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New born calf, trying to standing up, while the mother cow lickes the baby dry in a beautiful autumn scenery.
Brown and white calf with his mother cow in a  farm.
Baby Cow, Cow print, Farm baby animal, Nursery wall art, Printable poster, Kids bedroom decor, Woodland animal print, Printable baby animal art
Close-up of mother Holstein cow's face watching over her tiny newborn calf laying in the meadow on a beautiful summer day
White Shorthorn calf , in Argentine countryside, La Pampa province, Patagonia, Argentina.
Young black and white calf at dairy farm. Newborn baby cow
Close-up of curious Holstein heifer's face looking at tiny little newborn calf laying in the green grass
A baby calf with dots in the face standing under the mothers head on a green field
The newborn calf of the Thai cow breed is sleeping on the dry field. Baby cow color orange and white sleeping on a farm.
Pet animal husbandry and Dairy life concept. Cute new born pet calf standing in animal field. Brown calf seeing at camera.
Brown cow and calf standing outside a barn on a farm.
Calf face , selective focus
Little calf grazes on green pasture under a blue sky
newborn calf with his mother
Active baby cow wet from running through rain and muddy farm field.
Hereford calf resting with cow herd on farm.
Young black and white calf at dairy farm. Newborn baby cow
baby cow running during a snowstorm
Cow baby on the Wutai Mountain
Authentic close up shot of young woman farmer hand is caressing  an ecologically grown newborn calf used for biological milk products industry on a green lawn of a countryside farm with a sun shining.
Young red shorthorn angus cow calf outside in winter in quebec canada
happy calf tongue
Just born highland calf walking around
Cow and calf photographed on my grandparents farm. A moment where the calf seeks comfort from its mother.
a mother cow and her calf on a hill
A baby brow cow looking curiously in the field, Thailand
Authentic shot of young farmer father is showing to his little daughter how to feed from the bottle with dummy a newborn calf used for biological milk products industry on a farmland.
Young black and white calf at dairy cow.
Holstein cow standing in the pasture with her newborn white calf with black spots
Hand drawn vector silhouette of standing calf isolated on white background. Black and white  stock illustration of baby cow.
White Charolais calf with black Angus baby cow close up touching noses, farm animals show love with kiss concept.
A baby bull in the spanish cattle raising
brown cow and closeup
Cute baby cow cartoon
Scottish highland cow with calf
brown and white calf is grazing on the meadow
Mother cow lick baby calf in beautiful autumn landscape outdoor
Highland cattle calf lying in high grass
Young calf is grazed in a meadow, close-up . Calf outside on pasture
Young calf in winter under the snow
Cow licking her calf, Tyrol, Austria, Europe
Momma Cow and Calf
The cow is lifting his baby cow on his back of illustration
Cow and calf. Vector isolated illustration of adult cow and her baby
Beautiful little calf in green grass
Holstein cow and twin calves
mother cow licks calf
Cow, baby logo
A cute baby cow in green rice field, Vietnam countryside landscape
Small calf in mountains in Georgia, Caucasus
A puppy calf in a garden of a farm of a farmer brought in a healthy, organic, to make it grow strong and sturdy with a diet on milk. concept of love for animals, organic, vegan, nature and agriculture
Cute cow mother with baby calf
Cow and baby in a field, a calf running in yellow flowers

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Holstein Cow standing outside in the field with her newborn twin calves on a summer day
Young black and white calf isolated on white background. Newborn baby cow
the calf looks
Cute baby cow cartoon
countryside with green and calm landscapes with a cute cow
Red baby cow calf standing at stall at farm countryside
Morning sunrise Baby Highland Cows UK
Cow calf face, looking in the camera
Big cow and white baby goat fighting on the meadow
White-brown cow with calf standing on the lawn near the forest. Altai mountains, Siberia, Russia. Beautiful autumn landscape
Young black and white calf at dairy farm. Newborn baby cow
cute cartoon bull. funny cow watercolor illustration. farm animal.
Cow flat cartoon style, cute vector illustration funny animal character, farm domestic mammal, for game, logo, kids book, animation, milk products, card, etc.
Group of cute brown baby cows and bulls in a cowshed, young calf on a farm, process of feeding and taking care of male and female calves on a ranch
Directly after the birth of the calf from the mother lovingly cleaned.
Two cute calves in a white plastic calfhutch, on straw and with sunshine
Playful Hereford calves during winter on cow fam.
photography of cattle, bulls, cows and calves outdoors on the farm's pasture. Various Zebu breeds, Nellore, Angus, Girolando and other Brazilian livestock and agribusiness animals
portrait of a baby black and white cow calf
Brown and White Cattle Hereford calf on Pastureat, looking at the camera, lie in the grass.
Breeder woman feeding lamb with baby bottle
cute baby cow on pasture with blue sky
cartoon cow set
Close up of baby scottish highland cattle
Calf on a green sunny meadow, Looks at the camera
small brown and white cow
with beautiful eyes grazes on a green meadow, the theme of domestic farm animals
The cow is sitting beside her daughter of the baby cow of illustration
Two cows; a mother and a calf standing at the Icelandic coast
just born baby Cow relaxing in dolomites mountains
White Shorthorn calf , in Argentine countryside, La Pampa province, Patagonia, Argentina.
A young brown calf at an agricultural farm
The Ewe & Lambs, Yealand Redmayne, Lancashire
White Shorthorn calf , in Argentine countryside, La Pampa province, Patagonia, Argentina.
calf in a meadow, cows baby
Adorable little brown baby cow
Cattle in nature , Cow is cleaning her baby.
Young Highland outdoors in a meadow
Cinematic shot of happy mother farmer is showing to her toddler baby boy how to feed from bottle with dummy ecologically grown newborn calf used for biological milk product industry in cowshed stable
close up view if a baby calf at the farm peeking over the wooden fence. the young cow is healthy and beautiful looking in the face.
Cute baby cow cartoon
mother cow and drinking newborn black and white calf in straw inside barn of dutch farm in the netherlands
Cows on a meadow in Alps Austria. Schockl mountain above Graz place to visit
A farmer gives to drink a milk to calf cub by bottle to make it grow strong and robust healthy. A love for the calf and mostly vegan style. Concept love for animals, nature, and bio growth.
portrait of cute   little holshtain calf   posing   near  hay. nursery on a farm
Cow and little calf grazing, eating grass at summer meadow. Pastoral scenery with domestic animals at mossy forest. India
Cute small kid or baby cow running on the grass meadow field
A beautiful cow's calf is sleeping in the field
Cow flat drawing. Little calf cute kawaii style. Cartoon character animal in baby manner. For kids game, animation, app. Farm theme. Milk dairy products. Sticker, emoji, icon, logo, simple vector.
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