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Angry couple claiming and shouting to an office worker
Close up unhappy woman having problem with blocked credit card, using laptop, sitting on couch at home, irritated frustrated young female checking balance, internet fraud or bankruptcy concept
Angry customer shouting at the worker on the phone. Operator answer on the phone call. Communication with client. Isolated flat vector illustration
Waiter and customer having a discussion in a coffee shop
A very angry man expressing his anger, rage, and dissatisfaction by asking why. He is cursing and swearing at something or someone by yelling and screaming out loud. He is very pissed off.
Upset yougn businesswoman complain about bowl with salad. She hold it in hands and point. Customer look at waitress. Young woman in white blouse is upset.
Angry man having problems on line with a laptop talking on the mobile phone with support service sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Angry businessman working in the office
Outraged young mixed race girl looking at mobile phone screen, annoyed by bad application work or received scam spam message. Stressed displeased shocked millennial woman irritated by device crash.
Closeup portrait of angry young woman, blowing steam coming out of ears, about to have nervous atomic breakdown, isolated black background. Negative human emotions facial expression feelings attitude
Young handsome man holding supermarket shopping basket stressed and frustrated with hand on head, surprised and angry face
businesswoman covering her face with angry mask isolated grey wall background. Negative emotions, feelings, expressions, body language
Angry, enraged senior woman yelling at a landline office phone, unhappy with customer service provided by the agent on the other side
Angry dissatisfied young woman calling customer support or mobile banking, displeased client complaining about bad service, arguing on phone, having conflict during telephone conversation at home
Photo of confused young lady standing in supermarket shop near cashier's desk. Looking aside.
emotional female customer arguing with staff girl at bar counter. Unsatisfied visitor angry about service in cafe shop. woman client dislike coffee drink and yelling at barista lady in morning store
Multiethnic group of young angry pissed off people men and women
Angry couple claiming to a businesswoman at office
Young caucasian man angry, frustrated and furious with his phone, angry with customer service, steaming with rage
Angry young couple complaining, bad contract terms, outraged man arguing with manager or realtor, upset woman holding documents with stats, contract, dissatisfied clients demanding compensation
Angry irritated bearded man arguing with waiter about his bill in bar
angry customer design, vector illustration eps10 graphic
Angry woman arguing during a phone call sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Closeup portrait angry young woman blowing steam coming out of ears, having nervous atomic breakdown, screaming isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling attitude
Dissatisfied businessman holds sign with thumb down icon. Social media marketing concept, low rating, unsatisfied customer. Simple style vector illustration
Saleswoman offering a pen to a couple of angry customers that rejects to sing a contract at office
Man complaining for the bad food
Angry millennial couple complaining having claims about bad contract terms disputing at meeting with lawyer, deceived dissatisfied customers demanding compensation, legal fight and fraud concept
Unhappy african American millennial woman talk on smartphone upset hearing bad negative news, dissatisfied biracial female feel mad angry have unpleasant cellphone conversation or call
Angry dissatisfied couple arguing meeting lawyer or manager having legal fight complaints on bad client service, annoyed mad customers claiming change in contract terms demanding fraud compensation
Unhappy customer complaining about the croissant in a cafe
Angry young male customer dissatisfied with contract terms of conditions, shouting at african american lawyer bank worker or real estate agent. Millennial family couple disappointed with bad offer.
Close up outraged customers arguing with waitress in coffeehouse, bad service concept, unhappy angry man and woman displeased by drinks poor quality, talking, conflicting with cafe worker
Closeup portrait displeased angry pissed off woman annoyed giving thumbs down gesture looking with negative facial expression, disapproval, isolated on gray background. Human emotions attitude
Angry couple client talk dispute with millennial waitress feel dissatisfied with cafe bad service, mad disappointed customers speak with staff complain about wrong order, blame in incompetence
Angry People queue in supermarket with cashier, where to buy concept of shop assistant. Selling interaction, purchasing process. Dissatisfied and tired customer scream and swear
Angry young woman arguing talking on phone at home, dissatisfied girl calling customer service, having problem of conflict during telephone conversation, shouting gesturing while speaking by cell
employee gets punched through a smart phone on the face by an angry caller
View of a Young attractive woman angry against delivery man
Couple on a date angry at a waitress in an outdoor restaurant.  They are upset and dissatisfied with the customer service or the food in the cafe.  The image depicts the food and service industry.
Closeup portrait of angry grumpy young man looking very displeased isolated on gray wall background. Negative human emotions facial expression feelings attitude
A blue nametag sticker with words Hello I Am Your Worst Nightmare that might be worn by a dissatisfied, angry customer or someone complaining or being cranky
Angry man with smoke or fume coming out from his ears on dark background.
Woman changing emotions from happy to angry while answering the phone
Closeup portrait of angry young woman puffing cheeks isolated on grey wall background. Negative human emotions face expressions feelings perception
Angry and Unhappy Customers Complaining about Bad Services Stick Figure Pictogram Icon
Image of angry bearded young man sitting in cafe. Looking at waiter.
Shoping and Sale Concept: beautiful unhappy young woman in yellow elegant dress with shopping bag.
Young couple is dissatisfied with the quality of service
Angry young man, blowing steam coming out of ears, about to have nervous atomic breakdown. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, feelings, attitude
Portrait of an angry businessman yelling at phone
Angry businessman and many hands with thumbs down. Vector flat illustration
Angry mad people characters standing waiting in line ATM. Vector flat cartoon illustration concept

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An angry customer talking to a mechanic in an auto repair shop
Multiracial african and caucasian colleagues disputing having disagreement at work blaming each other in mistake, diverse coworkers arguing about project, having conflict fight at workplace concept
Customer opinion survey with Dissatisfied circled
Angry Latino office worker yells on phone
Concept of complaint People shouting through the megaphone with the word complaints - flat design, vector illustration
Group of people men and women feeling annoyed, confused, scared during a telephone conversation with an angry mad businesswoman screaming on the phone
angry at employee
customer and seller choosing hammer in household store
Angry man shouting at his cell phone, enraged with the bad service, burning with rage
Aggressive customer at shop counter
Young man making call about delivered parcel at home
anxiety management in service industry
Customers choosing angry, happy, sad emoji to share their feedback, flat vector illustration. People with smiles. User feedback emoticons. Customer satisfaction rating.
Young angry woman with steam blowing from ears
An angry customer talking to a mechanic in an auto repair shop
View of a Young attractive woman angry against delivery man
male boss screams and scolds his employees
Millennial employee irritated looking at smartphone having app problems, angry male worker holding cellphone annoyed by gadget breakdown, mad man experience mobile trouble or malfunction
Cartoon stick drawing conceptual illustration of angry man, businessman or customer leaving and other man holding sign with please come back text.
Angry furious businesswoman working on computer, screaming with alphabet letter coming out of open mouth. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, feelings, anger management issues concept
angry young man blowing steam coming out of ears
Angry man hanging the telephone down
Frustrated male employee discussing contract details over the phone. He is looking at documents in his laptop, holding phone, fling arms in an angry gesture, trying to find solution.
Image of angry young man standing in supermarket shop near cashier's desk doesn't give the credit card to cashier. Looking aside.
Upset annoyed woman keeping hands on hips and arguing. Wavy haired young woman in casual shirt standing isolated over white background. Conflict concept
Angry customers
Single angry person with a mobile phone sitting on a sofa in the living room in a house indoor with a dark background
Angry men and women standing in line or queue to cashier in retail store or supermarket. People waiting in grocery shop isolated on white background. Colored vector illustration in flat cartoon style
Different emotions. Vector illustration.
Handsome businessman standing at street, talking on a mobile phone and having bad conversation.
It is not always perfect
Closeup portrait, displeased pissed off angry grumpy young woman with bad attitude, arms crossed looking at you, isolated white background. Negative human emotion facial expression feeling
Young man with paper pile on the table answering the call of angry boss or customer. Concept for lots of work, bad superiors, stressful occupation. Vector flat illustration, cartoon style.
Disagreement between a waiter and a customer in a coffee shop
Young man angry on the phone at the cafe
angry business woman shouting
Illustration of a woman working at a call center.She is dealing with complaints.
swear bubble like bad language. concept of explicitives like abstract sign eg hashtag and aggressive disagreement. flat stroke trend modern simple lineart logotype art graphic design isolated on white
Confused businesswoman annoyed by online problem, spam email or fake internet news looking at laptop, female office worker feeling shocked about stuck computer, bewildered by scam message or virus
Angry man talk on smartphone arguing or solving problem, irritated male have cell phone conversation manage work trouble, annoyed guy use mobile call customer service disputing or complaining
Annoyed angry disappointed customers clients couple holding paper arguing with bank manager fight complain on bad contract terms high mortgage rate demand claim insurance compensation meeting lawyer
An upset female customer at a mechanic shop
Render illustration of computer keyboard with the print Customer Complaints on two adjacent red buttons
icon expression
Woman to make a phone call of complaint to the call center
Desperate young businesswoman unable to cope with too much work, suffering stress, overworked employee looking at camera and screaming, multitasking female boss missing deadline, nervous breakdown
angry businessman shouting on a phone
Businessman getting a phone call from an angry person shouting down the line.
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