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 The person is thinking if he is agree with the statement given. The person chooses the option of strongly agree.
Positive dark skinned young woman and man bump fists, agree to be one team, look happily at each other, celebrates completed task, wear pink and green clothes, pose indoor, have successful deal
Unrecognizable man shows like gesture through torn yellow wall, keeps thumb up, says you are best, demonstrates approval sign, recommends something. Copy space aside for your advertising content
Mouse Cursor Clicking Accept for Terms and Conditions Agreement. 3D illustration
Young diverse couple give fist bump, agree to bring plan to life, smile broadly, have mixed race relationships, have good friendly partners, isolated over purple wall. I agree with you concept
Excited multiracial colleagues give high five involved in teambuilding activity at meeting, happy diverse workers join hands celebrate success or win, show team spirit and unity. Cooperation concept
Disagree and agree as a choice - pictured as words Disagree, agree on road signs to show that when a person makes decision he can choose either Disagree or agree as an option, 3d illustration
Green tick symbol and red cross sign in circle. Icons for evaluation quiz. Vector.
online conclusion of the transaction. the opening of a new startup. business handshake, via phone and laptop. vector illustration in a flat style investor holds money in ideas online vector
That deal, okay I agree. Portrait of satisfied positive and charismatic happy young female showing ok signs and smiling in approval, recommend awesome salon as liking new haircut over white background
Portrait of handsome man has stubble, makes ok sign, agrees or likes something has joyful expression, poses against pink background, proves everything goes according to plan. Body language concept
Sign language, stop and ok, opposite emotions concept. Call to stop, prohibition and consent gesture, communication, dialogue, gesticulating young woman, denying and agreeing girl. Simple flat vector
closeup.handshake business partners agree to contract Real Estate Venture International trade,contract investment in meetings vision to invest for profit
Happy senior old family couple clients make financial insurance estate business deal handshake agent lawyer, satisfied mature customers shake hand meeting bank manager agree on investment contract
Agree and disagree check boxes on white sheet tick on agree
Business male partnership handshake concept.Photo two mans handshaking process.Successful deal after great meeting.Horizontal, blurred background
Vector Agreed scratched stamp seal with tick inside. Green Agreed overlay with dirty style. Round rubber stamp imprint.
Professional Business woman partner sitting with laptop, paper document, graphs, smartphone. Happiness faces with smiling  touching hands in air to agree on deal. Coworker brainstorm with successful.
Mixed race partners give fist bump, agree to work together, have happy facial expressions rejoice success and cooperation, have toothy smiles, isolated over purple background. Team work concept
Studio shot of overjoyed satisfied woman and man with dark skin, give fist bump, agree to work together, have success in project work, wear yellow attire, pose in studio. Cooperation concept
Young woman over yellow wall making good-bad sign. Undecided between yes or not
close up.handshake business partners agree to contract Real Estate Venture International trade, investment in meetings vision to invest for profit
Smiling male colleagues involved in group teambuilding activity join hands motivated for shared goal, happy coworkers give fists bump greeting at meeting or congratulating with achieved success
Smiling attractive mature businesswoman handshaking businessman at meeting negotiation, happy hr senior executive woman shaking hand welcoming new hire partner, making deal satisfied with good result
business man handshake with effect global world map network link connection and graph chart of stock market graphic diagram, digital technology, internet communication, teamwork, partnership concept
Checkmark green vector isolated icon. Illustration concept of success accepted approve
Happy smiling millennial couple handshake get acquainted with female real estate agent meeting together in cafe, excited husband and wife shake hand of broker or banker thanking for help
Partnership. two business people shaking hand after business signing contract in meeting room at company office, job interview, investor, success, negotiation, partnership, teamwork, financial concept
I totally agree. Good looking satisfied Afro American woman keeps thumb up, dressed in casual black t shirt, has crisp hair, wears spectacles, models over brown background. Body language concept
Two diverse businessmen shaking hands in office, black and white partners greeting with handshake as respect concept, collaboration deal, support, business acquaintance, first impression, top view
Choose vector illustration. Flat tiny options choice process persons concept. Symbolic scene with yes or no answers and decision making. Positive or negative persuasion and convince visualization.
Group of Cheer up,Smiling young caucasian,asian colleagues or contractors,engineer wearing face masks and celebration to protection at workplace while coronavirus,covid is pandemic.Prevention concept.
Business women and job seekers shake hands after agreeing to accept a job and approve it as an employee in the company. Or a joint venture agreement between the two businessmen
Happy satisfied black client shaking hands thanking manager for good financial deal, african american businessman handshaking partner after successful business negotiations, hiring, buying services
User agreement digital document for legal protection purpose tiny persons concept. Pop-up text window with confirm button vector illustration. End client account terms and conditions acceptance scene.
Shake hands, agreed to between the two men in the businesses.
Close up photo of lady with red lips raising thumb up and winking eye wear leather jacket isolated yellow color background
Handshake of business partners. Business handshake. Successful deal. Vector flat style illustration
Happy groupmates meet after holidays, shake hands, agree to work together as team, stand in profile, lovely woman with headphones meets friend. Unshaven young man holds notepad talks with female
Strategic partnership raster, man and woman handshake of people. Person agreeing on contract, businessman and businesswoman on conference. Website or webpage template, landing page flat style
Happy man shows gesture cool. Vector illustration in cartoon style
Finishing up a meeting, handshake of two happy business people after contract agreement to become a partner, collaborative teamwork.
Group of business people raise hands up to agree with speaker in the meeting room
Handshake. Smiling Arab Guy Stretching Hand For Greeting. Free Space
Smiling multiracial couple customers shaking hands with mortgage broker or financial advisor, happy attractive black and white family handshaking lawyer bank worker taking loan, making purchase deal
Men and women doing positive gestures. hand drawn style vector design illustrations.
Everything is fine! Portrait of satisfied handsome man in denim shirt with rolled up sleeves smiling and showing approval, ok gesture, agree with suggestion. studio shot isolated on yellow background
Header or banner of top view of creative diverse people. Overhead view of young creative team, start up colleagues group or college student meeting and voting agree opinion by pointing hands at desk.
Positive business man showing new brand, latest smartphone. Man holding cell, mobile phone in hand and gesturing/making thumbs up sign. Good, like, agree, approve, modern lifestyle, digital technology
Business concept vector illustration, partnership concept, agreement of parties, hand shake, signing documents vector
agree and disagree in a balanced life - pictured as words agree,disagree in hands to show that disagree and agree should stay in balance, 3d illustration
online handshake man and woman. concept of success, building strategy, web help, exchange of ideas, leadership offer or remote cooperate. conclusion contract between two characters. simple flat sign
Vector illustration, handshake, conclusion of a contract, successful partnership, cooperation
Illustrations concept small people creating value of partner business. via handshake deal between company. Vector illustrate.

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Friendship icons
Business partnership meeting concept. Image businessman handshake. Successful businessmen handshaking after good deal. Horizontal, blurred background
Yes and No check marks. Vector illustration. Red and green check marks on white background.
Bipartisan agreement between republican and democratic party. Vector of two politicians bringing together puzzle parts
Set of Hand gesture symbols. Various hand icons with finger count. Counting by bending fingers. Hand drawn colored trendy vector illustration. Cartoon style. Flat design. All elements are Isolated
happy successful business women shaking hand. HR manager making good first impression. Employer congratulates employee, making a deal, millennial business woman. shaking hand on video call
Text sign showing Get Quote. Conceptual photo the most recent price to which a buyer and seller agreed Business woman in the nature pointing with the finger into empty space.
 handshake icon flat
Diverse team in coworking space voting some colleagues agree raises hands. Positive black leader woman with creative group of businesspeople discussing sharing ideas together in office at meeting
Yes or No icons
Good point. Waist-up portrait of impressed handsome asian businessman shaking index finger as praising coworker for great idea, smiling nod approval, agree or like something, white background
The word agree is circled with a pink pencil by a hand with a bubble, the word argue is crossed out
Thumbs up thumbs down. Yes and no concept.
four hand business people thump up simultaneously,Partners agree to do business together.
Laughing girl with daisy in her hairs, showing thumbs up.
Agree Written on the Golden Key of Interface Keyboard. Agree - Interface Keyboard with a Gold Key. 3D.
Thumbs up and thumbs down. Like or dislike. Vector illustration line icon.
young excited african woman given a thumbs up sign.   plus size girl doing a OK sign
Business concept vector illustration, partnership concept, agreement of parties, hand shake, signing documents vector
Hand Thumb Up icon flat. Illustration isolated on white background. Vector grey sign symbol
Flower And Blossom Letter Building Word Vote
Handsome businesswoman showing smartphone display with successful check mark close up and winking. Friendly female character. Vector illustration. Agree or task check accept on mobile phone.
Happy employers shake hand of male job candidate, congratulating with given position, satisfied HR managers happy to hire applicant handshake greeting at team. Successful good interview concept
businessman shaking hands to seal a deal with his partner
Valid Seal icon. Blue tick in blue circle. Flat OK sticker icon. Isolated on white. Accept button. Good for web and software interfaces. Vector illustration.
Handsome young man over isolated background making good-bad sign. Undecided between yes or not
young excited african woman given a thumbs up sign.   plus size girl doing a OK sign
Smiling lawyer, realtor or financial advisor handshaking young couple thanking for advice, insurance broker or bank worker and millennial customers shake hands making deal, investment or taking loan
Young african american girl working at the office with laptop and calculator smiling positive doing ok sign with hand and fingers. successful expression.
Successful cooperation between two businessmen. Flat 2D. vector illustration landing page
Letter K with Check Mark. Graphic symbol for the election campaign. Agree / Approve sign with letter K. Vector logo for presidential or mayor candidate
Happy dark skinned ethnic woman and man make fist bumps, work as team, agree to do something, smile positively, pose against bright two colored background. Partnership and collaboration concept
Waist up shot of pleased young woman says good job or well done, makes okay gesture, demonstrates symbol of approval and like, blinks eye, wears spectacles, knitted yellow jumper, stands indoor
Many thumbs up. Social network likes, approval, feedback concept. Vector flat illustration
Business partnership handshake concept.Photo two coworkers handshaking process.Successful deal after great meeting.Horizontal, blurred background.Wide
Female child hand gesturing the ok sign, like gesture through torn yellow paper wall, keeps thumb up. Approval sign, recommends something. Copy space fo text information. Best choice concept.
An image cartoon character of escherichia with a cup of coffee. Vector illustration
thumb up like. Pop art retro vector illustration
Check mark made with wooden block toys on blue background with blank space to the left. Tick symbol. Opinion, agree concept concept concept
Young woman or girl holding a magnifying glass and making thumbs up gesture sign. Person showing magnifier lens. Female character design illustration. Modern lifestyle, like, good, agree concept.
Flat design concept partners. businessman shake hand for agree business solution. Vector illustrate.
Two confident business man partner shaking hands in meeting room
Handshake linear icon. Partnership thin line illustration. Business agreement contour symbol. Vector isolated outline drawing
Simple thumbs up line icon. Stroke pictogram. Vector illustration isolated on a white background. Premium quality symbols. Vector sign for mobile app and web sites.
Confident real estate agent financial advisor in suit shaking hands with client respect gratitude gesture, congratulate with property purchase tenancy renting concept, banner for website header design
Like and share icon. Social symbol in flat style with shadow. Vector Illustration, eps 10
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