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Angry woman boss character yelling at employee man office worker. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Arguing, conflict, business concept. The conflict between businessmen
Scream stress. Closeup portrait angry woman screaming wide open mouth hysterical isolated yellow background. Negative human emotion face expression Conflict confrontation concept Too many things to do
Angry unhappy business woman office worker character. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Boss scolding a shameful employee at work in an office
Angry female tyrant manager beating with a whip office workers, punishment for clerks, ruler with absolute power, despot at work, terrible boss behavior, full length, isolated, white background
Dissatisfied angry female executive scolding african employee for bad work at diverse group meeting, white woman boss reprimanding black subordinate for poor financial result at office team briefing
young woman
Closeup portrait of angry young woman, blowing steam coming out of ears isolated gray background. Negative human emotions facial expression feelings
Angry woman boss pointing out
Woman boss character yells at worker. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Angry businesswoman shouting on phone in office
Angry boss giving a document to a sad employee sitting in a desk at office
Young business lady holding papers looking at a man with anger, female boss found a mistake in documentation and demanding explanation, male manager can be fired because of his paperwork failure
angry young female business manager pointing blame her employee sales woman when she finding company marketing very bad.
Communication Problem
Angry, aggressive. Handsome elegant woman looking at camera with angry face . Studio shot, on light blue background.
Stressed businesswoman showing doors to young man in office
Stressed angry businesswoman arguing at meeting with diverse male colleagues, woman boss team leader confused about bad attitude and bullying, suffering from disrespect, gender discrimination at work
Furious woman screaming agressively in megaphone at woman
An isolated portrait of an angry business woman or boss screaming and pointing her finger
Negative emotions. Angry mad businesswoman crazy boss furious woman screaming isolated on white. Stress in business work.
Strong business woman boss executive concept. Businesswoman standing intimidating wearing boxing gloves ready for the competition. Confident attitude by young mixed race female model in suit.
portrait angry woman on grey background
Stressed businesswoman with follder in office
Aggressive/angry boss complaining asian business woman(casual uniform) in cafe office
Businesswoman scream agressively in horn at another woman
Lady boss crushing an employee under her thumb like a bug
Angry boss woman
aggressive young woman holding small man and screaming at him. photo over blue background
Strict teacher with glasses aggressively shouts
bright picture of angry businesswoman with phone
Horizontal view of boss yelling at employee
Portrait of a confident businesswoman standing against skyscraper office building, professional businesswoman with arms crossed, successful business woman looking confident
Mobbing in the workplace - boss yelling at employee
Angry businesswoman in glasses looking at camera isolated on a white background
business Man and woman shouting to each other through megaphone isolated on white background, asian big head people
Unhappy wife. Angry woman outside in the city of Brussels Belgium looking at you camera children husband about to yell scold
angry woman isolated on a white background
Business competition, side view profile of two colleagues in classy suits having disagreement and conflict, standing in modern work station, place, face to face, lean with hands on the table
angry woman holding small man and yelling at him. isolated on white background
stress at work, emotional pressure, angry boss and tired unhappy woman employee
Frustrated annoyed woman confused by computer problem, annoyed businesswoman feels indignant about laptop crash, bad news online or disgusting video on web, stressed student looking at broken pc
Young pretty caucasian student is angry because of being late. She is showing time on her watch. Concept of irritation of dead line.
businesswoman in grey suit screaming into megaphone
woman shouting in megaphone at the tired man. studio shot over dark background
Middle aged female teacher frowning over her glasses.
discontented woman screaming at big boss over dark background
Angry business woman posing on white background
Mad Business Woman Yelling Through A Megaphone
Conflict at work. A woman boss scolds an office worker man. Vector illustration in a flat style
Profile side view of angry middle aged boss woman. Emotional expressing woman in white dress, red lips and dark curly hairstyle. Studio shot, indoor, isolated on beige or light brown background
Angry caucasian white female boss manager shout firing sad stressed african american male worker intern at team office meeting, racial discrimination at work, harassment racism at workplace concept
Strict Boss: Angry upset young business woman with blank speech bubble on white on gray background. Vector illustration.
Boss denying something saying no with a finger gesture to an upset employee in her office
portrait of an angry business woman screaming to a side, isolated over a white background
Angry woman boss character. Lateness concept. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Irritated businesswoman holding paper, disagrees with bad contract terms, refuses to sign document, has questions claims to agreement conditions, boss dissatisfied with report or written work result
Portrait of a young irritated businesswoman wearing glasses and shirt looking with anger at camera. Headshot of an outraged female boss shouting on cell phone while working on her laptop in office.
Funny business woman shouting with a megaphone over white background. Profile portrait

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Big boss director woman with horns like demon or devil stands in center of office with employees confident serious and angry vector illustration, bad boss female despot and tyrant concept.
Young african american businesswoman wearing glasses standing over pink background angry and mad screaming frustrated and furious, shouting with anger. Rage and aggressive concept.
businesswoman and businessman are fighting
Angry Boss Screaming in Megaphone and Fireing Woman. Pop Art Vector illustration
Attractive mad businesswoman in white blouse sitting at her workplace in office, looking at laptop screen with angry expression. Too much workload, file error, all data failed, forgot to save document
picture of angry woman shouting at phone
Furious woman argue talking on phone having problems with boyfriend or lover, mad female call customer support have problems with laptop, angry girl scream during emotional conversation over phone
Three women office workers quarrels in cubicle
angry woman holding in fist small scared man and yelling at him. isolated on white background
mad woman looking up and screaming. isolated on white background
Young beautiful African American afro businesswoman with curly hair wearing yellow jacket shouting and screaming loud to side with hand on mouth. Communication concept.
Full length of mad businesswoman boss. Furious teacher woman shaking an admonitory finger isolated. Studio shot.
Angry woman abusing of another scared one isolated on a white background
Full length of mad businesswoman boss. Furious teacher woman shaking an admonitory finger isolated. Studio shot.
vector illustration design concept on white background. a set of a couple of people quarrel and swear. Aggressive people yell at each other. design graphics in a flat stylish style vector
Angry woman pointing on you on white background
Angry upset young business woman standing isolated in full length. Funny image of mixed race Asian Caucasian female model.
Full length of mad businesswoman boss shouting. Furious teacher woman screaming isolated. Studio shot.
Confused senior businesswoman sit at office desk hold cellphone experience internet connection problem, frustrated aged woman worker feel disappointed having smartphone breakdown or virus attack
Mature female boss scolding young intern for bad work results at briefing, angry middle-aged businesswoman lecture, blaming employee, subordinate for business failure at company meeting, close up
A young woman put a finger to her lips. Secret information. Portrait of a strict and serious girl. Vector flat illustration
Woman in a business suit with a knife in her hand behind her back
A full-length shot of a Business woman feeling upset over isolated white background
Angry office woman talking on phone cartoon character. Shouting lady director at work
Annoying Boss
Front view of two angry businesswomen looking each other with hate working with laptops at office
Angry furious businesswoman throws a punch into computer, screaming. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, feelings, aggression, anger management issues concept
Full body middle age business woman very angry and upset, very tense, screaming furious, negative and crazy
Angry woman shouting at phone
Young business woman angry with her colleague
The chief big boss manager is furious that the young lady staff due to the malfunction made the company into a loss of business income
Anger. The evil woman expresses her negative emotions. Vector illustration in cartoon style. Agressive Adult girl character. Feeling annoyed and frustrated concept
Angry male tyrant manager beating with a whip office workers, punishment for clerks, ruler with absolute power, despot at work, terrible boss behavior, full length, isolated, white background
Get out! Portrait of resentful woman with brown hair in long sleeve shirt standing with closed eyes and offended face, pointing sideways showing exit. indoor studio shot isolated on orange background
Boss has a bad mood. Secretary is crying. Interior of office. Office people. financial crunch. finance department
full length portrait of angry screaming woman in formal wear pointing finger at something. isolated on white background
Arriving late concept, angry businesswoman pointing finger to her wristwatch showing the time and yelling
Cartoon business team sleeping and angry businesswoman
Angry boss screaming. Isolated on white
Businesswoman arguing with a worried colleague
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