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Emotive teenagers keep hands together have positive facial expressions, anticipate something wonderful, pose together against pink background. People, relationship, emotions, lifestyle concept
Anticipation Eagerly Awaited Countdown Clock Time 3d Illustration
sandglass clock outline flat icon. Single high quality outline logo symbol for web design or mobile app. Thin line waiting logo. Black and blue wait clock icon pictogram isolated on white background
Business opportunities, chances. Professional ambitions, company development plans, searching innovation. Visionary entrepreneur anticipating new trends. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustration
Glad positive bearded man crosses fingers, closes eyes with pleasure, anticipate hearing good news, isolated pink background. Happy male rejoices that his dreams came true. Excitement concept
Wow, I done it finally! Glad positive young European male clenches fists with triumph, has happy look, anticipates for something pleasant, reacts on good news, isolated over white studio wall
Tell me more. Close up shot of curious 20 y.o. redhead Caucasian woman pillowing face on her hands and looking at camera with anticipation and excitement while listening to story or gossips
Little child playing superhero. Kid measures the growth on the background of bright blue wall. Girl power concept. Yellow, pink and  turquoise colors.
Finger about to press a car ignition button with the text 2021 start. Year two thousand and twenty one concept. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background.
Scared young redhead woman biting her nails and looking to the side in wide eyed fear and anticipation over a studio background with copy space
Finger about to press a car ignition button with the text 2020 start. Year two thousand and twenty concept.
anticipate word in a dictionary. anticipate concept.
Prepared for the inevitable and ready for anticipated trouble as a group of birds on wires with an open umbrella anticipating and planning for eventual certainty with 3D illustration elements.
Hopeful male raises fists in anticipation, has wishful expression, hopes for fortune and good luck, clenches teeth, dressed in festive clothes, isolated over pink background. Body language concept
Meditative smiling businesswoman dreaming of future success at workplace, dreamy hopeful woman looking away, feeling anticipation excitement, having plan, positive thinking and visualization, portrait
high expectations - monitoring  scale -   illustration template
Excited woman grinning gleefully in anticipation as she gestures with her fists and looks upwards with a beaming smile
Amazed curious young Caucasian ginger woman looking at camera with fascinated bugged eyes and mouth wide opened, holding hands at her face while listening a story with interest and anticipation
Horizontal side photo multinational applicants businesspeople sitting in queue waiting job interview holding resume papers using mobile phones, hr employment concept, banner for website header design
Sprayers are using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for spraying disinfectant fluids in anticipation of the covid-19 virus in the Banyumas traditional market. Central Java,Indonesia. March 21, 2020
Businessman press start future button with virtual light in dark background
Vector illustration little people are preparing for the New Year, are engaged in decoration, the inscription New Year 2020
Procrastination, Time Management Business Process Mobile App Page Onboard Screen Template. Tiny Office People Characters Multitasking, Manage Working Productivity Concept. Cartoon Vector Illustration
Telling the future
little girl closed eyes  her hands in anticipation of a Christmas miracle and a gift
Finger about to press future button with blue light over black and grey background. Concept image for illustration of change or strategic vision.
Joyous ethnic woman crosses fingers, wishes fortune and victory, being in anticipation of success, smiles broadly with closed eyes, wears fashionable outfit, confident to win and achieve goal
Process stages of tourist trip vector illustration. Phases happy vacation. Woman booking flight tickets to warm country and driving to airport with anticipation flat style concept
Young caucasian blonde female closing her eyes crossing fingers with hope, anticipating important news. Beautiful girl with hopeful expression gesturing with fingers, showing white teeth
Studio shot of impressed surprised cheerful woman looks aside with happiness and shock, anticipates pleasant gift from husband, keeps hands partly crossed, stands indoor, blank space for text
sandglass clock outline flat icon. Single high quality outline logo symbol for web design or mobile app. Thin line waiting logo. Gray wait clock icon pictogram isolated on white background
Positive young Afro American woman anticipates for announcement of results, smiles broadly and wears yellow jumper, triumphs joyfully, isolated over blue background. Victory celebration concept
Small daughter congratulate daddy with father day, people sitting on sofa kid covering dad eyes with hands prepare for him gift box with surprise. Life events celebrating, love and attention concept
Work colleagues stand waiting together in an elevator at their office
Horizontal shot of stupefied dark skinned male in spectacles, overjoyed Asian female clenches fists, African woman shows silence sign and bearded man with intriguing look isololated on pink background
Excited attractive female student wearing stylish glasses clenching fists and raising eyebrows, having impatient look, waiting for results of college competition, anticipating her success and victory
little girl closed eyes  her hands in anticipation of a Christmas miracle and a gift
Good looking bearded male with dark hairstyle, keeps palms together in intriguing gesture as waits to hear verdict, isolated over white background. Body language concept. Anticipations and people
Emotional couple anticipating something wonderful over yellow background
A sandglass, modern hourglass or egg timer showing the last second or last minute or time out. With copy space.
Anticipation. Dark-haired pretty woman with a smartphone looking anticipated
Are You Ready, written on an yellow sticky note on a cork bulletin board
Pretty young office worker reminiscing leaning on the back of her chair looking up with a smile of pleasure or anticipation
Eager young woman with a look of anticipation and longing looking up with a smile as she makes her plans over a blue studio background with copy space
Close up photo cute charming girl place hands palms chest neck astonished impressed incredible surprise birthday she want wait expect ecstatic reaction pastel-colored outfit isolated blue background
Hand writing the text ANTICIPATION on the blackboard
Funny dog ​​spaniel asks to go outside. Sits in anticipation with a leash in his teeth. Vector cartoon illustration.
Pleasant looking woman keeps hands in anticipation, looks curiously at cardboard box, being interesting what is inside. Happy young man holds little contrainer or package, gives present to girlfriend
Blonde pretty girl closing her eyes with hand, having happy expression, smiling broadly, anticipating to recieve present from her boyfriend. Fair-haired young woman waiting for pleasant surprise
Close up portrait of fearful terrified horrified girlfriend being in anticipation of her exam begging with fingers crossed wearing red t-shirt biting lips isolated over pastel blue color background
Dairy Star Trek in the winter woods. Dramatic and picturesque scene. In anticipation of the holiday. Carpathian Ukraine.
Vector illustration little people are preparing for the New Year, are engaged in decoration, the inscription New Year 2020 on the calendar
Young woman with a gleeful look of anticipation standing leaning against an office wall looking aside with a beaming smile

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Button vision pointing the future with blur effect plus blue and grey tones. Conceptual image for illustration of company or business anticipation or strategy.
Fun loving young woman with look of glee and anticipation glancing to the side with a wide smile as she stands with hands on head on a blue studio background with copy space
Man on a bench relaxing and enjoying the summer sunrise over a city. Lyon, France.
Idea concept person with bulbs vector icons
Cute child looks at single marshmallow on table. The marshmallow test/marshmallow experiment.
Eager mischievous young redhead woman sticking out her tongue and licking her lips in anticipation as she looks to the side with wide eyes, copy space over a grey background
Young male and female close their eyes, cross fingers with hope, anticipate something with faithful expressions, have smiles, pose against white background. People, belief, body language concept
Man & woman family couple walking hand in hand holding many shopping bags. Anticipating imagining opening and tying out their purchases. Shopper lifestyle. Flat style vector character illustration
Glass transparent crystal globe.  Magic attribute. Empty sphere. Stand for a souvenir, trophy. Realistic vector object isolated on plaid background .
Planner page with Christmas gift box lying on 25th of December. Close-up shot. Winter holidays anticipation.
Nervous and concerned black man sitting in anxious anticipation waiting for news
Cute child looks at single marshmallow on table. The marshmallow test/marshmallow experiment.
Delighted young woman with a beaming smile of anticipation gesturing with her hands as she glances to the side over blue
Thoughtful uncertain female presses lips, keeps hands crossed, anticipates something, looks upwards, has hesitant expression, models against pink bakground with copy space for advertising content
Nervous excited couple in tension clenching fists looking at laptop screen, man and woman football fans cheering supporting sport team watching championship match online together hope for win at home
Planning for future success business concept with a businessman and businesswoman lifting a watering can to help a tree grow into a bridge to achieve the long term goal of crossing to the other side.
Burning fuse on black background. Dynamite fuse
Portrait of stressful annoyed female clenches teeth and crosses fingers in anticipation, has desperate expression, wears stylish black hat, poses against pink background. Please let`s dreams come true
Young curious guy likes millennial beautiful girl looking with interest watching smiling lady sitting nearby in cafe using smartphone, flirt in public place, dating and love at first sight concept
Board game, chess player hand about to play, excellence concept.
Frightened shocked young female opens mouth widely and exclaims in terror, doesn`t anticipate to see her phobia, keeps hands on head, poses against pink background in checkered stylish shirt
Adviser standing and presenting economical results and report of a multinational company
Don't Miss Chance ... Take Action Now and Dont Wait. Stopwatch clock ticking on dark yellow background.
Pregnant woman looking at her baby sonography, enjoying future motherhood with first photo of her unborn child and tiny shoes, top view with free space
Football fans in anticipation of victory
Young tired satisfied couple relaxing on floor with boxes, happy homeowners holding hands dreaming of future changes in new home after relocation, man and woman feeling pleasant fatigue on moving day
Pleased dark skinned woman clenches fists, cheers nice results, rejoices achieving goal, looks aside with toothy smile, wears orange outfit, anticipates for great results, isolated on pink background
Finger pressing a 2019 start button. Concept of new year, two thousand nineteen. Composite between a photography and a 3D background
Portrait of handsome man has curly hair, closes eyes, crosses fingers, makes wish, wears casual t shirt, poses against white wall. Teenager anticipates results of final exam, makes praying gesture
Please Wait Loading Waiting Transfer Anticipation Concept
Happy deer holding blue Christmas present. Gift box, anticipation, scarf. New Year concept. Can be used for greeting cards, posters, leaflets and brochure
Fearful sweaty face. Anticipating look in a dark place
Sandglass, hourglass or egg timer on wooden floor with shadow showing the last second or last minute or time out. With copy space.
Forecast, magnifier, pie graph, prediction, search, zoom, anticipate, Forecast vector, icon,
ANTICIPATION Concept on Tablet PC Screen with Icons
Dreamy beautiful woman touching chin with finger. Young lady looking upwards. Anticipation concept. Isolated view on white background.
Time after death concept. Clock with no hands among many other showing different times
Portrait of good looking hopeful woman with pink hairstyle anticipates for some results clenches fists wears white warm sweater hopes for positive news daydreams about victory, isolated on yellow wall
Diverse black and white people sitting in row using smartphones tablets, multiracial men and women waiting for job interview, human resources, employment or customers and electronic devices concept
Anticipation Waiting Excitement Road Arrow Up Word 3d Illustration
Isolated shot of glad positive African American male keeps fists together, prepares for announcing results of competition, has good anticipations. Cheerful joyful hipster guy with dark skin.
Cute african kid daughter closing eyes congratulating black dad with happy birthday giving gift box sitting on sofa, child girl making surprise preparing present on fathers day having fun with daddy
Glad Afro American girlfriend and boyfriend keep hands together in praying gesture, anticipate important results, stand next to each other against two colored background, smile broadly, feel happy
Pet Dog in the Window, Anticipating Owner’s Return Home
Flag the event day or deadline on calendar 2017 - time, page, design, background, timeline, management, concept, background
Three adult guys in anticipation of next score
Children girl tightly closed his eyes and put fingers crossed, make a wish, believe in the dream, expresses heartfelt emotions, has funny facial features, beautiful red hair with freckles.
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