blame.
Stressed boss and executive team searching problem solution at meeting, partners holding heads in hands depressed by failure bad news, feeling desperate about company bankruptcy or financial crisis
Young businessman choosing beetween the good and the bad
Businessman get blamed for business loss and failure. Business concept vector illustration.
stern boss controls office workers from behind their backs ready to beat them if they fail in something
Concept of stressed man due to colleagues
Composite image, bad leadership conflict concept. Big boss trying to stomping step on his small worker
Authoritarian angry boss businessman looking at a glass jar with captured woman inside
Stress, Angry businessman with mask of Mexican fighter, dressed in suit and tie
Young beautiful african american business woman over isolated background looking unhappy and angry showing rejection and negative with thumbs down gesture. Bad expression.
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