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Ship helm, sail compass and sextant, seafarer marine navigation equipment. Vector icons of compass navigator with Winds Rose arrows and nautical astrolabe or geography positioning instruments
Graphic image collection of an astrolabe
Circular ornament in the form of an astrolabe and zodiac circle
Abstract fantasy astrolabe round background
Monochrome image of the astrolabe
the astrolabe in a contour image
Monochrome vector image of an astrolabe
Sample mechanism. Jewelry work. Collector's item. Astrolabe.
Drawing a vintage astrolabe with white lines on a dark background.
Image navigation tools on the school Board.
Hobbies and business. Ancient subject. History of inventions. Science and art. Jewelry astrolabe.
Vintage measuring instruments for navigation
Armillary sphere. Astrolabe. Jacob's Staff. Astronomy. Navigation. Vintage tools.
astrolabe vector icon
Graphic representation of the astrolabe. Jewelry work. Art of Arab masters. Navigation device.
Set of images of ancient astronomical instruments
Magic circle of predictions and horoscopes
Vintage tool mobile sky map
Astronomical contour drawings on blue background
Jewelry work. Crimson ruby. Luminescent astrolabe. Vintage jewelry. Museum exhibit.
Vector image of a vintage astronomical instruments
Fluorescent astrolabe
Contour image. Historical measuring and navigation devices. Vintage.
Contour vector drawing of an ancient decorative astrolabe with patterns.
Vector clipart with a vintage navigational tool
The image is an antique astrolabe
Two representations on an album sheet. On the left an astronomer with astrolabe and Jacob's staff. On the right are a younger woman with another younger man, vintage engraving.
Collection tool for calculations and navigation of scientists of the Ancient East
Vector ornament in the style of grisaille
Vector clipart on the topic of cosmology.
Vector drawing of an ornament on the astrolabe
Armillary sphere / vintage illustration from Meyers Konversations-Lexikon 1897
Set of summer sailing camp badge. Vector. Concept for shirt, print, stamp or tee. Vintage typography design with black sea anchors, hand wheel, compass and sextant silhouette. Best Sporting Activity
Fluorescent contour astronomical ornament
Vector set illustration of abstract artistic drawings compass for area map.
Tools for astronomical research
Astrolabe from the British Museum
Ancient astronomical tool spider
astrolabe space line logo design
Historical sea voyages. Jacob's Staff. Vintage navigation tools. Inventions.
Astrolabe Vector Illustration
Vintage tool stereographic projection
Engraving mathematical and surveying instrument set from "The Complete encyclopedia of illustrations" containing the illustrations of The iconographic encyclopedia of science and art, 1851. Vector.
astrolabe cartoon
Hans Sloane's collection astrolabe
Engineering & robotics
Contour drawings of ancient navigation tools
vintage navigation and measuring devices for seafarer, icon set. compass, astrolabe, sextant and others, linear icons. Line with editable stroke
Medieval history. Ancient technology. Navigation tool. Museum values.
Astronomical object on a beautiful background
History of space exploration. Vector clipart.
Technology, development and design. Engineering thought. History of inventions. Navigation device.
set of astronomical instruments, telescopes oculars and binoculars, quadrant, sextant engraved in vintage hand drawn or wood cut style , old sketch glasses.
Astronomical instruments of the Ancient World
astrolabe astronomy flat icon vector
Vintage navigation device, Armillary sphere, vintage hand drawn illustration, isolated on white, vector illustration
vector mystical astrolabe in art deco style
Vintage nautical instruments. Image of a white outline on a brown background.
Metal spherical astrolabe used for basic navigation via the stars and sun. Vector illustration.
Astrolabe an obsolete astronomical instrument of different forms vintage line drawing or engraving illustration.
Astronomy instrument
Measuring instrument. Inventions of ancient scientists. Vintage.
Navigation maritime vector design. Nautical design. Navy illustration. Ocean wallpaper. Sailboat, anchor, steering wheel, marine rope knot, vintage marine compass and Armillary Sphere, vector illustra
Historical discoveries of researchers and inventors. Navigation and astronomy. Tools and mechanisms.
Modern vector icons collection. Isolated on white background
Astrolabe. Astronomy lessons. Astronomy. Navigation. Vintage tools. Wind rose. Lectures at University.
Metal spherical astrolabe used for basic navigation via the stars and sun. Vector illustration.
Astronomical and navigational developments of the inventors of the past in vector graphics

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Contour vector image nocturnium on a dark background.
Modern vector icons collection. Isolated on white background
Sextant - ancient navigation astrolabe, vintage nautical navigation device, isolated on white background
Outline drawing decorative astrolabe with zodiac round
The image of a medieval astrolabe
The constellation of the sextant in the night sky
Navigation tools of medieval inventors. Monochrome contour drawing.
The image of an ancient measuring system
Rare astrolabe jewelers of the East. Arabic art. Navigation tool.
An astrolabe is an elaborate inclinometer, historically used by astronomers and navigators to measure the altitude above the horizon of a celestial body, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
Jang Yeong-sil, a Korean inventor, was ordered by King Sejong the Great of Joseon to build an armillary sphere. The sphere, built in 1433 was named Honcheonui.  astronomy and astronomical instruments.
old astronomy icon vector ali kuscu
Wind rose. Compass. Navigation tool. Mariners and travelers. Astronomy and astrology.
Medieval art monk with astrolabe navigation device road navigator historic gps tracking manuscript ink drawing travelling technology concept European middle ages vector illustration isolated on white
Sextant and astrolabe navigation instrument, Spanish great geographical discoveries. Vector tool measuring angular distance between two visible objects, measure attitude of sun above horizon
Armillary sphere.  Astrolabe. History of inventions. Astronomy. Journeys. Vector clip art.
History of computing. The forerunner of the computer. Astronomical Museum exhibit. 
vector illustration. old bronze sextant isolated on white background
Image of the astrolabe scientists of the Arab Caliphate
vintage compass and bronze sextant on the background of an old yellowed navigation map.
Sextant emblem for discovery club - navigation astrolabe logo, vintage nautical navigation device, badge with sextant
Vector image of vintage 1in color
Vector image of a vintage clock mechanism with the zodiac circle
Rare navigation tools
Geodesy. Topography. Astrolabe. History of inventions. Measuring instrument. Construction work.
Openwork cutting on paper. Astrolabe with vignettes and patterns. Souvenir navigation 
Set of sailing camp and yacht club badge. Vector. Concept for shirt, print, stamp or tee. Vintage typography design with black sea anchors, hand wheel, compass and sextant silhouette.
Yacht club patch. Vector illustration. Concept for yachting shirt, print, stamp or tee. Vintage typography design with sextant silhouette. Ocean adventure.
Astronomy. Zodiac sign. Horoscope. Armillary sphere. Star chart.
Old ship sextant. Vector illustration in a flat style.
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