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Snowy and lake view in winter, sunset in the evening. motion blur and long exposure
big froze ice pieces in the water, top view
Glaciers and ice melting in the North, satellite image showing the environmental situation in the Northern region, global warming. contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data
Arctic summer landscapes in Svalbard.
Arctic summer landscapes in Svalbard
Incredible landscape with icebergs in Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon. Vatnajokull National Park, southeast Iceland, Europe.
Icebergs drone aerial image top view - Climate Change and Global Warming. Icebergs from melting glacier in icefjord in Ilulissat, Greenland. Arctic nature ice landscape in Unesco World Heritage Site.
Crystal ice, gem or iceberg and snow block of frozen water, vector blue icon. Winter icicle or glass frost and glacier rock, ice crystal quartz gemstone with reflection, isolated jewel
Iceland Lake with Melting Glaciers
Blue water stream in an icicle cave (3D Rendering)
Crystal ice icon or iceberg, frozen cube of glass or snow, vector blue cold frost rock. Frozen water block or winter gem, isolated cartoon icicle, or arctic ice crystal stone and glacier piece
Crystal ice or iceberg, frozen cube or glass or snow and gem, vector frost rock or gemstone. Frozen water block isolated icon, blue cold winter icicle or arctic ice rock stone
Iceberg lagoon Jokulsaron, Iceland with Reflection
Nature and landscapes of Greenland. Travel on the scientific vessel among ices. Studying of a phenomenon of global warming. Ices and icebergs of unusual forms and colors.
Antarctic Penguin set illustration vector
Frozen arctic ocean. Natural scenery in vertical and horizontal orientation.
Iceland, Jokulsarlon lagoon, Beautiful cold landscape picture of icelandic glacier lagoon bay,
Global warming at the Arctic North Pole, Svalbard.
Pressure ridge and melt water at the Geographic North Pole
Climate Change - Antarctic Melting Glacier in a Global Warming Environment
Blue Ice covered mountains in south polar ocean. Winter Antarctic landscape. The mount's reflection in the crystal clear water. The cloudy sky over the massive rock glacier. Travel wild nature
Glacier ice floating in the sea, Arctic
icebergs set on blue background
Underwater iceberg. Flowing ice rock in ocean water frozen mountain recent vector background
Iceberg with crystals for arctic landscapes. Set of crystal gems and glaciers for game design. Vector illustration in cartoon style
Ice crystals and minerals isolated in white background. Big set of separate crystals and their pieces. Winter landscape elemets for games and other designs. Vector illustration in cartoon style
Glacier Bay cruise ship cruising to Johns Hopkins Glacier in Alaska, USA. Summer travel destination for vacation. Mirror water reflection in tranquil arctic sea, famous attraction.
Winter. Extremal cracks on Ice  of Lake Baikal.  thickness of about one meter. . Ice storm. the crystal clear frozen water. Used toning of the photo. .
Abstract ice cave background. 3D Rendering
A harp seal with puppy lies on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Northern landscape with ocean, ice and snow. Mammals animals of the Arctic. Realistic vector landscape.
Sail boat with red sails cruising next to a pierced ice berg after sunset. Disko Bay, Greenland.
Open passage in pack ice
blue ice cave covered with snow and flooded with light
Endless blue ice hummocks in winter on the frozen Lake Baikal
Icebreaker going through the ice fields, Arctic
Boundless icy landscape during a snowstorm at sunset in winter.
Freeze ice breaking close up with sun light background
Beautiful snow-capped mountains against the blue sky in Antarctica
Big blue icebergs in Ilulissat icefjord, western Greenland
polar bear on melting ice floe in arctic sea
Big polar bear on drifting ice edge with snow and water in Arctic Svalbard. Big dangerous animal from cold nature.
Melting ice near Sirmilik National Park on Bylot Island. Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada
A panorama of the edge of a hummock field with beautiful huge blocks of transparent blue ice on the frozen Lake Baikal on a sunny frosty day. Cool natural background. Unusual winter landscape
Huge Iceberg, Iceland
Polar bear Svalbard islands Norway Female and young male
Arch iceberg in Greenland
Global warming in the Arctic
Ice bergs floating on glacial lagoon, Iceland
Map of the Arctic region, the northwest passage and the northern sea route
Arctic ice landscape - Spitsbergen
blue ice cave covered with snow and flooded with light
Melting glaciers in the northern ocean
Ice frame. Vector image in flat cartoon style. Isolated
Portrait of beautiful Siberian husky on ice floe on the frozen Okhotsk sea background. Image of Free and wise husky dog is sitting on the snow and looking into the distance.
Texture of ice surface. Isolated on transparent background. Vector illustration, eps 10.

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Ice surface with deep cracks on Lake Baikal, Russia
A man in winter clothes and a mask. Portrait of a traveler in the Arctic. Ice and snow on eyelashes, face and mask. Cold polar climate. Extreme travel and expeditions to the far North to the Arctic.
Icebergs against Stormy Sky in Iceland
Bright winter sun over a field of ice hummocks with transparent pieces of blue ice. The magnificent landscape of the frozen Baikal Lake. Cold winter background
Baikal Lake in winter. Field of hummocked ice
outdoor view of frozen baikal lake in winter
photos of mountains, glacier, ocean and ice from the canadian arctic
Expedition on ship and boat in Svalbard beluga wales norway landscape ice nature of the glacier mountains of Spitsbergen Longyearbyen Svalbard arctic ocean winter polar day
polar bear on ice floe in norwegian arctic waters, searching for scents of seals
polar bear looking into water from arctic ice floe
Underwater view of iceberg with beautiful transparent sea on background - illustration.
A polar bear managed to get on one of the last ice floes floating in the Arctic sea.
 portrait of large white bear on ice
ice background, blue frozen texture
Aerial View of Arctic city of Ilulissat, Greenland during sunrise sunset with fog. Colorful houses in the center of the town with icebergs in the background in summer on a sunny day with orange pink
Cartoon arctic ice. Icebergs, blue floes and ice crystals. Icy cliff, cold frozen block of different shapes for game and decor vector set. Winter snowy hills and mountains elements
Vector illustration of cartoon nature winter arctic landscape with iceberg, blue pure water and snow hills, mountains.
Wild polar bear (Ursus maritimus) mother and cub on the pack ice
Dramatic wide angle view of melting  arctic sea ice floes breaking up taken at sea.Climate Crisis and Breakdown.Climate Emergency- Image
Arctic region political map with countries, capitals, national borders, important cities, rivers and lakes. Arctic Ocean with average minimum extent of sea ice. English labeling and scaling.
iceberg on black sand beach at Jokulsarlon
Realistic ice caps snowdrifts and icicles broken piece bit lump cold frozen block crystal winter decor vector illustration
Surface of winter ice on Baikal lake in Siberia . Blue background of Ice texture
Ridges on the frozen sea.
Icebergs of fantastic forms. Summer in Greenland. Deep-water fjords of the Western coast.
Polar bear walking on the melting sea ice in the Arctic, Spitsbergen.Polar bear walking on the melting sea ice in the Arctic, Spitsbergen.
A cargo ship with containers near the pier of the seaport. Maritime navigation and shipping in the Arctic. The ship passes among the ice floes. Anadyr Sea Port, Chukotka, Far East Russia. November.
Jokulsarion, Glacier Lagoon in east Iceland
Iceberg vector icon illustration on blue background. Iceberg vector poster. Iceberg vector clip art.
Icebergs in Jokulsarlon, Iceland
Nature and landscapes of Greenland or Antarctica. Travel on the ship among ices. Studying of a phenomenon of global warming Ices and icebergs of unusual forms and colors Beautiful midnight sun on ship
Nature and landscapes of Greenland. Travel on the scientific vessel among ices. Studying of a phenomenon of global warming. Ices and icebergs of unusual forms and colors.
cracked ice surface top view day light
cracked ice surface top view day light
Polar bear taking a nap on the ice in Asahiyama Zoo
Person with dog watching sunrise over an arctic landscape, near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut Canada
The walrus is a marine mammal, the only modern species of the walrus family, Arctic and Antarctic mammals, Seal animal
Melting ice forms waterfall falling into sea over edge of glacier wall due to global warming in Northern Arctic. Climate crisis and breakdown - Image
Two young cute wild polar bear cubs hugging on pack ice in Arctic sea
Iceland glacier Jokulsarlon. A man on a boat among the icebergs that broke away from the glacier
Iceberg and ice floes in arctic polar regions. Beautiful sparkling blue ice in cold rippled sea water.
Slates of ice in the sea forming a beautiful natural pattern.
Alaskan Glacier melting
Travelling in winter, a man standing on Frozen lake Baikal with Ice cave in Irkutsk Siberia, Russia
Iceberg - Hidden Danger And Global Warming Concept. Iceberg floating in the ocean with visible underwater part. Greenland Ice
ice floating on the water
Rocks frozen into the ice of siberian Baikal Lake in winter
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