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Like icon. Hand like. Thumb up. Dislike icon. Thumb down. Social media. OK sign. Like symbol. Achievement badge. Quality mark.
Hand of client show a feedback with bad smile face card. Service rating, satisfaction concept
Hush scared business people coughing big pop-eyed fashion concept. Close up portrait of pretty cute terrified frightened mute dumb silent manager model with palms over mouth isolated gray background
3D illustration of a conceptual gauge with needle pointing to very bad scoring. Business credit score concept.
bad boy slogan with bear toy in sunglasses illustration
Afro american man isolated against yellow background smelling something stinky and disgusting, intolerable smell, holding breath with fingers on nose. Bad smells concept.
CLOSE UP: Idyllic agricultural farmland with lush maize fields in gorgeous green valley surrounded by forested mountains on stormy summer day. Grass blades swaying in the wind on bad weather evening
Do and Don't or Like & Unlike Icons with Positive and Negative Symbols
vector illustration user experience feedback concept different mood smiley emoticons emoji icon positive, neutral and negative.
Thumbs up thumbs down. Yes and no concept.
Do and Don't symbols. Thumbs up and thumbs down circle emblems. Like and dislike icons set. Vector illustration.
Man hand showing thumbs down and one star rating on the arm skin. Dislike
Young Caucasian man wearing red t-shirt standing against yellow background shocked covering mouth with hands for mistake. Secret concept.
Bored girl listening a bad conversation from a friend or partner in a coffee shop or hotel on the beach
Customer Experience or Human Emotional Concept. Woman Covered her Face by Paper Bag and present Sad Feeling by Drawn Line Cartoon and Body Language
Frustrated biracial male student sit at desk feel distressed with bad news in paper letter, unhappy African American man stressed by dismissal notice or negative reply in post correspondence or notice
Concept of missing deadline, bad time management. Scene of tired, nervous, stressed man clutches head at work, to do list with red ticks. Flat vector cartoon illustration isolated on white background
No bad habits concept icon. Avoid addiction. Warning for drug using. Restriction from substance. Brain health idea thin line illustration. Vector isolated outline RGB color drawing. Editable stroke
Angry adult woman watching video online on laptop sitting on the floor at home
Halitosis concept of woman with bad breath
Caution - bad weather
Caution Suit
Set of bad, failed or successful team work and deception in partnership. Concept of business agreement or betray between partners. Dishonest teamwork flat vector illustration isolated on white
Hand of client show a feedback with bad smile face card. Service rating, satisfaction concept
Bad Boys Baseball Club
Thumb up and thumb down sign. Up and down index finger sign - stock vector
Social outcast. Wealthy and poor children at school. Communication difficulty and ignoring. Community's rejection. Richness vs poverty inequality concept. Flat vector illustration
Rudeness in business team vector illustrations set. Bad job, adverse atmosphere, disrespectful attitude towards colleagues concept. Company staff, rude executive and subordinate cartoon characters.
Happy and sad face, tick and cross. Vector icon set.
Feminist conceptual poster in minimalist style. Vector illustration of female sexy lips and feminist quote "Bad girls get it done" with stereoscopic effect. Isolated on yellow background.
Depressed young man sitting on a chair reading a document and thinking about finding money for paying bills. Financial problems and bankruptcy concept. Flat vector illustration.
Customer Experience Concept, Hand of Client show Bad sign with Thumb down for Rating in Satisfaction Survey, Symbol of Meaning "Poor"
green check and red cross symbols, round thin line vector signs
Angel and devil suit elements. Good and bad. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Bad Boy Mascot Gaming Esport Logo Template
Cutting the branch your sitting on
Angry young couple complaining, bad contract terms, outraged man arguing with manager or realtor, upset woman holding documents with stats, contract, dissatisfied clients demanding compensation
Feedback vector concept. Rank, level of satisfaction rating. Feedback in form of emotions, smileys, emoji. User experience. Review of consumer.
A woman pinching her nose due to bad breath in a man.
Disgusted child's portrait
Bad man wear good mask. Vecctor flat cartoon illustration
Glued paper wrinkled effect, vector realistic background. Badly wet glued paper or gray adhesive foil with crumpled and greased wrinkles texture, isolated blank templates set
Hand of client show a feedback with bad smile face card. Service rating, satisfaction concept
Bad Santa celebrating Christmas at home alone, he is smoking a cigar and drinking beer
Angry boss, irate teacher flat vector illustration. Team relations, fear atmosphere, attitude towards subordinates, screaming at students concept. Man with whip and frightened staff cartoon characters
Bad breath. Halitosis concept. Young man checking his breath with his hand.
Business problem flat vector illustrations set. Profit drop, rating decrease, company bankruptcy concept. Financial trouble, bad leadership, burnout. Stressed office workers and unmotivated managers.
Business male drawing bankruptcy graph with declining diagram on board vector flat illustration. Upset men colleagues having finance problem at company isolated on white. Chart of profit drop
Good and bad parking examples infographic. Flat vector illustration.
hand of businessman,many hands with thumbs up but get one disagree or dislike feedback  vector illustration

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Good and bad behavior of a child. Kids fighting over a toys. Best friends forever. Funny cartoon character. Isolated on white background. Vector illustration.
Salesman in doubt standing in front of two arrows on blue and red background concept
Vaporwave Streetwear Hoodie,
Palm Leaf with Purple Sky Design, No Bad Vibes
Vector illustration, the concept of negative work, people leave bad reviews, the thumb shows a slave vector
Business fail. Lossing managers bad management processes failed paperwork low graphs and indicators vector concept. Illustration of business fail and crisis, financial bankruptcy and depression
Front view of two angry businesspeople using computers disputing at workplace and looking sideways each other with envy
Pop art style comics panel angry woman grinding teeth with speech bubble and swear words symbols vector poster design illustration
Make a deal with the devil - Devil lawyer and businessman shaking hands. Dangerous manager, bad deal and evil business concept. Vector illustration.
Good bad symbols
In the Underground Laboratory Two Clandestine Chemists Cook Drugs. They Wear Masks and Coveralls and Work with Beakers and Toxic Chemical Compounds.
When your dog smells bad
Back rear view young asian woman employee work from home using computer notebook videocall meeting conference angry annoy with low poor unreliable internet wifi connection problem issue outage.
Diet struggle and decision concept and nutrition choices dilemma between healthy good fresh fruit and vegetables or cholesterol rich fast food with two dinner forks competing to decide what to eat.
Red human figure in a network. Leader and leadership skills. Teamwork of a talented professional worker. Weak link, toxic worker. Security threat. Cooperation, collaboration. Spy. Employee replacement
Boss denying something saying no with a finger gesture to an upset employee in her office
The boss dismisses the employee from the team. Personnel Management. Bad worker. Demotion. The concept of finding people and workers on the job. Selection of teams, the appointment of a leader. Hiring
Quarrel of couple in restaurant, bad relationship
The red employee figure has a devastating effect on the entire business structure. Toxicity, incompetence. Corruption, bureaucracy and nepotism. Improving efficiency of the team. Bad worker, sabotage
Stressed business woman and man resting head on laptop sitting at table frustrated with each other exchanging with clutter of negative thoughts and emotions. Distant relationship concept
Rating feedback scale on white background. Service rating, satisfaction concept
Frustrated business people sitting at the table in office, arguing while discussing project. Their female colleague covering her face with hands looking exhausted and ill. Business problem concept
kid bully friend bad behavior vector
Naughty dog - Lying dog in the middle of mess in the kitchen.
Yes, No, Thumbs up and down icons
vector illustration user experience feedback concept different mood speech bubble emoticons emoji icon positive, negative emotion, good bad feedback, happy unhappy client or customer
Back Pain Bad Posture Woman Sitting In Office
Customer Experience Concept, Unhappy Businessman Client with Sadness Emotion Face on Paper Bag, Arms up with meaning of Disappointed and Wondering. Concrete Wall as background
Worker Characters Screaming at Sleeping Worker Banner Vector Illustration. Cartoon Person Procrastinating at Workplace. Angry and Annoyed Businessmen at Work in Office. Relaxing Man.
Crazy evil rabbit. Cute evil rabbit halloween sticker. Angry sewn voodoo bunny. Comic book sketch vector. Stitched thread funny zombie monster. Finger gesture thumb up
Horizontal shot of a gray haired man who’s been in quarantine too long attempting to use a bowl to guide him in cutting his own hair.
Curious young businessman with questions listening to angry self inner voice
Disappointed diverse millennial team feeling despair because of bad results or falling statistics, upset colleagues shocked by negative bankruptcy news at company meeting, trying to solve problems.
woman suffering from man bad breath, concept of tooth decay, gingivitis, poor oral hygiene, bad breath or ordor smell from unhealthy mouth, poor personality, oral hygiene health care
Teen with an odd bad haircut
Good and bad behavior of a child. Brother and sister fighting over a toys. Best friends forever. Funny cartoon character. Isolated on white background. Vector illustration. Set
Friend zone concept with a man trying to kiss a woman and she rejecting him
Bad teeth, smoker sick
Iconic illustration of satisfaction level. Range to assess the emotions of your content. Feedback in form of emotions. User experience. Customer feedback. Excellent, good, normal, bad, awful.
Painful guy aching from pain in back or reins at home
young women has problem with hair
Plan fails. Over much tasks bad management non organized business people overtime work schedule vector concept. Business failure work, management planning fail illustration
Woman choosing between healthy and unhealthy food. Character thinking over organic or junk snacks choice. Vector illustration for good vs bad diet, lifestyle, eating concepts
Bad news. Young man comforting his wife while sitting together with psychologist
Unhappy woman suffering from body stiffness vector flat illustration. Sickness female with shoulders and neck pain isolated on white. Tired young girl with painful face expression feeling illness
A woman who closes her mouth with bad breath.
The United States capitol building with a crack in the dome -- corruption or broken politics concept
Bad smell, stench, whiff or steaming vapor collection. Realistic vector set of green steam waves, odor symbols, shitty toxic mist for illustrations with smoky effect
Postcard with hand drawn Santa in medical mask. Lettering WEAR MASK in white and red. Vector template for banner, poster, advertising, door sign. Illustration for Christmas and New Year holiday.
Woman covering mouth
Female doctor shows patient stethoscope membrane. Bad habits and seasonal diseases. Patient is referred to hospital. Therapist's appointment provides comprehensive definition well-being
10 US dollars bills and balls of crumpled paper with blank notepad. Bad ideas or less of inspiration concept. Searching ideas for investment
Bad Smell Or Odor From Air Conditioner In House
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